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Management Financial

Houston, Texas, United States
November 01, 2018

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**** ********** **, *** ***, ENTERPRISE, AL 36330

MOBILE: 619-***-****




**** ******* ******

Bldg 5700, Rm 120

Fort Rucker, AL 36362 United States

Military Pay Supervisor 07/2018 – Present

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

-Plans and organizes work.

-Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates, establishes priorities and prepares schedules for completion of work. -Makes changes in the organization of work and assignment of functions or duties to positions as necessary to fully use employee skills, accommodate changes in workload, improve work flow, reduce back logs and provide smooth flow distribution and timely processing of military pay actions in the unit.

-Provides advice and guidance on more complex/difficult matters of the military processing realm, provides instructions and guidance for operation of the automated system.

-Identifies and analyses problem areas considering alternative solutions, and selects the most appropriate course of action.

-Discusses proposed changes with other supervisors and initiates action for implementation.

-Coordinates with representatives of other units concerning matters of work accomplishment, priorities procedures.

-Keeps director informed of any controversial or precedent setting issues and matters which require action by a higher level.

-Prepares workload and production reports as necessary.

-Assigns and reviews work of the unit.

-Makes decision, issues instructions and provides guidance work performed. Defines standards for work and prepares instructions for its accomplishment. Reviews work with the authority to accept, amend or reject to insure acceptable quality and quantity.

-Performs external personnel administration and management tasks to include certify position descriptions, develops performance plans and prepares performance appraisals. Interviews and selects employees for vacant positions.

-Initiates personnel actions involving promotions, status changes, awards, disciplinary actions and separations. Schedules vacations, approves leave, maintains time and attendance records.

-Participates in carrying out command policies in labor management relations and equal employment opportunity programs. Deals with union representatives when necessary and resolves informal employee complaints. Encourages and acts on employee suggestions.

-Gives informal training and cross-training on military pay entitlements, regulatory guidance, finance operating procedures and transactions processing. Keeps employees informed of policies, procedures and goals of management as they relate to the unit.

-Performs nonsupervisory work equivalent to that performed by subordinates, as necessary to combat work slowdown due to personnel absences, peak workloads and to backlogs to ensure timely, accurate, and efficient processing of military pay transactions.

Supervisor: Bradley Slagal 334-***-****)

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Department of Health and Human Services

330 C Street SW

Washington, DC 20201

Financial Management Analyst - 09/2016 – 05/2018

- Reviews financial management information in support of the annual audit of Administration of Children and Families financial statements.

- Provides technical assistance, conducts research, evaluates, and promotes information sharing for the Tribal Child Support Program.

- Performs analyses of grant applications, prepare grant award documents and post award modifications.

- Makes recommendations for revisions, approval/disapproval, within thirty days of receipt of grant applications unless a different time frame is applicable.

- Reviews and/or responds to post award requests, expenditures, administrative costs, and financial reports.

- Prepares necessary grant related documents, memos, letters, and reports as necessary.

- Reviews drawdowns data from the Payment Management System, Unified Financial Management System, and GATES.

- Contributes to effective and efficient delivery of ACF grants management operations through proficient use of financial systems related to grants i.e., On-Line Data Collection, GATES, and Grant Solutions.

- Completes Risk Assessments of major ACF’s grant programs as part of the ACF Improper Payments initiative and supports various financial oversight activities designed to ensure that proper stewardship of ACF funds occur.

- Coordinates with Health and Human Service’s Offices of the Inspector General and the Office of Budget, Technology, and Finance to ensure ACF products and activities are timely and accurate.

- Compile and maintain financial data. Conducts financial analyses, and drafts status reports of pending and resolved actions/deliverables.

- Design, develop, and implementation of financial management policies, procedures, standards, and practices.

- Drafts written recommendations or responses as appropriate to inquiries from staff members, award recipients and other customers regarding grants management and financial requirements in a timely manner.

- Participates in meetings with business managers, grant administrators, and others responsible for grants management matters to determine accountability and allow ability of expenditures and drawdowns for ACF Formula, Entitlement and Block Grants as appropriate.

- Responsible for presentations at grantee and other conferences; participates in extramural activities not directly related to assigned duties, i.e., assisting with special reports and providing technical assistance e.g. program offices and collaboration with other offices.

- Provides advice and assistance to program staff and helps to implement corrective actions to ensure sound financial management of programs.

- Prepares drafts of instructions for tracking and reporting expenditures.

- Develops financial management oversight systems to ensure fiscal and legislative requirements are met.

- Demonstrates ability to research applicable laws, regulations and policies. Familiar with vast array of written resources available including the GPAM, HHS grants policy directives, IMS, PIs, programs specific regulations, OMB Circulars, GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), GSTES, PMS, HSES, ECLKC and various internet sources.

- Provides interpretation and or recommendations to regional and tribal staff on policies and procedures for the Tribal Child Support Program.

