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Software Developer Injection Molding

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 06, 2018

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Hard-working computer science graduate with a flair for creating elegant solutions in the

least amount of time. Developed a customer web portal, documentary launch software, and interactive applications for different uses. Passionate about software architecture and information technology. Regular attendee of software developer meetups and hackathons.


Software Engineer

Husky Injection Molding Systems, LTD.

Familiar with source code management with TFS, GIT

Help integrated different tools and develop extensions to create more value out of existing tools

Design, develop and maintain our automation infrastructure, test tools and framework for Continuous Integration

Establish lifecycle process to govern the development, QA, testing, and support of new and existing software programs

Freelance Web Developer

Developed an auto-generated report website to accommodate the users’ needs for environmental evaluation report, which is applied with RESTful design

Frontend programmed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, backend programmed with ASP.NET

Performed functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, load testing, integration testing and system testing, back end testing Software Developer (Intern)

Husky Injection Molding Systems, LTD.

Real time analysis of customers’ technical issues and provided online support

Designed InfoPath forms and structured company’s SharePoint site to gather data from multiple individuals in a structured format

Took initiative in streamlining business processes by using VBA and C# to design software applications/documentation auto-update function with GUI

Responsible for developing and testing software on machine automation process optimization, including Human User Interface (.NET) and PLC program (Siemens and GE Fanus)

Wrote detailed board level functional specification, test specifications and designer verification report

Software Developer (Coop)

Rongri Technologies Co., LTD CHINA

Experienced with user and kernel level debug in the Windows/Linux environment

Maintained a continuous upgrading to the latest stable version of each tool. This involved some amount of support for the groups who use the tools when the tools don’t have a simple upgrade path that maintained backward compatibility

APT 1212, 20 Bruyeres Mews, Toronto

M5V 0G8
















2018/04 –


2016/09 –


2017/04 –


2016/04 –


Course Work / School Projects

B.S. Computer Science

McMaster University, Hamilton, ON


Experienced with Functional Programming. Capstone project that created a web application for mentally illness teenagers, including frontend with ELM and backend with Haskell

Built an ecommerce webapp with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java. Used Maven/ANT as framework dependency jars, Selenium Grid to execute Selenium automation suites on different platforms to check the Cross- Browser Compatibility

Wrote efficient and complex SQL queries to extract data from database in order to improve software performance

Developed a web application aiming at extracting Amazon reviews from open datasets and analyzing reviews’ quality with NETBEANS/Java

Developed a calculator for Matrix Calculator with User Interface and a parser for arithmetic calculation with C++

Implemented peer-to-peer file synchronizer application by using Python, intermediate knowledge of computer networks and security

Concurrent programming in C and Java, including projects like simulating bank exercise with multiple accounts

Developed Nine Men's Morris game with MVC framework, performed in- depth testing including unit testing, black box testing and white box testing with JUnit

Experienced Linux Operating System (Ubuntu, Kali)

Member of DeltaHacks (McMaster’s annual student hackathon) Created a basic new language to support concurrent programming Other Experience

Participated in Java Bootcamp in Toronto

Took online course Data Science with Python on Coursera

Participated in Student Committee of McMaster Engineering Department

Member of the women basketball club

Volunteering at a community office

2015/09 –


2015/09 –



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