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Engineer Safety Officer

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
November 08, 2018

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Majid Bigdeli, PhD

US Permanent Resident (Green Card holder)

Cell: 857-***-****


Seeking a full time position as a materials/process engineer to contribute to product development

Knowledgeable in structure-property-processing relationships in materials and process development

Extensive hands-on experience in metallography and materials testing (tensile, compression, creep and hardness tests)

Knowledgeable with extensive experience in many characterization techniques (e.g. SEM, EDS, X-ray)

Good industrial experience in rootcause and failure analysis and troubleshooting in product development

Lean Foundation Certificate and very good familiarity with DOE, statistical analysis methods (Minitab) Education

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Concentration: Process development), GPA: 3.8 7/2018 University of Windsor, Windsor, ON

MS in Materials Engineering, GPA: 3.8 8/2010

University of Science and Technology, Tehran

BS in Industrial Metallurgy 8/2005

Professional Skills and Abilities

Knowledgeable in a broad range of characterization methods with extensive hands on experience in methods such as SEM, XRD, X-ray computed tomography, metrology tools (Zygo, Veeco, Dektak, AFM), FTIR, optical and stereo microscopy, EDS/EDX, thermal analysis (DSC and DTA), mercury porosimetry intrusion, XPS, AGFM.

Rich experience in mechanical testing of materials (tensile, compression, creep, hardness, impact etc.)

Deep knowledge of process development processes along with tremendous experience in cleanroom activities such as photolithography, wet and dry etch, ICP, plasma asher, gloves box, thin film deposition techniques.

Well-experienced in tools management, installation and maintenance, and served as lab safety officer for 6 years.

Outstanding in team working with cross-functional teams, excellent communication and organizational skills Work Experience

Philips, Andover, MA

R&D Development Engineer in Ultrasound 6/2017-2/2018

Planned, designed and executed a series of tests aided with statistical analysis (Minitab) for the evaluation of bond strength of different layers in transducer stacks to standardize the comparison of the bond strength within transducers. At the end, the findings clearly and comprehensively provided a perspective of the situation and offered the proper processes, raw materials and reliable material suppliers for the business.

Investigated and characterized surface roughness and chemistry of the matching layer using different techniques such as ZYGO, AFM, SEM, and XPS for connectivity issue, and finally found the rootcause of the failure and suggested the corrective actions to fix the problem for a state-of-the-art new product innovation.

Contributed and built prototypes to evaluated concept of new lensing process for NPI transducers via choosing the proper epoxy and mold design and process steps. Finally, the proposed lensing process passed all verification and reliability tests required based on medical device industries and FDA regulations. 2 P a g e

Analyzed debond failures in acoustic functional layers in a new transducer product via mercury porosimetry intrusion and X-Ray CT techniques and detected and proved the rootcause of the failure. Eventually, suggested the practical solutions such as initial porosimetry measurements of raw materials before production. Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Research Assistant in Micro Power and Nanoengineering Laboratory 9/2012-7/2018

Project: Implementing the self-assembly technologies for potential complex hierarchical structures

Designed and investigated the directed-assembly by selective removal on non-horizontal surfaces for potential hierarchical systems with the assembly yield of 91% using analytical end experimental approaches.

Integrated and characterized the process steps for implementing the selective assembly inside the PDMS-based microchannels and optimized the process for capturing organic and inorganic multiscales components. Research Assistant in Carbon Nanostructured Materials and Systems Laboratory 9/2010-8//2012

Project: Production of high performance thin film nanostructured energy storage systems

Synthesized carbon nanocups (CNCs) in the range of 50-150 nm via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and tailored their electrochemical properties through tuning the aspect ratio of CNCs.

Designed, fabricated, and characterized the transparent and flexible nano-engineered supercapacitors which achieved to the columbic efficiency up to 86%.

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON

Research Assistant in Corrosion Laboratory 1/2009-8/2010

Investigated the corrosion behavior of nickel sheet in a sulfuric acid environment using laser surface patterning and analyzed the surface topography with SEM, surface profilometer and the elemental analysis with EDS. Advanced Light Metals Laboratory (at SUT), Tehran

Materials/process Engineer 9/2005-8/2008

Developed and optimized the semi solid processing of AS21 and AZ91xRE magnesium and A356 aluminum alloys by a novel thermomechanical process called strain induced melt activated (SIMA) method and improved the mechanical properties of the thixoformed alloys up to 50 times better than the conventional cast alloy parts.

Tailored and optimized the strength and toughness of metastable austenitic highly alloyed steels. Volunteer Activities

NSF-STEM Mentor, 12 teachers and community college students, NEU, Boston, MA 2014-2016

Safety Officer of the Lab, in charge of safety training and inventory management 09/2012-07/2018 Selected Publications and Patents

M. Bigdeli Karimi, M. Hajian, J. Samei and D. Green, “Microstructure evolution of AS21 Magnesium alloy via the SIMA process”, Materials Science Forum, 2012, Vols. 706-709, 2012, PP. 1146-1151.

Hyun Y. Jung, Majid B. Karimi, et al, “Transparent, flexible supercapacitors from nano-engineered carbon films”, Nature Scientific Reports 2, Article No. 773, Oct. 2012.

M. Bigdeli Karimi, V. Stoilov and D. Northwood, “Improving corrosion performance by surface patterning”, Surface Effects and Contact Mechanics IX Computational Methods and Experiments, 2011, Vol 62, PP. 85-92.

M. Bigdeli Karimi, et al., “Effect of rolling strain on transformation induced plasticity of austenite to martensite in high-alloy austenitic steel”, J of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 203, 2008, PP. 349–354.

A. Mahdavi, M. Bigdeli Karimi, M. Hajian and F. Khomamizadeh, “Study of microstructural evolution and phase’s morphology after partial remelting in A356 alloy”, Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 141-143, 2008, PP. 367-372.

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