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Aircrfat Technician

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
November 08, 2018

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Flat No. 141, Prime Residency II, International City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates C: +971-**-***-**** E:

To whom it may Concern,

Application for the Post of Aircraft Technician

I thank you for the opportunity you have given me to forward my curriculum vitae (CV) in application for the post of Aircraft Technician of your esteemed organization. Thus, I hereby have attached my CV including my professional qualifications and experience for your assessment on me. As highly skilled Aircraft Technician, my experience aligns well with the qualifications you are seeking at your organization, in particular my role as Aircraft Technician at Sri Lanka Air Force, and I am certain I would make a valuable addition to your organization. I am extremely enthusiastic about work focus on quality and would the opportunity to contribute to your aircraft maintenance and repair needs and goals. It is with great pleasure, I shall produce original certificates and testimonials which have been received from my superiors during my twenty-two years work in the field of Aircraft Engineering. Please review my attached CV for additional details regarding my expertise and career achievements, I will follow up to request an appointment to discuss how my experience and background meets your needs. Thank you for your time and consideration


Lishan Kanishka

16 September 2018

Lishan Kanishka

Aircraft Technician

C: +971-**-***-**** E:


Scheduled / Non-scheduled


Aircraft Maintenance

Fault diagnosis

Corrective maintenance






Commercial Aircraft


Hercules Aircraft


Fitter Helicopter

AN32B Cargo/passenger






Batapola College,

Amabalangoda, Sri Lanka

Pass General Certificate of

Education (Ordinary Level)

Sri Devananda College,

Amabalangoda, Sri Lanka

General Certificate of Education

(Advanced Level)


A safety conscious and capable Aircraft Technician with over 20 years of experience in diagnosing, maintenance and servicing of airframe and power plant. I will make sure an aircraft is airworthy and ready to go at any time. I will always precise in my work and as a true professional will always ensure that things are repaired exactly as they should be. During my career, I have worked in commercial flights, cargo and troops transport aircrafts, and, helicopters. Right now, I am looking for a position that is suited to individuals who want to develop a long-term career within the role.


Sri Lanka Air Force

AIRCRAFT TECHNICIAN: Aug 1996 – March 2018



• Carryout line maintenance activities such as pre-flight, turn around and post flight inspection, faults isolations and refueling on aircraft and with maximum ground safety and flight safety precautions.

• Carry out of phase servicing, scheduled maintenance servicing (50 Hrs., 100 Hrs., 300 Hrs., M1 to M3 servicing, Check ‘A’ to ‘C’ Check of MA60 Commercial aircraft) and aircraft competent servicing from flight line up to second line.

• Keep the all aircraft airworthy by making maximum effort to prevent flight and ground safety hazards by working as in charge of the aircraft maintenance team. EXPERIENCE IN COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT

Mechanic Technician specialized in Airframe and Powerplant of MA60 Commercial Aircraft at Helitours Private Limited, Sri Lanka. During my over six years’ experience in Helitours Private Limited, I have gained experienced in following areas;

Perform removal and installation of Engines, APU & Propellers.

Perform removal and installation of ceiling panel, side wall, dado panel, overhead stowage bin and passenger service unit panel

Perform removal and installation of passenger seat and crew seat

Perform routing scheduled maintenance and unscheduled maintenance of MA60 passenger transport aircraft systems (power plant, landing gear, equipment & furnishing, and fuel system etc.) as per AMM and CMM.

Perform removal and installation of cabin interior flooring matting and carpet lay-out

Perform fault isolation and snag rectification


I joined the Sri Lanka Air Force on 12 August 1996 as an Aircraft Technician and completed 22 years of the service. During the said period, I have performed my duties in following areas and gained a thorough knowledge in Engineering Maintenance Aircraft (Line maintenance, Supervising, Leadership, and Instructional duties related to the Aircraft maintenance field at Sri Lanka Air Force.)

