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Network Engineer

Seattle, Washington, United States
November 01, 2018

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CCIE –Written (in progress)

**** * ***** **, *** 234

SeaTac, WA 98188 206-***-****


Master's Degree in Computer Systems Networking, Wichita State University, Kansas GPA 3.83/4.0, May 2015 Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Hawassa University, Ethiopia SUMMARY

A Network Engineer with 6+ years of experience in design, configuration, development, implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance of complex network systems

Proficient in configuration and troubleshooting of routing protocols: RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP

Experience on WAN technologies like MPLS, L2/3VPN MPLS, EVPL, ELAN, 10Ge/Metro-Ethernet

Expertise in IP sub-netting and worked on various designing and allocation of various classes of IPs

Experience on L2 technologies: VLAN, STP, 802.1Q, 802.3ad, VTP, Port Security, port-channel

Experience on TCP/IP, DNS, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, HSRP/VRRP, LLDP, LACP, Route maps, Policy routing, QoS, Load Balancing, SNMP, and IOS upgrade on different Cisco platforms.

Network Security: RSA, SHA, SSL, IPSec, VPN, GRE, ACL, Firewall, AAA, TACACS

Basic knowledge of Linux, Autocheck, Python and Java language

Performed Layer I,II and III troubleshooting, maintaining trouble ticket tracking and following escalation procedures

Highly motivated to understand and learn new networking, datacenter and security technologies

Worked on Cisco 37xx, 49xx, 65xx, 73xx, 76xx, ASR920, ASR9K, Nexus 7K, Accton 6710/7760 and Juniper ACX5048, EX and MX Series routers



Amazon Web Services

Part of the Network Core Scaling and Deployment (CSD) team, deploying the network devices

Deploy, Scale and troubleshoot Datacenters across all of AWS network fabrics

Drive Scaling of current customers Network Design to meet demands of customer

Create and validate cutsheet for cabling in new/existing datacenters, create code review (CR) to update configs, push configuration on switch builder, clear Mobius, prepare and execute change management

(CM) on AWS networks and ensure that the network is deployed to the standards.

Create simple, repetitive deployment processes that increase both velocity, capacity and quality

Work closely with NSI and DCO for bringing up new datacenter into operation and adding capacity into existing datacenter

Analyze customer and business requirements to develop technical network solutions, working closely with internal customers and network teams on designs/solutions and change design/solution concepts to production, worked on BFC1.0 to BFC2.0 migration and agg migration

Troubleshoot and implement BGP and OSPF, and troubleshoot any hardware and link related issues

Enhance TCP/IP networking fundamentals and extensive knowledge of internet protocols of OSPF, BGP and other network fundamentals.

IPAM IP assignment and Port-channel expansion on Nexus 7k devices of AWS fabrics

Identify automation opportunities and work on editing existing or writing new templates.

Comfortable working in a Linux/Unix environment, Git and GitHub

Mentor and train new hires in the team

Taking ownership of scaling project and coordinate with the Project Manager to ensure on time delivery NETWORK ENGINEER Sep2015-July2017

Wave Broadband, Kirkland, WA

Design, install, configure, troubleshoot and maintained enterprise network infrastructure, worked with major ISPs and maintained Wave’s core and aggregation layer networks across USA

Configured VRF, OSPF, BGP, L2VPN MPLS,L3VPN MPLS, ELAN, LAN, HSRP/VRRP, QoS, Port- channels, Bridge-Domains, Access lists and Route Policy

Working and hands on experience on BGP, BGP route filtering, Route tagging, Setting up communities, influencing Enterprise’s inbound and outbound routes, and injecting routes into BGP for the advertisement to the ISPs.

Tested and implemented various BGP attributes

Configuring and troubleshooting single and multi-area OSPF network, OSPF metric tuning, OSPF link utilization and best path traffic reroute in case of latency, outage and packet loss

Taking ownership of RT ticketing system to configure and troubleshoot BGP, OSPF, MPLS, VPN MPLS, VLAN, BGP prefix updates, L2 issues, link overutilization, packet loss/drop, CRC errors, latency or speed issues and work closely with the customer on their escalation issues and schedule service affecting maintenance when needed and resolve trouble tickets on SLA basis.

Working closely with internal customers on capacity check and planning, resource upgrades and deploys new gear to meet customer’s demand and future network expansion.

Deploying and upgrading new Cisco and juniper gear, turning up VRF, BGP peering, OSPF adjacency and MPLS, and migrating customer's network from legacy to IP/MPLS Core, and L2MPLS VPN to L3MPLS VPN and monitoring network performance using SevOne.

