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Customer Service It

Bekasi, West Java Province, Indonesia
USD 2000/mo
November 05, 2018

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Bekasi, Indonesia

About Me:

Have been a full-time employee over 5 years by wearing many hats, both Human Capital Analyst and also Customer Service, Itʼs been my skills. Currently work as a freelance copywriter for many businesses. Besides, I am improving my new skill in Graphic Design. In the end of my resume, You may find my social media link for my portfolio. Previous Projects:

Freelance Blogger March 2018 - June 2018

Contributed to MindBeauty Hongkong Blog as a freelance blogger, which required to submit a weekly article blog post in English. They have bilingual article blog post now!

MindBeauty - Hong Kong Freelance Customer Service May 2018 - Aug 2018

Delivered the excellent customer experience to the user who invested in Agricultural Project with Crowde. Responsive is their keys now! Crowde - Indonesia

I got some experiences during my freelancing, Here are: Freelance Market Researcher Feb 2018 - Jul 2018

As a mystery shopper to find out the user behavior and experience during transaction on apps. More people love to sell their preloved stuff now! Carousell - Indonesia I just could afforded education to High School Degree Formal Education:

Teratai Putih High School July 2003 - June 2006

Major: IPA (Science), Bekasi - Indonesia

LinkedIn: Behance: But, It doesnʼt mean I have no work experience in the past. Here are my full-time jobs that I have ever worked: Human Capital Analyst March 2017 - Jan 2018

Taralite - Indonesia

Customer Support Oct 2016 - Jan 2017

Kufed - Indonesia

Senior Customer Service June 2016 - Sep 2016

Konsula - Indonesia

Customer Service Agent June 2015 - May 2016

Jalanja - Indonesia

From all jobs I worked, I have gained many skills

that unrelated to my education background:

LinkedIn: Behance: Software Skills:

* Microsoft Excel

* Microsoft Word

* Microsoft PowerPoint

* Adobe Illustrator

* Adobe Photoshop

* Google Sheet

* Trello

* Wordpress / Wix

Hard Skills:

* Customer Service

* People Management

* Copywriting

* Creative Writing / Blogging

* Graphic Design


My willing to learn and entrepreneur enthusiast have driven me to started my freelance gig. I develop my time management efficiently. Because working for ourselves means we are the boss of ourselves and we work hard to deliver our excellent service How to Lose a Weight Simply By: Ruth Octora

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Why don't try another way if you can't stand with diet? Cut Back on Sugars and Salts

If you love adding sugar to your tea, start adding a half of teaspoon of sugar in your cup tea. And just drink it at least once a day, take a baby step. Start from once a day then once 3 days until you forgot your sugars. No more cookies and chips in your weekdays. You can call your weekend as a cheating day which means you can eat all your favourite snacks for one day only but don't too much. 1 pack of chips or a cup of ice cream is enough for a week. Eat Often in a Small Portion

You can eat often as you want if you can control the calorie in your meal. Eat once in 3 hours if you still have eating habit and use your hand to control the calorie portion. For Protein: One palm-sized portion

For Vegetables: One fist-sized portion

For Carbohydrates: One cupped-hand sized portion

For fats: One thumb-sized portion

Note: This portion of women, you may add a double portion of men. Don't Skip The Workout

Hate to get sweat? Is there no Gym Station nearby? So you can do it at home. Take a short time. Again, you might take a baby step for your workout. You can do exercise in 15 minutes and you can take a longer time in next two weeks until you're used to it. Start with 5 repetitions per one movement. Just make it as your new lifestyle habits and don't be so hard on yourself. 4 short haircut ideas that (almost) no need hair brush to fix it Summer is coming! Have you planned a holiday for this summer? Or do you have thigh schedules in this summer? Whatever you plan for, you need something different to boost your mood. it about outfit? Makeup? Or new lover? Nah...let’s start from the head. Change your hairstyle, in the other words, cut your hair off babe!

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Short Bob hair

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Bang - Bang bob hair

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Super Bob hair

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Beach Wave Hair

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The Conclusion

Whatever haircut you prefer, all you need to do primarily that is take care of your hair. Use shampoo as your hair needs and don’t ever skip using the conditioner after wash your hair. Use hair serum is the better option to get healthy hair. Too early change your shampoo products can damage your hair too. How to Wear Your T-Shirt for Working By: Ruth Octora

In working life, most career individual has left a traditional working outfit. Suit and tie or men in black are rare to find these days, unless you come to a formal event. Since startup business has grown so fast, almost all companies have evolved their work environment into casual. From their working hours to working dress code. According to the dress code, some of business people changed their look. They love to wear business casual outfit more, as they always have outside appointment or meeting at the coffee shop or restaurant. Business casual outfit does not mean you can wear your pajamas at office, but it’s about a trick, how you can wear your casual outfit for business. One of casual outfit that the most people have is T-Shirt. And yes... You can wear your T- Shirt in your business hours but still look professional as well. HOW? Just pair it with another ones. Okay, go grab your notes and pay attention to these tips. Pair it with Blazer

If you have a graphic tee, pair it with your plain blazer (whatever the color, just plain). You can also wear your pencil pants for the bottom. Trust me, it gives you look so professional and fancy.

Pair it with Floral Midi Skirt

For your beautiful one who loves to look so feminine. Grab your floral midi skirt and pair it with your plain tee. It gives you look so fresh and adorable. Not really feminine person? Wear your sneaker on.

