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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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November 07, 2018

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To whom it may concern:

RE: Mr. Kim Catalano for Maintenance Planner-Hardistry

Many years’ experience parachuting into communities from northern, central and southern BC to CA, AZ and CO and back to AB, Canada working as Design/Build Planner and Construction PM on civil and vertical construction of subdivision, SF & MF residential/Mixed-Use developments, franchise restaurants, National Retailers and major brand gas bars with both food outlets and convenience services;

entrepreneurial . . . results-oriented . . . multi-disciplined . . . creative . . .

I am a Senior Development Planner and Manager, capable and fully experienced in many aspects of many varied Business Operations, as well as Program and Project Controls and customer care assignments and management. This includes many years of Senior Level Management, as well as, a high degree of skill with:

• Design-Build Coordination for both Civil and Vertical Construction


• SF/MF Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Recreational and Hospitality uses;

• Implementing Project Controls, Regular Reporting and startup processes;

• Understanding/Interpretation of Sub-trade, Legal Contracts & Financial Agreements;

• Concept, Operating and Repair/Maintenance Cost & Financial Analysis; Acting as Real Estate, Building and Business Development Planner and Project Manager for a wide variety forms, included all related duties, such as acquisition due diligence, site testing, overall analysis, Regulatory Approval Process Coordination, cost estimates, Feasibility Analysis, scheduling, etc. This missive provides insights into my capabilities as a Development Team Leader...that I can assemble a Project Team, and carry a project concept through stakeholder, regulatory and financial hurdles into a seamless implementation program.

My broad experience is a result of providing full Planning and Project Management Services for land and building development projects, in both the USA and Canada... Samples of Development & Construction Background...for which I provided full pre-development proformas and Feasibility Studies, as required for bank approvals...

• Supervised excavation and site preparation for petroleum installations including bulk plants and several gas bar / convenience stores and included underground tank nests, piping and mechanical work as well as building foundations and utility connections.

• Joint-venturing or working as a consulting supervisor for a variety of contractors, I negotiated substantial extras with Petrol-company’s engineers;

Project management experience on a wide variety of types/sizes of land developments. My responsibilities were...the preparation of overall development/construction cost estimates, and Project Management.

• 170 lots (10,000 sq. ft. each), recreation / rural subdivision at Christina Lake, BC including water system, road building and drainage works, as well as, proving out septic disposal on each lot.

• Three multi-use suburban subdivisions ($7 Million cost); in Kelowna BC, included all aspects of a subdivision development including water, hydro, roads curb and gutter, sidewalks, sanitary and storm sewer. Renovation / Retrofit Projects include design/build - five hotels, two dental offices, conversion business college to office building with add-on, bank and an elementary school. Project Manager - 60-unit motel project, Kelowna, BC

• $1.5 Million total value/finalized design and building permit approvals, completed entire construction included furniture installation and hiring of management staff, in three months and six days and under budget. (Included all structure, site utilities, heated pool, package sewage treatment plant and field, landscaping, sidewalks and paving.) Project Manager - Restaurant - Osoyoos, BC

• completed 2,000 sq. ft. restaurant (complete with an 800-sq. ft. apartment above) in eleven weeks on green field site.

Executive oversight and performance of fiduciary duties- A Synopsis of Executive Management Experience and Skills:

o Acquired expertise in the areas of executive, corporate, financial and legal management, along with the ability to apply such expertise effectively;

o Due to many self-developments, I was fortunate to achieve accelerated career opportunities, enabling exposure, great familiarity with and the development of advanced know-how, in terms of both professional and executive management expertise...ergo, I fulfilled and continue to oversee many executive management and fiduciary duties for development corporations, JV’s and limited partnerships, etc...often overseeing the complete legal documentation process; o Managing state/provincially registered corporate entities and their related activities...i.e. arranging operational and construction financing, as well as, administering all aspects of the loans and terms of repayment.

