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Software Engineer Project

Kirkland, Washington, United States
November 05, 2018

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Aditi Mittal Phone: +1-206-***-****


A thorough professional with around 6.2 years of experience in developing Angular 2, HTML Javascript applications, offering good technical skills and excellent problem solving capabilities seeking assignments in reputed organizations.

Professional Summary

●Development and implementation experience in Web Based Applications using Angular2, Typescript, HTML, Javascript and Jquery.

●Ability to organize, coordinate activities, flexible to work in new technologies and tools.

●Highly motivated and hard working with strong communication, analytical, interpersonal, and presentation skills.

●Communicating with client/business for gathering requirements.

●Actively involved in design, coding and development of applications using Angular 2, HTML, Javascript,Jquery and Java.

Work Experience

●Worked at Bank Of America, Gurgaon, India as Senior Software Engineer from May 2016 - June 2018.

●Worked at IndiaWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd (IndiaHomes), Gurgaon, India as Software Engineer from July 2014 - April 2016

●Worked at Larsen & Toubro Infotech, Limited, Bangalore, India, as Software Engineer from December 2011 – April 2014.

Skill set


Angular2, Typescript, Coffescript, HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, Jasmine,Npm, Gulp, Grunt, SystemJs, Jspm, requireJs

Application Server

Apache Tomcat

Deploy Tools

IBM ubuild, udeploy, Bladelogic, Splunk

Version Management

Tortoise SVN


Eclipse, Sublime, Intellj Idea, Visual Studio

Agile and Bug Tracking Tools

Rally, JIRA

Project Information

Project: Widget Implementation for Bank’s Application(Interact, SSA)

Duration in Project: 2 year 2 months

Team size: 7 Company Name: Bank Of America


Widgets are the re-usable components that can be integrated to Multiple applications.In this project, team has developed several widgets:

“Find Customer Widget” helps the Bank’s assciates to search any customer on basis of several fields like First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, Mobile Phone, Email etc.

“Form Generation and Form Regeneration Widget” help the associate to generate/regenerate forms. Whenever a customer walks in to Bank for any change like Name Change, Address Chanage etc, a form is generated. Widget get the list of forms in input Json, parses the JSON and displays the form genearted to Associate.



●Building the UI in HTML5 using CSS3, adding functionalities,validations to UI using Javascript/Jquery.

●Created the project structure using Npm (used for downloading dependencies), Gulp/Grunt (used for automating task like code build, bundle, watch), Jasmine/Sonar (used for writing Javascript Test cases, Linting and errors).

●Strict adherance to AGILE development process and attend daily stand up calls, retrospective calls, story discussion.

●Single handedly developed Find Customer Widget in Angular 2 and deployed the widget on Production Servers.

●Enhancement and bug Fixing of existing widgets based on Coffeescript, Backbone, marionette. Adding Jasmine Test Cases, JsLint for Linting errors, and adding Sonar Report for widget.

Project: Frontend (Main & Mobile Wibsite) Implementation for IndiaHomes

Duration in Project: 1year 10 months

Team size: 8 Company: India World technologies


IndiaHomes is a real estate domain project of IndiaWorld Technologies Pvt Ltd. This product is the leading source for the generation of online business.It is a web application that provides end users to list properties for Sale/Rent, search properties using different filters like budget,floor area etc.The product architecture is divided into front-end and back-end. Frontend is developed using spring MVC, jQuery, JSTL whereas backend is developed using hibernate responsible for all interactions with db.

Technologies: MySQL, Spring MVC, Java/J2EE, JSP, JSTL, jQuery, Json, Google Maps API


●Gather system specifications and implement them with the help of tech leads.

●Single handedly developed Mobile web app using HTML, JSP, JSTL, Google Maps API (for plotting properties on mop view), used HTML5 Video Tag for adding videos for adevrtisement on website.

●Implemented REST Api’s used by Android and Mobile App for features like get details of Property, get List of Property, post Property for Sale/Rent, Edit Customer Profile, Add New Prospect to CRM.

●Bug Fixing for Server side(JAVA) and client side issues(JSP, HTML, Javascript).

Project: Southfalls (Intel project)

Duration in Project: 7 months

Team size: 8 Company: L&T InfoTech Pvt Ltd

This project is a medical based mobile and web application where the mobile application is connected to a medical instrument (ECG/BG) which uploads data to the server and multiple users like device user who subscribes to a particular package and uploads his medical reports using device, doctor (who attends to the patients assigned to him), CRM user who acts as a administrator to the particular hospital and an OEM user.

Technologies: J2EE, Spring, Struts and MySQL, JSP


●Responsible for development of website which enables user login based on roles (Front End based on HTML,JSP, and Javascript).

●Bug Fixing for Server side(JAVA) and client side issues(JSP, HTML, Javascript).

Project: uLog(CRCEvans Project)

Duration: 1 year

Team Size: 10 Company: L&T InfoTech Pvt Ltd

CRCEvans deals with welding pipe lines (Gas and oil pipe lines). The process of welding generates real time logs which are retrieved by Android Tablet. These are later synchronized with the cloud server and save in database. These logs can later be used for analytics which can give the client an edge over the competitors.

Technologies: Spring, Hibernate, J2EE, Maven, HTML, JavaScript


●Developed server side application which interacts with web and android tablets through Rest APIs(JSON). It saves data coming from tablet and web application and provides API to access the data in future.

●Involved in all the Phases including Requirement analysis, design, coding and unit testing.

Education Profile

●Bachelor of Technology (Electronics and Communication) under Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Ghaziabad, India (2007- 2011) with 78%.

Personal Particulars

Name: Aditi Mittal

Date of Birth: 10th July, 1989

Languages known: English, Hindi.

Sex & M.Status : Female & Married

I hereby declare that all the information’s given about me are true to the best of my knowledge.


Place: Kirkland, WA, USA (Aditi Mittal)

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