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15 Years Of Experience In Java & Project Management

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
November 08, 2018

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** ***** ** ********** ** JAVA & PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Krishna Chandra Mohapatra

***, ******* ********** NCB Enclave, Kondapur Cell: 91-970*******

Hyderabad - 500084

Experience Summary:

Around 15 years of experience in IT industry in application software programming, design and development of Web based, Mobile Apps, BOT, and Client-Server applications using Java, JEE, and a suite of latest digital technologies

Around 9 years of experience in Project Management, working with multiple projects simultaneously that involves cross-functional teams, liaising, and end-to-end Project Management

Well-versed with PMP and ITIL Project Management Standards & Best Practices

Extensive experience in managing T&M, Fixed Bid, Production Support, and Solution based projects; manage SLA, Delivery, Status reporting, Metrics, Stakeholder expectations, Auditing, IR reviews, and so on

Experience in developing Proposal, Project Charter, Technical Solution, SOW, Estimation, Budget, Case Studies, Continuous Process Improvement, Pre-sales, and so on

Possess excellent analytical and problem solving knowledge with proven ability to follow project standard and processes as per Client specification

Experience in SDLC methodologies like Agile, SCRUM, TDD, Iterative, RUP and Waterfall models; involved in all stages of project right from Conceptualization to Production roll out and support

Domain level experience include Banking, Finance, Insurance, e-commerce, Transport, Logistics, Mobile, Portal, Enterprise level application, Communication, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Government domains, Cloud Infrastructure, BI, Product Development, Solution, and Digital Transformation

Experience in development of Web Applications, Mobile Apps (Android & iOS), BOT, and Enterprise level application with Java, JEE, Spring Boot Micro Services, Hibernate, Python, OpenNLP, Backbase, Xamarin Forms, ATG, Life Ray, REST, FatWire, Alfresco, Design Patterns, Mongo DB, and AWS IoT with a lot more supporting APIs, Tools and Technologies

Real time experience with WebLogic 12.2, Websphere 9.0, JBoss 7.1, Tomcat 7.0 and ATG Dynamo 6.0

An active member of the Digital Fluency Hands-on experience of using StarUML and yEd graph editor for UML and Architecture diagrams respectively

Strong work ethic with outstanding communication skill set

Decent presentation, interpersonal and Team building skill

My objective has always been to stay focused towards work and constantly look to improve and bring up the best possible solution for a given scenario. I reckon that thinking in terms of performance is the key to success for any individual and organization. Be it contemporary technologies, or a learning lesson in management, there is always passion for learning Resume of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mohapatra

Some of the inner strengths, which I believe in are - self-belief, world class communication skill

(written and spoken), inherently hard working, intuitive, attention to detail, highly enthusiastic, desire to succeed, self-motivation, leadership quality, never say die attitude, ability to work under pressure, great sense of humor and corporate culture

Emphasize on taking ownership, and be accountable at the same time; encourage stakeholders buy-in

VISA Status:

UK work permit (Long Term), expired on Oct 31, 2013 Travelled Malaysia on a small business trip


Master in Computer Application (MCA), Biju Pattnaik University of Technology (BPUT), 2004. Resume of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mohapatra

Software Skills:

Operating Systems : Windows 10, Linux CentOS, OpenSolaris-2009.06-X86 Languages : Java 1.8, Python 3.4

IDE : STS 3.9, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, XML Spy 2018, NetBeans 8.1, JPaaS, Android Studio, Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Internet Tools : HTML 5.0, JavaScript 1.8, Angular 5, XML 2.0, JSON 3, DTD 2.1, XSD 1.1, WSDL 2.0

Middleware : JEE 8, OpenNLP 1.7, ML, SciPy 1.1, NumPy 1.1, Pandas 0.23, Scikit-learn 0.19, Spring 4.2, Microservice, Spring Boot 1.4, Swagger 1.5, Flyway 5.0, Hibernate 5.0, Xamarin.Forms 2.5, JPA 2.1, ATG 10, Struts 2.5, WebServices, RESTful, FatWire, LifeRay 6.2, Alfresco, Design Patterns, SOA, Axis 2, JUnit 4.10, EasyMock 3.5, TIBCO 8.0, Spring Security 5.0, Log4J 2, Graylog 2.4, LDAP, Reflection, Lucene, Data Structures & Algorithms, AES, OAuth 2.0, Android 7.0, SSIS, AWS All Stack, Backbase 6.0, IoT with AWS

(Thing Registry/Shadow, Lambda, Kinesis, DynamoDB, S3, MQTT, Rules Engine, Security & Identity X.509 Certificates, IAM users/roles/policies, Cloud Front, API Gateway, Transcoder, Cognito, etc.), Word Cloud