COMPLETE Development Management for greenfield real estate, new buildings, renovations, etc, as well as, the concept level financial analysis and projections for bank funding, proposed businesses’ operations, etc. such as:

o Several varieties of Housing both Single Family and Multiple-family design and construction; o Restaurants;

o Motels/hotels;

o Fast food outlets;

o Gas Bars;

o Retail and Service Commercial as well as Light Industrial Parks; o Rural, urban, suburban and tourist/holiday Land Developments- subdivision, condo, RV etc. Related Specialty & Ancillary Technical Training, Business Skills and Personal Services Experience, for assignments such as:

• Site development coordination;

• Design Team Management;

• Regulatory Approval Coordination;

• Scheduling, concept budgets, due diligence, design and construction estimates;

• Implementing and creating custom project controls templates and procedures;

• Individual site, and all forms of subdivisions and land use planning, for areas from 1 acre to 1000 acres; including

• Project coordination from approvals through site survey to construction completion; General oversight of:

o New building projects, renovation and restoration general and specialty contractors o Day to day bookkeeping/accounting and financial management, including monthly cash flow analysis, deposits, payables, accounts collections. etc.;

o Accounts receivable/payables, annual corporate and tax filings; Preceding Skills and Services have been provided for and/or as part of:

• Planning, Architectural and Engineering consulting firms;

• Home builders;

• Land, residential and commercial developers;

• Excavation/Civil contractors;

• General Contractors;

• On-site and General Management of Self-generated/JV owned developments of many types of land subdivisions, office buildings, small commercial units, bare land rentals and other businesses, etc... Current Perspective and General Remuneration Terms of Reference As I approach the last several years of my career I would like to focus on making a difference within organizations and/or communities. It would be my honor to work with and mentor members of a public and private development teams and/or organizations; to enable me to pass on, not just various technical capabilities and experience, but mostly how to apply what I hope is the holistic perspective and basic nature of my approach to “sustainable development”, related business & development planning and overall team leadership.

I would anticipate an income in the neighbourhood of $100,000 annually, with performance considerations. Best regards,

Kim Catalano


Suite 1407, 4637 MacLeod Trail, SW

Calgary, AB, T2G 5C1, Canada

resume follows next page


4637 Macleod Trail,

Calgary, T2G 5C1



A SENIOR Real Estate Development and Construction Project Planner and Manager with record of diverse and successful project concept approved, implemented and completed to realized profitable sales and/or execution of exit strategy. Experience includes complete oversight of concept inception, project site planning, civil engineering and architectural design as required. I am an Expert at coordination and delivery of regulatory permits and approvals. I have arranged project financing for a variety of developments, as well as, provided and managed project controls for land servicing and/or building construction. I have demonstrated many time overall leadership abilities and safe completion of both civil and vertical construction aspects, with all projects on budget and on schedule, as per issued Project Team Controls.


Real Estate Development

o Development of two projects totaling $52 million. o Designed and setup computerized, project budget analysis formats, project schedules (Microsoft Projects) and other forms of project management tools. o Produced in excess of a two-year supply of multi-family inventory, fully approved and ready for development

o Consulted to senior management on a number of in-house, project related problems and played an integral part in facilitating a number of major, recession proofing solutions o Improved project yields, facilitated efficiencies and met all Harmony Homes Inc. deadlines for approvals.

o Many varied experiences: including working with Army Corp of Engineers and US Fish and Wildlife on riparian areas and endangered species habitat, e.g. Trail’s End Monument Project Construction

o Managed a variety of industrial, commercial building and land development projects ranging from

$1.5 million to $40 million.

o Planned and managed construction for several larger subdivisions in southern BC. o Over a three-year period, developed 100 residential lots (mixed-density), three commercial lots, two large multi-family sites Negotiated land acquisition and was responsible for marketing and sales of 90% of these properties. Planned and manage submission and coordination of all government approval applications. o Managed construction of several small commercial buildings and a 60-unit motel. o Supervised and coordinated construction of a restaurant, with an apartment above constructed/open and operating within 11 weeks.

o Prepared and submitted reports or and personally presented six separate successful appeals to the British Columbia Environment and Land Use Committee of the Provincial Cabinet, in Victoria for the release and development of land within the Agricultural Land Reserve. o Raised financing and/or capital investments; in excess of $10 Million in a two-year period for a series of three multi-density, residential subdivision projects; numerous small commercial building projects in excess of $500,000 each; housing development projects in excess of $2 Million; and a 1.5 Million motel investment/syndication project.

o First to ever pre-zone land for institutional purposes, as part of a residential development Project Planning/Management

o Assembling all preliminary budget, gross profit, earthmoving construction costs, technical analysis and site development information,

o Traveling to and dealing directly with local government officials, building and engineering departments, consultants and developers.

