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Customer Service Office

Fort Worth, Texas, United States
November 02, 2018

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MRS. Connie L Robinson

**** **** ******* **.

Fort Worth, TX 76179 US

Day Phone: 580-***-**** - Ext:

Evening Phone: 580-***-**** - Ext:



Job Type: Permanent

Work Schedule: Full-Time

Desired locations:

United States – TX

Work Experience:

OPM-SANG, Saudi Arabia

Unit 61304

AE, AE 09803-1304 United States

02/2016 - 05/2018

Salary: 35,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Series: 0303 Pay Plan: GS Grade: GS07

Administrative Assistant (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

SUMMARY Position as an Administrative Support Assistant

Provides a variety of administrative support functions including but not limited to the following: Provide clerical and customer assistance, visitor hosting when responding to nontechnical request for assistance the Office of the Program Manager, Saudi Arabian National Guard (OPM-SANG) Division or Directorate office personnel. Determines the nature of the call or business of visitors. Proofreads incoming correspondence. Effectively deal with frequent interruptions and changing priorities incorporating them among multiple activities which require a quick and effective responses, under conditions of heavy pressure; anticipate and ascertains what should be referred to the supervisor’s as his requirements. Compile suitable information for him to make the most appropriate and informed decisions possible. Initiate and updating of the supervisor’s travel documentation. Research, review, and validating of office staff briefing books to insuring the most relevant and current information is presented. Responsible for planning and execution of office budget. Assist in automation duties as required. Receive incoming correspondence, publications, regulations, office’s messages and request and direct them to the applicable personnel. Assures finished work and methods used are technically accurate and in compliance with the established instruction, methods, procedures, and deadlines Completing statistical and financial data and tables from hand written drafts where the format are complicated. Experience with MS Office, including Word and Excel, Outlook, and other related applications. Skilled in operating a computer terminal to produce work accurately and efficiently. Also skilled in operating related equipment, such as printers and modems, as required. Monitor program status and funding use. Responsible for handling confidential company and employee information with complete discretion. Various duties involving related, different, and unrelated program analysis technical processes and procedures. Serves as a liaison between OPM-SANG and Vinnell Arabia for photography events. Support Cybersecurity ISSM with incoming personnel to ensure proper procedures for network access. Assist Computer Assistant with receiving equipment and hand receipts for mobile phones and GPS. Keeper of the Muster Tool for accountability of personnel for all divisions in OPM-SANG.

Supervisor: Mr. Jeffrey Tucker (054-***-**** )

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Time Warner Cable

301 College St

Killeen, TX 76542 United States

05/2007 - 08/2014

Salary: 13.00 USD Per Hour

Hours per week: 40

Dispatcher/Customer Service Specialist

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

DISPATCHER & CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST Provide both field and office support. Receive service calls requests and dispatch. Schedule and follow-up work orders. Minimize missed appointments and maximize technical field personnel productivity. Communicates with technical field personnel via radio or telephone. Check-in work orders to activate services. Responsible for performing tasks related to word processing for the office, including preparing, assembling, and proofreading correspondence, reports, and manuscripts in a manner consistent with established formats and guidelines Maintain, gather, and compile records of organizational and workflow charts, staffing levels, mission and function statements, program resource use and availability, and internal audit reports. Review reorganizations request, performance and management indicator reports, suggestions for program improvements. Prepare charts, graphs, and narrative information for management. Report any irregularities to Supervisor. Work independently to control and maintain installed administrative or information management systems, such as forms, records, mail, directive, or publications managements systems. Identify problems or deviations in system use. Apply or adapt established guidelines to correct problems. Made operational changes or improvements within the policy or structural limitations of the systems. Identify and refer serious problems or questions, requiring detailed analysis or extensive system modification to the responsible management. Check reports and other documents for correct office and position titles, codes, and symbols and verify discrepancies with the appropriate office or individual. Compute or verify the accuracy of standard work measurement data and correct obvious mathematical errors. Used one or more automated system to perform duties. This includes word processing, spreadsheet, and data base. Enter, search for, edit, and extract data information. Skilled in compiling available data from prescribed sources and recognizing and correcting obvious discrepancies and data omissions. Knowledge of principles of established formulas to make routine calculations such as standard production rates or funding use. Assist supervisor in evaluating the success of the programs in attaining their production goals. Received monthly production reports from various field offices that outline the quantity and types of claims processed. Conduct internal offices program audits. Apply knowledge of the standardized processes and procedures for evaluating management or program operations to perform duties such as planning the steps to take to complete assignments, identifying problems from collected data, and selecting solutions from alternative in guidelines and precedent cases. Prepare reports for supervisor describing problems that are recurring or causing significant delays, the corrective actions taken, and the need for additional time or resources. Provide instructions on what is to be done, procedures and methods to follow, data and information required, quality and quantity of work expected, and deadlines. Provide additional, specific instructions for new, difficult, or special assignments including suggested procedures, sources of information, or reporting techniques. Maintain established records of program analysis data and reports, provides standard explanations of procedures and requirements and compiles program analysis data into prescribed formants. Works independently, receiving little day to day supervision. Supervisor instruction is necessary only for new or special assignments. Plans and carries out the successive steps or program analysis technical projects and assignments and handles problems and deviations in accordance with instructions, policies, and previous training or accepted practices. Apply the most appropriate instruction, references, or procedures to management or program analysis clerical or technical assignments. Uses judgments when interpreting and adapting guidelines to apply to specific situations such as evaluating the appropriateness of justifications for changes in clerical staffing levels. Review established formants and defined requirements for creating single purpose forms and distribute the forms to prescribed offices. Review local directive, staffing reports, or organizational change requested for compliance with standard formats or schedules and inclusion of required information, verify clear discrepancies with originating offices and correct errors. Review routine production reports and identify clear discrepancies, trends, or problems. Providing contract administration support for Supervisor and appropriate personnel staff. Maintain official contact files and status reports covering desired periods. The work consistently on various projects involving, different and unrelated management, program analysis, technical processes and procedures. This includes nonrecurring problems, trends, and issues. Adapt

