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Software Engineer/Software Developer

Belle Mead, New Jersey, United States
November 08, 2018

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Trirmadura Ariyawansa



Seeking entry level engineering position to utilize academic strengths and practical experience in a dynamic workplace where strong dedication, responsibility, and motivation can yield demonstrable results while keeping up with the latest advancement of technology.


Rutgers University: Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Notable Classes

Software Engineering

Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

Applied Parallel Computing/Parallel & Distributed Programming/Introduction to Computer Systems

oLearned about different advanced parallel API such as CUDA and techniques to optimize several processes such as CA-GMRES which is used in Machine Learning.

May 2018


Siemens Corporate Technology June 2018 – Present

Technology Consultant– Manager: Max Wang

Ported modules in Siemens Automation from Windows to Linux by redefining CMake infrastructure.

Developed libraries compatible with GCC 6.3.0 for SCADA modules by adapting/re-writing Windows specific APIs to fit a Debian environment

Offloaded modules from Siemens Automation Server into the Siemens Web Client to enable browser-side computation

Utilized Emscripten, a Webassembly transpiler to port Siemens Automation Server modules

Altered multi-threaded modules to work in a environment that only supports single-threaded programs

Created and developed an architecture combining two product to allow for a semi-serverless solution utilizing Web Workers and Node.js

Collaborated with team members to develop a message passage module supporting WebSocket or TCP

Designed, performed, and presented several network benchmark demonstrations of the AWS Cloud service

Attygalle Lab- Center for Mass Spectrometry May 2015 – Sept 2015


Developed software solution to establish a baseline and calculate the area of over 1,000,000 data points

Created solution to perform a PCA (Principal Component Analysis) of over 1,000,00 data points. Utilized C++ to optimize the Matlab data


Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ Nov 2017 – May 2018 Founding Father/President, Delta Chapter of Zeta Psi

Established and maintained 15 members by developing goals to promote professional and social development of members to achieve their targeted goals.

Managed executive board of 5 members to oversee events and facilitate members.


●Computer Languages

oC++/C#/C,MIPS Assembly, MATLAB, CUDA/OpenCL, ISPC, OpenCV, Web Assembly, JAVA, Verilog, SQL, Python, JavaScript,Node.js

●Computer Software/Tools

oAdobe Suite, AutoCAD, MATLAB Simulink, Microsoft Office, ModelSim, PSpice, Sony Vegas, Firebase Platform, Android Studios, UNIX Platform, Github, Visual Studios, AWS Cloud Services, CMake, MQTT


Sleep Hypnosis/Gaze Tracker (2018): Created a program using OpenCV, C++/C (mostly in C), and Pthreads to track someone’s pupil motion while they are drive to determine he/she is in sleep hypnosis. Optimize the program to run on very low-end hardware by distributing workload over many cores.

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