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Financial Assistant

Rohnert Park, California, United States
November 05, 2018

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Gary R. Evans

**** ****** ****

Santa Rosa, CA 95409

C: 707-***-****


To secure a full-time position which utilizes my broad range of experience in economic, political, financial and data analysis, and provides significant added value to the workspace. Core Skills:


- Economic and Statistics

- Political Analysis

- Financial Analysis

- Data and Predictive Analytics

- Knowledge of R, Python, and SQL Programming Languages Marketing and Sales

- Negotiated, structured, and marketed several billion-dollar sovereign debt restructuring deals

- Constructed, marketed, and closed the sale of multimillion-dollar investment and trade ideas to Institutional Investors

- Constructed and marketed economic reform programs to emerging market governments, including securing a contract with the Republic of Poland

- Track record as a proven closer of large deals and transactions Writing and Communications

- Authored and published many economic research pieces in various publications, including the Financial Times, Bloomberg News, and

- Maintain and write the Global Macro Monitor blog, which is read throughout the world and widely cited by the global financial media

Creativity and Innovation

- Impressive track record “thinking out of the box” and developing solutions to what seems to be intractable problems

- Ability to create and produce innovative and provocative research ideas and creative data presentation


Professional Experience:

Independent Economist and Securities Trader, Mendocino Capital

- Traded several billion dollars in stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities, including futures and options contracts

- Performed original macroeconomic research on topics such as the European debt crisis, Greece economy, and international economics

- Research published with Financial Times, Bloomberg, and Global Macro Monitor Blog

- Create and maintain the Global Macro Monitor blog

- Publish articles and original research on global economics and international politics

- Blog is regularly picked up and republished by various news media and economic websites, including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNBC, CNN, CBS- MarketWatch, The Globe and Mail, Bloomberg, Reuters, Real Clear Markets, and Zero Hedge

Economist, Custer Consulting

- Published daily newsletter on the manufacturing and solar industry

- Marketing and sales of newsletter to large corporate clients Global Emerging Market Strategist, UBS Securities

- Managed UBS emerging markets fixed-income strategy group

- Created and published original market-oriented research, which included actionable investment and trade recommendations

- Regularly met and presented to a variety of large institutional investors, including Blackrock, Soros Management, Microsoft, and PIMCO

- Traveled to emerging market countries meeting and presenting to the public sector, including high-level government officials such as finance ministers and central bank presidents

- Participated in newspaper and television interviews Global Emerging Market Strategist, Lehman Brothers

- Managed the firm’s global emerging markets fixed-income strategy group

- Created original market leading research

- Presented and marketed to large institutional investors around the world - Participated in newspaper and television interviews on market issues 3

Portfolio Manager and Trader, Moore Capital Management

- Managed and traded emerging market debt for one of the world’s largest global macro hedge funds

- Participated in several in-country research trips

- Advised emerging market governments on financing issues Head of Emerging Markets Bond Trading, Baring Securities

- Established and managed New York emerging market fixed-income trading desk

- Met and presented to various large institutional investors

- Advised Federal Reserve and U.S. government on Mexican peso crisis

- Briefed and helped educate the U.S. Congress during the peso crisis

- Published original market leading research

Head of Emerging Markets Bond Trading, Kidder Peabody

- Headed trader emerging market fixed-income trading desk

- Economic and financial advisor to the Republic of Poland on external debt restructuring

- Published original market leading research

International Economist and Investment Banker, Bank of America

- Covered, monitored, and provided country and sovereign risk analysis for several countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay Panama, Egypt, and Israel

- Contributed and worked with the George H.W. Bush administration in the construction of the Brady Plan, which ended the LDC debt crisis

- Helped the bank restructure its LDC debt portfolio

- Headed and a member of many economic subcommittees of the global Bank Advisory Committees, which met with indebted governments

- Engineered many of the Brady Plan debt restructurings, including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Poland

- Created the value recovery mechanisms, such as oil warrants in Mexico and Venezuela restructurings and Uruguay’s terms-of-trade warrants

- Designed and negotiated Brazil’s phase-in mechanism and “Phase-In” bonds, which broke a negotiating impasse allowing a restructuring deal to move forward Economist/Consultant, World Bank

- Worked on and programmed the Bank’s global capital flows model

- Participated in the analysis and creation of Chile’s first Structural Adjustment Loans


- Worked in the Global Prospects and Latin America departments 4

Graduate Student/Assistant Economist, General Accounting Office

- Worked with the U.S. Congress on various economic research studies

- Provided the econometric analysis of the Savings and Loans crisis study, estimating the cost of closing insolvent financial institutions versus government forbearance. The study is still widely cited today

