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Core Java, j2ee, spring,hibernate

Hayward, California, United States
November 07, 2018

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Pursued Master’s in Computer Science at California State University – East Bay.

Have hands on experience in design and development of Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, XML, Java Script, HIBERNATE 4.0, SPRING, SPRING BOOT,PL/SQL, SQL..

Experience in RDMBS such as Oracle, MySQL and postgreSQL

Developed various academic projects using latest technologies.

Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages:

C, C++, Java

Query Languages:


Web Languages:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Eclipse IDE, GitHub, NetBeans, Android Studio.

Academic Background

Masters in Computer Science

Jan 2017 – Jun 2018

California State University East Bay, US

GPA: 3.6 / 4

Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Aug 2009– Jun 2013

Guru Nanak Dev University, India

GPA: 3.5 / 4

Professional Experience

Java/J2EE Developer Jan 2013- June 2013

Sebiz Infotech Pvt Ltd, Mohali, India

Duties include:

designing code and modifying websites;

creating website layout/user interface by using standard HTML/CSS practices;

coordinating with web designers to match visual design intent;

integrating data from various back-end services and databases;

evaluating and identifying new technologies for implementation.

Environment: Java, JDBC Template, Servlets, Spring MVC, JSP, Hibernate, Java Mail API, AJAX, HTML, XML, Eclipse, MySQL.

Java/J2EE Developer May 2014- May2016

Infoworld Software Solutions, Karnal, India


Micron(Nov 2014- Dec 2015)

Micron is a rice quality analysis software, mainly used to analyse physical characteristics of rice grain like length, thickness, whiteness index, color components, broken check to ascertain its quality. Micron has been serving industry through the most accurate results for rice quality analysis thereby saving time and manpower along with huge quality improvement in rice industry. It provides separate desktop interface for Lab and web interface for management to view scan reports on computer, tab or mobile screen. The target customers for this product are Grain procurement agencies(like FCI), Rice Mills, Rice Exporters/importers/traders/brokers, Research laboratories, Food Quality control laboratories, NBFCs and banks who provide funds on rice stocks. The product comprises of a desktop Java-FX and spring MVC application which basically performs the scans of rice samples.

Duties include:

Involved in various phases of SDLC mainly in requirements gathering from rice millers.

Creating DAO and business services for entire application.

Project was developed following Agile and Scrum methodologies.

This also uses restful API to render the results on desktop browser and mobile app.

Creating entities framework using JPA and maintaining its interaction with other layer services through Spring Data JPA.

Managing security of application through spring security

E-dealer(Dec 2015- May 2016)

Ed E-Dealer is a complete solution for used car dealers to manage their individual car and overall profit/loss accounts. It keeps record of all your purchases done from either Dealerships or direct customers. It keeps a track of any expenses done on the vehicle and also the list of all service providers and their accounts maintained. It maintains list of all vehicles w.r.t the brands maintained. It maintains the list of insurance expiry of current stock vehicles. It gives complete cash book, bank book, day book with all flexibility for different search criteria. It maintains all financiers data and their accounts. It provides all different possible to search vehicles data and business contacts' data. EDealer is a complete solution for used car dealers wherein we have a desktop application, a web app and mobile app. The main focus is to maintain the accounts for these dealers and maintain all records of direct and indirect expenses incurred in office or on vehicles. Each vehicle individual profitability and overall business P/L is computed based on input records.

Duties include:

Involved in the complete SDLC for multiple applications (individual projects).

Designed, developed, debugged and tested the web based application using the J2EE architecture.

Hands on development in Java based and UI forms and database objects.

Worked on Maria Databases and wrote SQL queries as well as stored procedures for the application.

Involved in developing code for obtaining bean references in spring framework using Dependency Injection (DI) or Inversion of Control (IOC) using annotations.

Used Spring validation and wrote validation rules.

Implemented Spring ORM with Hibernate taking advantage of Java features like annotation metadata, auto wiring, and generic collections using plain EJB3’s JPA specification that is used to implement the DAO layer with Hibernate Entity Manager’s Session Factory and SQL.

California State University – East Bay, Student Assistant

Sep 2017 – Feb 2018

Worked as a Student Assistant in Student Administration department of my University.

Academic Projects


Created a social Network Application on Facebook. It will feature the non-trivial use of data via the GAE datastore. For this I have implemented a twitter application. Data will be collected from the user and store all tweetfriends in the GAE datastore. In this we can use data from datastore as well as we can collect data from users also. Along with the tweets I have presented user profile with their name and profile picture all from Facebook API calls.

PHOTOSITE Jun 2017 – Aug 2017

In this project Rails is used to create the beginnings of a photo-sharing Web site. The Web site will display pre-entered information in the database.

After this the website is deployed in EC2 instance of AWS. Used this website on the EC2 instance and demonstrated how it is performing in the Amazon AWS Console.

Bathroom sign reading for blinds apr 2017 – may 2017

Developed a mobile application that uses its camera to capture bathroom signage as an input and outputs an audio informing blind users whether it is male or female sign.

Developed logic using SIFT algorithm in openCV.


Student Interactive Portal Jan 2017 – Mar 2017

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, JSP, Servlets, JDBC and MYSQL

Developed student portal using java, wherein the students can interact with their professors and other staff members. The faculty and staff can also post grades and other information for the students.

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