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Database Administrator/Programmer Analyst

Valparaiso, Indiana, United States
November 09, 2018

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Extensive experience as a Database Administrator, Programmer Analyst in IBM mainframe, Oracle, and SQL Server environments. A self-motivated, well organized individual with proven expertise in multi-platform architecture, design, integration and database administration. Creative problem solver with solid analytical skills. A collaborative team player with customer-focused attitude


Hardware: IBM DOS/VS MVS/OS/390 and z/OS mainframes, various UNIX / Linux, various windows client / servers

Software: MVS/OS/390/zOS, DB2/zOS V6.1-8, COBOL, Assembler, Fortran, SQL, Mantis, Eztrieve, CICS/Command/MacroLevel,OEM,TOAD, TSO/ISPF, CICS/Transaction Server, DB2/MVS/CICS, Oracle V7 through 10g, ERWIN, SQL Server v7- 2014, IBM Administration, Object Comparison, and Automation tools, and DB2 BMC tools


Regal Beloit 2/2015 3/2018 Database Administrator

Provided new project support for numerous requirements to integrate existing Emerson servers, databases and data to Regal Beloit servers while juggling current support duties of administration, monitoring, and striving for 100% 24/7 uptime for our business users and customers around the world. This initiative required working extra hours including weekends and holidays to meet deadlines on projects.

My expertise with our current scripts and tables of the business system offered me the responsibly of being a primary team member on converting the existing Emerson Customer Relationship Manager system (CRM) to the Dynamic CRM hosted at Regal.

Another project included migrating older versions of SQL Server, 2000, 2005, and 2008 to SQL 2014 at Regal. This provided me the opportunity to learn about availability group nodes, the Windows PowerShell commands to copy logins, and databases from an old server to a new server, instead of restoring from a backup.

Created maintenance plans at appropriate schedules to keep databases in healthy states, indicating our group of job success or failures.

The most recent project that consumed everyone in the business and all IT resources moved the mainframe order entry system to Oracle. This project enhanced my skills in developing extracts from the DB2 tables, investigating JCL and COBOL2 programs and determining the logic and tables that we should archive and the ones that were already in loaded to the Oracle environment. This provided me a refresher in my programmer analyst skillset.

Emerson Power Transmissions Solutions 1/1996 2/2015

Database Administrator 8/2002 2/2015

Programmer Analyst 1/1996 8/2002

SQL Server 2000 thru 2014 Database Administration.

Perform initial installation of SQL Server 2000 and 2005 database instances, patches and security maintenance, creation of databases and maintenance plans to ensure daily and weekly backups of the system and user databases, reorganizations, index rebuilds, statistics and database and log shrinks occur on a frequent basis, and provide the support for job failures and performance tuning if required using the SQL Profiler and Index Tuning wizard or Database Tuning Advisor tools available with the different versions of Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine. Instrumental in migration using dbatools set with Windows Power Shell clustered servers or availability groups.

Mainframe DB2/Supra PDM Database Administration.

Provide the primary DBA support for the manufacturing CINCOM/SUPRA system involving the Supra PDM and CICS environments for the Browning, Sealmaster, and McGill sites including development, stage, and production subsystems for each site.

Have performed software upgrades on the Cincom, Supra, and Mantis environments to the versions we are on today - SUPRA, CINCOM 1.3.5. Provide support for table changes, file expansions, and recoveries. Familiar with primary and related file unload, load, and insert link path utilities, PDM buffering, environment descriptors, on-line and batch directory maintenance, and the csiparm files. Support and maintain multi-task and single-task environments using task log or system log before image recovery strategies.

Responsible for upgrading DB2 from version 6 to version 7. Upgrading QMF, BMC, and installing the new IBM DB2 toolset and applying upgrades to the tools.

Completed the DB2 portion of the mainframe move from Emerson in Maysville, Kentucky to move to Verizon at Temple Terrace, Florida. This involved unloading all our version 7 DB2 tablespaces in five DB2 subsystems and loading them to version 8 tablespaces, where timing was critical. Created a project plan for the upgrade to DB2 Version 8, but our CPU constraints did not allow us to upgrade so Emerson eventually outsourced its mainframe. Have been involved in monitoring and performance tuning and implementing repartitioning strategies. Have successfully trained many fellow DBAs to provide support for Emerson DB2 environments.

Oracle/Unix support on Sun with Korn shell scripting, Oracle 10g, Oracle and OEM, Oracle 10.2 and OEM10g, sqlldr and scripts using OEM procedures. Currently familiar with FTP Voyager 6.0, Hummingbird and TOAD for Oracle 9.0.1. Primary Oracle DBA on many projects providing data from our Manufacturing Data Warehouse to other Oracle systems such as Oracle Customer Relationship Manager, and the Vendavo Pricing Mart.

Responsible for logical and physical database designs per requirements on Oracle, DB2, Supra, and SQL Server platforms and building data models for all applications. Most recently have managed projects including a web-based application for storing customer service and engineering specification related to high performance coupling. The data from this information originated in excel spreadsheets. I also managed a project to load our foreign customers to the Oracle CRM, and most recently supported the migration to Dynamic CRM.

Responsible for executing database maintenance actions as needed, including reorganizations, backup and recovery, statistics generation, security maintenance, sizing, monitoring and tuning, and catalog maintenance on all database platforms.



BS Computer Technology, Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana

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