Servers : WebLogic 12.2, Tomcat 8.5, JBoss 7.1, ATG Dynamo 6.0, GlassFish 4.1, Web Sphere 9.0

Modeling Languages : UML 2.0, OOAD, Designing

DB : Oracle 11g, Sybase 12.5, MySQL 6.3, Mongo DB 3.2, SQL, PL/SQL, DB2 10.5, PostgreSQL 9.2.18, MSQL Server 2016

Version-Control : GIT 2.12, Tortoise SVN 1.10, SourceTree 2.2, Clear Case 8.0, Other Tools : FCM, Gradle 4.7, Maven 3.3, Postman 6.4, Icinga, DBVisualizer, SonarLint 3.0, PowerBI, Zull, JSON Include, HockeyApp, Diawi, Crashlytics, iOS PCIL, Provisioning & Certification, PGAdmin 4, Pentaho, WinSCP 5.9, ClearQuest 8.0, RSA, VPN Client 1.8, JProbe 8.3, RabbitMQ 3.6, JBoss Drools 6.2, MQSeries 7.0, StarUML 2.7, EhCache 3.1, Parser (SAX, DOM), JBPM, EditPlus 4.1, Beyond Compare 4.1, SQL Developer 4.1, Putty, SSH, Hyperic HQ 5.8, Google Analytics, TDD, JMeter 2.13, SoapUI 1.9, yEd graph editor 3.10, BitBucket 4.6, Creately Designing Tool, JPaaS Fabrication Engine, Mockito 2.2, SonarQube 7.2, Cordova 3.6, Ionic 2, App Manager 12.9, Jenkins 2.28, APM Insight 2.2, PhoneGap 5.1, Ansible 2.4

Project Management


: C20 (End to end Project Management Tool), Clarity, Lotus Note 8.0, Microsoft Project 2013, PeopleSoft Application, ESA

(Enterprise Service Automation), PMP (Trained at Cognizant Academy), JIRA, Teamwork, ITSM, Manage Engine Service Desk/MSP, GTM, Synergita, HiDash, ITIL Processes, Agile, SCRUM, Microsoft Teams

Resume of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mohapatra

Employer Name: Hitachi Consulting From:Dec-16 To:TillDate Project Details: (in reverse chronological order)

Project Name : Mad-Hat (Enterprise Mobile App – Product Development) Period : From: 01-04-2017 To: Till Date

Client Name : Hitachi

Position : Project Manager

Team Size : 50 Location: Hitachi Consulting (Hyderabad) Environment : Java 1.8, .NET 4.5, Spring Boot 1.4, Xamarin.Forms 2.5, JPA 2.1, Gradle 4.7, JSON, PostgreSQL 9.2.18, Angular 5, STS 3.9, Visual Studio 2017, Postman 6.4, FCM, WINSCP 5.5, Pentaho, JIRA, OAuth, AES, LDAP, SonarLint 3.0, Junit, Nunit, PowerBI, Zull, API Gateway, Swagger 1.5, Flyway 5.0, Diawi, Android, iOS, GIT 2.2, Jenkins, SonarQube 6.7, NexDev Platforms, Word Cloud, Crashlytics, HockeyApp, Photoshop


The product, broadly classified as Mad-Hat (Enterprise Mobile App), comprises of a suite of applications, including front end and backend, and they are as specified below. 1. Mad-Hat Enterprise App (Android & iOS)

2. Mad-Hat Admin Application (Manage all backend activities, such as content creation, publishing, approvals, Analytics, and so on.)

3. Café (This module comprises of two individual mobile Apps, one for Employee and the other for Vendors, and in addition there is a Vendor Admin application for backend processing) 4. Conference Room Booking (Mobile Version)


I had the complete ownership, and end-to-end responsibility for delivering Mad-Hat – the entire product suite

Involved right from Conceptualization to Production rollout and support

Apart from leading a 50 member odd team in ensuring timely delivery of this product, managed a group of stakeholders, key product owners expectations in successfully rolling out the product

Right from being involved in brainstorming ideas to help in develop user stories, my involvement spanned across planning, estimation, design discussions, choice of technology, scrum, IR reviews, status reporting, metrics, development of various modules, integration, Issue analysis and resolution, managing the testing activities, QA, process adherence, security vulnerability, and so on until the final roll out and support

Relied on JIRA for creating EPIC, User Stories, Tasks allocation and tracking, Dashboard, Timesheet, Defects, and so on

Worked on all the technologies mentioned at different level of engagement Resume of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mohapatra

