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Senior Operations Manager

Lakeland, Florida, United States
November 02, 2018

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JOSEPH HARRIS **** Grandefield Cir * Mulberry, FL 33860

Cell:863-***-**** *


I have taken all of the leadership qualities, doctrine, and numerous classroom teachings from my Military Intelligence background and honed it into a marketable civilian skillset that has allowed me to run successful operations, typically several departments at a time. I have been able to lead numerous support teams at the same time that directly engaged my operations to achieve high rating and enabled my team to hit and surpass client KPI, SLAs and goals year after year. I continually strive to be the leader that brings top customer service while achieving all operational goals. I inspire team members by modeling leadership and responsibility in my commitment to excellence, and have earned the respect and loyalty of my entire organizational community and clients.

Performance Manager with Impressive Results

Successfully Managed Multiple Projects with Numerous Departments in Each

Continuously Focused on P&L

Key Skills: Dynamic leader, mentor, and collaborator at all organizational levels Innovative problem solver Thrives in a versatile, competitive environment Quickly adapts in challenging, changing scenarios with a passion for succeeding Always cognizant and foresighted to correct gaps ahead of upcoming issues


Performance Leader – Lead up to 365 frontline agents, 27 operational managers, training and quality support, and resource management with an annual gross revenue of $15.4M. Increased tenure of both frontline and manager to highest in the center 12 years straight. Met monthly and annual KPI/SLA’s year over year even with increases in both annually. Because of success of projects client increased work with company.

Managed Multiple Projects – Over the 15 years as Project Manager went from single departments to larger multiple departments simultaneously. Started several projects from ground up that included systems integrations and training, from hiring to operational normalcy. Designed a feedback system allowing all frontline agents performance feedback near real time on their screens. Only Project Manager successfully able to mold multi training department into single department resulting in increased utilization, structure, unity, while saving manpower overhead.

P&L Focused – Actively managed the clients weekly hours worked target to within 2.5% of allowable 10%. Was instrumental in cost saving ideas both operationally and facility-wise that saved thousands monthly increasing bottom line. Tweaked numerous reporting methods that allowed decreased support over time. Leveraged sister site for coverage of work during downtimes keeping work in-house.

Uniquely Picked – Only enlisted chosen to engage on targeting packaging that was personally approved by President Clinton. Briefed numerous four-star General Theater Commanders on Intelligence indicators, including threats from Al Qaeda two years prior to 9-11. Only enlisted leading any department - team picking restrikes of international assets for targeting during war. One of the most decorated, with 28 medals and ribbons. Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year and two-time Commandants Award winner. A proven warfighter that included deployments with Special Forces.

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