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Electrical Engineer Microsoft Office

Garden Grove, California, United States
November 07, 2018

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Michael Nguyen

***** **** **, ****** *****, CA **843 Tel: 714-***-**** Cel: 657-***-****


Objective: A position which a utilize my skills as Electrical Engineering /Test Engineering seeks a full-time/part-time challenging. Position where creative ideas can be developed into computer software and design hardware products.

Experience: Electrical Engineer

MICAD Marine 4/2007 to 9/2007

-Installing cables within the interior structure of boats, engine rooms, and other locations on board engines, pumps, sensors, potentiometer, signal controller, switch controller, Inverter supplies AC power, AC/DC power supplier and UPS backup batteries, cisco switch and router, fuel meters, cameras, video server, audible alarms, ultrasonic fuel liquid level sensor, oil pressure sensor, paddle wheel flow sensor, pyrometer probe, vacuum sensor, global positioning system and the connections of various types of sensors to our information collecting sensor controllers, relay, hydraulic structures, mechanical, AC/DC motor drive and electronic systems onboard vessels, cutting of precise shapes in cabinets and panels, fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and more of the work is associated with the electronic and electrical connections for collecting data.

-Documentation of all phases of a project, design for new product development

electronic circuits for radio frequency, global positioning system, satellite set top boxes.

-Designs, electronic circuits, components and integrated systems, operational amplifiers, analog switches, high resolution ADC, DAC, low noise analog circuit, filtering, signal conditioning, AC/DC converter, microcontrollers stepper motor drivers.

-Update for firmware design for new product development using 16/32-bit embedded microcontrollers include architectural design, modular code design, code documentation.

-Setup, installation, and configuration of Windows 2000 NT environments, common

communication protocols such as RS232, RS485, USB, I2C, DB9, Ethernet/LAN-to-serial converters.

Electrical Engineer

Wahoo Product Inc 9/2004 to 1/2007

-Design and develop electrical equipment, including electric motors, machinery controls, lighting, and wiring in buildings, radar and navigation systems, communications systems, and power generation, development phase, control, and transmission devices used by electric utilities.

-Testing equipment of systems and installations while also analyzing data, isolate defects, and testing procedures for electronic components and evaluate systems and recommend design modifications, equipment repair, inspect electronic components equipment

-Build, test and modify product prototypes and meet specifications codes, plan and develop applications and modifications for electronic properties used in parts and systems to improve technical performance, integrate components into the final design.

-Use computers extensively to produce and analyze designs development effective design using programming in C/C++, embedded systems, and maintenance of database, resolve data conflicts.

Electric Technician

Golden West Technology 5/2001 to 5/2004

-Determines the cause of assembly failure, troubleshoots mal-functioned boards, test PC Boards and troubleshoot circuits to replaces defective components.

-Debug, Flash memory and microprocessor chip, troubleshoot systems down to component

level, test electronic components and circuits to locate defects, using standard benched test

equipment, records test data and cellular telecommunication, mobile integrated radio,

wireless GPS, air craft, computer system troubleshoots PC Boards, electronic component.

-Maintaining network, telecommunication equipment and troubleshoots a Windows NT,

Windows 3.11/95/98/ME, Router, Switches and the TCP/IP protocol, Voice mail, Hub

provide LAN, VLAN, WAN, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Frame relay, Monitoring the network,

diagnostic program, Multiple domain Windows NT network.

-Set up, installation and configures of Windows 3.11, Windows 95/98, Windows NT server 4.0, TCP/IP, ARP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, PPP, NetBIOS, ISDN, token ring, frame relay, twisted pair, fiber, coaxial, T1, serial and parallel port.

Test Engineer

Superior Manufacturing Company, LLC 7/1997 to 11/2000

-Developed effective design and organizational skills from small engineering projects that

shaped production testing, prototyping and data collection processes, designing circuits using schematic capture packages such as Orcad, Autocad 2000, PC Board design, layout design, debugging, and high-reliability design are desired digital control circuits, activities including Analog/Digital Circuit and Electromechanical design projects.

- Develop and document test hardware and software using computer based tools in embedded firmware Microcontroller and FPGA design software development using C, C++; Visual Basic.

-Prepare test and diagnostic programs, designs test fixtures and equipment, complete specifications and procedures for new products are designed for testability.

-Troubleshoots electric circuit on digital/analog and wireless products, mobile satellite communication system, multi meters, power meter, signal generators, power supplier, oscilloscopes, poles, transformers, brackets and braces, fuses, switch gear, radio frequencies test equipment and frequency counter.

