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Java Project

Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
November 02, 2018

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Specialize in data processing, back end developing. Experienced in java.

Focus on making scalable easy to use long term solutions for customer needs

Able to plan project implementations that accurately meets schedules


Seneca College 2018 Advanced Diploma in Computer Programming Application


Java: Aparapi gpu programming, multithreading, NIO direct memory access, NIO network, JDBC, Hibernate, Java EE, servlets, Serialization, Remote method calling, native memory and os shared memory, spring

Android, Codenameone (crossplatform iphone/android), C++, C, SQL, data warehousing, metatrader, .NET, UML, As400, Unreal engine, 3Dmax, openGL, angular, html, javascript, css, linux bash, windows server administrator


Angular book store (2018)

oGenerated through angular code generator

oDid create update delete operations

oMade use of hibernate, redis token sessions, data encryption

Nio2 web socket server(2018)

oDoesn’t consume CPU for network or hard disk use

oActs as a file server, webpage server, hosts angular web files

oCoded javascript for browser support of nio2 server

oLoads data in increments so no loss in disruptions

Angular code generator (2018)

oGenerated angular code using java. Purpose was to use java’s intelligence to reduce need of memorize and to auto config

oGenerates forms, styling, http json calls, component communication, routing

Food Drive Canvassing App (2017)

oDeveloped using codenameone, works the same for android and ios using one set of cross platform code

oDeveloped offline map by piecing together google map tiles

oTracked gps movements, stored in server, and displayed movement records pulled from server on offline map

oCommunicated with server using sockets.

OpenGL project (2017)

oCreated a short game similar to Doom 1993

3D max project (2017)

oDesigned a plane, applied physics, animated plane in trajectory website (2017)

oStored images in database, Pulled relationships between tables, Deployed website in azure

Shooter game project in Unreal engine (2016)

oImported characters and terrain. Coded the characters and enemies using blueprint. Use of matinee camera, programmed camera

Maze searcher in C (2016)

oUse of structs, malloc, calloc, realloc, pointers. Memory copying, memory freeing

oHad to implement most efficient path navigation, used testing files.

C++ fast storage (2016)

oUtilized hash tables creating fast access to data, Utilized linked list to store collisions, Sorts data within linked list and searches it using a binary tree

Blackjack, baccarat probability calculator (2013 and 2015)

oUsed card counting

oCalculated probability using recursion and used integer fractions

oApplied card game rules

odidn’t know how to program using GPU at the time, but would today if I had to repeat it

A text editor and image storage that combines directories and text editing in one (2013)

oContinue to use it now

oStarted focusing more on the usability/application of products from this point on than just focusing on code.

oUsed java swing

Metatrader (2012)

oEnabled automated trading

oTested trading strategies

oTested on history mode

oMetatrader is coded in C

Java Swing

oIDE (2011)

oColor pamphlet application (2010)

oAthlete registration application (2010)

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