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Welding, saw, machine operator, forklift operator

Toledo, Ohio, United States
November 03, 2018

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Hardworking, Knowledgeable Skilled Tradesman with over 15 years of expertise in Mig Welding, Forklift Driving, and Tree Cutting. Very

creative, dependable, and ambitious. Actively seeking full-time employment. Mar. 2009 – Present

Toledo, Ohio

Self Employed, Self

Repair or replace defective ball joint suspensions, brake shoes, or wheel bearings. Align wheels, axles, frames, torsion bars, and steering mechanisms of automobiles, using special alignment equipment and wheel-balancing machines. Tune automobile engines to ensure proper and efficient functioning. Run new speaker and electrical cables. Mar. 2009 – Present Toledo, Ohio

Supervisor, Mickey Archer

Set up or operate machines, including power saws, jointers, mortisers, tenoners, molders, or shapers, to cut, mold, or shape woodstock or wood substitutes. Cut timber to the right size and shape and trim parts of joints to ensure a snug fit, using hand tools, such as planes, chisels, or wood files. Feb. 2009 – Dec. 2010

Toledo, Ohio

Torchman, Acme Demolition

Operate jackhammers or drills to break up concrete or pavement. Operate jackhammers or drills to break up concrete or pavement. Raze buildings or salvage useful materials. Sep. 2002 – Oct. 2003

Lima, Ohio

Welder, Allen County Fabrication

Read specifications, such as blueprints, to determine construction requirements or to plan procedures. Estimate material or worker requirements to complete jobs. Fasten seams or joints together with welds, bolts, cement, rivets, solder, caulks, metal drive clips, or bonds to assemble components into products or to repair sheet metal items. Fabricate or alter parts at construction sites, using shears, hammers, punches, or drills. Mar. 1998 – Jul. 2001

Jacksonvile, FLorida

Mig Welder, Canam Steel

Inspect, test, and adjust completed units to ensure that units meet specifications, tolerances, and customer order requirements. Drill, tap, ream, countersink, and spot-face bolt holes in parts, using drill presses and

portable power drills. Operate small cranes to transport or position large parts. Operate safety equipment and use safe work habits.


Recognize, set up, and operate hand and power tools common to the welding trade, such as shielded metal arc and gas metal arc welding equipment. Select and install torches, torch tips, filler rods, and flux, according to welding chart

specifications or types and thicknesses of metals. Connect and turn regulator valves to activate and adjust gas flow and pressure so that

desired flames are obtained.


Welding Experienced Production Work Experienced

Forklift Diving Experienced

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