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Civil Engineer

Slidell, Louisiana, United States
November 03, 2018

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RESUME EDUCATION: University of New Orleans – ****

Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering

University of New Orleans – 1984

Master of Science – Engineering (Structural)

University of Southern California – 1986 - 87

Master level courses in Petroleum Engineering

EXPERIENCE: Offshore Structural Engineering expert in the design, analysis, assessment, decommissioning, repair and modifications of offshore platforms. Retained as the BSEE approved Certified Verification Agent (CVA) for design review of assessment, modifications and additions to earthquake platform in the Pacific Ocean and mudslide platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Retained to provide expert opinion on offshore structural failures caused by mudslides in the Gulf of Mexico. Lead accident investigations on offshore platform drilling rig failures. Hired by several consulting firms to teach offshore structural engineering to staff civil engineers. Expert in BSEE and Coast Guard regulations having worked as Chief, Office of Structural and Technical Support for MMS. Project Manager for first in-place rigs-to-reef project clearing the way to save money on future decommissioning projects in the Gulf of Mexico. Extensive experience with corrosion damage repairs and mitigation development plan. Selected as expert to review technical papers and chapters of books on offshore structural engineering research, design and analysis, and decommissioning.


Registered Professional Civil Engineer - Louisiana No. 21833

Registered Professional Civil Engineer - Texas No. 123840

University of New Orleans Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1996

American Society of Civil Engineers - 1989 Moisseiff Award for paper entitled

“Effect of External Pressure on Strength of Short Tubular Members.”

Engineering Instructor

University of Houston – Part-time Adjunct Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

2010 - 2013 – Design of Offshore Platforms – API RP 2A

2009 - Structural Steel Design – LRFD & ASD

2008 – Design of Offshore Platforms – API RP 2A

2008 - Structural Steel Design – LRFD & ASD

University of New Orleans - Part-time Adjunct Professor

Civil Engineering Department

1992, 1998 - 2005 - Mechanics of Materials

1993 - Structural Steel Design - LRFD


Liberty International Underwriters 2006 – Present

Vice President, Risk Engineering, U.S. E&P

Responsible for evaluating risk of an insurer’s offshore platforms for potential physical damage, business interruption and removal of wreck based on risk ranking of all Gulf of Mexico OCS operator’s fleets. Identify minimum required information to analysis and evaluate risk.

Responsible for the US Exploration and Production Risk Engineering activities and developing methods to support Underwriting and Claims personnel within the E&P group.

Author - OTC Paper Number: OTC-19576-PP Paper Title: Gulf of Mexico Offshore Platforms-Risk Engineering. This work led to the brokers and clients having a better understanding of the need for offshore platform data and a consistent format to present the data to the underwriters.

Hawk Technical Support, LLC 2006 – Present

President, Offshore Structural Advisor

Worked as in-house consultant advisor at Keystone Engineering on various offshore wind projects; primarily the Block Island Wind Farm. Approved by BOEM to serve as Design CVA on offshore wind structures.

Technical support, training and advice for engineering firms working for oil & gas operator’s consulting on various concerns for offshore platform installations, assessments, modifications, repairs, decommissioning, and certified verification agent (CVA) design review. Taught staff how to design and analyze offshore structures, and technical support with lift analysis, skid design and pipe supports.

Retained to serve as expert witness and provide expert opinion on various lawsuits involving offshore structural analysis and related structural response.

Design certified verification agent (CVA) for the proposed Tranquillon Ridge Development project plans to use 18 of the open well slots and extend the life of Pacific OCS Platform Irene an additional 17 years.

Designed lifteye repairs for corrosion damage and cutting damage to existing lifteye to save client the cost of completely replacing the damaged steel for a platform being decommissioned.

Training sessions on Offshore Structural Design and Analysis held at:

- Iv-AGA Engineering (SACS Training)

- MMI Engineering

- Audubon Engineering (SACS Training)

- AMEC Paragon Engineering (SACS Training)

- Energo Engineering

- Fairwinds International, Inc. (SACS Training)

University of Houston – 2008 - 2015

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Adjunct Professor of Structural Engineering

Instructor for the senior class on Structural Steel Design teaching students how to use the new American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Manual for both methods of design. The two methods are Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) and Allowable Stress Design (ASD). Instructor for graduate class on the Design of Offshore Structures teaching students how to use the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 2A – WSD (API RP 2A – WSD) and how to use the interim document for Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Conditions API 2INT-MET. Specifically teaching hand calculations for wind loading, wave loading and structural element analysis and design.

Atkins Oil & Gas 2006

Director, Structural Integrity Management

Responsible for the development and use of structural integrity management tools in the company.

Designed cantilever deck extensions to support drilling rig activity for installation without any hot-work for Repsol Trinidad platforms.

Determining the probability of failure for Chevron of three key platforms based on matching results of hurricane-damaged platforms. The hurricane-damaged platforms are both heavily damaged and completely collapsed.

Responsible for teaching offshore structural analysis and design to new hire recent graduate employees including the use of hand calculations and computer aided design software (SACS).

