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Sparks, Nevada, United States
November 05, 2018

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Cecelia Guenaga – Resume

Residence: Sparks, NV

Home phone: 775-***-****

Cell phone: 775-***-****

Work Experience is as follows:

From: 06/04/2018 to 09/14/2018 – Ciox Health

Position: Agent

Duties Performed: Made outbound and received incoming calls for medical records required by insurance companies for risk adjustment reviews and other government required data from medical providers. Entered data into system for calls as to method, date and systems used by provider for returning medical charts. Followed all HIPPA regulations when giving and receiving information on phone and electronically.

08/21/2014 to 04/04/2018 - KOHLS

Position: ESign Supervisor

Duties Performed: Rang up sales on register. Assisted customers. Stocked shelves with merchandise. Recovered merchandise. Unloaded truck with merchandise sorting it into correct locations. Put together online orders from customers sent electronically. Packed and shipped orders. Set up new displays on floor. Back stocked merchandise. Used RF and Bluebird devices for resetting electronic signs, scanning merchandise, backstocking. Responsible for clearing signs out of system that were defaulted or changed.

From: (Apprx) 10/01/2014 to 12/19/2014 – Nevada Connections Academy

Position: Receptionist

Duties Performed: Answered phone and directed calls to appropriate persons. Answered questions by parents on enrolling their children at our school. Sorted mail and mailed items for school. Made copies of homework to email to teachers throughout state as it was an online school with many teachers living in various locations in Nevada. Called people to tell them they had been accepted at school. Reviewed documents sent by applicants to assure all correct forms were included. Mailed enrollment packets to prospective students.

From: (Apprx) 06/01/2008 to 07/04/2012 – Department of Veterans Affairs Reno, NV

Position: Accounting Technician, Full Time 40 hours per week

Duties Performed: Audit and process medical fee invoices for payment to health providers using government data base. Audit and process daily cashier deposits from cashier. Enter financial data into spread sheets and government data bases to record financial transactions by VA. Create, send and collect bills owed VA by patients and health providers. Look up patient authorizations in data base to authorize proper medical coding for payments. While in position had to take on duties of travel clerk for 100s of VA employees throughout the United States in the absence of a permanent travel clerk.

From: (Apprx) 05/01/2006 to 05/31/2008 – USDI Bureau of Land Management Reno NV

Position: Procurement Technician, Full Time 40 hours per week

Duties Performed: Main responsibility for assuring all bills and purchases were procured within government regulations. Used government data bases to procure and track supplies and services associated with the Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Center. Assisted Manager with contracts for facility, including hay, corral cleaning, feeding and veterinarian services contracts as well as Nationwide vaccine and wormer contract for all BLM Wild Horse and Burro Facilities. Reconciled all bank statements for employees at facility, using Federal Financial System data base. Using Federal Human Resources data base initiated all personnel actions for employees at facility. Was timekeeper for all employees at facility. Processed all monies collected for adoption fees by public in federal financial data base. Adopted wild horse and burros to public, educating visitors to facility on requirements to adopt a wild horse or burro and in all aspects of the controversial government wild horse and burro program. Processed all mail and correspondence for facility. Made travel arrangements for all employees at facility, following government regulations for all transactions. Participated in special adoption events throughout the United States.

From: (Apprx) 04/01/1988 to 04/30/2006 – USDI Bureau of Land Management Reno NV

Position: Secretary/Staff Assistant, Full Time 40 hours per week

Duties Performed: Assisted Manager with all aspects of managing the National Wild Horse and Burro Center at Palomino Valley. For long periods of time while in this position an Assistant Manager was not present, therefore I took on many duties of that position such as planning, researching, carrying out special projects and was involved with budgeting federal monies for the facility. Procured all supplies and services for facility adhering to Federal Procurement Regulations, reconciled all financial transactions for facility, was timekeeper and initiated all personnel actions using federal data bases for employees at facility. Answered all inquiries by public, BLM personnel and both state and other government agencies on the wild horse and burro program. Adopted wild horses and burros to public, collecting and transferring all adoption fees using government data bases. Prepared all paperwork and data entry for all animals prepared, shipped and adopted at facility. Did check ups on adopted animals assuring the adopter was in compliance with federal wild horse and burro regulations.

From: (Apprx) 09/01/1987 to 03/31/1988 – USDI Bureau of Land Management Reno NV

Position: Cashier, Full Time 40 hours per week

Duties Performed: Processed all incoming monies for the Bureau of Land Management’s Nevada State Office. Date stamped material, running L9000 Burroughs machine to validate checks and cash. Entered all new case files for mining and oil and gas leases into Federal data base ALMRS, interpreting legal descriptions. Typed all requisitions for section. Maintained all declining deposit accounts for BLM State of Nevada, sending out bills as needed. Made deposits of all monies collected daily according to federal regulations. Dealt with public on various issued related to mining, oil and gas leases and public land use. In charge of tracking of all case files for State of Nevada, filing and recording issuance of case files to employees statewide.

From: (Apprx) 04/01/1984 to 08/31/1987 – USDI Bureau of Land Management Reno NV

Position: Legal Clerk, Full Time 40 hours per week

Duties Performed: Operated computer terminal entering information accurately from a variety of legal documents. Typed oil and gas leases which include complex legal descriptions of lands being applied for in which total accuracy is required. Maintained log of location for all BLM case files of Nevada. Located files and information for local and district office personnel and for members of the public, using federal computer systems. Sent and received records from Federal Archives as needed. Acted as alternate cashier in primary cashier’s absence. Validated all monies received by State Office of BLM, maintained Declining Deposit Accounts, compiled financial ledgers, analyzed entries to verify data and correct any errors.

From: (Apprx) 05/01/1981 to 03/31/1984 – USDI Bureau of Land Management Reno NV

Position: Mail Clerk, Full Time 40 hours per week

Duties Performed: Sorted, opened, routed and delivered all incoming mail for the BLM Nevada State Office. Picked up and prepared all outgoing mail according to federal regulations. Ordered, stocked and maintained all forms used by the BLM Nevada State Office. Completed and updated listing of all forms used by agency while in this position. Ordered and kept inventory of all mail room supplies, typed requisitions and mail labels. Answered phones and gave information to various BLM personnel throughout the Bureau and to the public. Logged in, sent and delivered all faxes for the BLM Nevada State Office.

While working full time at BLM had part time jobs in the evenings and or weekends doing the following jobs:

Interior Painting – self employed – Painted home interiors for friends and family

Data Inc – Did data entry for credit card transaction authorizations

Target – Position was PBX operator for store

Prior to working for BLM, worked as long distance operator for AT&T – Reno NV

Worked at US Public Health Hospital – Seattle WA

EDUCATION: Graduated from Sparks High School 1971

Have taken many courses while working for the federal government

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Have used many various data bases while working for federal government. Includes software Microsoft Office Software, Word, Excel, Quick Books,


Sharon L. Kipping – Retired WO-BLM – Wild Horse and Burro Specialist, 804-***-**** (cell),

John Neill – Manager of BLM’s Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burros, 775-***-**** (office), (email)

Sharla Burt – Co Worker at CIOX Health, 775-***-****

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