Teaching Experience:

Economics and Business, College of the Redwoods

- Adjunct professor in the economics and business department

- Taught introductory college courses in micro and macroeconomics, small business management and entrepreneurship, and business law

Economics, George Mason University

- Adjunct professor in the economics department

- Taught money and banking course

Economics, George Washington University

- Graduate teaching assistant in economics department

- Taught introductory micro and macroeconomics

Lecturer, Columbia University

- Lectured in the business school

- Presented original research on emerging market economies and markets to MBA students Lecturer, School of Foreign Service – U.S. State Department

- Presented lectures on global economics and politics to overseas U.S. diplomats, including economic attachès, and intelligence officers Education:

Ph.D/ABD - M.Phil Economics

George Washington University Washington, D.C.

- Ph.D.- ABD: passed all required Ph.D. comprehensive exams

- Graduate teaching fellowship

- Specialized in international economics and econometrics

- Considered one of the top international economics students B. A, Economics and Political Science

Sonoma State University Rohnert Park, CA

- Graduated cum laude

- President of Pi Sigma Alpha – national political science honor society - Graduated with distinction in both departments


A.A. General Education

Orange Coast College Costa Mesa, CA

MOOCs Completed

Introduction to FinTech Hong Kong University

Artificial Intelligence Columbia University

Programming in R for Data Science Microsoft

Introduction to Python Microsoft

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox Johns Hopkins University SQL for Data Science UC Davis

Intro to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics University of Washington Foundations of Data Analysis University of Texas

The Analytics Edge MIT

Model Thinking University of Michigan

Sabermetrics: Intro to Baseball Analytics Boston University Math in Sports Notre Dame University

Energy 101 University of Texas

History of China Harvard

Advertising and Society Duke University

Accounting Universtity of British Columbia

Social Psychology University of Queensland


- Knowledge of R, Python, and SQL statistical and programming languages

- Very interested in and continue to further my education in predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

- Played NCAA college baseball

- Worked as a batboy, batting practice pitcher, and bullpen catcher for Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, and Oakland Athletics

- Interned in the National League office of Major League Baseball

- Disc jockey at Top 40 station. Engineered football and basketball game radio broadcasts for current Oakland A’s announcer, Ken Korach


Recent Publications and Selected Blog Posts

It is time for outsiders to save the single currency, Financial Times Europe’s Plan Won’t Cut Greek Debt, Bloomberg evans.html

A Trichet Plan for the Eurozone, VOX

Debt-for-equity swaps offer Greece a better way, VOX The Gathering Storm In The Treasury Market 2.0 Prepare For Much Higher Long-Term Rates Asset Market, The Sports Illustrated Jinx, And The Dodgers History’s Biggest “Butterfly Effect” Occurred On This Day Reflexivity And Why The Fed Must Sell The Long End Quotations and Appearances:




CBS MarketWatch

Bloomberg Television

Reuters Television

Wall Street Journal

Financial Times

New York Times

L.A. Times





Latin Finance

International Financial Review (IFR)

Emerging Market Investor


The Globe and Mail

Traders Magazine

Risk Magazine

Real Clear Markets


Letters of Recommendation



To whom it may concern:

I met Gary Evans during Mexico’s sovereign debt restructuring, the first of the so-called Brady Plan restructurings that ultimately resulted in the resolution of the LDC debt crisis. Gary was charged with briefing me and my official sector colleagues on a creative, but highly complicated mechanism devised to enable creditors to recapture, in the future, a portion of their concessions to Mexico based on prospective increases in Mexico's oil export revenues. At the time, talks between the Mexican government and its creditors had reached an impasse, and policy makers at the highest levels of government on both sides were confounded in their efforts to deal with the massive amounts of data and sophisticated analytics being produced by economists and analysts to justify the various positions. Gary was able to cut through and distill these analytics into a one-page linear programming chart that proved to be the key to identifying the art of the possible and resolving the impasse. We have stayed in touch over the years through various crises, exchanging views, analysis, and forecasts. I have found Gary to be a clear-eyed, deeply analytical critical thinker and problem solver. He is unencumbered by orthodoxy or convention and has a sophisticated understanding of markets, economics, finance, financial services and human behavior. He is also an excellent writer and communicator.


Terrence J. Checki, Executive Vice President (ret.) Head of Emerging Markets and International Affairs Group Federal Reserve Bank of New York



102 Snowden Lane

Princeton, NJ 08540

January 25, 2018

To whom it may concern:

I first met Gary Evans at Bank of America, where I worked with the Emerging Market Debt trading team and Gary, as an economist, worked with the team that was managing the bank’s Emerging Market portfolio.

