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Software Developer, Full-Stack Engineer, Data Management

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
November 04, 2018

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JACK ZHANG (***) ***- ****


Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA Jan 2017 – May 2019 Master of Science in Data Science, GPA: 3.76/4.0

Yangtze University, Hubei, China Sept 2012 – July 2016 Bachelor of Economics in International Economics, GPA: 3.16/4.0 EXPERIENCE

Data Analyst Intern, Limelight Networks (Burlington, MA) May 2018 – Aug 2018 o Built a CDN simulator (Full-Stack Web Application based on Flask) to simulate Limelight’s CDN traffic. By using machine learning technologies (PCA, KMean, ARIMA) and customized user scenarios to predict traffic, hardware utilization and financial impact, supported decision making with these predication results

Software Developer Intern, Perfecto Mobile (Burlington, MA) Jan 2018 – May 2018 o Designed and built automation cases for customer. Made tests scalable by using quantum-start-kit cloud system, and helped customers fix bugs and improve products o Designed, optimized and created more syntax to Quantum’s testing language (Cucumber, built on Java) to improve the system’s user experience


Face and Smile Recognition (Machine Learning) Apr 2017 – May 2017 o Built a machine learning application which is used for face recognition. It would process facial images with Convolution, Gaussian filter and PCA to reduce data noise. And Applied SVM to determine if an image is smiling one or not

WPI Locker Management Android Application (Database Android Application) Feb 2017 – May 2017 o Developed an Android application, and by using Android 4.4 API, SQLite and Android Studio, it accomplished functions including user usage recording, locker maintenance, and locker searching to help gym administers more efficiently manage the gym’s public resource

International Soccer Campaign History( Feb 2018 – Mar 2018 o A web application visualized all the international soccer campaign records. Helped users know and explore soccer history

o Built visual elements including heat map, force layout to display the campaign data. And accomplished interactions among all of these visual elements and make the application engaging

CustSign (WPI Hackathon Jan 2018 – Jan 2018 o A web application aimed to help users customize their signatures. Collected more than 100 kinds of bardian font styles allowed users to fully design their personal label. Simple and efficient UI constructed with jQuery and bootstrap make it very user-friendly

Zombie MASS(UMASS Hackthon Voice Interactive Game) Nov 2017 – Nov 2017 o Developed the voice control game by using Alexa skill, constructed it with node.js, JSON and ran it as an Lambda function on AWS


Languages: Java, Python, R, JavaScript, SQL, Scala Technologies: Flask, Django, Bootstrap, SemanticUI, jQuery, d3, React, MySQL, SQLite, mongoDB, Cassandra hadoop, Spark, Git, Android Studio, AWS, Jenkins, TestNG

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