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Sunnyvale, CA
November 09, 2018

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Michael Yin Software QA Engineer

Email: Phone: 510-***-**** Address: Sunnyvale, CA Visa: Green Card


To seek a QA Engineer on web/mobile application & clouding service in a growing organization


Expert experience in black box and white box testing for both Mobile and Website UI & backend side

7+ year industrial experience on Android/iOS mobile devices native & Hybrid apps UI functionality testing manually and automatically with Java/Python Appium/UI Automator framework infrastructure, tested on real device and emulator, familiar with Android API testing

3 Years experience working on webserivce backend API automation testing with SOAPUI, SQL, REST Assured

Experiences on UI, functionality testing, Integration Continues Testing, International user experiences testing, Localization Testing and quick Regression testing

Knowledge of Web/Android development using Java, Javascript, understand Android system

Hands on using software development solutions like Unix Shell Bash, Jira, Hudson, Jenkins to deploy and run test cases

Working and have strong knowledge on Agile Sprint Software Test Life Cycle(STLC) & eCommerce domains

Hands on testing in handsets on various Device (iOS & Android), general lab network troubleshoot, TCP/IP based Networking, Wifi, Bluetooth, Sony PlayStation VR device

Strong problem-solving ability to handle new defects troubleshooting and improve testing flow

Faster learner and a good team player


Language: Java, Python, Unix shell Bash, SQL, Html script, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

Web Testing automation: web front UI testing on Java Junit4/TestNG, REST web service API testing, JDBC database testing, Web console UI/backend logcat, Groovy scripting

Mobile Testing: ADB, Xcode, Postman, Charles proxy, Mobile front UI testing with Java Appium/UI Automator/Espresso, mobile UI/backend logcat

Platform and IDE: Linux OS, Jenkins, Eclipse IDE, X Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio with Gadle, Maven SVN, Git/Gerrit source control tools, SOAPUI, QTP, Mobility DDMS tool, MAC IPhone configuration utility, MySQL, Odo proxy web service

Google testing Tools: Familiar with Testracker, Buganizer, Critique, Blaze, TAP, Cider, sponge, Guitar, Moreto, Moscar, Surf, Rapid

Project Sample:

Github Sample code of junit4 web testing framework:


Google Inc through Vendor, Mountain View, Feb 2018 – Oct, 2018

Role: Mobile Engineer on Google Search App


Performed UI, functionality, regression testing on Google Search App on mobile with UI Automator using Java/Python, enhanced testing by reducing flaky issues

Developed and maintained testcases features like Home, List View, Search, Photo, Map, Placesheet, animation

Manually tested daily and release cycle on Google search app on Android/iOS platforms, transferred manual testcasest to UI Automator framework

Maintained Integration Continue testing with Google Tools like Guitar, Moreto, Moscar, Unix Shell, Bash monitored and fixed issues for automation execution

Google Inc with Vendor, Mountain View, Jan 2017 – Jan 2018

Role: Mobile Test Engineer on Google Voice Mobile app


Performed functionality, ad hoc testing on Google voice app, project Fi device, Google Home calling, messaging, voice control

Worked on automation on Python Mobly framework, mobile harness, UI automator, Unix Shell for mobile Google Voice, Project Fi calling automation testing

Debugged mobile logs with QXDM, Android Debug Tool, Xcode, automation Sponge report, implemented test with Unix Shell Bash

Hands on handsets testing on Wifi, Bluetooth, audio, video features on Android/iOS

Responsible for creation, design and execution of test strategies, including writing test plans, test cases and test scenarios using Testracker

Identified, analyze, and document defects using Buganizer

Able to debug Android backend kenel & applicaion logs

Environment: Python Mobly, ADB, mobile testing

Sony Inc, San Francisco, Jan 2016 – Dec 2016

Role: Web/Mobile Automation Test Engineer

Project: Built and run JavaScript testing framework on Sony VUE entertainment video/gaming web/mobile product


Executed and maintained mobile video native app UI testcases with ADB/Xcode maually and automation testing on Java Appium framework and Unix Shell scripting

Built web UI & users experiences automation testing framework on Ember JS & Node JS platform with JavaScript Webdriverio mocha framework, Source Lab environment for multiple platforms, text alert, data driven test, functional testing