Gary was a key member of the bank debt committees and was instrumental in structuring and negotiating most of the Brady Plan restructurings of the debt of countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Poland. Eventually he joined the debt trading team, where his economic and market savvy reaped great profits for the bank. Over that time Gary and I became friends as well as colleagues and have remained so as Gary moved on to positions as an economist, strategist and trader at Kidder Peabody, ING Barings, UBS, Lehman, Moore Capital, and as an independent trader and market commentator as I worked in asset management, most recently as a Managing Director at BlackRock, Inc. I could not recommend Gary more highly for any position for which he is being considered. He is, simply put, the most brilliant real-world economist I have ever known, able to immediately grasp the practical and market implications of any political or economic situation. His knowledge, ability and perceptiveness extend beyond the financial world to almost any market or business situation imaginable, and he is one of the most dedicated and hardest workers I have ever known.

Knowing Gary personally, I can also attest to his values and reputation, which are impeccable. If I can provide more information or help in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at


Craig Blessing



4260 Lovall Valley Road

Sonoma, CA 95476

April 18, 2018

To whom it may concern,

I met Gary Evans at Bank of America in San Francisco. I had joined the economics department that summer and my new colleague Gary was then hard at work in New York on the groundbreaking debt restructuring for Mexico the first under the Brady Plan. Gary was part of the Bank of America negotiating team working with two dozen other international banks. Gary was a young analyst but he was playing a central role as part of the BofA team and also as a member of the committee of banks negotiating with Mexico. His work on that transaction (as I came to learn later) was decisive to Mexico’s successful issuance of Brady bonds and to formulation of the framework and the financial tools that became a template for the eighteen Brady restructurings that came after. Gary and I worked together on some of these later deals. Later still, we worked together at Kidder Peabody and recently on a number of research articles on the financial crises in Europe and the case of Greece.

I would like to tell you about one project we worked on together that illustrates the extraordinary talent of my friend Gary: the Brady restructuring for Brazil. Brazil’s was the largest Brady deal and the largest sovereign restructuring until Greece’s in 2012. Brazil’s negotiations began two years after Mexico’s and faced many tough challenges. The biggest one was that the Brazilian government couldn’t afford to buy enough collateral to issue all of the Brady bonds that banks wanted in the exchange. After four months of talks the bank committee was deadlocked on this. Some banks refused to consider any Brady deal until Brazil could put up all the collateral, and others wanted to let Brazil issue some Brady bonds and leave the rest of the debt in default until later. The Brazilian government was desperate to resolve its debt problem and saw a Mexico style Brady restructuring as a critical part of its effort to rein in hyperinflation; but it looked as though it would be impossible. That was when the head of the BofA restructuring team asked Gary for help. Gary came up with an idea to allow Brazil to issue Brady bonds in the amount that it could afford, and to issue what he called

“Phase-in Bonds” for the rest. The phase-in bonds would be callable by Brazil and would convert automatically to new Bradys once Brazil obtained the collateral. Bankers and the Brazil negotiating team immediately seized on the “phase-in” as a brilliant solution to the impasse that would allow Brazil to exchange its entire debt and end its default. The fix became legendary among the banks. If the talks were public instead of private everyone on Wall Street would have known Gary’s name. Without Gary there simply would have been no Brazil Brady deal. He saved it single-handedly. I have known Gary for a long time and I could go on. I am privileged to recommend him to you. Gary is a rare talent. He is an extraordinary economist and keen observer of global financial markets. He is a perceptive and extremely innovative. He is a natural out-of-the-box thinker. Nowadays, his friends and readers of his blog benefit from his rare insights. He is always the brightest person in the room. He is 13

highly motivated and a hard worker. He sees patterns in markets that others cannot and he backs them up with painstaking, rigorous analysis.

Just one more thing. On top of his exceptional talents as an analyst he is a great person. He is patient, kind and generous to his colleagues. He is one of the most empathetic people I know. I witnessed the great care, respect and patience with which he described his phase-in idea to reluctant elder bankers on the Brazil committee. This was how he was able to win them over and earn their trust. Don’t get me wrong. Gary lives in the world of ideas and he is a tough negotiator. Anyone who sits across the table from him, and is not as well-prepared as he is, will have his head handed to him. But it’s the ideas that matter to Gary. He is a team player, but it’s something like having Michael Jordan on your team. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at if you have any questions or I might help you in any other way.


Peter T. Allen

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