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Q.C. Supervisor / Q.C. Mechanical Inspector / ANSI Y 14.5M Authority l

Oxnard, California, United States
November 05, 2018

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Scott James Joseph Craft

Oxnard Imperial Estates

**** ***** ***** #**

Blackstock South Oxnard,



805-***-**** or 805-***-****


A position as a Precision Mechanical Inspector Journeyman, where my vast abilities and knowledge in this field will be appreciated and valued.

Summery of professional skills and experience:

15 Years in Quality control, 9 years as a Quality Control Manager, 6 as a Mechanical/Electrical Inspector.

Positions held in those years were: Q.C. Manager for two different D.O.D./N.A.S.A./F.A.A. Job Shops. As an Inspector: Material Review Board Submitting Inspector; First Article; In-process; Final; Receiving; Tool and Gauge/Master Layout Inspector.

Manufacturing in the use of: Mills; Lathes; Drill Presses; Grinding (surface, double disc, I.D./O.D.)(lapping and polishing)(Vertical Honing & Sunnen I/D); Punch Presses [K-Factor]; E.D.M. wire cutting. Manual and C.N.C. machines. Casting; Forging; Extruding metal/plastics/bakelite/foam/glass into configurations; Welding of Pressure Vessels. In all shops I ever worked in, I learned as much about every machine so I could instruct Operator’s when offsets or tool, feed/speed changes needed to be made to bring a dimension back to nominal during in-process intervals of inspection, or, when I’d walk the shop and hear a cutter singing, or tearing metal.

All types of plating and painting, and coating surfaces.

All hand and Surface Plate Measuring Tools; Optical Comparators; Profilometers; Mu Checkers; Rockwell Hardness Tester; Spring Testers; Tensile strength testing unit; Cavaderm (for inspecting the thickness of gold plating in holes through circuit boards); Torque Wrench Calibration Unit; Light Box for measuring Flatness and; Microscopic Measurement with Graduated Precision Microscopes I can use and calibrate. Coordinate Measuring Machines: Cordax 803 w/ MPP3 processor and programmed with Teletype in C.P.M. Computer language, and also, once retrofitted with a H.P. 1915 and a Touch Probe; Boice w/H.P. 9816; Mitutoyo w/H.P. 9815; Starrett w/9815; Check Master w/H.P. 9815; Hanford w/H.P.9815. All machines I learned in less than a two week span (less the Cordax) myself using the manual. You have a C.M.M. and its manual, I’ll learn it in days.

Quality Control Specifications and Dimensioning Specifications I’ve had to live under all my career: Mil-I-45208; Mil-Q-9858A; Mil-C-45662; Mil-Std-100; Mil-Std 101; ANSI.Y 14.5M;Handbook 28 and; after 1992

Most of my experience is from job shop experience, and interfacing with: Source Inspectors; D.E.C.A.S. inspectors; Auditors and; Survey Personnal. I have also done my share of Source Inspection work. As a Q.C. manager, if some company was rejecting my parts, I’d jump in my truck and go there with the proper tools for the dimension(s) in question and show them the parts were good, and how to really inspect the parts. I am well versed in the proper set-up and inspection of all dimensions. I’ve seen it to the point of corrugated cardboard density testers get pulled out to try to find a write-up. 2

My D.O.D./F.A.A./N.A.S.A. experience is everything from war games equipment to ring laser gyros, all fixed and swept wing or impeller (helicopters) aircraft flown by the military. Weapons and weapon platforms all the way to Alignment Gauges for steam catapults for the Aircraft Carriers. TOW Missals to the Chain Gun on the nose of the Apache Helicopter. To pressure vessels for ejection seats in Fighter Planes to Microwave Radar Systems and Power Supplies. Radar Dish Bases to Hydraulics for Fighter plane wing flaps and landing gear of Commercial Air Craft.