o Initiated and helped develop matrix system that provided the ability to analyze parallel data and compare different development components on several different potential sites simultaneously, on screen for Real Estate committee meetings or printed form. o Preliminary research and investigation prior to authorizing civil engineering agreements and using local consultants saved company $40,000 to $60,000 in preliminary analysis costs. EMPLOYMENT PROGRESSION

2007 to Present

Catalano Development Group, Town Planner, Development Consultant and Project Manager o Provided planning services for proposed land development and building projects and coordinated o Project Development Teams through the due diligence, entitlement, planning, design and regulatory approval process in various regions of Alberta and BC.

2003 – 2007

Way Architects, Colorado Springs, CO...Managing Director-Land Development Projects o Management and consultant services in the field of land development and construction project management throughout central Colorado USA.

2001 - 2003

Harmony Homes, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO Manager, Land Development Division o Responsible for concept development and overall project planning, preliminary construction budgets, financial analysis, supervision, coordination, interaction and input with all design professionals, assisting with another project already in progress.

2000 - 2001

Greenberg Farrow Architects, Tustin, CA Site Development Coordinator o While working for GFA, I was based in California and traveled the Southwest, acting as a site development coordinator for Home Depot Projects ($7 to 10 million per store), responsibilities included: PRIOR to 2000

A.A. Ecologica Ltd. Kootenays and Okanagan of BC...Senior Planner and Project Manager o As owner and manager of an independent consulting firm, provided research, land development planning; o construction management services, for many different types and sizes of developments and projects, o Overall Project Management, from inception to completion, incl. marketing, of developments in suburban, urban, rural and recreational settings.

o Planner/Scheduler for aspects of $800 Teck –Cominco, Integrated Metallurgical/Fertilizer Smelter Modernization and upgrading program on a 6 month contract EDUCATION & TRAINING

o Graduate of the Regional and Community Planning Program. Selkirk College, Castlegar, BC. o Degree Equivalency, Bachelor of Arts in Urban/Town Planning and Project Management,

(Washington Evaluation Services, USA ...INS-US)

Personal & Professional Development and additional Information Seminars, Workshops and Symposiums Attended:

o COLORADO SPRINGS UTILITIES -- Planning and Preparation for Development, Construction and Permits

(municipal, county, state and federal)

o NATIONAL BUSINESS INSTITUTE -- Boundary Law in Colorado o COLORADO REAL ESTATE Continuing Education (by Security Title) - Profiles and Analysis of Active Title Insurance Claims

o NATIONAL MULTI-FAMILY SYMPOSIUM – (48 hour seminar) o PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (member of the West Coast Chapter since 1976 and recently joined local chapter in Calgary)

o LORMAN EDUCATION SERVICES -- Colorado Zoning and Land use Seminar Professional Development:

o Industry Best Practices Using MS Project – PMI & CTU – Colorado Springs CO o Planning and preparation for development, construction and permits (municipal, county, state and federal), Colorado Springs Utilities (education division), Colorado Springs, CO o Boundary Law in Colorado – National Business Institute, Denver CO o Profiles and Analysis of Active Title Insurance Claims – Colorado Real Estate - Security Title, Colorado Springs, CO o National Multi-Family Symposium, Las Vegas, NV

o Risk Management Seminar – Project Management Institute, Colorado Springs, CO o Colorado Zoning and Land Use Seminar – Loran Education Services, Colorado Springs, CO. Affiliations:

o Project Management Institute – Southern Alberta Region, Pikes Peak Regional Chapter(2002); West Coast Chapter of BC (Since 1976)

o Former member of Kinsmen Club of Trail BC (Canada) o Chambers of Commerce Trail / Kelowna, BC (Canada) - President two years and Director six years Added information attached and/or available upon request: o Title Page

o Partial Project Summaries to 2000

o Photo Presentation for KEY USA Projects- 2001 to 2007... o Partial List of Achievements, prior to 2000

o Construction Background ...

o List of Alberta Personal and Professional References, to contact... o Sample written references- copies of letters from Clients, Working Associates, Banks, Governmental Associates, etc...

