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Social Media Sales Representative

Kocaeli Province, Kocaeli Province, Turkey
November 07, 2018

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Turkey - Istanbul

Personal Details:


Skype ID: cansuinceay

30.04.1990 Istanbul - TURKEY

Civil status: Single

Driving License:Class B


● Kocaeli University Faculty of Communication Visual Communication Design (VCD) 4th grade student


● Trakya University Edirne Vocational School of Technical Sciences Radio TV Broadcasting -graduated


● Duru Tiyatro Acting Workshop (15.12.2007 – 15.05.2008) Instructors:Arif AKKAYA, Hakan VANLI, Sinan TUZCU, Süreyya GÜZEL, Yeşim Ceren BOZOĞLU, Emre KINAY Content:Mimic, role, diction, articulation, voice and pronunciation training, theater history, stage, improvisation, posture and basic dance training, creative drama and acting exercises.

● Eskişehir Anatolian High School (2004–2007)

● Maltepe Anatolian High School (English preparation year) (2003–2004),

● Internship:Sinetel Filmmaking and Directing backstage internship for the TV serials Kız Kaçıran (2009) Foreign Languages:

● Preparation class and high school 2nd grade English branch (İstanbul Maltepe Anatolian High School, Eskişehir Anatolian High School, Eskişehir System Language School (1 year of intense English education with 100% scholarship) – advanced,

● High school 1st grade 2 terms of German language education (Eskişehir Anatolian High School),

● High school 2nd grade 2 terms of French language education (Eskişehir Anatolian High School) Certificates:

● Teleperformance Institute (08.2015) Certificate of Achievement

● Duru Tiyatro Acting Workshop graduating certificate (15.12.2007 – 15.05.2008) Instructors:Arif AKKAYA, Hakan VANLI, Sinan TUZCU, Süreyya GÜZEL, Yeşim Ceren BOZOĞLU, Emre KINAY Content:Mimic, role, diction, articulation, voice and pronunciation training, theater history, stage, improvisation, posture and basic dance training, creative drama and acting exercises.

● The Association of Personal Development (KIGEMDER) -Yahya HAMURCU- New ways of Nero Linguistic Programming seminar certificate of attendance (07.12.2006) Skils:

● iOS and OSX operating systems, apps and programs

● Microsoft operating system and Office programs

● Google based online programs (Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets etc.)

● Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing

● Final Cut Video Editing

● Edius Video Editing

● Adobe Lightroom CC

Participations in Productions:

● 2018 6. Uluslararası Boğaziçi Film Festivali / 6th International Bosphorus Film Festival (Event Coordinator)

● 2018 And Now Week / Rock’n Tech Fest - Uniq Istanbul (Backstage coordination)

● 2018 Gezgin Fest - Backstage coordination

● 2017 Genç Bi’Şenlik – Lİfe Park Festival (Backstage coordination)

● 2016 Moonspell Irreligious XX World Tour -DorockXL (Translator, Booking, Hosting)

● 2016 Genç Bi’Şenlik – Küçükçiftlik Park Festival (Backstage, Coordination)

● 2016 Master Guitar Tour (Thomas Zwijsen, Ben Woods ve Ali Deniz Kardelen) - DorockXL (Translator, Backstage Hosting)

● 2015 Genç Bi’Şenlik – Küçükçiftlik Park Festival (Backstage coordination)

● 2015 Barry Ashworth – Dub Pistols - Roxy Concert (Translator, Booking, Hosting)

● 2014 Messer Chups - Roxy Concert (Translator, Booking, Hosting)

● 2014 Wardruna - Roxy Concert (Translator, Booking, Hosting)

● 2014 Evgeny Grinko - Garaj İstanbul Concert (Translator, Booking, Hosting)

● 2013 Evgeny Grinko - Roxy Concert (Translator, Booking, Hosting)

● 2013 Music Bank – Korean, Turkish Frendship Organization (Translator, Backstage Design, Hosting)

● 2013 Moğollar “Günler” Music Video (Art Director)

● 2012 May Taksim Square Diablo 3 Night Sale Event (Coordinator)

● 2012 Apr. – 2012 July TRT Okul Tek Jeton Gaming Program (Guest coordinator)

● 2011 Aug. – 2012 July Makina Medya Productions (Cameraman)

● 2008 Şehir Tiyatroları 24. Genç Günler: assistant in the creative team of The Municipal Theatre of Istanbul (İBBŞT), Genç Birim,

● 2008 Jan. – 2008 Apr. Assistant Coordinator in Duru Tiyatro. Work experience

● 2017 Oct.- Present IF Performance Hall Beşşiktaşş - (Event Coordinator)

