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Software Engineer

Turlock, CA
November 09, 2018

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CELL: 209-***-**** EMAIL

Website: Vijilante Inc. @ ; https: //


A challenging position as Software Engineer or in design, development of 3D/2D graphic models, or the development of 3D/2D CNC manufacturing Gcodes, Mcodes. Have used (CAD/CAM) Vectric software for Windows Mach3 CNC controller. Designed and built my own 4 ft. by 6 ft. CNC 3 axis router table. Enjoyed designing, and developing multiple 3D projects. Some of these projects can be seen on my website (Vijilante Inc. @ ).

My technical background has been electronics, computer hardware, computer software programming and QA. I have used my experience with Net software, and graphics C++ .Net software development or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) experience. Have also Installed and used Eclipse IDE, with Perl / Python plugins on my personal PC.

Have developed GUI email, and GUI Inventory Windows applications to input, update, and delete MS SQL & MySQL databases required for business customer, and dealer tracking of email and product inventory. This was designed in Microsoft SQL 2005 in Visual Studio 2005, ASP .Net, C# .Net Visual Studio and Eclipse for LAMP and Vmware QA development. Have worked in testing and designing with AutoCAD, TurboCad 3D Design, and Pro E for 2D & 3D .


Team player & strong professional experience with 10+ years software/Hardware integration engineer, with

5 years Manufacturing / Construction design and development, and 17+ Years in software development,

Software quality assurance, as well as hardware development and test and

Test automation development and application design with Visual Studio 2005, C++, C#, Perl and Python scripting.

About 7 years ago used experience to designed and developed my own CNC X / Y / Z /, A three axis,

Stepper motor driven, CNC router with a Mach 3 CNC controller.

I completed my design about 5 years ago, with 8 years of CNC experience. After designing multiple projects,

I have been working to develop and use this CNC machine into a manufacturing career, and my own business.

Experienced with:


Sun Sparcs, Sun Ultras, Window PCs and laptops, MacPro laptop, PDP 11/70.

Also Digital and Analog, electronics R&D design, debug experience.

Operating Systems:

Sun Solaris 2.5.1/2.6/7.0/8.0, Sun OS 3.5/4.0/4.1/4.1.x, Microsoft Windows NT/98/2000/XP/Windows 7, Ubuntu & Suse Linux 7.0(kernel reconfig., LILO dual boot setup), MS-DOS, CP/M.


C#/.Net / Visual Studio /, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Sharepoint Administration training, C/ C++, Perl, Python, Java, Expect, Tcl/TK, Shell Scripts, Eclipse IDE, Visual Basic, 8051 Assembly, Z80/68000 Assembly, PL/M 80/85/86, No-Hands (WinRunner type tool for OS GUI testing of Openwindows on Solaris Unix),XHtml / Html, Xml, Javascript,.,CSS, Flex/2 3/ActionScript 3.0, NetBeans RIA’s.


PGP 2.6.2 - PGP 7.1, XGL, OpenGL, XIL, FrameBuffer Drivers, SunVideo, Newtek

Lightwave 3D animation, PTCDesktop Pro Express 3D Cad, Design CAD 3DMAX, AutoCad 2004/2006

Zoho /CRM, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word. Mach3 CNC controller, Vectric 2D/3D CAM software.

VCarve Pro, Also attended Solidworks introductory class in 2014.


Vijilante Inc. - Designing /Developed Cust. CNC Design. Mach3 CNC controller, Vectric CAM 2009 – 2018 (Present)

Designing and developing 2D/3D wood art products.

Mach3 CNC controller. Installation/ Initialization and setup/operation/integration/calibration.

Mechanical design, Electrical layout & wiring, Implementation of Computer Interface.

Basic machine gcode and mcode, 3D/2.5D / 2D gcode development with Vectric CAM software. (Aspire/VcarvePro/Cut3D/Cut2D/photoVcarve)

Custom 2D image file format conversion to 3D file format. Vectorization of 2D images and conversion to Aspire 3D formats and 3D gcode.

