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Manager Engineer

Sacramento, CA, 95817
November 08, 2018

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Raymond L. Potillor

**** ***** *** *** ********** CA, 95834


An accomplished Network Engineer with 10 years of experience in network design, network administration, system administration, project management, hardware, software, and programming languages

Proven proficiency in handling and resolving complexed issues for organizations.

Able to liaison with clients and senior management.

Familiar with all phases of the development lifecycle.

Excellent troubleshooting, documentation, and project coordination management abilities.

Outstanding communicate with senior management, technical staff, third-party vendors, and non-technical end users.

Technical Skills:

Network Hardware Cisco 2500, 2600, 2900, and 3600 series routers and blades. Cisco Catalyst 1900, 2900, 3550, 4200, and 5000 series switches and blades. Cisco VoIP 7900, 8800 series phones and 2800 Voice Gateway. Shoretel PRI 220T1 switches. Cisco PBX 500 series, 110/220, 5e, and 6 Patch Panels, UPS, NIC, Intel CPUs and Motherboards. Solid State, SATA and IDE hard drives. Tape drive NT backups, Ricoh Printers, HP Printers, PDA’s, Nokia, Motorola, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tablet, Blackberry, and Samsung Cellular equipment. Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6, Fiber Optic, and Coaxial Cables. RJ11, RJ45, ST, SC, FC, and BnC connectors. Nortel Norstar Meridian Systems. Dell PowerEdge Server, HP ProLiant Server, IVR, ASR, CUBE / EDGE, VCS, Expressways, Cisco and Poly Com Telepresence End Points and Video Conference System.

Network Operating Systems Cisco IOS 12.x, MS-DOS/, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Visual Basic 6, Windows SQL 2008, SharePoint 2008, Windows Server 2012 R2. Redhat, Linux/Unix 9, Fedora, SUSE 11.1, AIX, Opnet VNC remote desktop, Windows Remote Desktop. Landesk Remote Access Tools and Network Imaging software. Cisco Call Manager 8, Novell Netware 6, AS/400, Active Directories 2008, AutoCAD 2008. QoS Network Analyzer, Opnet Network Simulator, Matlab Simulink, Citrix Server, Android, Mac iOS, and TeamViewer. Mac 10.10.x

Network Technologies Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Trunking, Gigabit Ethernet, RAID, T1, DES3, ISDN, Serial, Parallel, DHCP, TFTP, POTS, DNS, WINS, TCP/IP, DHCP, Info Blox,VPN, HTML, JAVA, Telnet, SSH, SSL, FTP, Terminal Services, Wireless 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n, DSL and Cable Modems, SAN, RAID, IPv4 and IPv6, Mirroring, SCSI drive formatting. SAAS. IAAS, and PAAS.

Network Protocols TCP/IP, PPP, P2MP, Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, RIP, RIPv2, IPv4, IPv6, IGRP, Static Routing, VLAN, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, VoIP, VoFR, QoS, Telnet, Putty, SSH, CDP, NTP, HDLC, ISL.

Enterprise Applications Remedy and Magic Ticketing Software, Cisco VPN Client Software, CiscoWorks, Exchange Server 2008/20013/2016, Exchange Management Console, SQL server 2008, IIS 4/5/6, Quantum server Backup Exec, Symantec Backup, Microsoft Office Suite2007/2010/2013, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Acrobat Profession 2010, Symantec/Norton & McAfee Antivirus & Spamware, Symantec Ghost, Norton Ghost, SCCM, Imaging software, Partition Magic, PCAnywhere, VMWare, Vmotion, ESXi, VSphere, Hypervisor, Sniffer, EtherPeek4.1, AeroPeek, Knowledge of C and C++ language. Blackberry Enterprise Server, Dameware. Oracle Business Intelligence and CRM. Wireshark, SolarWinds, RiverBed, NAM, and Thousand Eye network monitoring tools.

Security Cisco Access Lists, VPNs, IPSec, Implementing and Enforcing Security Policies on windows domain, NAT, PAT, PAP, CHAP, VLANs, TACACS+, RADIUS, IDS, SecureDoc, PointSec Port Security, ASA, Meraki, and Palo Alto Firewall, DMz, Cisco Proxy Server, Novell Border Manager, Active Directory, Splunk Enterprise.

Professional Experience:

Senior Support Engineer, Cisco Systems Jan 2015 – Present

Rancho Cordova, California

Troubleshoot Cisco WebEx cloud based Application layer services and programs.

Assist client Network Engineers and System Administrator with day one service configuration setup, problem diagnosis, software, and hardware platforms topologies.

Access cloud based application monitoring tools to evaluate meeting sessions and determine route cause problem analysis.

Implement tracer routes path selection and bandwidth testing applications to isolate and troubleshoot client network latency concerns.

Work with engineering team to monitoring internal network outages and alerts. Provide cognitive status feedback to clients. Author and create outage notifications and technical bridges when effected segments are disrupted.

Review Fiddler, HTTP Analyzer, Charles, wbxTracer, and URL / XML API call out / response logs for isolating and resolving complexed issues.

