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Computer Engineering Software

Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States
November 05, 2018

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Venkata Sai Chandra Boyapally

Saint Louis, MO ***43 • 405-***-**** •

As a dedicated and knowledgeable graduate with experience in Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Data Analysis, I seek to bring my skills and abilities to add value to the company.


Experience in MATLAB/Simulink, Java, Python real-time projects with knowledge of analysis, design, interfacing, and testing

Experience on projects in Digital Image Processing, Image Informatics, Data analytics.

Experience in code generation through written algorithms and block diagrams with Strong programming skills on C++, C, Python and MATLAB

Experience in developing prediction models for medical images

Experience of developing and deploying models for Image pre-processing, Image Segmentation, Object detection

Ability to verify performance analysis by coding, testing and creating an abstraction to integrate with object-oriented design involving development and debugging

Sound knowledge of MathWorks Image Processing Toolbox

Experience in Open CV

Experience in Image acquisition and processing using PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)

A great deal of experience in creating software design and architecture documentation in an object-oriented programming environment

In-depth knowledge of GUI design in MATLAB, AngularJS, CSS, HTML and JavaScript

Excellent ability to perform programming, debugging, data analysis and system analysis

Experience with managing the design, development, implementation, and application of models which integrate the data, sequencing, and outputs of other models and simulation

Good communication skills with strong analytical, organizational, and time management skills, with the ability to perform research and develop reports while adhering to laboratory requirements


- Programming Languages: C, C++,Embedded C, Java, Python, Verilog, Weka, R.

- Software tools: MATLAB, HFSS, NI LABVIEW, KEIL u Vision, Proteus, MULTISIM, Weka,Cadence.

- Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP.

- Databases: Oracle and MySQL

- Packages: MS Office 2016 and 2013

- Other Tools: MS Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, R studio

- Platforms: Windows 7/8/10, UNIX, UbuntuPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


Graduate Research Assistant August 2016 –June 2018 Creating Computer-Aided-Detection software models for medical images to provide clinician “visual-aided” tools in cancer diagnosis, developing and validating the computerized biomarkers extracted from biomedical images. Developing statistical prediction models using data analysis and machine learning algorithms.

Developed a software model to compute metrics of Brain stroke volume which automatically computes the total stroke volume present by processing the patient Brain MRI and created a User Interface using MATLAB.

Developed new algorithms for segmentation of Lung CT images

Developed prediction models for Breast MRI using MATLAB.

Worked on ovarian cancer feature fusion algorithm which helps in patient’s drug response and helps to improve the treatment methods

Developed machine learning algorithms using MATLAB, Weka.


Intern March 2015 – February 2016

Examining the software components and electronic circuits and Implementing through design and testing of new layouts has been the main objective of working. Performed Micro-controller programming, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and designed Low power components, IC based systems and discrete elements like connectors and switches.

Worked in the fields of product development such as algorithmic review, programming tasks, documentation, testing, and validation.

Involved in the inspection of the department’s software process, designed Amplifiers and checked the signals using Oscillators for all the development activities.

Worked on Texas Instruments MSP430 and STM32F using Code Composer Studio and Keil IDE’s. Interfacing and debugging various peripherals such as UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, timers using Embedded C programming.

Collaborated with the engineers in testing and maintenance of RF communication, digital and analog design verification and created electronic circuit board designs for various modules.


Graduate level projects: Aug 2016- Dec 2017

1.Prediction of Early Stage Lung Cancer Prognosis after Surgery Using a New CAD- Generated Imaging Marker

Master’s Thesis

Tools and modules: MATLAB, Image Processing, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning

Developed prediction model to select more effective image features computed from both segmented lung tumors and emphysema related background regions for producing a new CAD-generated QI marker and demonstrate the feasibility of applying this new QI marker to yield higher performance in predicting prognosis of early stage NSCLC patients.

Worked on image processing algorithms and feature extraction.

Worked on machine learning to analyze the features extracted and develop the prediction model.

Used MATLAB create user Interface

2.”University Library System for managing the books and their lending process”

Tools and modules: PHP, MySQL, Javascript and UI

Provided with two different access levels one for Student and the other for Librarian.

Student can login to the system to see the list of books borrowed along with the due dates

Librarian can do multiple tasks in the system like save the details of all the books in the Library, borrowed books and student details

3. “Smart House Control”

Tools and Modules: NI LabView

Developed a software model where all the electronics equipment’s are automatically controlled or can be manually controlled by a remote.

NI LABVIEW was used to develop the model.

Under-Graduate level projects: Mar 2014 – Apr 2016

1.” Content- Based Image Retrieval Integrating Color, Texture and Shape Featues “

Tools and modules: MATLAB

Implemented Image retrieval by processing the query image and comparing its features with the images in the database.

GUI is developed using MATLAB

2.” Design and implementation of a Three Phase Inverter and Speed Control of an Induction Motor (MAR 2013-APR 2016)

Tools: Induction motor, Arduino Uno, MatLab, FPGA, LabVIEW, PWM, GUI, AT89C51, RS232

Designed three-phase inverter for high-power applications, including induction motors, air conditioners and ventilation fans. Performed operation through 180-degree conduction mode; interfaced Arduino with MATLAB. Carried out simulation and hardware implementation of three-phase inverter fed to three-phase induction motor


Worked as MATLAB tutor for undergrad students

Worked as President for Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Society University of Oklahoma

Organized workshop for team from National Instruments in building projects through LabView

Received Certificate of Appreciation for paper presentation ‘Power through Non-Conventional Energy Resources”

National Instruments certificate LabView Associate Developer


Master of science Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduated: May 2018

University of Oklahoma, OK GPA: 3.75

Bachelor of technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduated: May 2016

Koneru Lakshmaiah University, Guntur, India GPA:3.8

Relevant Coursework: Algorithm Analysis, Applied Statistical Methods, Data Structure, Relational Databases Management System, Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Java, Operating System, Digital Image Processing, Computer Architecture, Computer Networking, Medical Imaging Informatics, Measurement and Automation with LABVIEW, Optical Engineering

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