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Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States
November 03, 2018

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Kevin M. John

Raleigh, NC 609-***-****

Information Technology Professional LinkedIn:

Senior-level network engineer and telecommunications professional experienced in the installation, maintenance, and support of WAN, LAN, VLAN and VPN technologies and security infrastructures.

• Skilled in researching, evaluating, recommending, and implementing technologies and best practices that have increased uptime, minimized risk, enhanced productivity, and strengthened end-user satisfaction levels.

• Well-versed in VoIP hardware, T1/frame relay circuits, and associated technologies with the ability to investigate and resolve complex issues.

• Adept at firewall testing including hardware such as BigIP 5200's and Vipiron 4800; Juniper SRX5800, 3600 and ISG's 2000; duplicating the exact setup and providing appropriate fixes.

• Knowledgeable of core cyber-security principles including detection, monitoring, and intrusion prevention methods.

Technology Proficiency & Environments

Platforms & Protocols:

IXIA Perfect Storm, Firestorm 8.20, Storm 3.4.2, BreakingPoint VE, BIQ Firewall Management, Firesight, Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT, and 9x. Also, TCP/IP, ISDN, DNS, IP Subnetting, Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC, RIP, IGRO, EGIRP, BGP, VoIP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, MPLS, WPA2, WISPr

Applications & Software:

F5, Juniper, Cisco 2000, Cisco IOS. SmarTerm for Windows, Tera Term Pro, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Browsers, Microsoft Visio, Clarify Front Office, Centre Vu Supervisor 5.0, SaaS, IPAM, DNS, DHCP

Languages & Tools

MySQL, SQL and Oracle basic understanding for back-end troubleshooting. Ping Pro Pack, NeoTrace, PC Anywhere, HP Open View (HPOV), Citrix IA Client, Telnet, Terminal Services, CRT 3.1, Remote Desktop, Hyper Terminal, INMS Web-Based Management


BigIP 5200, Vipiron 4800, Juniper SRX5800/3600, ISG's 2000, Cisco routers and switches

Experience & Achievements

Verizon Communications – Branchburg, NJ & Cary, NC 2014 - 2 018

Verizon Communications, Inc., is a broadband telecommunications company and the largest U.S. wireless communications service provider.

Engineer IV, Core Engineering & Operations • 2017- 10//2018

Accountabilities & Achievements:

• Provide network management support on multiple networks, including the VZ Converged Core, Public IP Edge, and IDN/VMNetworks.

• Proactively monitor network equipment, technologies, processes, and systems. Interface with vendors and engineering and service assurance teams to troubleshoot issues, and support the network, services, and customers.

• Triage and isolate faults, respond to network alarms and events, escalate issues to appropriate team, provide technical assistance to external teams, and communicate technical details and status to customer service centers, technical support organizations, and executive management teams.

• Develop effective automation solutions and leverage virtualization to optimize network management.

• Collect and submit network/service management requirements to the IT team to support the deployment of new platforms and services.

• Execute on policies and procedures in support of strategic objectives.

• Deliver presentations to internal/external leaders on analytics that support new platforms, network health, products, and services.

• Leverage strong knowledge of Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, ATM, and Frame Relay IP telecommunication equipment and technologies; MPLS, LDP, BGP, IS-IS, and OSPF routing protocols; IMPACT, ETMS, Vrepair, OASIS, and MASTARS systems; and corporate policies and procedures to maximize overall uptime of critical environments.

Verizon Communications, Continued…

Data Security Engineer IV • 2016-2017

Accountabilities & Achievements:

• Oversaw day-to-day activities related to Verizon Wireless IP Security Networks in the Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and Network Equipment Centers (NEC). Managed and configured firewall and administrative networks and ensuring seamless integration with NMS and provisioning systems supporting the security infrastructure.

• Conduced testing on virtualization of Juniper & F5 firewall’s vSRX and vF5 on Openstack platform utilizing the BreakPoint virtual edition to gather key performance indicators (KPI) against various design topologies. Also, created KPI metrics / tests and test hardware against designed metrics.

• Oversaw Juniper enhanced web filtering testing and implementation utilizing Forcepoint Threatseeker Cloud Categorization enabling control of systems access.

• Administered OSI Layer 4-7 testing of firewalls F5 4800, 5200 and BigIQ Firewall Management platform, and Firesight, using the BreakingPoint test tool to generate traffic.