Pair it with Lace Skirt

Twist the tee sleeves and wear your heels to boost your gorgeous lace skirt. Oh my... I love this style! You can choose the black color, it’s a classy color and you will look so classy like Coco Chanel.

Pair it with Pencil Skirt

You can juggle your tee for your business outfit. Choose plain color for your both tee and pencil skirt. You may choose any different colors. Knot bottom tip of your tee to a bun and wrap it inside your tee. Wear your necklace on to give fancier look. Play fun with your favourite tees and choose your favourite colors are the way to boost your confidence. Wear a tee with cotton fibber and don’t wear too tight tee, you will not move so comfortable with this after all.

How to Be a Morning Person By: Ruth Octora

As a professional worker, we are required to be the on-time person in any situation and be organized in our activities. We are often snowed under the work so we should get home too late and in the next morning, we need to get in the office on time. If it’s been our habits in working life, we will tend to lose our intention to work, we can’t even focus on our job and by morning, we will look like death warmed up.

Gosh... It’s worst! Before it happens in your life, let’s restart your habit. Why don’t start turning over a new leaf by becoming a morning person so you can be fresher in each morning no matter how busy you are. How to? Very simple and here my tiny tips that might help you to train yourself.

Meet the Deadline

If you have your hands full with your job duties, start organizing this all in your planner book. You can use a planner book to write down your “must-to-do list” every day. Acknowledge how long it takes you to meet the deadline so you shouldn’t get burned out. If you can’t always catch up with the planner book, then use it online. There are some planner apps that you can use to manage your schedule or your project so that you can maintain it yourself on your smartphone.

Prepare it all in advance

What the outfit you want to wear by tomorrow, the stuff you need to bring with you to go, set it up all in your bedroom. Take time to think and prepare these stuff a few minutes before you go bed. No need rush time any longer when you wake up in the morning. You even have more time to play mix and match with your clothes for your outfit of the upcoming day. Saved by The Bell

Set up your alarm at the time you need to get up in the morning. You can use the Alarm Clock or the Alarm on your phone. Choose the beat tone, don’t choose the nosy one, it could ruin your brain system at the first time you wake up, nor the instrumental tone that keeps you sleeping in your bed.

It’s very simple to be organized, right? Train yourself and see the result in a week, more often you do this habit, happier you are as a human being. Entrepreneur is Not Fancy, Learn My First-Year Entrepreneur Lesson Amazingly the entrepreneurship has gone over big and everyone turns out their career into self-employed these days, by quitting their full-time jobs to become an entrepreneur or start it after graduating from college with no work experience at all. Amusing, you and I might be one of them. Hopefully, you don't get signals crossed with the stigma of entrepreneurship which is a high life living for a wealthy individual. When reaching rock bottom, you will detect the opposite of what people said about the entrepreneur. In my first-year freelancing, I was at rock bottom. I did not prepare it all, neither save my money. I have had the entrepreneur mindset and planned to quit my job when my business works. Suddenly, in early 2018, I lost my job, got laid off and fell in the grief a few weeks. I got up again and started it with freelancing. While freelancing, I started as a market researcher to a blogger, that was how my copywriting career gets started. They said freelancer is equal with the entrepreneur. It’s just the earliest stage in entrepreneurship before you have people who will work for you. My old friends who know I become self-employed thought I live in luxury life now and have fancy outfits. Literally, (thank you for judging me like that). Another fact that I found, the difference between small-minded people and like-minded people. Small- minded people remark the entrepreneur as people who have a jet-set lifestyle, they think it means you have abundant money and you have been a successful person. Yes, you will be there someday after working hard. Regardless, you can’t earn these all so fast, you will not achieve anything nor have a fancy lifestyle in the early stage. Nevertheless, you will put your tears and sweats in work. Furthermore, if you talk about your business to the businessmen, they will not ask you how much money you earned or what the luxury property you bought, neither where the club you visit on Saturday night, but vice versa. They will ask you how you work it, what your business model.

We all know that the entrepreneurship is so lonely, which is the loneliness and financial problem are your friends now. It will drain your mind immensely; hence, every time you feel like struggling mentally, you are on the right track. Do not dare to give up, hang in there as the game just began. Here is the easier way that I found when you feel so lonely while you are grinding. It’s fine to surround yourself with like-minded people. Find some business people who have succeeded ahead, tell the truth, share your obstacles and you will accept a bunch of a-ha ideas. The real entrepreneur will not look at others as a competitor. They will back up each other and share their success stories. The entrepreneurs will proudly share their success stories with the world as they know it is their triumph. Earn much feedback from them, it will be your weapon to bounce higher. How I earn much feedback is by joining plenty of entrepreneur communities. I tell them about my business and I even got gross feedback from others for my website. As I have no education paperwork in design skill and as a self- taught, Their feedback is my lesson. I am so grateful they would like to spot the mistake that I made so I can fix it soon.

I love telling you the truth and the bittersweet of the entrepreneurship, I also would ask you to trust me on this. But hey... I would rather you decide for yourself. If you notice it so horrible, you can step back from now on. Go grab your stuff and work in your 9 to 5 job again unless you feel it so excited, then let’s grow together. You can reach out to me or my team if you need to share your obstacles with us. Coffee is our favorite beverage, and brainstorm is our nurture.

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