Supervisor: Kerri Remmy 254-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Suddenlink Cable

Building 930

Fort Sill, OK 73503 United States

08/2004 - 01/2007

Salary: 10.00 USD Per Hour

Hours per week: 40

Customer Service and Government Contract Specialist

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:


Performs all of the administrative and clerical activities for staff to which assigned, including preparation and maintenance of time and leave records and other various administrative reports. Provides liaison with the Administrative Officer and or payroll office as appropriate. Coordinates administrative activities with any other division in the office providing administration support for upper level management and appropriate staff personnel, which includes maintaining official contract files and a status report system covering contract reports and drawdowns. Responsible for providing contract administration support for the Upper Management and appropriate staff, which includes maintaining official contract files and a status report system covering contract reports departmental procedures, policies, priorities, program goals, organization and functions of the office necessary to coordinate the procedural work within the office, as well as coordinate work with other offices centers and agencies. This includes the knowledge of how to obtain and monitor the full range of support services, such as requisition of supplies, maintenance and printing services, and various types of personnel and training actions. This also includes the ability to perform non-routine assignments, drafting brief responses to routine correspondence, and locating information in files and preparing summary reports. Handled all assigned Government Cable Contracts. Proficient in Excel, Word, and Scheduling appointments for military personnel and their family members. Knowledgeable of Military rank structure and protocol. Possess strong communications and listening skills. Perform customer services actions, telephonically, in person, via mail and e-mail for over 10,000 customers. Input data in system. Train and helped with interviewing new employees. Extremely familiar with all types of office automation. Maintain records of all forms used in the organization. Knowledge of the basic principles of established formulas to make routine calculations such as standard production rates or funding use. Perform a full range of standard clerical duties by checking reports and other documents for correct office position titles, codes, symbols and verify discrepancies. Maintain records of organizational, workflow charts, function statements, and staff levels requirements. Inspected the files of the office to ensure all records are stored and labeled correctly, contain current material, and are not duplicated. If problems exist, explain procedures to the office’s records coordinator including how to number and store paper, and other types of records; when to dispose of or transfer records to central holding areas, and how and where to store or destroy classified records. Interview operating personnel to collect information on the quantity, kind, and level of positions. Provide reports to manager describing the problems and recommendations for maintain or eliminating the position. Interview and observe work unit personnel to collect information concerning duties of employees to supervisor. Plans and carries out the successive steps of program analysis technical projects and assignments and handles problems and deviations in accordance with instruction, policies, previous training, or accepted practices.

Supervisor: Temeka Bell 580-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Assurant Group

6501 W. Gore Blvd

Lawton, OK 73505 United States

10/2003 - 08/2004

Salary: 11.00 USD Per Hour

Hours per week: 40

Customer Service Operator/Retention Specialist/Credit Card

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:


Assures that all the administrative, clerical and contract management requirements are accomplished effectively in accordance with established procedures, thereby allowing the director and staff to concentrate on managing the policy development and evaluation functions of the office. Process projects for timeliness and accuracy, often taking the form of fact- finding, routine problems analysis as well as monitoring and reporting on various aspects of the office's functions. Answered 300 calls per day reviewing credit card protection with clients. Mailed out copies of insurance and card protection policies.

Supervisor: Leslie Davis 580-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Time Warner Cable

721 N. Regional Rd

Greensboro, NC 27409 United States

04/2003 - 08/2003

Salary: 12.00 USD Per Hour

Hours per week: 40

Customer Service Representative

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:


Scheduled appointments and assist customers with billing requested. Use understanding in technology and communication devices to effortlessly troubleshoot issues with customer’s equipment and exhibit possibilities to subscribers. Provide information, options, and a level of service to ensure satisfaction of customers. Used computer and related equipment daily to produce work efficiently. Mail and/or fax recurring payment authorizations. Authorized payments by telephone. Input data into computer system to set up new accounts and to change services due to customer request. reviewing outgoing correspondence, reports, etc., for format, grammar, and punctuation, and removing typographical errors; writing simple or repetitive, non-technical correspondence such as letters of acknowledgment in accordance with a given format; keeping abreast of various procedural requirements, for example, procedures required to process travel vouchers.

Supervisor: Elaine Waddell 336-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Telepost Cable Service (Deutsch Telekom)

Altes Forsthaus 2

Babenhausen, Hessen Germany

05/2000 - 12/2002

Salary: 16.00 USD Per Hour

Hours per week: 40

Office Supervisor/Customer Service

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:


Provides liaison with the Administrative Officer and or payroll office as appropriate. Coordinates administrative activities with any other division in the office. Performs administrative and clerical activities for staff personnel as appropriate. Prepare maintenance of time and leave records and other various administrative reports.

Supervisor: Andrew Morgan +496**-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes


Liberty University Lynchburg, VA United States

Some College Coursework Completed

GPA: 4.0 of a maximum 4.0

Major: Christian Counseling


Grace Outreach, Riyadh Saudi Aribia - Pastor


Name Employer Title Phone Email

Rochelle James Time Warner Cable Contract Specialist 512-***-****

Lamont Preston Self Employed Pastor - Ambassador to Japan 619-***-****

Ashley Tanner Time Warner Cable Dispatch Supervisor 512-***-****

Pricilla Raibon Lead Teacher 850-***-****

Carolyn Moore Self Employed Editor of Oasis Magazine 813-***-****

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