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Engineer Assistant

United States
November 05, 2018

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** ***** ****, ********** *****, NY 12590 845-***-****

Summary of Skills

Formal training in basic life

sciences and clinical research

IT experience in network administration,

software development and training

Leadership/Administrative experience

in Higher Education

Direct classroom experience Public Speaking & Technical Writing Can communicate in Spanish fluently Education and Certification

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology (Biochemistry minor), Wayne State University, Detroit, MI Thesis title: "The Cloning of Pepper Ringspot Virus and Its Attempted Use as a Cloning Vector" 6/93

B.S. in Biology, York College - City University of New York, Queens, New York Undergraduate research projects dealt with classical and microbial genetics. 12/79

MCSE (Microsoft® Certified System Engineer): Certification in NT® 4.0 network operating system 10/00 Previous Employment

Consultant: Ulysses Systems, Inc. - Livonia, MI

Responsibilities include: Software Installation, Sales Demonstration, Training, Product Development and Testing, Technical Writing, Web Page Maintenance 1/01-4/02

College Instructor: Mount St. Mary College, Newburgh, NY Responsibilities include: Teaching life science courses, serving on committees, mentoring students in summer research program studying the molecular biology of aging. 8/2007 – Present

Teaching Experience

* Some sections taught online ** All sections taught online Additional Teaching Experience / Qualifications

Experience in on line course development and teaching; taught five years & 100 classes on line.

Experience in teaching High School Physics and Chemistry.

Taught a GED class in Spanish for Adult Hispanics for 5 years.

Initiated STEM club at a local private high school. Macomb




General Bio I

General Bio II




Natural Science





Natural Science

General Biology








Biotech Lab






Intro to Biology

Basic Physiology

General Bio I

General Bio II

Human Biology


Science Seminar





General Bio **





General Bio



St. Mary



Bio Principles I

Bio Principles II






D a n i e l P e ñ a, P h . D .

D a n i e l P e n a P h D @ g m a i l . c o m - 2 - 8 4 5 7 6 4 5 3 8 6 Research Experience

Mount Saint Mary College – Conducting research in to the molecular biology of aging looking at expression of Foxo-1 gene in response to various compounds. Working with HeLa cells and C. elegans. Also, using CRISPR to edit the genome of C.elegans and HeLa cells. 2008-Present

Consultant for Molecular Innovations, Inc. - Southfield, MI. Services include primer design, site-directed mutagenesis and DNA sequencing. Use of MS® Excel spreadsheets in designing primers, MS® Access to store primer and mutant-site sequence information and Chromas©2.2sequnce analysis program and Blast® sequence similarity search programs.


Consultant for Midwest Analytical Services – Ferndale, MI. 2002. Services include troubleshooting integrated lab management software product (Sample Master ®) based on MS® Access. 4/02

Research Associate, Wayne State University, Department of OB/GYN, Detroit, MI Involved in two independent projects:

The study of Raynaud's Disease using DNA microarrays in comparison studies among normal, affected and affected with scleroderma patients

Investigation of premature labor that included the study of metalloproteinases production in various amniotic cell lines. Techniques employed were cell culture, RNA isolation and PCR. Full-time:




Research Associate, Wayne State University, Department of Chemistry, Detroit, MI Studied the properties of plant viruses under a novel light scattering instrument as well as trying to develop a plant virus vector for the expression of foreign genes. Use In-house program to integrate light scattering instrument to data collection program.


Research Associate, Wayne State University, Department of Pathology, Detroit, MI Research in Breast Cancer metastasis included the study of the metalloproteinases, enzymes that control metastasis.


Graduate Research Assistant, Wayne State University, Department of Biology, Detroit, MI Doctoral Research included studies on the Molecular Biology of Plant Viruses. Project included viral isolation, cloning and Sequencing of RNA viral genome. Extensive use of Genebank sequencing and sequence manipulation software.


Substantial laboratory and technical training that can be adapted to other areas of research such as:

Agarose & Polyacrylamide

gel electrophoresis

C. elegans culture

Cell & Plant tissue culture


Column chromatography


DNA and RNA isolation

DNA microarrays

DNA sequencing

Enzyme assays

ELISA assays



In vitro transcription and



Primer synthesis

Protein purification

Restriction enzyme analysis


Site-directed mutagenesis

Southern & Western blotting


Taught graduate course in Biotechnology at Wayne State University, Detroit., MI 48201. D a n i e l P e ñ a, P h . D .

D a n i e l P e n a P h D @ g m a i l . c o m - 3 - 8 4 5 7 6 4 5 3 8 6 Administrative Experience

Administrator, Macomb Community College, Macomb County, MI Assistant to the Dean of the Division of Science and Health 9/97-12/98


Assist the Dean of Science & Health to implement departmental policy, especially in regard to on line teaching

Assist in curriculum implementation

Responsible for meeting scheduling guidelines, textbook coordination and supervision of supplies

Recruiting, hiring, orientation and training of new adjunct faculty in the Department of Science

Respond to student concerns

Assist with community affairs sponsored by the Department of Science such as the Science Olympiad

Serve as a liaison between Faculty and the Dean

Attend and participate in committees, including:

Center For Academic Assessment & improvement

(North Central Accreditation Requirement)

Utica High School Advisory Committee For

Health Professions

Academic Technology & Software Committee Adjunct Teachers Task Force

Class Cancellation Guideline Task Force Scheduling Committee Administrator, Macomb Community College, Macomb County, MI Assistant to the Dean of the Division of Career and Technical Education 1/99-7/99


Coordinate and implement all applications of Carl D. Perkins grant application requirements.

