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Engineer Design

Satellite Beach, FL
November 08, 2018

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Christopher G Lowrie Phone; 321-***-****

*** *******, ********* *****, **, 32937



To provide over 15 years of research and design experience, to ensure new product development meets customer specifications and company profit goals. Active Top Secret/SCI clearance


Florida Tech. (F.I.T.); Melbourne FL. Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. Grad 12/07

Electromagnetics, digital communications & signal processing, Neural Networks, and optoelectronics

Lake Forest School of Management; MBA, Business Management 1997

DePaul University M.S. Applied Physics 1994

Lasers, Fiber Optics, Thesis; Polarization switching in an Nd_Yag Laser

University of Illinois; BSEE, Electromagnetics 1981

Senior project; Microwave Phased Antenna Array using pin diode phase shifters and microstrip

Software skills; Matlab, Fortran, Simulink, ADS, LabView, CST computational electromagnetics


Harris Corporation, Space and Intelligence systems, Enginer 5 2017-present

Coherent Digital Fiber optical communications. Microwave and photonic sytems used for Electronic Warfare, SIGINT and MASINT applications. Novel RADAR based on widebandwidth Jam proof RF signals and signal processing correlation. Microwave photonics device design and test including a microwave Opto-electronic oscillator (15 GHz scaleable to 100 GHz), AO modulator computer modellig for RF input matching. Self Jamming cancellation, microwave signal processing using photonics. Photonic cyclostationary signal processing. Affecting at a distance electromagnetics for sensor take over, variable delay lines for Electronic Countermeasures, Electronic Warfare signal cancellation. Hands-on lab experience with transceiver, lasers, EDFA, photodetectors, modulator (phase and MZI), polarization, phase, and attenuation tracking, photonic device characterization and trouble shooting. MatLab algorithm modeling for novel photonic devices. Telecommunications optical communications. Designs, develops, builds and tests systems and products based on fiber, photonic, RF/millimeter and laser technologies.

US Air Force- (government civilian employee GG-14) Staff Engineer, Patrick AFB 6/2009- 4/2017

Wide bandwidth RF thru Microwave signals collection, signal processing and signal identification, Optoelectronic sensors research and protype development, microwave devices and signatures collection, data analysis and algorithm development. Wide bandwidth antenna and high speed (up to 50 Ghz) signal digitalization, phased arrays. Technical leader for Microwave and optical signals collection. Optical receiver design and test for LIDAR. Technical analysis and report writing.

Florida Tech (F.I.T.), Adjunct Prof. part-time, Physics Dept, 2009

Electro Optics Imaging Inc., Melbourne FL 2008 Senior Engineer, Image processing and tracking algorithm development, white paper and proposal generation

F.I.T. Research Engineer, Part-time while in Ph.D. program 2006-07

Infrared antenna array with diode detection for power generation, novel tunneling diodes R&D

F.I.T. Center for Hydrogen Research, Part-time while in Ph.D. program 2005-06

Electro-optics research lab work, Atomic Force Microscopy, developed an Optical hydrogen sensor, Laser processing of materials, nanocrystaline silicon LED and laser testing, Plasma thin film deposition

Atomic force microscopy, Laser material processing of materials for Hydrogen storage

Soneticom, Melbourne Florida Part-time while in Ph.D. program 2004

Signal processing algorithms using Matlab code for a transmitter location systems using TDOA, interferometric antenna network, receiver system test and debug.

F.I.T. / Boeing Corp contract: Part-time while in Ph.D. program 2002-2003

Signal processing algorithms for detecting and classifying signals of interest for DOD programs, techniques include neural networks, wavelets, PCA, feature vectors, parallel filter banks, and statistical signal processing using Matlab.

Intersil Corp/Airnet, Inc. (formerly Harris Semiconductor) 1999-02

RF Communications Applications Engineer

Signal Processing of Transceiver communications systems and simulation using Matlab.

Responsible for base band thru I.F.receiver and transmitter design.

Baseband to IF digital up and down converters (decimators & interpolators), DAC, ADC, Quadrature modulators used in wide bandwidth multicarrier transmitter and receiver design.

Lead Systems Engineer responsible for a new Baseband Predistortion ASIC chip used in transmitter linearization for RF power amplifier linearization. AM-AM and AM-PM effects

Computer modeling for ASIC design, involving Matlab simulation for system level ASIC hardware design. Applications support of ASIC chip sets for wireless communications product line. Technical business case support for new ASIC chip design.

Baseband DSP digital filtering and modem design for wireless communications using matlab

Northrop Grumman Corp, Rolling Meadows, (1982-1990) and again (1996-1997)

Senior RF Engineer - Electronic Technology Division/ Electronic countermeasurements

System design and prototype test, RF thru baseband transceiver design. Modem design for a proposed OFDM system for the Army, budget links, and channel fading models. RF tag system concept and prototype design.

Electro-optic Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM); Focal plane array tracking system, performed system level computer modeling and simulation using Matlab.

National Semiconductor 1994-96

Sr. RF Applications Engineer - Wireless Communications; Strategic Business Unit

RF Communication semiconductors for Cellular Wireless; Phase Locked Loop (PLL) design for TDMA and CDMA. DECT cordless phone chipset, LNA and mixer applications.

Technical Leader for Neural Network Signal Processing ASIC chip, in collaboration with Stanford University. Nifty award winner

Motorola Corporation Schaumburg, IL. 1990-92

Senior Engineer - Commercial Land Mobile Div, R&D. QAM Digital Radio design.

Transmitter Power Amplifier Linearization using quadrature feedback. Baseband through R.F. design and test.

Northrop Grumman Corp, Rolling Meadows, ILL 1982-90

Senior Engineer - Electronic Systems Division

Electron Microwave Device R&D, Project leader for several Microwave products.

Developed and published results for a fast-wave amplifier (8,16,45Ghz) Peniotron. Large signal TWT linearization for wide bandwidth 6-18 Ghz amplifier involving electron beam to helix optimization. Traveling wave microwave circuit design and test.

Orotron oscillator (94 Ghz) R&D, resonator and milliwave grating design and test.

Responsible for device design, construction and testing of prototypes for the US Air Force involving proposal writing, client contact and client presentations.

Projects include Computer Simulations (FORTRAN) involving numerical electromagnetic computations for microwave and electron beam design, also impedance matching.

Broadband microwave equalizer with adjustable frequency response. Microwave/ RF components design; waveguide filter coupler, microstrip, waveguide circulator, magnetic design, waveguide impedance matching transitions.

Computer coding for Microwave device simulation. White paper proposals for novel microwave devices.

Worked in a Antenna design and test division at NGC for about 4 years including special projects in the following;

Antenna design and test for the B-2 Stealth Bomber: antenna design, narrow and wide bandwidth antennas; microwave patch, spiral, slot, & horn antennas. Phased Array Antenna design and test. Antenna impedance matching networks, Anechoic chamber antenna pattern measurements, microwave impedance and matching circuits.

Low observable RCS (radar cross section) antennas testing, electromagnetic characterization of RCS materials using microwave network analyziers.

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