Minerals Management Service 1996 - 2006

Supervisory Structural Engineer

GS-15 Step 3 to Step 5 Supervisory Structural Engineer - 8-10-2002 to 2015

GS-14 Step 6 Structural Engineer - Team Leader - 6-10-2002 to 8-10-2002

GS-15 Step 3 Supervisory Structural Engineer - 2-10-2002 to 6-10-2002

Step 1 to Step 6 Structural Engineer - 9-1-1996 to 2-10-2002 GS-14

Responsible for the approval of all structural installations, inspections, modifications, repairs, assessments and decommissioning of all platforms on the OCS, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific and the Alaska regions.

Final approval or disapproval of platform permits for installation, modification, repair and removal.

Regularly meets with Operators, engineering consultants, and contractors to explain regulations and discuss new technology issues. Keeps abreast of new technology to direct the research efforts on MMS TA&R funded research.

Visits offshore platforms of reported structural damage for damage assessment.

And travel to docks to examine damaged structural components to assist in accident investigations. Both in the Gulf of Mexico Region and in the Pacific Region.

Established policy on platform reassessment criteria for use of API RP 2A Section 17 Assessment of existing platforms for the appropriate use of Level I - Full Population Hurricane, Level II - Sudden Hurricane and Level III - Winter Storm criteria.

Established policy on the use of API RP 2A Section 15, Reuse for platforms being converted from surface lease operations to authority of a Right of Way or a Right of Use and Easement. The purpose of this policy was to ensure the same level of risk for all new operations on the OCS.

Represents the MMS on industry technical committees. Currently serving on the API RP 2T task group and the API work group on Fire & Blast Design criteria.

Responsible for the platform verification program, including the approval third- party verification agents for design, fabrication and installation of platform that require use of the platform verification program, for all MMS regions Gulf of Mexico, Pacific and Alaska.

Performed the CVA design review for the Steel Catenary Riser installed in the

Pacific Region.

Participated in the re-write of Subpart I, Fixed and Floating Platforms, the federal law governing the platforms operating on the OCS for mineral extraction.

District Inspector Training - Traveled to district offices to provided training to District Inspectors on structural corrosion and structural damage and established the collection of digital photos of offshore platform for input into the TIMS database.

TIMS Training - Provided TIMS Training for new platform database menus for

OSTS and District personnel.

TIMS Development - Serve as the Component Users Advisory Team (CUAT) member for the platform database. Develops all user requirements and improvement suggestions for the TIMS analyst.

Author - Structural Damage Report for Basin Exploration, Platform A, Lease OCS 0299, Block 45, West Cameron Area July 1998. Verified the need to make repairs to the platform from onsite investigation. This work led to the Operator repairing and painting the platform.

Co-author - Investigation of Rig Collapse Accident, Fatalities, and Injuries Main Pass Block 153 Gulf of Mexico, Off the Louisiana Coast, July 17, 1998. Served on the accident investigation panel as the technical expert.

Co-author - Spatial Data Report for Outer Continental Shelf Gulf of Mexico OCS Region February 2000. Team member providing technical knowledge on block coordinate data, platform coordinate data and well-platform coordinate data relationships.

MMS Outreach

Session Chair - Hurricane Preparedness Conference, Houston, TX July 2005

Key Note Speaker - Hurricane Ivan Special Session, Offshore Technology

Conference 2005

MMS Structural Assessment Two-Day Workshop 2003, New Orleans, LA September 2003

Presentation - Structural Inspection Requirement for OCS Platforms

Underwater Intervention 2002, New Orleans, LA, January 2002.

Session Chair - Structural Platform Reassessment Offshore Technology

Conference, May 1999

Speaker - Offshore Platforms Surface Coating Regulations Steel Structures

Painting Council, New Orleans, LA, April 23, 1997.

Career Day Participant Archbishop Rommel High School, Civil Engineering,

1996 through 2004

MMS Awards

10-year Service Award; On-the-Spot Award May 2006 for work following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; On-the-Spot Award August 2004; On-the-Spot Award August 2001; 5-year Service Award February 2001; On-the-Spot Award June

2000; Quality Step Increase December 1998; STAR Award August 1998; Quality Step Increase December 1997; On-the-Spot Award October 1997; STAR Award September 1997; On-the-Spot Award May 1997; STAR Award April 1997

MMS Training

Legal Responsibilities of Supervision, February 2002

Introduction to Supervision, July 2000

W. H. Linder & Associates 1993 - 1996

Senior Structural / Project Engineer

Petronius Project - Lead Structural Engineer

Responsible for the structural design of the Petronius deck, both the North and South Deck Modules. Sized all primary steel columns and plate girders. Designed the lift eyes. Directly responsible for all deck steel weight estimates and input in the center of gravity spreadsheet.

Ram/Powell Project - Topside Pipe Support Engineer

Responsible for the engineering design of all pipes, cable tray, electrical and instrument supports for all five topside modules

Mars TLP Project - Structural Engineer

Responsible for Mars’s guideline deck design, Wellbay module pipe support

design and Quarters module pipe support design.