Facilitate Program Review of Occupational Education evaluation visits

Represent the Division of Career and Technical Education at meetings and functions, including:

Computerized Program Access for Students Scheduling Committee

Student Success and Development Committee Website Redesign Committee Publications

Characterization of Gentamicin Resistant Respiratory Deficient Variant Strain of S. aureus. (1990) Lewis, L.A., Li, K., Bharosay, M., Canella, M., Jorgenson, V., Thomas, R., Peña, D., Velez, M., Pereira, B., and Sassine, A. Microbial. Immunol. Vol. 34 (7), 587-605.

Definition Pepper Ringspot Viral 12K, 29K, 136K, 195K Protein RNA, Complete CDS. GenBank Submission: Locus PPNRNA 6828bp ss-RNA, VRL. Accession L23972. (1993) Thomas, R., Peña, D. and Siegel, A. Activation of Progelatinase B (MMP-9) by Gelatinase A (MMP-2). (1995) Fridman, R., Toth, M., Peña, D. and Mobashery, S. Cancer Research, 55 (12), 2548-2555. D a n i e l P e ñ a, P h . D .

D a n i e l P e n a P h D @ g m a i l . c o m - 4 - 8 4 5 7 6 4 5 3 8 6 Abstracts and Presentations

Defining the pathophysiological pathway of Raynaud's disease by microarray analysis. D. Svinarich, R. Freedman, D. Peña, P. Furspan. XXXIV International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Christchurch, New Zealand PCR and PRV: Plant viruses and Biotechnology. Peña, D., Science Department Seminar Series, Macomb Community College, Warren, MI

Enzymes Which Control Metastasis. Peña, D., Science Department Seminar Series, Macomb Community College, Warren, MI

Research On Plant Viruses. Peña, D., Invited Speaker, City College, C.U.N.Y., New York, New York Activation of Progelatinase B (MMP-9) by Gelatinase A (MMP-2). Peña, D., Invited Speaker, York College, C.U.N.Y., Queens, New York

Plant Viruses and Light Scattering. Peña, D., Invited Speaker, University of Detroit–Mercy, Detroit, MI, 1995. PCR and Pepper Ringspot Virus. Peña, D., PCR symposium sponsored by Perkin Elmer. Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

PRV-RNA-2 is cloned into a transcription vector in the reverse orientation. Peña, D. and Siegel, A. American Society of Virology, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York Characterization of RNA-1 of the tobravirus PRV. Thomas, R., Peña, D. and Siegel, A. American Society of Virology, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Insertion of Tobacco Rattle Virus RNA-2 cDNA into a transcription vector. Peña, D. and Siegel, A. VII International Congress of Virology, Edmonton, Canada Insertion of a full length Tobacco Rattle Virus cDNA into a transcription vector. Peña, D. and Siegel, A. American Society of Virology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Differences in Flagella Antigens between Salmonella Parent and Variant Strains. Peña, D., Li, K. and Lewis, L.A. Eighth Annual MBRS symposium Atlanta, Georgia

Awards and Professional Societies

Recipient: Minority Biomedical Research Support Undergraduate NIH fellowship 1975 Recipient: Minority Biomedical Research Support Graduate NIH fellowship 1983 Board Member:

• Mediation Center of Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie, NY. 2008-2014

• The Baptist Home, Rhinebeck, NY. 2009-Present

• The Community at Brookmeade, Rhinebeck, NY. 2009- Present D a n i e l P e ñ a, P h . D .

D a n i e l P e n a P h D @ g m a i l . c o m - 5 - 8 4 5 7 6 4 5 3 8 6 Professional Activities

• Reader – For Masters Candidate Deborah Szeman. Thesis title “Multi-Cultural Holiday and Anniversary Calendar”, submitted in partial requirement for Masters Degree to the School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT.

• Book Review – Biology, Sylvia S. Mader, 6th edition. WCB/McGraw-Hill, New York, New York.

• Certified in On-Line Teaching through Socrates DLTG.

• One week on site teacher training for Marine Biology course offered at Macomb Community College in Belize, C.A. Photographs taken were used in an Environmental Biology course offered at Wayne State University.

• Attendance of Conflict and Resolution Conference at Macomb Community College, Warren, MI that led to achievement of CEU credits.

• Subject Matter Expert for Archipelago, an educational software company and a division of Harcourt Brace & Company. Services include:

o Development of an on line Introductory Biology Course. o Writing test questions for an existing online Non-Majors Biology Course. o Review lessons for an online based Non-Majors Biology Course.

• Librarian at ITT Technical Institute. Services include teaching students to use library, computer and Internet resources and developing resumes.

• Completed Microsoft Certification course in Networking attaining MCSE certification in NT 4.0

• Completion of Information Mapping® Seminar, "Developing Procedures, Policies & DocumentationTM"

• Tutor at Sylvan Learning Centers – High School Math and taught SAT preparatory course.

• Attended and completed Introductory Accounting Class at Dutchess Community college.

• Participation in several professional development in-services through AIU online.

• Reviewed several chapters for upcoming biology book to be published by McGraw-Hill.

• Development of online tutorial in microbiology for 360 eSolutions Inc.

• Development of laboratory manual for General Biology Lab -

• Development and organization of DCC STEM lab.

• Web site development and maintenance of website for DCC STEM lab

• Participation in summer research mentorship program at MSMC Transferable Skills

• Computer literate – MCSE certified (network administration). Experience with Excel, Access, MS Word, PowerPoint, Project, Expression Web, HTML, JavaScript, Python and Dreamweaver®.

• Ability to simplify highly technical material into a written or oral form.

• Public Speaking

• Can communicate fluently in Spanish.

• Technical Writing

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