Supervisor: Monica Evans 202-***-****)

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Department of the Navy -Field Support Activity Wash DC

1013 O Street SE

Building 166, Suite 301

Washington DC, DC 20374

Financial Management Analyst- 06/2015 - 09/2016

•Assist Senior Budget Analyst by regularly (daily during POM and weekly during budget cycles) downloading the PBIS

Control issues/reductions for the DNS Resource Sponsorship (RS) as well as the OPNAV Staff.

•Communicate orally and in writing to senior leadership analyzed findings on issues/reductions that pertain to the DNS RS as well as the OPNAV Staff.

•Assist Senior Budget Analyst by providing documentation to write justified reclamas to reductions within one (1) day of issuance.

•Ensure electronic (e-mail) and telephonic communication requirements are properly documented and acted upon within three (3) days in order to provide proper information for upper management action.

•Assist in analyzing and processing requisitions upon electronic submission through the OPNAV OS mailbox within three (3) business days for signature.

•Ensure all documents submitted for authorization contain key supporting documentation and

required data elements are cited in accordance with FIAR compliance and ensure no more than 15% marginal error prevalent.

•Ensure existing and incremental funding modifications are processed within three (3) business days of receipt for signature authorization and forwarded to the Contracting Agency for acceptance and/or award.

•Ensure acceptance copies are received within five (5) business days unless unforeseen circumstances prevent with supporting documentation.

•Ensure a comprehensive and complete set of files with all supporting documentation are properly saved/loaded to the share drive for all financial requisitions that are issued during the executing fiscal year in accordance with FIAR guidelines.

•Ensure electronic (e-mail) and telephonic communication requirements are properly documented and acted upon within three (3) days in order to provide expert guidance and policy for OPNAV’s assigned programs.

•Assist Senior Contract Analyst with Tri-Annual Review and provide supporting documentation as requested.

•As APC (Agency Program Coordinator) for the Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program I ensure the following: Managing and ensuring proper training of all Approving Officials (AO) and Card holders are completed prior to purchase card request set-up. Within three (3) business days of request, prepare and submit to upper management Delegation of Authority letters for signature and processing in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) 1.6, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFAR) 201.6, NAVSUPINST 4200-99 (Series) and the OPNAV Internal Operating Procedures (IOP).

•Maintain oversights and internal reviews of purchase card transactions.

•Monitor transactions to ensure all purchases are made in accordance with policy and procedures.

•Review IOP at least once a year and update accordingly.

•Notify AO’s and Card holders within two (2) business days of any approved changes made to the IOP.

•Assist with the coordination and facilitation of the scheduled purchase card program audits performed by the Commanding Officer, Fleet Logistics Center.

•Super-User for the migration of the financial system STARS to SABRS

Supervisor: Leo Sharp 202-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Contact me first

U.S. Marine Corps

2079 Barnett Ave

Quantico, VA 22134

FINANCIAL TECHNICIAN- 09/2012- 05/2015

-Researches and analyzes individual cases to determine appropriate solutions to pay and travel problems in accordance with established regulations, policies, procedures, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

-Provides instruction and training for base level employees and managers on all aspects of pay and travel entitlements.

-Monitors and provides validation for the processing of complicated pay and travel cases.

-Participates in special projects and conducts research to improve product line efficiency, effectiveness and compliance with rules and regulations.

-Responsible for the certification of diverse military pay transactions in the Marine Corps Total Force System.

-Responsible for work distribution to other voucher examiners, review, and accurate audit of non-DTS travel vouchers. Also reviews rejected vouchers for accuracy and provides complete assessments for corrective measures.

-Interprets and provides written or oral instructions concerning pertinent material governing the input, update, and questions presented on travel entitlements.

-Certifies Defense Travel System (DTS) vouchers routed through the Finance Office

-Reviews and validates internal and external financial records as it pertains to several small organizations; provides accurate and updated reviews of all travel transactions on a daily basis to include appropriations of travel funds

-Evaluates individual productivity based on effectiveness while maintaining 99% accuracy rates per examiner.

-Examines documents for accuracy, adequacy of documentation, compliance with regulations for goods and services provided to or by the Government, satisfaction or default in fulfilling contractual obligations, reimbursements for travel and transportation

-Determining pay, payroll records maintenance and completion of reports pertaining to civilian employees of the Federal Government.

-Performs accounting functions to include review, preparation, and certification of reports for travel vouchers and other claims for payment.

-Provides support to assigned military personnel to include monitoring individual service requirements, assignments and separations, annual training expense claims.


TRI-CITIES HIGH SCHOOL East Point, GA United States

High School or equivalent 06/1997


Some College Coursework Completed

Major: Human Resource Management

Military Service

Branch: U.S. Navy

Service Country: United States

Rank: E5

September 1997 to September 2011

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