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Operations Geologist

November 07, 2018

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Bio Data:

Name: Jeyanth Raj Kumar A

Date of Birth: April 2, 1975; 43 years.

Qualification: M.Sc., ( Applied Geology ). Full time 5 years college post graduate.

Contact details: +968-********, +91-944*******


LinkedIn Profile:

Career Objective: To evolve constantly, learn continuously and sustain deliverability.

Career Summary:

+ Experience of working with Exploration companies like SJS Drillers, Sultanate of Oman;

Neyveli Lignite Corporation & Department of Oceanic Development, India

+ Experience of Conducting the entire Exploration programmes in varied Geologic conditions

+ Experience in Geological and Geotechnical logging, drilling and sampling.

+ Experience in Geomorphology & geological mapping, aerial photo interpretation.

+ Sound knowledge of Exploration practices, Extraction Risk Management, Process Safety.

+ Strong reporting, intervention, good documentation, influencing and coaching skills.

+ Multi tasking, able to work in harsh, cross cultural environments and administrative skills.

Skill Map:

Exploration: Drilling, Geological & Geotechnical logging, Seismic interpretation, Geological & Geomorphological mapping, General logging, Sampling, Preparing Cross-section, Seam correlation, Structural restoration, Ore estimation, Environmental awareness, Drilling safety, Generating drilling targets, Emergency Response and Business continuity, HSE planning, Influencing and Negotiation, Operations safety, Mentoring and safety coaching, Management of change, Supervision and Performance appraisal, Learning and Development.

*Geology & Exploration, Earth Science, Geophysics, Geology/Geo-morphological mapping.

Work Experience

SJS Drillers, Sultanate of Oman, Operations Geologist (February 2014 - Current)

Job Description: Planning programs for Exploration, determine areas for new acquisition; surveying & mapping of Geologically promising sites, preparing reports and maps, ascertaining extraction risks, generating drilling targets & develop possible drilling sites. Meet strategic, research oriented and water requirements drilling to support Oil well drilling operations, plan for new wells, well planning & development of reserves, design and execute short and long duration Aquifer Performance Tests, preparation of Bore hole Lithology and sample analysis. Analysing Geological data using specialist software applications and advising managerial, technical and engineering staff. Implement and ensure compliance of SJS Drillers (HSE) safety management system.

Principal Accountabilities:

Ensures timely and accurate delivery of comprehensive geological information for well program preparation (for drilling division to implement) from ‘spudding in’ to the completion of all well activities including, incorporate tools required to and monitors well while being drilled, predict target depths (i.e., coring, casing/liner, logging and landing and total depths), compiling geological data sheets, well profile and drilling progress chart for each well

Coordinates and supervises coring and logging operations including mobilization of coring and mud logging crew and equipment. Ensures through company drilling representatives and service personnel that the geological prognosis and well objectives are fully implemented and completed

Prepares geological prognosis and identifies geological uncertainties. Sets criteria for casing points, coring/sampling depths and testing decisions. Manages uncertainties when planning and geosteering horizontal wells. Optimizes target tolerance to meet well objective and be cost effective

Review important aspects of drilling and geological reports to test the validity of findings. Review the drilling assembly and parameters in addition to geological logging and survey data in order to monitor the status of the well. Provides advice on geological related problems as appropriate

Participates in daily and monthly lessons learned meetings and reviews jointly with drilling and reservoir development division the progress made and lessons captured

Provides technical and geological support to field development and drilling divisions on all aspects of operations geology. Acts as interface between drilling and field development divisions

Carries out study when assigned to address problems related to coring, geosteering, drilling and well performance and submits appropriate recommendations. Write technical and end of well reports on job completion

Visits rig during coring and complex drilling operations and plays lead role in supervising geosciences contractors and identifying formation makers. Advises site leader and head quarter team on drilling progress

Quality control (QC)/ Quality Assurance (QA) and ensures mud logging data acquired while drilling is loaded into appropriate database

Evaluates coring and mud logging bids and conducts contractor performance appraisals. Prepares geological week/ monthly, lessons learned and end of well reports and presents appraisals of geological aspects of well in house meetings

Provides information of any budget requirements for planning purposes to carry out projects or pilot programs. Recommends new methods/techniques to drilling division to carry out on drilling and or work over wells with the objectives to reduce cost and improve performance adhering to well integrity standards

Keeps abreast with the new related developments in the industry, conducts feasibility studies and recommends as appropriate for company operations. Participates in writing technical papers for Company and effectively reflecting them in geosciences workshops or similar

Provides knowledge transfer and assistance, and training assistance to teammates and to the newly appointed geoscientist. Coaches the young geoscientist and performs evaluation of their professional career development to achieve high standard of professionalism and the capability to work independently

Works in line with HSE QA policy, and ensures awareness and compliances of HSE rules and regulations by subordinates


Geological & Geotechnical logging and analysis, Seismic interpretation, Seam correlation and Structural Restoration, Generating Structural maps, lithology charts, Geology and exploration reports.