Collaborate with internal specialized groups to ensure quality assurance is maintained. Configure deploy, and maintenance Video Communication Servers, Hybrid media nodes, and virtual trunks between systems. Ensure recommend ports have been opened on firewalls. Configure Cisco Unified Call Manager CTI and phone settings.

Monitor and manage ticketing systems. Follow up with clients to ensure break-fix has been achieved.

Manage Webex Teams Organizations including Hybrid services using tools for Administration by adapting change control processes.

Mentor and train new Senior Support Engineers to enhance development on all Cloud platforms to increase knowledge base.

Create VMware servers and hosts to simulate customer environments when test functionality.

Develop new troubleshoot procedure to ensure quality assurance by authoring relevant articles to expand Knowledge base.

Monitor, diagnose, and resolve network / cloud performance issue using tools such as RiverBed, NAM, Thousand Eye, and SolarWind.

Analyze network traffic flow, protocols, and ports with Wireshark and provide customer recommendations.

Review SIP logs to validate call flow and path selection during audio conferences. Work with PSTN WAN circuit providers to uphold QoS experiences.

Regional Client Support Engineer, Cardinal Health Jan 2013 – Jan 2015

Elk Grove, California

Support all clients on the local area network with hardware, software, and printer related concerns. Monitor Cisco hardware performance and provide resolutions.

Work with Network team for delivery of LAN/WAN, VLANs, and WLAN. Design, staging, configure, implementation, and support Cisco networking gear.

Build, design, monitor, and installed Windows 2008 R2 Servers. Use Secure Shell for remote access to Cisco 6500 routers and setup protocols as need. Install and configure Cisco Catalyst 3750 and 6800 switches for ports security, VLAN’s and Trunk ports.

Administrator Lenel security systems and upgrade network ready cameras.

Troubleshoot and isolate network problems on the LAN using SolarWind. Monitor network traffic and bandwidth utilization to optimize performance.

Assist Network Engineers and vendors on network scheduled upgrades. Install and configure Cisco wireless routers. Upgrade 3G LTE to 4G LTE Cellular backup circuits on Cisco network routers. Install Cisco switch blades into network switch chassis.

Work in Active Directories with Organizational Units and administer user accounts accordingly. Grant access to network paths.

Install upgrades and patches on local servers when required to maintain efficiency. Assist server team with hardware upgrades and decommissioning of legacy equipment.

Create Guest wireless user accounts in Cisco NAC Guest Server when required. Monitor and analyze wireless traffic.

Administer Ricoh networked printers through the web graphical user interface. Change out defective parts to ensure machine stays operational.

Login to PGP servers and retrieve encrypted keys for gaining access into laptops for troubleshooting purposes.

Administer Cisco 7900 and 8800 series VoIP desktop phones using Cisco Unified Call Manager.

Assist with Change Management processes and procedures for both software and hardware life cycle. Schedule and approve work change requests.

Train employees on new technology deployments encompassing both hardware and software.

Managed and configured Windows Enterprise based Computers using Microsoft SCCM 2012.

Computer Client Field Analyst ISTS, PG&E Feb 2012 – Jan 2013

(Contractor) through On-Board Engineering Services

Sacramento, California

Support all clients with hardware and software related concerns in the greater Sacramento area.

Utilize Timbuktu and other networking tools to gain remote access of client computers for troubleshooting purposes.

Backup and transfer client data using programs such as UMTS for Windows XP migration to Windows 7 operating systems.

Troubleshoot Mobile Connect devices such as GD8200, Panasonic Toughbooks, and Mark and Locate laptops.

Conduct maintenance and software installations on all Sprinter Vans and Mobile Command Stations.

Identify and troubleshoot network related issues on LAN and surrounding PG&E regional offices. Assist in upgrading network infrastructure as required.

Remove and install incremental and full network tape backups according to weekly scheduled requirements.

Create and Install latest approved images on laptops and desktop personal computers according to specific department job tasks.

Assist with the Windows 7 corporate wide systems migration and Life Cycle deployment upgrade scheduled plan.

Create and resolve trouble tickets in SMC Remedy ticketing system.

Systems Administrator, ACS a Xerox company. Oct 2010 – Feb 2012

West Sacramento, California

Administer user accounts in SharePoint and create user groups according to business requirements. Provide rights to specific folders as needed

Remote connect into Windows 2008 R2 Server machines, added, create users, and unlock accounts in Active Directories on GHS domain. Administer secure domains in Active Directories by providing users with access to various application, servers, and network groups. Configure user and troubleshoot accounts on MS Exchange 2010 server.

Administrate network backup systems for incremental and full back up. Manage Cisco network switch ports and activate outlets. Implement Spanning Tree and other protocols on switches in COM room. Configure and secure wireless access points on wireless network. Expand existing and develop new infrastructure architecture as required.

Develop and install network images using Norton Ghost software for computers deployment.

Manage enterprise IT inventory, troubleshoot and repair defective systems as required.

