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Engineering Computer

New York, New York, United States
November 05, 2018

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Xi (Bruce) Guo

New York City, NY, ***** +1-917-***-****


New York University New York, NY

M.S. in Computer Engineering, Tandon School of Engineering Sept 2015 – May 2017

Honor: Graduate of Engineering Scholarship for Good Academic Performance

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Beijing, China

B.S. in Optical Information Science and Technology, School of Electrical Engineering Sept 2010 – June 2014

The top 10% of students in our major

Relevant Courses: Data Center and Clouding Computing, Data Science with python, Database Technologies, and Applications

Work Experience

Software Development Engineer, TechDirect LLC Sept 2017 – Present

Design and deploy websites for our enterprise customers through WordPress.

Worked with a team of eight responsible for the design and optimization of the modules of CarryOn APP’s backend.

Used Nginx as a reverse proxy server and implemented load balance to store the static resource like pictures, which avoid fetching them over and over from database.

Optimized a fetching users' rating API and reduced response time from 200+ms to 10+ms.


JavaScript and Go Development – A Geo-index social network (ReactJS, Go, GAE, GCE)

Developed a Geo-index social network which contains the web service in GO and web client by ReactJS.

Back End:

Built a scalable web service based on GO to handle posts and developed it on Google Cloud.

Utilized ElasticSearch to apply geo-location based search functions enabling users to search for posts within a given distance.

Utilized Google Dataflow to handle the daily dump of posts to the BigQuery table.

Aggregated data at both user and post level to enhance keyword generation or find spam user based on spam detection.

Applied OAuth 2.0 to support authentication and user signup and Redis to enhance cache performance.

Front End:

Implemented login, registration and navigation on the front end using ReactJS and antd.js library.

Imported photo gallery library to let the user browse.

Utilized geo-location API and Google Map API to show posts on embedded google map.

JavaScript Development – NBA Player Strength Visualization (ReactJS, D3)


Built a dashboard to visualize different player’s shot data that contains a shot chart and 4 line/bar charts.

Constructed a goals-number filter to display the player shots data matching a given number.

Incorporated different colors and hex bin size to afford more specific visualization areas with shots data.

Implement auto-completion in the Search player navigation bar.

Java Web Service Development – Restaurant Recommendation Website (Java, JavaScript, AWS, Docker)


Built a website for users to recommend the restaurant based on their personal preference.

Back End:

Built both relational (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases to store real restaurant data captured from Yelp API.

Processed data from Yelp and improved recommendation algorithm based on search and personal favorite records.

Created Java servlets with RESTful APIs to handle HTTP requests and responses.

Deploy the whole website on AWS EC2 through Docker.

Run JUnit test for my RpcHelper class and Jmeter for benchmarking.

Front End:

Designed an interactive web page utilizing AJAX technology (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

Applied login function, which user can log in, and kept login information with the session.


Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, Golang, Python

Frameworks/ Structure: React, Java Spring, RESTful APIs

Database: MySQL, MongoDB(NoSQL), Elasticsearch, BigTable

Tools & Methods : Git, Docker,Linux, OpenStack, WordPress, Jmeter

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