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Engineer Quality

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
November 01, 2018

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Six sigma certified materials engineer specializing in metallurgical engineering and failure analysis with history of supervision, management and 5+ years of work experience seeking for full-time employment CORE COMPETENCIES AND TECHNICAL SKILLS


Stainless Steel

Shot peening

Characterisation analysis

Surface and heat treatment

Failure and fracture analysis

Mechanical testing



• Instrumentation Skills: GC, LC, ICP, TGA, DSC, CDS, SEM, XRD, FTIR, TEM, NDT, AFM, RAMAN, EDAX, Viscometer, rheometer, FTIR, Mechanical Testing

• Managerial Skills: DOE, SPC, LEAN, SIXSIGMA, Metrics, BCP, DS & P, 5S, Kaizen, Project planning

• Computer skills: CAD, LabView MATLAB, Mathematica, Igor, Origin, Python, Solid works, Java, EDUCATION & RESEARCH


B. Tech.

University of Cincinnati

Anna University, India

Materials Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering



Aug 2016-Sep 2018

June 2007- May 2011


Metallurgical and Quality Consultant: A & B Foundry and Machining, USA. April 2018–Present

• Evaluated product data and design from visual inspections, chemical and physical reports, for conformance to engineering principles, customer requirements, and quality standards.

• Implemented Solidification Modelling of sand casting for all the customer products to reduce the defects and improve the yield.

• Reduced customer defects by analysing the properties and design of the products

• Increased the profit by 50 % by re-melting the old scraps.

• Prepared and reviewed technical documentation like SOP, Work Instructions, 8D reports,5 why’s, Control charts, DOE, Regression analysis, RCA, CAR, PAR, Open Order report, logs, performance reports, specifications, test methods, manufacturing standards, APQP, PPAP, C2C, FMEA, quality management requirements and regulations.

• Developed and implemented strategies to meet cost saving targets, lead time and quality.

• Reviewed performance reports and documentation from customers and field engineers and inspected malfunctioning or damaged aircraft or aerospace products to determine the problem.

• Involved in AS9100 and ISO 9001 audits received the certification for the company.

• Coordinated activities concerned with investigating and resolving customers' technical problems Process Engineer: A & B Foundry, Machining and Fabrications, USA Sep 2017 – April 2018

• Maintained control frame work reports, Job route cards, inventory, backlog management, created certificates like Conformance and Analysis for the product shipments using ERP system

• Performed Technical Documentation by maintaining records of performance reports, specifications, data sheets, test methods, manufacturing standards, quality management system requirements and regulations, for future reference.

• Evaluated product data and design from visual inspections, chemical and physical reports, for conformance to engineering principles, customer requirements, and quality standards.

• Developed mathematical models or other methods of computer analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to develop, evaluate, or modify design according to customer engineering requirements.

• Tested the first article casting produced for surface and Metallurgical defects.

• Maintained a record of the supplier contracts, agreements, goods ordered and received, managed vendor relationships, developed new sources of supply. Quality and Research Engineer: IBM India Private Limited, India July 2013-July 2016

• Executed experiments to fabricate and characterize advanced semiconductor materials and devices for high performance and low operating voltage applications and collaborating with the process, integration, device, circuit, and systems communities.

• Developed advanced patterning sequences, characterization of mask, lithography, and etch processes; and analysis of patterning performance.

• Supervised team of 20, worked collaboratively with the on-site client and developers. 513-***-**** 8370 Towson Blvd, Dayton

• 35% labour reduction with cost saving of INR45,000/ month by initiated automation in documenting.

• 50%labour reduction with cost saving of INR100,000/month by implementing lean technique in testing.

Associate Engineer: Bharat Aluminum and Company (BALCO) June 2011 – July 2013

• Worked as in charge for laboratories in departments of chemical, materials and ceramic technology.

• Responsibility includes managing and supervision of metallurgical testing lab by doing microstructure analysis, chemistry analysis, mechanical testing and sand testing with calibration and maintenance of all the testing equipment in the lab.

• Supervision and technical suggestion in plant including; molding department; oil core, bake & no bake and shell core; melting department, grinding and inspection department.

• Working on production part approval process document; fmea, control plan, first article inspection with faro gage, root cause analysis, failure analysis and process flow.

• Experience in designing, development and inspection of new part molding plate; riser, runner, gating

• Contacting with customer for quality, solving complains with root cause and correction action plan.

• Working on melting quality improvement charging and inoculation process, new ductile grade development and scrap reduction.

• Carrying out failure analysis and identifying root cause (like sand inclusion, shrinkage, gas porosity and so on) by using destructive or non-destructive testing & providing recommendations on improving manufacturing process to reduce the occurrence of failure.

• Improving quality procedure, documentation, manual and process steps to avoid human errors.

• Suggesting metallurgical and testing methods for improving level of quality and production rates.

• Playing key role in problem solving, reducing operating costs and improving yields.

• Mentored 12 new hires in lab safety, following good lab practices (GLP) and equipment operations. Material Quality Analyst Intern: Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, India Jan 2011 – May 2011

• Analysed PI/PAN thin-film coated Ti-6Al-4Zr and Ti-Zr weldments using thin film chromatography.

• Executed mechanical testing which include Hardness Testing (Brinell, Vickers and Nano indentation), Tensile Testing, Fatigue testing, Bend testing and corrosion testing on welded and surface heat treated samples

• Assured quality by microstructure & composition analysis by SEM, XRD, FTIR for nuclear application

• Conducted SCC (ASTM G129), IGC and pitting corrosion tests (ASTM G110, ISO 11846) PROJECTS

Electrochemical, corrosion, mechanical properties of polyimide/graphene-PB coatings for capacitor applications Aug 2016- Present

• Analysed effects of PI/GR/PB nanocomposite thin film coatings/metal deposition on aluminium

• Investigated corrosion inhibition property u sing EIS, DCP by developing free standing film by curing at various time and temperature, electrochemical sensor and by coating on Al 2024-T3

• Measured the polarization and corrosion resistance of the coatings by electrochemical techniques

• Tested and characterized by dynamic mechanical spectroscopy, GC, LC, SEM, EDAX, AFM, FTIR, TGA/DSC, cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, viscometer, contact angle analyser and defect analysis

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-Al Alloy after heat treatment Aug 2011-May 2012

• Conducted heat treatments, hardness testing, tensile testing, porosity, grain size, crystal structure microscopic and metallographic analysis after various etching and grinding techniques.

• Operated SEM, performed chemical analysis by XRD and EDS for inclusions and defects in Al samples Developed an alternative scaffold for bone implants using SBF June 2012-May 2013

• Prepared β- TCP-Alumina composite scaffold in different compositions using sol-gel and milling.

• Characterized porous body using chromatography, SEM, XRD, FTIR, TGA, DSC, particle size analysis

• Analysed the properties of porous body by preparing SBF and immersing under various conditions.

• Estimated the costings and summarized to be economical to utilize in bone implants. LEADERSHIP ROLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS

• Secretary of SWE, University of Cincinnati (2016-17): leading team of 40 members, organized conferences, industry visits and alumni interactions.

• Proactive student board member and Training & Placement Secretary for Metallurgical Engineers’ Society.

• Secretary of SAMPE, University of Cincinnati (2016 – Present) : Leading team of 20, organized interactions and meetings.

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