• Simulated application protocols found in the live VZW network including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Netflix, and combinations of these applications in different weights as observed in the live network.

• Executed DDoS attack simulation of live network environments through a combination of legitimate background traffic and attack (fuzzing at TCP and IP level) including: IPv4 and IPv6, TCP and UDP flood, DNS reflect, exploit of known vulnerabilities in specific services and live malware.

• Engaged in stress testing to ensure firewall's resiliency through high volume application traffic. Also, conduct regression testing for hardware and code bug hotfixes.

Data Security Engineer III • 2014-2016

Accountabilities & Achievements:

• Executed KPI testing as well as hardware platform and software validation for various hardware elements that comprise IP security networks in MSC’s and NEC’s.

• Sole person responsible for transport design, firewall security/implementation, and firewall policy.

• Provided higher tier technical support to the DSO-I, DSO-M and DSE operational support teams on all security related networking issues.

• Ensured that the security hardware is properly configured to interact with the company’s troubleshooting gear including Layer 1 taps, sniffers, IDP systems and the distributed logging and NetVCRs in each location.

BT Global Services – Princeton, NJ 2007-2014

BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, serving customers in 180 countries.

Network Engineer

Accountabilities & Achievements:

• Supervised one of the largest BGP/OSPF based networks in the world, with over 120 providers and 10,000 clients. Responsible for design/implementation on Cisco 1700, 2500, 2600, 3640, 72xx routers and 2950 switches.

• Resolved issues arising from Smarts Alarms. Investigated network issues and resolved problems from client to server. Monitored MPLS faults and work with routers and telcos to restore connectivity via Expedio.

• Provisioned hundreds of customers from MCI/Worldcom onto Radianz extranet through collaboration with project engineers.

• Assisted with testing, LEC dispatches and router swaps. Migrated customer’s networks onto private RxN for B2B, Reuters RDF servers and meshed services.

• Conducted fail-over testing to prove out redundancy and session stability with controlled outages at DR sites. Analyze BW reports for utilization trends and work with technical sales for QOS solutions to boost revenue.

• Utilized Smarts, HP OV for SNMP, Clarify as ticket system and Siebel ticket system for Reuters customers.

• Provided technical documentation for engineers in the global services center to reduce MTTR and meet SLA’s.

AT&T – Piscataway, NJ 2005-2008

AT&T is a leading provider of broadband telephone services offering cost effective communication services.

Provisioning Engineer

Accountabilities & Achievements:

• Accountable for managing the installation of dedicated wide area internet connections at various speeds from the AT&T common backbone to various customer locations.

• Ranked in Top 10 for performance of Provisioning Engineers out of 75 peers.

• Noted for handling over 150 customer projects monthly including successful turn-up of MPLS circuits for customers migrating from SBC to AT&T’s backbone.

• Recognized for superior customer relationship management skills in setting schedules with multiple teams/vendors and communicating progress.

• Demonstrated knowledge of Tier 1 ISP Routing Policies, Network design, Routing, DNS, IP Subneting, TCP/IP protocol, BGP, OSFP, RIP, and EIGRP. Security experiences included: NAT Configuration, Proxy Server, Firewalls, OCX, T3, fractional T3, T1 and fractional T1, ATM, and Frame Relay, and Voice Over-IP.

Vonage Holdings – Edison, New Jersey 2003-2005

Vonage is a leading provider of cloud communication services for consumers and business.

Tier III Engineer - Escalated Customer Support & Network Operations Center

Accountabilities & Achievements:

• Successfully resolved 75 to 100 daily requests for technical support, as one of 25 senior engineers providing an escalated level of support to inbound or outbound phone problems advanced from Tier 2 troubleshooting.

• Supported a 1.8 million North American and European customer base and internal escalations of employee phone issues, in the operation and network-system interface of 15 Vonage VoIP products.

• Investigated networks, systems, and software issues, focusing expertise in network hardware, operating systems, services, and protocols including.

• Originated PSTN test calls; examined Telco Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) summaries; performed non-invasive and invasive testing; debugged protocol errors; and examined backend SQL and Oracle databases.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Management Ashley University

Foundation Certificate in IT Management ITIL Foundation


ITIL Foundation

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