Senior Structural Engineer responsible for computer modeling design and analysis of various skids and decks. Served as the certified verification agent (CVA) for Amoco’s platform reassessment and reuse program.

The Engineering Development Group, Inc. 1990 - 1993

Senior Structural Engineer

Offshore platform structural design and analysis of piles, jackets and decks.

Completely familiar with the SACS and StruCAD suite of programs. Performs structural analysis, supervises drafting of specific projects, prepares permit applications for submittal to the MMS, reviews engineering analysis, coordinates efforts among engineering disciplines, prepares cost estimates, and prepares bid specification.

Structural Engineer responsible for the design and analysis of various caisson structures and braced caisson structures for the Gulf of Mexico.

Special project for Exxon’s W.D. 73 “B” well addition using video and 3-D modeling to determine how to fit additional conductors in the wellbay. Platform was assessed for additional wave loading.

Special project for Chevron’s West Africa operations to transfer engineering computer drawings drafted at EDG to Nigeria via the Internet and Chevron’s electronic mail system.

Assignment at Chevron’s Gravier St. office as Lead Structural Engineer on a six-pile three level 2200 ton deck and jacket for the OKAN field, Offshore Nigeria.

Assignment at Shell’s One Shell Square office as a Project / Structural Engineer for the West Delta 122 “C” platform abandonment project. Reviewed underwater inspection to determine safe means of platform removal. Responsible for permitting the removal of the structure as an artificial reef with the State of Louisiana and the MMS. Responsible for AFE preparation and approval, bid package preparation, and economics evaluation for this structure in 275’ water depth, 8-pile, 4-skirt-pile, 650 ton two level deck, 2200 ton jacket in the Gulf of Mexico. Also various structural engineering assignments, including the assessment of existing structures for safe loading and the safe allowable load for monorail hoist beams and support structure.

Chevron U.S.A., Inc. 1988 – 1990

Design & Construction Engineer

Project engineer responsible for offshore surface facilities and equipment related to the production, handling, processing, metering and shipping of oil, gas and water. Plans, coordinates, schedules and directs construction activities. Conducts engineering studies and economic analyses related to equipment and facility operation and maintenance. Prepares cost estimates, bid packages and writes specifications.

Responsible for the structural design of various skids and production modules,

including a 50’ x 70’, two deck, 450 ton production module for South Timbalier

177 “E“.

Project engineer for the following sample projects:

S.T. 176 “UC-1” Subsea Wellhead and Surface Control Equipment Repair

S.T. 130 “AUX” Crane Replacement - included review of underwater structural inspection report for the structural reassessment of the platform.

S.T. 52 “B” 54-Bed Living Quarters - prepared permit application for replacement of 17-Bed 200 ton Living Quarters with new 54-Bed Quarters. Responsible for jacket reassessment, deck modifications, design and analysis, drafting, fabrication and offshore installation.

S. T. 21 Tripod Upgrades - Project engineer responsible for platform reassessment, replacement helideck design, preparation of safe charts and flow schematics for MMS permits, pipeline installations and modifications and offshore installations.

S.T. 128 “A” Rigs to Reefs Project - Project engineer responsible for first rigs to reef platform removal for Chevron. Removed platform by turning the platform over on location and donating it to the State of Louisiana as an artificial reef. This was the first platform toppled in place as an artificial reef. Responsible for working with the Chevron lawyers and the Corps of Engineers and the State of Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries to secure the rigs-to-reef permit.

Chevron Oil Field Research Company 1986 - 1987

LaHabra, CA

Operations Technology Division

Research engineer responsible for investigating the use of Load and Resistance Factor Design as it applies to the design of fixed offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Conducts dynamic and fatigue analysis of offshore structures. Evaluates the design criteria used for offshore structures.

Completed the finite-element analysis and detailed design of the lifting eyes for the South Timbalier 151 “Y” platform. Issued the final report “Platform Lift Joint Stress Analysis.”

Assisted with experimental research model testing for damaged structural steel pipe members with similar characteristics of offshore platform tubular beam- columns. Calculated ultimate strength of damaged and undamaged pipe beam- column specimens. Selected diameter to wall thickness ratios and length to diameter ratios for test specimens.

Chairman of the API Technical Advisory Committee for experimental research on the effect of hydrostatic pressure on beam-column behavior.

Chevron U.S.A., Inc. 1981 - 1985

Offshore New Design Group

Construction Engineer responsible for structural design of offshore platforms, including development of computer programs for offshore platform analysis and design.

Completed the design of the 300’ water depth Drill-through-the-Leg platform

design including piling, jacket and deck (with 12’ deep plate girders with 5’ x

7’ passageways in the webs). Finite element analysis used for the verification

of large reinforced holes (passageways) in plate girder webs.

Completed the design of the 400’ eight-pile jacket for the Standard Eight-Pile- Drilling-and-Production Deck. Including pile design, jacket design (with joint can strength and fatigue analysis), jacket launch analysis, upending analysis and in-place dynamic analysis.

Represented Chevron on the API Task Group on Structural Stability and Strength. Directly involved in writing the API RP 2A Section 2.0 Structural Steel Design.

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