My Commercial Inspection experience is derived from: Impact Printers; car Rims; Seat Belts; Medical Devices; Computers; Speakers and; gears and fasteners for civilian uses. I have been tasked with Engineering duties such as:

Author Manufacturing Travelers; Inspection Instructions; rework instructions; final Q.C. sign-off of Blue Prints; Material Review Board determinations, and prior to shipping, Q.C. review of Purchase Order Requirements, Material, heart treat, Plating/Painting and all Inspection Documentation to prove Tracebility. Education:

2001 G.E.D. was achieved in Coalinga California.

Pierce College: Quality Control management; Middle Management; Auto Mechanics.

U.C.L.A. for Special class on ANSI.Y 14.5 M Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (This is why I am so proficient in the interpretation, Mechanical Inspection Set-Up, and understanding of ALL ANSI.Y 14.5 call outs. I know they changed Concentricity to True Position, but I’ll bet you everyone inspects it wrong to this day. All these classes were taken when I was working for National Machine years.

Glendale College for Statistical Process Control / Total Quality Management. J.I.T. As a Q.C. Manger I had my Inspection Department still ride herd over the shop using Mil-I-Q-C- Protections. This was in 2002 while @ Sto-Kar.

Computer Skills:

In third Grade my Dad bought me a typewriter, by fifth grade I was handing in homework typed. So my typing even to day is unorthodox, but highly efficient.

My first computer was a Pied Piper, with 5” floppy disks.

When I hire into National Machine, they had the Cordax, with the MPP3 Processor, attached to a Teletype, so my programs were on paper tape, I thought Mylar tape was a HUGE step 4rtran or C.P.M. was the only computer Languages then,no point and click Basic.

I had a series of C.M.M.’s with H.P. (my favorite computers today. This is being done on a H.P.8000 Elite Pro, Windows 10 Pro) 9815 and 9816 was the big thing back then.Noted is the different manufactures I’ve worked on.

When I worked for the C.D.C.R.. in Pleasant Valley State Prison, and Clerked/Teachers Aided for two different Teachers, I used a gateway 2000 w/ Windows 95, and a Swintec Word Processor.

From 1996 to 1999 I worked for the C.D.C.R. as a “A” Yard Chapel Clerk and Wedding/Devours Clerk for the whole Institution. Using a Brother 330 Word Processor. As A Lead Man in the Laundry for the C.D.C.R. from 2004

-2006 I just used a Brother typewriter. From 2006 to 2009 I again worked for the C.D.C.R. as a “A” Yard Chapel Clerk using the Swintec Word Processor. My dad when he died gave me: H.P. Twin Tower running XP; A Mini Mac and a Compac Laptop, and I bought this H.P. Elite 8000 massively upgraded Pro with Windows 7, had to have the Windows 10 Pro after hearing so much about it. It came with no manual, still, I was proficient within days. I scored 171 on the Intelligent Quiz, the Military test. 140 is the threshold for genius. But I think everyone can score well on it if they know the rules of test taking. Employment History:


CRAFT’S CARPET SERVICE 1966-1975 Carpet Cleaning Helper: From five years old to fourteen years old. I worked with my fathers carpet Cleaning teams. At five years old, I used to come home with

$20.00, and for every year I got older, $10.00 was added. I had more money than all my friends on Lorne Street. But I earned it.

1975 May-September, Paperboy.When my Dad sold the Carpet Cleaning Business, I took on a New Paper Rout with the Harold Examiner. Had it until I bought my top of the line Schwinn dirt bicycle and school started again.

1976 May-September. Truck Un-loader. I Found a job at Frank’s Saddle Tack and Feed, stacking alfalfa and hay stacks, and unloading feed trucks. Had to quit when school cam back into session.

1977 May-September. Assembler. In-between 11th and 12th grade I worked a summer assembling Encoders for Litton Encoder Division. It was eight hours of under a microscope work, but I loved it. Set assembly records I bet no one has broke.

May, 1978, thru February 1979. I was hired, with Randy Goodman straight out of High school at Hydro Mill for a position as a Material Review Board Submitting Inspectors. We were taught how to use all hand measuring tools, and we drafted to scale well before being hired. We both excelled under my father’s direction. Harvey Clair Craft Sr. He taught us so much in such a short amount of time (I was taught to read Micrometers and Calipers at the age of 6) . Cutbacks came with Carter becoming President. Last in was the first to go, Is what they told us. My dad Quit the next day after Randy and I were Laid off.