Project Name : MABX_UK_P_SQL Server Upgrade

Period : From: 01-10-2017 To: 30-04-2018

Client Name : Mitchells & Butlers

Position : Project Manager

Team Size : 12 Location: Hitachi Consulting (Hyderabad) Environment : SSIS, SQL Server, ETL, DTS, TFS, Hitachi BI Framework Description:

The scope of this project was to upgrade and migrate the existing SSIS packages from SQL server 2008 version to SQL server 2016 version. As a part of this upgrade, around 300 SSIS packages upgraded. Responsibilities

Designated as offshore delivery manager, this project was delivered successfully, and rolled out into production with an offshore profit margin of around 49%

Hold scrum call with onsite Manager, Architect and other business leaders as deemed necessary

Responsible for WSR, prioritizations, IR reporting, managing scoping, cost, risk and schedule, people management, timesheets, quality management, metrics, and so on

Planned strategically to achieve the project milestones ahead of time, and ensured a healthy pipeline despite wadding through multiple impediments from the business partners in getting requirements on time, which proved to be a vital element for overall project success. All of this, and the detailing at which, the project was tracked and monitored, artifacts produced, led this project to a runners up in quarterly award

Proactively eliminated blockers, facilitated discussions with onsite Architect, and involved other technical teams from U.K to resolve dependencies and outstanding impediments beforehand to keep the project ahead of the schedule

Project Name : Conference Room Booking

Period : From: 10-09-2017 To: 04-04-2018

Client Name : Hitachi

Position : Project Manager

Team Size : 15 Location: Hitachi Consulting (Hyderabad) Environment : .Net, Bootstrap, Angular, Node JS, JIRA Description:

This project stemmed from one of the initiatives to make the conference room booking simpler with just a few clicks, an intuitive GUI, a glance view of all meeting rooms, filtering criteria (Location, Floor, Capacity, Amenities), and the administrations part of it.

Resume of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mohapatra


Led this as one of the digital transformations initiative right from conceptualizations, planning, and execution until production roll out.

Developed this product over 12 sprints in Agile mode

Created PM dashboard for easy status reporting, tracking, and managing in JIRA

Had to work with a lot of internal stake holders to capture, and baseline the requirements, obtain sign off, hold biweekly sprint demo, and release the product over 3 major phases

Involved in design and architectural discussions to make this a dynamic, lightweight web application with speed and accuracy being the leading NFRs

Set up automated build and deployment in Jenkins

Worked with IS team to make desired configurations on Microsoft Exchange server, and set up respective mail boxes

Project Name : Service Desk Automation (Solution Development) Period : From: 29-12-2016 To: 13-07-2017

Client Name : Hitachi

Position : Project Manager

Team Size : 20 Location: Hitachi Consulting (Hyderabad) Environment : Java 1.8, Python 3.4, OpenNLP 1.7, ML, SciPy 1.1, NumPy 1.1, Pandas 0.23, Scikit-learn 0.19, Windows Server 2012, GIT Bash 2.12, STS, Maven 3.3, Microsoft BOT framework, Mongo DB 3.2, Assure Service Desk Description:

This solution developed from the scratch to automate the tasks performed by the Assure Service Desk team, and by doing this, the solution learned to adopt and evolve over a period to address the mundane, and newly occurring issues that did not exist earlier. A chat bot developed as a medium to interact with the end user, and create the relevant ticket by deciphering the context of its interaction. The solution not only addresses the incoming Incidents, system generated Alerts, and it even takes up the scheduled maintenance activities.

This solution, at its first stable release, had the potential to save around 80% of the manual efforts from the team over the repetitive tasks, and around 40% over complex issues. Resume of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mohapatra


This was a challenging opportunity with a suite of latest technologies, but started off owning the entire development piece, and worked towards delivering the envisioned solution, demonstrating each small milestones that eventually paved the way to achieve the bigger objective

Prepared business Use Cases, and derived Decision Tree against each of those scenarios, alternative flows, exceptions, etc.

Developed and deployed a Chat BOT to read unstructured queries from the end user

Implemented a self-learning platform for learning from the historical data, and improvising the solutions continuously

Developed a Classifier BOT in Python to analyze the historical service desk tickets, and build models based on the relevant use cases.