1) Experience in Two Heavy Maintenance Checks on C130K Programme Depot Maintain Inspection (PDM) under supervision of Pakistan Air Force at Sri Lankan Air Force. This includes removal and installation of T56A-15 Engine and Propeller, Wings, Rudder, Page 1 Pilot & Cargo compartment interior task.


Full Name

Hetti Kankanamge Lishan


Date of Birth

17th January 1978


40 Years



Civil Status



Sri Lankan


No:291/2 Beach Cross Road,

Patabendimulla, Ambalangoda,

Sri Lanka


Mobile +971-**-***-****

Residence +971-*-*******


DLA Manage


Tech Services

HelitoursPvt. Ltd.

Rathmalana, Sri Lanka

Contact: +94-71-428****


WADC Wijesinghe

Manger engineer

Helitours Pvt. Ltd.

Rathmalana, Sri Lanka

Contact: +94-71-428****


2) 5 years’ experience in servicing and maintenance of AN-32B Aircraft engine fitter

(Engine change and Propeller removal and installation other Maintenance) as a Mechanic and Supervisor

3) 10 years’ experience as a Line Team Leader who responsible for Aircraft Marshaling, Operating of Ground System Equipment and Aircraft Towing 4) experience in Aircraft Towing (C130K Aircraft, AN-32B aircraft, MA60 Commercial Aircraft)

5) 5 years’ experience in servicing and maintenance of CESSNA 421 Aircraft (RR Continental) Engine fitter (Engine change and Propeller Removal and Installation Other Maintenance as a Mechanic and Supervisor)


Successfully completed a course in Power Plant and specific areas of Aircraft Systems of AN- 32B Aircraft at 3Tetra school, Kolkata, India.


1) Successfully completed Aircraft turnaround co-ordination and baggage handling basic training programme Ramp Service Department at Sri Lankan Airlines. 2) Successfully completed Helicoil and stud removal installation course at Aeronautical Engineering wing -Air Force Base Katunayaka, Sri Lanka. 3) Successfully completed NDT phase I (eddy current and magnetic particle test) at Aeronautical Engineering wing- Sri Lanka Air Force Base Katunayaka, Sri Lanka. 4) Successfully completed computer awareness & Microsoft office course at computer training centre IT wing, Sri Lanka Air force base at Rathmalana, Sri Lanka (2003). 5) Successfully completed PW127 Borrescope inspection OJT at Helitours Private Limited, Sri Lanka (Customer Training Pratt & Whitney Canada Field operation) 6) Successfully completed a flight safety awareness course at Sri Lanka Air Force Base in China Bay, Sri Lanka (2017).

7) Successfully completed Aircraft towing course at Sri Lanka Airforce base Rathmalana, Sri Lanka.


1) Successfully completed Aero Engine Basic Trade Course at A&STTS, Sri Lanka Air Force Ekala, Sri Lanka.

2) Successfully completed Aero Engine Advance Trade Course at A&STTS, Sri Lanka Air Force Ekala, Sri Lanka

3) Successfully completed MA60 Commercial Aircraft Type(ME) Training Course

(Flight Line, First Line and second Line servicing) at Helitours Private Limited, Sri Lanka Air Force Base, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka

4) Successfully completed Hercules C-130K Aircraft Type Training Course (T56-A-15 Engine) (Flight Line, First Line and second line servicing and third line servicing of C-130 Propeller) atSri Lanka Air Force Base, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka. 5) Successfully completed AN-32BAircraft Engine Type Training Course

(Flight Line, First Line and Second Line servicing) at Sri Lanka Air Force Base Rathmalana, Sri Lanka.

6) Successfully completed CESSNA-421 Aircraft (RR Continental) Engine Type Training Course

(Flight Line, First Line and Second Line servicing) at Sri Lanka Air Force Base Rathmalana, Sri Lank.

I hereby certify that the above particulars furnished by me are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. In the event of being selected, I assure you of my best and loyal service towards your esteemed organization. Lishan Kanishka

16 September 2018

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