February,1979 thru March,1980, Receiving Inspector II. Randy got hired at Anadex first, and they were so impressed with his knowledge and abilities, he had me hired a week or so later. He ran the Punch Press Shop, and was so proficient. The Receiving inspection where I got into documented a massive reduction in rejections rate from the in-house punch shop, as Randy was making sure his lay out parts were acceptable after plating. He was a great asset to the company and made my life so easy to be checking the plating process after him. In Receiving Inspection, within a month, I was the top Inspector and used to go to suppliers and customers to demonstrate our inspection techniques and results. Randy left due to a conflict with the QA Manager. A man that was out of his element, if he left Randy alone and in charge, Anadex might be in business today, as I still use a daisy wheel impact printers, a Brother. Brother Typewriters are Anadex rip-offs for the most part.

March, 1980 - November, 1980. Mechanical Inspector III We both ended up at Tavco a Pressure Vessel Manufacture. Randy left before I did, as a new Q.C. manager was hired who knew nothing. Randy like me, back then, couldn’t stand working for a person making way more money than us, but knew nothing about Mechanical inspection.

November 1980 Mechanical Inspector III (worked here one eight (8) hour day),I went to work for Sunvair, a landing gear overhauling company. I worked there for one day. When I found 36 totally discrepant critical dimensions, visible cracks in bearing journals, and wrote it up on a scrap tag, the Inspection Supervisor told me to change my findings and buy-it off. I went and punched out, and came back to him as said, “You never tell anyone I worked here, and I won’t tell anyone I worked here. You’re the reason thousands of people die every year.” We parted ways and I told my Mother to never get on a plane this place serviced. Northwestern went out of business the next year.

November 1980 - September, 1985. 2 years Mechanical Inspector/Rest of time Q.C. Manager. I went to work for National Machine, Don Conners was my boss. He taught me a lot. An this is where I learned my first CMM. He quit, because the owners were pushing for military/government work, as our spindle rate was $78.00 to $90.00 and hour. After Don quit, and I took over as Q.C. Manager, implemented my Dad’s Q.C. Manual, our spindle rate skyrocketed to $240.00 and hour to $310.00 an hour. Same machines, same chips, but my Dad’s system and me behind it. They asked me to buy-off and defraud my Source Inspector who I built-up trust with. Even though insignificant out of tolerance dimensions, which I argued I can get them bought off on M.R.B. tags, they wanted me to lie. The reputation of my Dad and I was and is to this day paramount as far as I’m concerned. I couldn’t stamp and defraud my Source Inspectors, customers, and Military Men behind the gun these parts went to in combat.


During my stay at National Machine I Moonlighted at a Medical Products Manufacture, were everything is 100% inspected. Next time you say your Hospital pills cost so much. They have to be 100% inspected. I also worked night shift at Superior International Car/Truck Rim Manufacture moonlighting, walked out when the U.A.W. walked in.

1985 I walked out on Tom Carnan, at National Machine for demanding I sign-off on marginally discrepant Apache Chain Gun Flash Suppressors. I got a paper and saw Rantec was looking for a lowly Receiving Inspector. So I went there after leaving National Machine.

September,1985,- October 1985. 3 weeks Mechanical/Electrical Inspector Rantec Power Supply Division. Promoted to Insp. Supervisor in 3 weeks. I came in a lowly class three receiving inspector, in less than three weeks I was promoted to Inspection Supervisor. A week goes by and I get a call, it was Tom Carnan. They needed me back. Source Inspections were not going well at all, and the scrap rate exploded. My demands were met and I came back. So much money I couldn’t say no, and everything was okay. 1985, Long story Short, it took only a couple years before the Carnan’s went back to their Shlock-house over-riding approach took president. Tom just signed the Certificates of Conformance for non-source parts. But I got to do the Cause and Corrective Action Reports. The Carnan’s didn’t like those either. I Moonlighted during these hard times at American Safety Equipment Corp. (1986) a Safety Belt Manufacture. It was night shift. Gene Berry won the Lottery, my general Dynamics Source man. He offered me the job, I even went down and interviewed and got the job(1987). By the time I go back to National Machine, the Carnan’s knew what they offered me, and offered me so much money and a rock solid agreement that my word was the last word. I stayed again. It lasted as long as they thought I was out of options, then the Shlock-house tactics started again. I quit and went to Dukes. Second stay at National Machine was October, 1985 - January, 1988.