Configuring new port turn-ups, add new subnets in the network, routing updates, route maps and new cable runs for provisioning, providing proper documentation and creating network map

Escalating to external vendors (Cisco and Juniper) and coordinate for TAC for device issues and bug fix

Working with major ISPs like T-Mobile, AT & T, Verizon, Comcast to diagnose network problems, infrastructure and link issues.

Working on-call 24*7 rotation to provide network support, assist with critical network outage, troubleshoot customer issues and coordinate with NOC and site technicians on escalation issues

Configured and deployed BGP at CPE equipment.

Installed, configured, provisioned CPE for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon

Designing, configuring and testing metro Ethernet and high speed LAN/WAN for K-20 school districts, Medical service providers, Medium businesses and Banks CISCO NETWORK SUPPORT ENGINEER Feb2014-Aug2014

Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas

Hands-on technical experience with internetworking/data center operations including LAN/WAN operations, TCP (Internal and Flow Control), DNS, HTTP, Proxy server.

Configured and troubleshot Access Lists, Network Address Translations (NAT), VPN, operating system upgrade, failover, DNS, DHCP,DHCP helper address, Static routing

Configured and troubleshot Vlans, Trunks, Inter-vlan routing, port- channels, Spanning-tree, SPAN/RSPAN, Routing Policy, and platform crash related issues on Cisco switches

Configured and troubleshoot : RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, HSRP,VRRP,GLBP, and Layer 2 protocols

Provided on-call and support for troubleshooting and resolution of Network issues and supported customers remotely through WebEx session

Troubleshoot escalated network issues for Cisco Unified Communications solutions: UC560, UC540, UC320, IP Phones and ATAs


Ethio telecom, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Worked on LAN\WAN IP NGN Project for mobile services, maintaining and supporting corporate LAN/WAN infrastructure for multiple sites.

Designed,deployed and troubleshoot enterprise network infrastructure

Set up and modified BGP peering session to other peers to increase peering traffic

Provided broadband internet and VPN service over IP/MPLS for enterprise network

Provided internet, data service and BGP peering for the customers

Experienced with F5 load balancers LTM, or the corporate applications

Configured Big-IP F5 AFM, LTM for managing the traffic and tuning the load on the network servers

Basic and Advanced Cisco ASA (firewall) configuration

Configured and monitored Core networks for BGP, OSPF, VRF-lit and MPLS-VPN

Configured and troubleshoot VPN technologies, Site-to-Site VPNs and Remote Access VPNs

Tested and implemented various BGP attributes such as Local Preference, MED, AS-PATH, Community,

Troubleshooting various problems pertaining to the network related issues like latency, CRC errors, routing problems and configuration issues at Customer end as well as the backbone. NETWORK ENGINEER Sep2011-Jun2012

Ethio telecom, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Configured and upgraded IOS on Cisco catalyst switches and routers

Provided support for Cisco DSLAM, implemented and supported VoIP

Supported customer’s network over NMS, created VLANS to support department’s security

Configure, add and remove VLAN on L3 and L2 devices and assign and remove ports as per customer request.

Participated and designed branch office network WAN/LAN

Configured and troubleshooted RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, VLAN’s, VPN’s and HSRP/VRRP

Configure and deploy new links as per customer request

Strong experience in Sub-netting & Network Address calculations.

Troubleshooting the Network Routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, and MPLS) during new client connections.

Involved in L2/L3 switching technology administration, creating and managing VLANs, HSRP, Ether- Channel, 802.1Q Trunk, Spanning Tree, VTP, Inter-VLAN routing, private VLAN and LAN security for Layer-2 and Layer-3 switching domains.

Implemented security policies using ACL, Route-maps, Prefix list, IPSec, IPSec VPN Tunneling, SSH, Telnet, and AAA Security on different series of routers. RELEVANT PROJECTS

Prepared python template for upgrading device OS version across multiple AWS Nexus routers

Route Redistribution Project for Merging Companies Running Different Routing Protocols (RIP,EIGRP OSPF and BGP) with Appropriate Distribution-List

Installed, configured and test CPE for T-Mobile, AT &T, Verizon, Sprint and test the circuit running RFC_2544 for packet loss, jitter and throughput over IP/MPLS core network with 100% success rate

Installed, configured and test multiple CPE for K20 school districts and creating ELAN and L2VPN at multiple locations, so that this CPEs talk to each other over IP/MPLS core using BGP neighbor discovery

Spine scaling IAD, PDX and DUB data centers

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