Developed automated scripts that could be invoked from the BOT to address the respective issues, and update the latest status

Used Analytics to predict the ticket trends to further aid on planning workforce

Integrated with Assure Service Desk

Multiple level of regressions testing, and integration testing were performed in a simulated development environment with a test instance

Spun up a dedicated VM to deploy this solution in production Employer Name: Cambridge Technology Enterprises (CTE) From: Oct-15 To: Oct-16 Project Name : Iron Mountain Recall Portal Support & Development Period : From: 01-10-2015 To: Till Date

Client Name : Iron Mountain Recall

Position : Project Manager - Delivery

Team Size : 8 Location: Cyber Pearl (Hyderabad)

Environment : Java 1.7, Backbase 5.5, Spring 3.0, GIT Bash, GIT Extension, MySQL Server 5.6, Maven 3.3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node JS, Ansible, Selenium, Eclipse, Mputty, Linux, RSD Glass, OpenAM, REST, Cisco VPN, Tomcat 7.0, AWS, Google Analytics, AWS IoT, Manage Engine MSP, App Manager, APM Insight, Teamwork, Visual Studio


Iron Mountain Recall is the leading global provider of digital and physical information management services. They support approximately 80,000 customer accounts in 25 countries. Their focus areas include both data management and protection providing their customers complete control of their physical and digital assets.

Portal Support (24/7 support across NA, EU, AS & ANZ regions) and Portal Development (Development of portal application components, such as Federated Search) are two projects I was responsible for delivery. Portal integrates with third party REST API like RequestWeb (Physical Assets), EFSS (Digital Assets), CIG (Document Governance), OpenAM (Authentication and Authorization), and Reporting. Resume of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mohapatra


Responsible for managing the SLA with respect to 24/7 support services, and delivery of the PBIs, committed as per the sprint planning for Portal application development

Prepare and present WSR with the Client on weekly as well as monthly basis apart from presenting the project status on quarterly Board Review meeting

Involved in developing Proposal, Technical Solution, Estimation, and SOW for potential Clients like IKS, EnerAllies VEM (IoT), (Mobile App), etc.

Contributed to Process Improvement & Quality by recommending several PIP to Engineering Process Group, review of artifacts, and implemented a Metrics Definition Framework for the support project

Ensured both the projects from the CMMI Level 5 compliance perspective, and appeared in PCI review and external audit

Lead few value added initiatives like development of SOP, Code documentation, Implementation of Automation through Selenium for the sanity check of the portal, DevOps initiative using Ansible to automate the daily maintenance activities, Preventive maintenance with RCA, Disc level encryption, and Automatic log rotation and retention

Monitored and managed cloud (AWS) based portal infrastructure components on various usage parameters, production systems alerts trend & analysis, recommend on optimizations, etc.

Analyze and recommend on troubleshooting issues, work product reviews, Code reviews, Design and other Project artifacts reviews

Responsible for performance appraisal of the project team members Employer Name: Cognizant From:Mar-10 To:Sep-15

Employer Name: UNISYS From:Jul-09 To:Feb-10

Employer Name: Marlabs Inc. From:Feb-07 To:Jun-09

Employer Name: DigiNet Software and Communications From:Apr-04 To:Jan-07 Training Programs Attended:

Sl. No. Training Details

1 Training program on the Java (Core), J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JDBC, EJB, Struts), UML, OOAD and Oracle technologies from MARLABS Software (P) Ltd. at Mysore campus. Trainer – Gouri Shankar (INDIA)

2 An exhaustive 30 days training program on ATG (Art Technology Group) from Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

Trainer – Marcus Gray (U.K)

Resume of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mohapatra

3 Training program on JMS, RSA from Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. Trainer – Accenture Personnel

4 Remote training program on FatWire from Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. Trainer – Geoffry Meek (U.S.A)

5 Training program on Presentation Skills

Facilitator – Ms. Kirtan (INDIA)

6 Three days of corporate training program on LifeRay at UNISYS Trainer – Hasan and Sridhar, mPower Labs (INDIA)

Four days of corporate training program on Alfresco at UNISYS Trainer – Srikant, INTROSPEQT (INDIA)

7 Attended a session on Business value workshop for Complex Systems by Bruce Douglas (A chief Evangelist – IBM Rational) at Cognizant.

8 Project Management Training at Cognizant on various aspects of effective Project Management Methodologies, Processes, Tools and Techniques. Microsoft Project 2013 Training from Cognizant Academy, Trained on PMP from Cognizant Academy (10 days Program), Client Interfacing Skills, etc.

9 CTS L0 Certification in Banking & Finance, Communication domains. 10 High Maturity Program on quality by Nishant (CMMI Certified Trainer) at CTE Received training on AWS.

11 Leadership Development Program at Hitachi Consulting Active participant in Digital Fluency Program (ML, AI, AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data) Personal Details:

Date of Birth 22 Apr 1978

Sex Male

Nationality Indian

Marital Status Married

Passport Number P5902681

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