Sample projects follow


• Special notes on overall History:

o AA Ecologica Ltd. was founded in southern BC in 1974 by Kim Catalano as a Real Estate planning, design and Project Management/Consulting firm. After moving to the USA the Catalano Way Development Group was formed and was the precursor to the Catalano Development Group. o The PLANServices Association was founded by the Catalano Development Group and associates...ergo CDG/PLANServices.

o For more detailed project information on almost all the projects of Kim Catalano, AA Ecologica Ltd. and the Catalano Development Group including a listing of CDG Associates, refer to the website, with web-link and logo as follows:

Primary Regional Air Photo

Project Descriptions and Air Photos with development perimeter defined. next 4 pages

Project #1...

Madison Ridge Townhouses;

• 60 units of Grey Roofed town homes;

• The adjacent older brown roofed condo apartment style units were built over 20 years before;

• started design and approvals process in August, 2001,

• completed development approval process in January 2001,

• obtained excavation permit, started earth moving and site prep in February, 2001

• building permit issued and started foundations on first phase in March, 2001;

• project completed and sold out by 2004

Project #2...

Silver Hawk Mixed Use Residential Development-2003 to 2007+/-

• Refer to website... includes the PLANServices Association founded by the Catalano Development Group(CDG/PLANServices)

• LOCATION SHOT off of W. Unitah and 19th Ave left up and on south side Glenn Street Refer to Google link

• Owner/client was Harmony Homes purchased site without appropriate due diligence and unclear objectives other than trying

• Project bound by Hancock Expressway on south, S. Charlton Rd on the east and Silver Hawk ave on the west;

• East half of development land was designed for 70 +/- small lots that were pre-sold to builder of affordable homes to suit the economy’s shift and the demographics of the neighbourhood;

• Balance of project, to the west were made up of 120+/- two storey, two bedroom, walk up condo apartments again an appropriate affordable alternative development concept for the local demographics.

• Small lots on East served by Silver Hawk and TH’s on West end of project use S. Charlton Project #3...

Cima Vista Town Home -2003 to 2005 approximately:

o LOCATION air photo refer to Google link... click on-, then copy and paste-corner of Lacy Lane and S. Murray Blvd and Colorado Springs, CO United States

• corner of Airport Road and S. Murray ethnic and lower income neighbourhood;

• CDG was involved in a rescue operation for this very difficult site that was partially built...required: o Research and technical adjustments to achieve Re-Approval of several items o sale to new developer with approval to allow completion and product marketing

• Refer to letter of recommendation from client, Joseph Reich

• 100 + condo town home/duplex, triplex and 4-plex project that was being forced into foreclosure due to: o technical difficulties,

o poor management and

o the economic correction/recession of the Information/High Tech bubble burst in 2001/04 period; o uneconomic design for demographics and development costs=

• over 10 month period CDG re-designed and negotiated with bank and the City to o solve outstanding technical issues and

o allow material/architectural changes, among other items to improve costs effectiveness that: 1. allowed the bank to sell property for full recovery and 2. which made CDG’s client clear of liability

• LOCATION east side of S. Murray Blvd and south of Airport...Red roofs throughout, next to community shopping center

• Cima Vista on East side of S. Murray Blvd and south of Airport...Red-brown roofs throughout, next to community shopping center.

Project # 4...

Trail’s End, Monument, was started, fully approved and sold to developer all in 2005, North of Colorado Springs.

• LOCATION air photo... Refer to Google on-, then corner of Wagon Gap Rd and OId Denver Highway Monument, CO United States.

• original land acquisition included both sides of railroad +/- 46 acres...with

• 13 +/- acres was sold to research center of west side of tracks for, limited use expansion and employee recreation;

• Particular issues of interest, relating to site design, planning and full approval, included: o Details of land use changes and annexation;

o architectural standards;

o special design for sewage system;

o multi-purpose storm water management to enhance endangered species habitat.


• WAS fully APPROVED, including all facets of environmental, subdivision and development permit complete; o With lots PRE-SOLD by interim agreement with cash deposits TO a single NATIOANAL BUILDER AND o Auctioned off for sale and closed to a local Colorado springs Developer for a $1.2 Million Profit/professional FEE RECOVERY;

o in just under 10 months from date of option

• LOCATION extreme south end of west side of Monument near Colorado Springs off of old Denver Road...

• Project included 13 acres on Westside of BNR railroad the project encompassed, Elk Valley Road, Bobcat Valley and Wagon Gap Trail off of old Denver Highway

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