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Electrical Engineer Engineering

Bothell, Washington, United States
November 09, 2018

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Hau Cong Tran

Seattle, WA *****832-***-**** •

Qualifications Profile

Hardworking and knowledge-driven Electrical Engineering student, with experience in electrical design, testing, circuit analysis, and software implementation looking to gain employment as an Entry level Electrical Engineer.

Well-verse in software implementation and embedded system; capable of formulating platforms, programming controlling and operating system that manipulate hardware, communication system, and adhere to regulatory electrical standards.

Highly organized and detail oriented; adept at Analog and Digital circuit, electronics test, programming, components selection, and management, payroll systems, signal filter and amplifiers; ensuring to accurately execute all tasks through effective time management, interpersonal, communication, and team building skills.

Advanced at circuit and PCB design, soldering, data analysis, circuit analysis, and Microsoft Office; able to learn and master new techniques, concepts, and strategies.

Proficient in English and Vietnamese languages.

Core Technologies


Oscilloscope, Function Generator, LTspice, Express PCB, Visual Studio, Hand Tools, Eagle, Express Schematic


Arduino IDE, MATLAB, Verilog, 68K Assembly, 68K microprocessor, Zilog Z80, Quartus, AutoCAD, Java, Outlook, PYTHON


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (Jan 2019)

University of Washington, Bothell, WA

Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming, Power System Engineering, Embedded System Engineering.

GPA 3.4/4.0

Professional Experience

DASO Soccer Smart Wall, Seattle, WA

Electrical Engineer, 2017 – Present

Integrate radar systems that determine velocity and distance between users and radar modules. Support product assembly, design analog and digital circuit, select and test components, collect data, record documents, and construct "kick detect" algorithm that characterizes human kicking movements and measures distance and velocity.

Improved velocity detection accuracy by 90%.

Built different circuits to test multiple radar selection.

Designed a new amplifier circuit, using Eagle, that boosted radar signals and troubleshot previous circuit problems.

Constructing algorithm using Arduino IDE to distinguish movement.

Designed digital circuit to manipulate signal from piezo to microcontroller.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Electrical Engineering Student, 2016 – Present

Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems. Generated innovative solutions that could be used during mathematical, scientific, and engineering processes. Acquire a strong knowledge of standardized engineering practices in order to work in accordance with professional standards. Design and conduct experiments using data collected, analyzed and interpreted. Demonstrate responsibility when working in teams by applying critical information obtained.

Completed multiple projects that showcased engineering expertise in several different areas.

Selected Projects

DC Micro-Grid Communication

(Jan 2018 - Present)

Designed a safe DC Power station, capable of delivering up to 1000W, for uneducated persons within remote areas. Built an intelligent battery management system that increases the efficiency of battery usage by delivering power at different voltage and current levels, logically managing the charge or discharge of specific batteries, programming two Arduino Mega, to communicate between source, sink, and serial port cable, and constructed a differential amplifier to continuously sense voltage, current, using a hall effect current sensor, and systems faults; ensuring to maintain IEEE P2030.10 standards.

Auto Ranging Ohmmeter

(Jan 2018 - Mar 2018)

Designed schemes and PCB layouts using Express Schematic and PCB software. Limited the prototype cost, to under $100, by performing cost analysis and bill of materials. Programmed the Ohm meter using Arduino IDE for auto ranging full scale 1Ohm to 10MOhm. Executed project with high-precision and accuracy within 0.05% tolerance.

Employee Payroll System

(Mar 2016 - May 2016)

Programmed a payroll system using Java. This fully functional software and interface allows HR to control and edit salaries and schedules for all employees. As a result of this, employees can clock-in and out multiples time in a day and be able to keep track of their salary.

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