February,1988 - March 1990. I started at Dukes as a Mechanical Inspector. Dukes was fine until the owner fired my boss, and hired a friend as Q.C. manager. This guy knew nothing about mechanical inspection. When he asked me, “What are you checking?” I said, “You’re my boss, you should know shouldn’t you?” He says, “I’m a paperwork Q.C. Manager I don’t know anything about this measuring thing.” I packed my tools and asked to see the owner. It was then I learned this was his friend.

March 1990 - June 1990. I went to work for Ibis as a Mechanical Inspector/C.M.M. Operator/Programmer, a Military Fighter Plane Simulator Disc Drive Manufacture. After two months, we got word the Military was going to end all contracts with them, because other companies were able to now hold five times are memory with a desk top unit. These were the size of a washer, 17 and 24, 36” diameter discs. I left before the bottom fell out.

In June,1990 - August, 1990 Mechanical Inspector . I Ended up at Sun Valley Tool and Gauge as a Job Shop Mechanical Inspector: worked there for three months, until Morren Stone @ Sto-Kar Inc. Offered me a position August, 1990 thru November 1993. I went there and her Q.C. manager was incompetent, Morren fired him and made me Q.C. Manager/Inspector for the whole little shop. From 1990 to 1993+.

I hurt my hands lapping titanium I.C.B.M. contacts flat and parallel to,oooo5. Lapping by hand, 1,800 of them. As soon as the order was over she sent me to the doctor, where it was discovered my index finger and left thumb would never be the same. Morren blew-up, had on of her famous yelling fits, I left and never came back. She had to pay a settlement to me. But I didn’t want it, I wanted to go back to work using my other fingers.

From 1996 to 2016 the work I did for the California State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Prison’s was: Chapel Clerk (Manager) 4 years at Calipatria(1996-2000) and Solano (2006-2009) 2 1/2 years; 2000 thru 2003 Teachers Aid/clerk for Miss. Miller and Miss. Prossor, Assistant Baker 1 1/2 years and, Kitchen Cook/Utility Man for 3 months at Pleasant Valley State Prison; Lead Clerk (Manager) 2004 through 2006 at Old Folsom State Prison; Back Dock Lead Man/Sanitation Engineer from 2006 to 2016 Soledad State Prison. I now am ready to rejoin the work force after my stent in the C.D.C.R. Employ. I have been engineering dozens of patents, in fact, one is up for auction now, the Craft Power Penetrater Gaff. I have the Copyright to the book “Successful Bass Catching” I have a E-Commerce Drop-Shipping Retailer Website too. Like my Dad told me, “If you want to get rich, you need many streams of income.” I love the Manufacturing World, and mostly the Q.C. paradigm.


Thank you for taking the time to read all my Resume, I promise you won’t be let down by hiring me, my days of Industrial conquest, taking others position, over. I just want to make a good living, and be involved again. Thank you so much for reading this. Have a wonderful day, God bless you and may all your tomorrows be better than your today’s.

With respect and gratitude,

Scott James Joseph Craft

Scott James Joseph Craft

P.S. All education records less G.E.D. and a Completion Certification from S.P.C./T.Q.M. were lost along with my original Birth Certificate and a lot of other records and Certificates of Achievement in a hurricane in Florida, where my Mother and Father moved to, and if they were still alive, I’d have moved there. I lost copious amounts of very valuable property, tools, etc...etc...when my Brother and Sister were helped packing the pod heading to California. Determinations as to importance was not made by me, or I would have all my things. You can see the new birth certificate I had to get.

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