Tested cross OS, browsers platform with Sauce lab using desired capabilities

Worked on cloud computing web service AWS for big data computing testing, tested localization & globalization versions

Worked on Java REST Assured automation lib for REST API web service automation testing

Setup Drone under Docker environment for Github merge request checking for finding issues earlier for developer’s change, text alert and html report to Rally, data driven test, dev build continues testing

Tested web & mobile web service backend with Postman, Charles proxy & SQL

Tested localization testing for multiple areas for language, culture testing, tested on map, search

Tested Sony PlayStation Game Console VR & Android TV application on network & mobile chromecast feature testing for QA project shift

Environment: JS Node, Drone, Docker, Source Lab, Web JS, AWS, GitHub, Jenkins, Rally, REST Assured, Postman, Charles proxy, SQL, JSON, Mobile testing with Java Appium, ADB, Xcode

Payphone Inc., San Mateo, Jun 2015 - Dec 2015

Role: Automation Test Engineer

Project: Built and run Java automation framework on Gaming E – commerce web and Mobile Game Store app


Built and maintained UI automation framework from scratch using Java TestNG Webdriver on Web UI for and Appium framework automator on mobile app

Tested Android/iOS native game platform app on with Java Appium automation framework

Created database on staging server with SQLPro and automated database testing on SOAPUI SQL

Automated testing for daily build and submitted results on Jenkins, data driven testing with Excel

Tested web service performance with SOAPUI, Postman web service

Worked with Taiwan developing team for Taiwan app sync up testing

Environment: Java Appium/TestNG testing framework, SOAPUI SQL, Postman, Jenkins, Git, Jenkins, Jira, mobile testing

Groupon Corporation, Palo Alto, Jan 2013 - May 2015

Role: Mobile QA Engineer

Project: Performed manually/automation testing on enterprise E – commerce mobile app on Android/iOS


Tested Android internal Groupon app on Android & iOS with REST web service using odo proxy server, constructed JSON for different UI testing scenarios

Performed UI and http API mobile testing on feature, integration, regression, AB, adhoc testing workflow on Agile Jira development/QA cycles

Used SOAPUI to test on web backend performance automatically testing

Developed and executed Appium automation framework on mobile native app testing, able to write testcases for new features of mobile projects

Able to use automation way to download latest build from server, text processing, setup alerts with Python/Java

Reduced live product bug reproduce rate by quick finding and isolating particular issues in logs

Enhanced testing performance by using bash, Jira, GitHub reporting organization, Jenkins building setup, Linux quick search query

Monitored release build continues issues with Splunk

Worked with China, Europe team for International app sync up testing, tested on map, search

Environment: Mobile UI & REST web service testing, bash automation trigger, SOAPUI, Spring MVC for http API mobile testing, Appium, JSON, SQL, odo web service, GitHub, Jira, Splunk

Environment: python nose for Android system testing, ADB, DDMS, Java Junit 4 / TestNG, QTP, JDBC SQL, ANT

Motorola Mobility, Sunnyvale, CA 2011.2-2011.9

Role: Mobile QA Engineer

Tested on Motorola Android System using Android Debug Bridge (ADB) command, To file issue, track bugs, reported to developer via Jira

Set up tools to simulate specific environment testing, for example set up various APN in switch and router to simulate wireless network roaming for DLAN and Youtube testing

Improved testing flow by maintaining Jira dashboard, checking existing defect report to avoid duplicate reports for better performance

Lab Project

Projects: LinkedIn Learning Certificate of Android SDK Unit Test & Test Driven development, 2016.8-2016.12


This project was to take Linkedin Learning of Test driven development and Android unit test class and done exercise projects

Projects: Android App development class certificate in Santa Clara University for Hackathon Project, 2015.5-2015.12

Taken Android development class in Santa Clara University to build Android apps

Learnt to build multiple category apps on Travel, Health category with UI design, email & test message notifications and google calendar intergraded

Taken part into Santa Clara Internet of Things World Hackathon projects to build smart home appliance app for remote control the switch and brightness to LED lights with provided web service network and Marvell ARM10 chip board


Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont, CA, Graduated on Sep 2012, GPA 3.7

M.S Degree in Electronic Engineering

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