Manage and maintain SharePoint server 2010. Research and patch server according schedule.

Administer Oracle Siebel CRM and OBI environment. Installed, develop, and add users into application or SQL database for authentication. Shutdown, restart, purge files from Windows and Unix AIX servers when required. Create and test ODBC configurations.

Create user accounts and reset password for AS400 mainframe clients.

Create trouble tickets in IBM Impact and Service Center systems.

Assisted in the development of bringing the State of California Medical Account Program online for ACS.

Utilize Splunk Enterprise security software to captures, indexes, and correlates real-time data for internal and external attacks and threat management risks.

Provide daily support for Windows/Linux servers and disaster recovery plans. Establish documentation and testing on procedures for installing patches, and upgrading systems.

Support RSA hardware and software encryption tokens to interface with Cisco VPN client software.

Junior LAN Administrator, Paratransit Inc. Mar 2008 – Oct 2010

Sacramento, California

Actively monitor and log server performance, install patches and upgrades as necessary. Backup network files, folders, and drives. On-call if system failure should occur.

Install and program wireless equipment for fleet buses. Test then integrate new technologies onto current Radio Frequency (RF) and Global Positioning System (GPS) channels.

Build desktop computers using Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems. Use specific software and hardware per the user’s requirements. Maintenance and service PC’s on the network as needed. Manage new products for inventory control. Monitor Server environment and purge file to ensure system optimized performance

Nortel Norstar Meridian System Coordinator and Customer Call Routing (CCR) tree Administrator. Configure voicemail and manage interactive voice response (IVR) system. Setup Telephone lines, transfer extensions according to wall plate and patch panel assignment. Configure voicemail and program desktop phones for a staff of 170 users.

Decommission Norstar Meridian digital phone system and replaced with ShoreTel VoIP with SIP as local protocol and MPLS running on backbone. Assist with racking and configuring ShoreTel switched and routers.

Visit remote locations to review systems and conduct maintenance on dispatch software and communications equipment.

Migrate local workgroups on the Windows domain. Create users on the Novell tree using ConsoleOne. Create users, reset passwords, provide drive location and file access rights in Active Directories. Enforce group policies through Active Directory Group Manager Tool.

Manage and modify user email accounts on SUSE Linux/Unix 11.0.0 server. Administrate GNOME as root user.

Implement IT strategies that improve business functions with positive impacts on bottom line. Possess first-rate communication and collaboration skills to lead and work with divers groups effectively.

Setup and Support remote locations using Novell Boarder Manager VPN connection.

Install server blades into chassis network rack shelves, Re-router networking cables as required.

Create and resolve trouble ticket issues, remote control client systems using Remedy software.

Desktop Support Aerojet Feb 2007 – Mar 2008

(Contractor) through Kemptah Group

Sacramento, California

Assist multiple departments across the wide area network with hardware and software related problems.

Configure email accounts using a Microsoft Exchange Server, Troubleshoot VPN connections with services such as DSL and wireless high speed communications.

Create new users, groups, and add members to the Windows domain. Backup and transfer client’s valuable data from PC to PC. Configure and install Cisco VoIP 7900 series phones using Cisco Call Manager.

Provide network access permissions and privileges using Active Directories for approved management staff.

Assist local clients with software setup, installation, and configurations of notebooks, desktop PC’s, motherboards, and printers.

Create helpdesk trouble tickets for clients if various systems or software is not readily available.

Telnet into Cisco 2600 and 2900 network routers and 3553 Catalyst switches and clear ports for PC’s to be recognized on the Windows/Linux domain. Add, delete, and modify VLAN’s.

Monitor and document system performance, service pack installations, hardware and software related upgrades.

Update IVR system with known outages or system upgrade schedules.

Install system network imaging software using Landesk. Remotely control and access PC’s using Landesk.

Utilized Remedy ticketing system software to create and resolve trouble tickets.

Administrator of SharePoint 2007 by creating groups, adding users, and providing permissions to various folders.


Cisco CCNA certified:

Switch and Router

ITT Technical Institute:

Data Communications System Technology. Bachelors of Science, Graduated June 14th 2007 GPA 3.90

Sacramento City College:

General Education. Associates of Science, Graduated May 7, 2002 GPA 3.50


AC Chindah: Health Net, Systems Engineer 916-***-****

Ron Simpkins: Cisco System, Wireless Network Engineer 916-***-****

Josilynn J. Spray: Department of Toxic Substances Control, 916-***-****

Environmental Scientist

Tanya Schuhmeier: Xerox, Research Correspondence Director 916-***-****

Damon Dobbins: Xerox, Systems Administrator 916-***-****

Romeyn Webb: Cardinal Health, Western Regional Manager 916-***-****

Sam Lee: Cisco Systems, Senior Support Engineer 916-***-****

Charles Ke: Cisco Systems, Cloud Services Manager 408-***-****

Luz Macias: Cisco Systems, Cloud Telephony Manager 510-***-****

Jay Funches PG&E IT Product Manager 916-***-****

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