● 2016 Apr. - 2016 Oct. GIZZA Multi Channel Agency ( Videographer)

● 2013 June – Present Asfalt Film Productions – (Art Director, Founding Partner) Asfalt Film is our own brand. As a leading production company in underground rap music videos in Turkey we created, filmed and edited beautiful projects which have been rewarded by the audience by reaching over millions of views. Please feel free to check some of the examples: Melek Mosso - Full Libido (All preproduction, shooting, video editing and colouring are done single handedly by me)

Gripin - Arkadaş

Deniz Gürzumar & Beta – Geldim Ezelden Hayki & Patron – Pay

Hayki & Patron - Umut Sokağı Elleran Elvis & Mehmethan Kurtuluş - Sesi Aç Dostum Elleran Elvis ft. Sirmc - Dublör (MANYAK) Büyük Birader - İki Teker Bir Ruh

● 2013 – Present FREE FALL / Music Ideas (Translator/Interpreter – Booking – Hosting – Backstage Management)

● 2014 – Present MOODLIVE Events Agency (Translator/Interpreter – Booking – Hosting – Backstage Management)

● 2016 Feb. – Present Blue Jean Music Magazine / Headbang Music Magazine (interviewer) You may find my interviews with Accept’s Udo Dirkschneider and Pierce The Veil’s Jaime Preciado interviews in Headbang Turkey’s May 2016 edition.

● 2015 Jul. – 2016 Apr. Teleperformance (Athens) - Apple Turkish Project (call centre agent) as an Apple Advisor I was providing technical support for iOS and OSX operating systems.

● 2014 May – 2014 Nov. Ünite İİletişşim – Coffee Shop Digital Agency (Creative Copywriter – Account Manager)

● 2013 Oct. – 2014 Apr. Üniyemek Bilişşim Teknolojileri (Franchaise Manager – Business Development)

● 2013 Aug. – 2013 Nov. Yasemin Özbudun Talent Management (Public Relations Asistant)

● 2012 Dec. – May 2013 GenSHOT CO. (Content Creator) I was creating content for,,,, web sides, moderating, writing social media posts.

● 2012 Dec. – May 2013 Attitude Social Media Agency (Creative Copywriter) I was writing social media posts for Mengerler, Cafe Krepen, AltCaz, Jazz Open Mic, Caz Ağacı, Emergenza, Aisha, Swiss Otel Grand Efes, The Winston Brasserie brands, creating contents, giving out the visual briefs for banners, cover and profile pictures. Also moderating the social media pages.

● 2012 Apr. – Jan. 2013 Tek Jeton Gaming Program, TRT Okul (Guest Coordinator) My duty was to invite a guest to the once a week TRT Okul chanel’s Tek Jeton Gaming Program and meet and greet them. In addition to my main duty I also enjoy my other participations to the group such as coordinating group’s event and party organizations (14 May 2012 Taksim Square Diablo event and 13 Jun 2012 Tek Jeton Grand Closing party), renting sound and lighting systems, making contracts with music bands if necessary, making guests feel at home.

● 10 Aug. 2011 – Jul. 2012 Makina Media Productions (Cameraman) I was working there as a studio cameraman in live broadcasted TV show and also worked at outdoors for special shootings. I used to edit separator videos for the show. A fun fact about the show which was on air for 5 nights in a week was the icon of the show was inspired by my owl tattoo on my shoulder. We were called Kraliyet Ailesi; “The Royal Family".

● 2008 Apr. –2008 May. The Municipal Theatre of Istanbul (İİBBŞŞT), Genç Birim (Creative Team Member)

To ease the responsibilities on Genç Birim’s shoulder my duty was to coordinate the guest theatre companies’ acting stage, locate them to the place, booking rooms for them if they were staying, satisfy their daily needs of food and drinks and organizing them. My involuntary departure was because of the theatre season was over by the İBBŞT.

● 2008 Jan. – 2008 Apr. Duru Tiyatro (Assistant Coordinator) During my 4 months of hard work here as the assistant general coordinator, I even made sure Emre Kınay was present at his TV serial shooting place on time also I collected printed media news and internet news about Duru Tiyatro, created social media accounts and managed them, took care of meet and greet for spectators, organized time table for the other workers and made sure that the costumes are in great shape.

● 1 Dec. 2007 – 10 Jan. 2008 Swatch (Full-Time Sales Representative) Memorizing all the parts and product code to every watch, my job was to persuade a customer to buy a watch.

● 18 Sep. 2007 - 30 Nov. 2007 D&R (Full-Time Sales Representative) My part was to keep up with the schedule, help customers to made up their minds about the book they wanted, if we don’t have the book to lead them to the nearest point, if they were ordering the book to prosecute the order.


● References will be provided upon request.

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