Set up contracts, acts as Project manager, ensure that Exploration programs are successfully and timely completed within the approved budget and consistent with good exploration practice.

Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Tamil Nadu - India, Well Site Geologist - Exploration (October 2009 - January 2014)

Job Description: To act as the company person and supervise the entire drilling process and its evolutions, ranging from the selection of drilling spots to submission of lithological charts and Exploration reports. Oversee the entire drilling process, suggesting with the drilling modules and equipment usage along with the crew head, taking care of the entire Sampling and analysis part, a first level analysis and interpretation chart at the site and proper care was taken and recorded regarding the availability and presence of Marker zones. Supervising the entire HSE process, reviewing and ensuring of the entire crew are in compliance with the Safety First module as a general practice and a value in Exploration and related works.

Determine areas for new acquisition, develop possible drilling location, ascertaining extraction risks. Generating Geological reports, cross-section & maps, structural restoration & seam correlation, strata analysis, seismic interpretation and preparing borehole lithology. Supervising drilling activities and construction of boreholes, Sample collection & analysis

Department of Oceanic Development - Government of India, New Delhi - India, Research Fellow - Geomorphology & Mapping Geologist (June 2000 - October 2002)

Job Description: Constructing Geomorphology map of Coastal Tamil Nadu, overseeing the entire mapping process, sampling and analysis as per requirements, analysing the Geomorphological structures - present & extinct; conducting the site crystallographic study. Studying the sea level variation. Analyzing the Aerial Coastal Photographs and interpretation. Conducting litholog studies on nearby areas as support for map construction. A detailed Geomorphology and geological study and analysis of the entire coastal and adjoining areas, with a comprehensive geographic outlook, coordinating the geological conditions in line to the prevailing and active geographic elements. Conducted training programmes for new recruit, evaluating the outcome and responsible for the overall performance of the team.

Geomorphology and geological mapping, Aerial photograph analysis and interpretation, crystallographic studies, Sea level variation studies, Litholog preparation and analysis.

Alagappa Government Arts and Science College, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India, Lecturer, Department of Geology (August 1999 – April 2000)

Job Description: Taking care of the senior most batch of the department, mentoring and monitoring them in accordance to their level of grasping and ability. Teaching the Geological topics in detail along with motivational and soft skills/life developmental studies to augment the inner character and true ability of the students. Ensuring their level of grasping at the peak by making them realize their future needs and their line of skill.

Making the students to realize their inner ability, creating a LOVE for GEOLOGY and education, make them realize the strength and spirit of being a TEAM, continuous thirst for learning and questioning, Gender equality - frames my main achievements to pride with.

Other Experiences:

Various Life Insurance Companies, India, Senior Territory Manager (October 2002-September 2009)

Job Description: Creating a Brand image for the company, moving the brand with utmost integrity and value, into the common mass. Achieved the best business practice with true spirit and with valued business ethics. Achieved the best Team and best manager in HR practices award, owing the success to the true spirit of the Team. Achieved the performance based promotion of sub ordinates to a level of 50% which termed as the unachievable task. People depreciation level was maintained at a near zero percentage a valid point to boast with as my achievement. Healthy business, truthful to the Company and customers, valuing Integrity, time and result oriented performance along with smart and swift thinking framed the motto behind the team & me included, as a Senior Territory Manager.

Professional Qualifications:

Masters in Applied Geology - Bharathidasan University, India

Bachelors in Geology - Kamaraj University, India.

Awards & Recognitions:

Gold Medalist - M.Sc., Level - Bharathidasan University, India

Gold Medalist - B.Sc., Level - Kamaraj University, India

National Merit Scholarship - Govt. of India., Masters level for Educational Proficiency

Veeran Azhagumuthukone Endowment Award - Govt. of Tamilnadu., for Educational Proficiency.

Academic selections:

SLET - State level educational testing, Qualifying exam for lectureship., (Government of Tamil Nadu, India)

Software courses:

Diploma in Computer Applications (D.C.A)…

Key skills & I feel I am right for the job …

Knowledge of a range of sciences and their applications, especially in Geo-Exploration, Logging, Drilling and Geologic/geomorphologic mapping works.

A wide array of exposure and experience of working within multidisciplinary teams of Scientists and engineers, has given me the confidence to adapt, as an individual and as a team, as per professional needs

Good organizational skills, willingness to learn and to give my best to any assignment, thirst to excel, explore new ideas, initiate and execute

Computer literacy, and ability to analyze numerical and graphical data

Good written and verbal communication skills

Professional and personal referees will be nominated upon request. Thank you.

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