Test Supervisor

I/O Magic Computer Corporation 2/1994 to 7/1997

-Evaluate and test to quality:

Sound boards, Sound controller is ESS 1888 and ESS 1938.

Video controllers: Chip and Technologies: CT-F65548, CT-F65550, NeoMagic:

MN2097A, MN2160A.

Network controllers: Intel GD82559, Real Tech 8019(10Base-T), 8319(10/100 Base-T)

Modem cards: 3-COM, Viking, Simple Technology: 28.8, 56Kbps.

Hard Disk Drive Components, CD-Rom, Power Supply, PC Diagnostics, Memory chip.

-Set up, installs, configures and troubleshoots:

Networking LAN 10/100Base-T, modems.

MS Windows 95/98, Window NT server 4.0

-Evaluate version of software includes Microsoft Windows 2000.

-Debug & troubleshoot systems down to component level.

-Evaluate test plan, procedure and documentation for engineering team.

-Development effective design using HTML, VBScript, Java program,

Dream weaver, JavaScript to build Web site.

-Improve quality pictures, truly texts, and incontrovertible colors by using

PhotoDraw and PhotoShop 5.0

-Research, order and maintain inventory of related equipment, part and supplies,

administration paperwork and documentation, logs and records work completed in computerized using Microsoft Office.

-Create report and edit Customer Service form by using Microsoft Office.

Test Specialist

Fujitsu business communication 4/1988 to 1/1994

-Maintenance plumber, constructions and electrical equipment as circuit breakers,

heating, ventilating, motor, air condition systems, generators, transformers, switchboards,

repair electric light, and related controls, install electrical wiring, diagnosis equipment to

troubleshoot electrical system and PLC, control systems, inspecting, repairing, replacing

equipment, reading and interpreting blueprints, wiring diagrams, installing and replacing

conduits wiring in assemblies such as control panels, cable splicing, lead and synthetic

cable, and pulling primary cable.

-Perform hardware and software installations, repairs and test include maintenance

servicing on a wide range of telecommunication equipment, terminals, modem automated

office equipment.

-Perform troubleshooting, diagnostics and repairs to the component level on all related

part sand equipment.

-Install transmission line for electrical equipment and repair electric lights, motors, heaters,

generators, transformers, switchboards.

-Inspect, Install and troubleshoot PCB base on Intel platform to components level and repair main frame computer, video, audio, telecommunication, telephone, network, database, logs and records.

-Specialize in analog and digital circuit design on computer hard disk for IBM systems.

Technical Expertise

Electrical Skills:

-Principles/DC electronics, Principles/AC electronics, Electric circuit analysis, Dynamics,

Semiconductor devices, Analog devices and Applications, Digital circuit/computer logic, Digital design I&II, Process control, Electronic systems analysis, Linear integrated circuits, Electronic communications, Circuit analysis I&II, Computer circuits, Robotics system, Robot programming and Applications, Microcomputer systems, Network analysis,

Theory of electronic control, Solid state electronic, Electronic computer controllers PLC,

Microprocessor basics for industrial controls, Microelectronic Circuit and Devices, Telecommunications, Fiber Optic Communications.

Drafting Cad Skills:

-R.S Logic 500 (Programmable logic control), AutoCad 2000, Master Cam v7,

Multisim7 (PC Board design, layout, assembly, schematic documentation), Nios II IDE,

Altera Quartus II version 6.0 (Field-programmable gate array, Verilog Hardware Description Languages), Pbasic Stamp, MikoC (Microchip programmers).

Computer Skills:

-MS DOS 6.22, Win 3.11, Win 95/98/XP, Win Me, Win NT server 4.0, Windows 2000NT,

Cisco Network, PC Anywhere, Microsoft Office, Corel Draw 8, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic 5.0, Programming in C/C++ and C#, ASP.NET, Web Services,

VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, XML and .NET, Database Programming with ADO.NET,

Oracle8i, CGI Programming, SQL server 7.0


Searching a new technology invention in hardware and software.

Going out with friends, enjoying of outdoor, and exciting to improving skills.

Listing to romantic music, enjoying in movies, and helping people.


Southern University California SCIT

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Graduation: March 2007

California State University Fullerton, California

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Graduation: June 2001

Master Science Electrical Engineering Not Graduation

Fullerton College District, California

Cisco Certified Network Associate Graduation: May 2001

Cerritos Community College District, California

Association of Science in Electric Technology Graduation: August 1991

Other Courses and Training License

FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License March 2008

Maintenance Engineers E.P.A Technician Certification February 2010

References: Provided upon request.

Salary history: Open salary

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