Technisource (Intel Corp.) Perl Data Mining,MySQL DBA Admin 02/12 – 05/12

Developed Perl data mining program. Excel pivot table & charts used for development & design status.

Used Microsoft Excel to convert database data to Pivot tables used to produce Status Pivot Charts.

Designed Perl Program to pull data from directories & files and stored as CSV files and converted to Excel tables.

Used MySQL Workbench to develop MySQL copy, delete, update, and retrieve SQL queries. Also Visual Studio 2005, C++, C# object oriented programming.

Skills Used: Microsoft Excel, Perl, MySQL, MySQL Workbench.

T3Direct MySQL DBA Admin 01/11 – 06/11

Developed MySQL US corp. Database all 50 states. MySQL queries/ stored procedures. Zoho /CRM integration, and ExcitePro web editor

Used Microsoft Excel to convert database data formats to csv formats.

Used Photoshop to change backgrounds, cleanup and resize web images.

Administered and updated client information and access permissions for Zoho/CRM.

Used Dreamweaver to download, customize web site templates display properties.

Used ExcitePro web editor to create and customize client info and web site.

Developed / Designed 12 megabyte corporate US MySQL database.

Used MySQL Workbench to develop MySQL copy, delete, update, and retrieve SQL queries.

Installed Eclipse IDE with Perl and Python plugins to use in MySQL queries with Perl and Python.

Skills Used: Microsoft Excel, Photoshop, Zoho/CRM, Dreamweaver, ExcitePro, MySQL, MySQL Workbench.

ACIONYX -Cupertino, CA. CP/M,MC68010 software Consultant 3/10 start – 12/10 ended

MC68010 assembly code dis-assembly(IDAPro)/ 8-inch floppy replacement with floppy emulator.

Disassembled undocumented MC68010 assembly code with IDAPro disassembler.

Discovered website for legacy floppy disk emulator to replace old 8” floppy that died.

Studied possible development of PC emulator to replace 68010 Sord computer.

Replaced Legacy 8” floppy with PIC micro based floppy emulator on Scanning Electron Microscope manufactured by Hitachi.

Skills Used: IDAPro disassembler, MC68010 assembly Language, PIC floppy emulator, S600 SEM by Hitachi.

INTERNET DIREC –Oakdale, Ca DEVELOPER Business Apps. 8/07 start - 12/08 ended

Developed two applications for email & inventory in C#.Net Visual Studio 2005 & Microsoft SQL server 2005, including working with Web application - ASP.Net/ C# and javascript for dealer barcode inventory scan in Web page. Worked with HTML, MXML, CSS and Adobe Flex 2.0 and Actionscript 3.0.

Worked on PDF document parsing program in C#.Net.

SUN MICRO SYSTEMS – Menlo Park, Ca. TEST Solaris PC laptop 4/08 start - 5/08 ended

Direct PC installations and installation using emulation software such as Vmware for virtual OS operation. Tested on various versions of PCs and MacPro laptops.

Tested Solaris x86 installation on Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP & Vista, and Leopard 10.

NetBeans, RIA training, tutorials.

COMMERCIAL SEATING – San Jose, Ca Temp. Sales Design 2/07 start - 7/07 ended

Restaurant and Hotel and Medical CAD design layout and service for public seating design Service and repairs. AutoCAD 2006.

INTEL Corp. Folsom, Ca - GRAPHICS Consultant 10/05 start - 4/06 ended

Programmed in Visual C++ .Net, Clear Case environment. Added Ascii data conversion routine to C++ software for Graphics chip emulation software. This routine allowed ascii data files to be read and converted to floating point and int type vector data which was used as OpenGL lib functional input data. Emulation software was developed with Flex and Bison(parsing and code generating tools).

AEROTEK Corp., Modesto, Ca. CAD DESIGN & Document 7/05 start to 10/05 ended

Consulted on hand drafting architecture and converted to AutoCad 6 drawings. Drawings for hospital earthquaking documentation.

Became lead interface between hospital documentors, and Showerman, Hawn & Stone Structural Engineering group.

Converted Hospital electrical conduits, gas lines, AC ducting, support and bracing information. Converted hand drawings to AutoCad 2006 Drawings.

VIJILANTE Inc. – Turlock, Ca CEO / Self contracting 12/01 start - 2/05 ended

For 4 years worked on a Golf Tour program To keep track of player entries, setting player grouping, and Automating score keeping, as well as calculating player handicaps For next tournaments. This was written in C and ported to to Java To allow this process to be run over web. I also used Perl scripting Language to help port C to Java programming syntax. This been a Process I have worked on for my own Contract business. Design drawings were done in Design CAD 3DMAX, and AutoCad 2004 and ProE.

NETWORK ASSOC., Santa Clara, CA. - Software Engineer 12/13/99 start - 8/20/2001 ended

Lead product testing of PGP 6.5 Command Line encryption software. Responsible for product releases of PGP 6.5 (DH) and PGP 6.5 (RSA) through PGP 7.1 Commandline. Worked on automated functionality and Regression testing using Perl scripts, and testing PGPMVS for OS/390 platforms with USS interface.

PGP 6.5 encryption software was tested with automated Perl scripts for commandline interface testing. This was later updated using TCL/TK to modify test cases to interface with GUI interfaces using list boxes, radio buttons, check buttons, and other widgets using Perl with TK extentions.

Setup Encryption Key servers and tested network transfers of encryption keys between User keyrings and servers with PGP key transfer functionality, and through secured LDAP transfer commands.

PGP Compatibility & regression testing between Win98, NT, Win2k, Linux, and Unix for HPUX, AIX, and Solaris operating systems, along with test bed NFS / IP networking setup. Suse Linux kernel reconfiguration and LILO

Dual boot setup for windows and Linux OS’s.

SUN MICROSYTEMS, Menlo Park, CA. - Member of Technical Staff, 2/26/88 - 12/3/99.

Employed in Graphics and System Testing and Failure Analysis group for OpenGL, XGL, and XIL graphics libraries on Sun Workstations. Hardware options include various frame buffers such as Sun FFB and AFB 24 bit programmable frame buffers in Sun Sparc. Graphics drivers were written in C and C++ as well as OpenGL testing written in C ++.

Developed automated testing procedures in Perl, C-shell script for graphics NFS/ IP networked test bed & Y2K tests.

Developed test plans for the purposes of graphics testing on new configurations such as Sun's LX, SS10, SS20, and SS5/10 with OpenGL Libraries with drivers written in C and C++.

Responsible for quality assurance of the following Sun projects:

SunVideo video imaging sbus card which input NTSC Video signals and compressed video into Sun's CellB, MPEG, and JPEG formats .

Sunforum inter-workstation application sharing and communications.

Sun58te 1.0 CAD and 1.1 IBM 5080 graphics terminal emulator.

Xlib, OpenGL implementations of Videoflix 1.0, SunVision 1.1, 1.2 3D Medical image processing.

System and Network administration, setup of NFS / IP server /client configurations, kernel reconfigurations for adding OpenGL graphics drivers.

EDUCATION: Capitol Radio Engineering - (AS equivalent diploma) Major: Electronics/Computer Science.

Cogswell College - Microprocessor Programming and Development

Intel - Microprocessor Programming, 80xx Assembly language programming, PL/M programming

NASA-Ames Research - Unix Operating System, Z80 & 68000 assembly language

Sun Microsystems - Perl programming, Introduction to C++ Programming Language, Unix System interfacing (system calls), and Systematic Software Development, Java code training. - Sharepoint, ASP.Net 3.5/C#/VB.Net, AutoCAD 2008, Silverlight, and Dreamweaver CS3, Photoshop CS3, Flex 3 online Video Training

ADDITIONAL SELF STUDY: IPHONE development on C#, C++ .NET with Component One software

Libraries, Tutorials completed with XSLT, Xpath, XQuery and Xpointer.

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