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Havertown, Pennsylvania, United States
November 01, 2018

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Edward Sesay's CV

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Skype ID: edwardyapoh

Personal Details

Full Name

Edward Sesay

Date Of Birth


Place of Birth

Kamabai, Sierra Leone.



Marital Status




Read, Write, Speak

English Excellent


3/17/2014 (Completed)Masters in Computer Science(MSc)-Excellent

Atlantic International University in USA

Completed 07/2009



Post graduate Diploma in Computer Science

Midland Academy of Business and Technology in UK.


System Analysis and Design

Management Information System


Software Engineering Programming

Web Design and final project

Data Communication and Networking

Certificate at Humanity First Institute Of Information Technology in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


Data Communication






Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Electricals and Electronics.

B.eng Degree at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.


Signal Analysis

Communication Engineering.

Digital Systems

Controls Engineering Power Engineering Digital Systems I & II

Higher Teachers Certificate(Secondary) in Education and Technology (HTC)

Milton Margai College of Education and Technology


Technical studies (Electrical &electronic)



Student Life Employment





IT Personnel

Internship/Vacation entry level position at SMSITNOW Interactive Solutions in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Duties & Responsibilities: Maintaining the normal operation of the servers and the computers in our LAN.

Research Undertaken

Modern fault location methods in Telecommunication and Power cables. Case study Seirratel and NPA as partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelor of Engineering (BENG) in electrical and electronics engineering.

Working Life Employment

1/7/July/2017 to Present


325 North Five-point Road-West Chester PA 19380.

Volunteer: Housekeeping, Cleaner and IT support.







1/7/2016 to 31/12/2017.

Huawei Core Network Consultant- Senior NSS Manager-Lonestar/MTN Mobile Company- Monrovia Liberia (new owner of Novafone)

Duties & Responsibilities:

Huawei Core network cutover to Ericsson Core network( MSC/HLR/UMG/USN/UGW etc)

Huawei BSS/UTRAN network cut over to Ericsson BSS/UTRAN/LTE network.

International Gateway migration, SS7&, SIGTRAN and VOIP Migration etc.

10/10/2012 to 30/6/2016

Huawei Core network Consultant-NSS/GPRS/NOC/INT Roaming-Core/BSS Unit Manager- NOVAFONE GSM/UMTS Company Liberia.

Duties & Responsibilities:

I carry out the Hardware and software maintenance of the network. This includes: MSC (MSC G6 /MSOFTX3000/), MGW (UMG8900), HLR9820 and the GPRS-SGSN, GGSN, CG-ACTA HW and BSC 6900- BSS (2G, 3G & 4G/LTE) expert-Preparing and analyzing performance daily statistics of the network this includes NSS/BSS KPI updates, call success rate and failure rate analysis. And also carrying out routine maintenance of the network including Roaming, NSS/BSS data configuration and troubleshooting.

Activities and Skills:

Core network Expert:

Completed MSC migration to Cellcom Liberia 4G network

Completed interconnection and configuration of SS7 over IP - Mada international Gateway.

Completed interconnection and configuration of PRI interface connection – CosmoTell NGN international Gateway

NOVAFONE 4G project BSC6900 DC HSPA+)- Huawei ACTA hardware Msoftx3000,UMG 8900,ng,Gu HLR9820,HSS9860(CPCI, ATAE & ACTA. PS- USN/SGSN, UGW/GGSN, NAU, BG, CG etc. integration.

HLRV36 Cut over to GUHLR9820 & HSS9860

MSCV36 Cut over to MSOFTX3000V200R009

IN (SCP) Core Cutover to OCS.

SMSC integration to Core network.

Vodafone roaming HUB configuration using SS7 over IP

International roaming for voice and data configuration and testing.


Worked on I-Manager M2000 (CME based) as BSS (O&M) Expert.

Worked on different versions of BSC’s like BSC6000, BSC6900, BSC6910 and BTS like BTS3012, BTS3012AE BTS3006C, BTS3900/BTS3900L, BTS3812, BTS3803, BTS3902E BTS3900, BTS3900A and DBS3900.DBS3900A for configuration and integration of sites, expansions of sites.

Loading and activation of software’s on BTS boards through I-M2000 and web LMT.

Currently working on BSC6900 (AoIP & GboIP) Installation, Commissioning & Integration with MSC’s.

Dual carrier configuration on RNC and Node B.

Abis expansion and TRU Upgrade.

Conducted BSC’s software up gradation on different version and expansions of sub racks.

Also conducted online ATP’s of BSC 6900, Inner PCU’s and BSC’s Sub-racks.

Worked on a trail project of 3G (Cmpak) for successfully testing of 3G services on RNC & NodeB’s.

Performed Rehoming, Cutover, migration, and media shifting activities during outage hours.

Managing subcontractor resources for the installation of BSC’s, cutover, Rehoming & migration activities.

Installation, configuration and integration of 3G & 4G sites from OMCR.

Single carrier to dual carrier conversion and configurarion of 3G cells. And also Conversion and configuration of 3G to 4G sites.

Successfully done cutover of sites from Ericson & Alcatel to Huawei.

Successfully done soft and hard expansion of sites on BSC6900 at OMCR

Coordination with field teams for troubleshooting and online ATP’s of roll out BTS Sites.

Trouble shooting and Provide technical support to on-field BSS 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE installation engineers and resolves their issues.

Extraction of stats using Huawei PRS and M2000. Report and KPI creation, report scheduling and management using Huawei PRS and M2000.

Resolving RF Optimization Problem through Parameter modification using MML and LMT. Alarm monitoring, Network DB extraction and audit.

Resolving Transmission Problem through Parameter modification using MML and LMT. Alarm monitoring, Network DB extraction and audit.

Audit the MML files using the PFM Studio during the upgrade version of BSCs and restores the discrepancies value to original values.

Successfully done expansion of sites on BSC6000 and BSC6900 at OMCR during outage hours.

Loading and activation of software’s on BTS boards through I-M2000.

Trouble shooting of sites having call muting problems.

Call testing and loop testing through Web LMT.

Provide technical support to on-field BSS installation engineers and resolves their issues.

Rehoming and media shifting activities during outage hours.

KPIs and Stats Monitoring in OMC-R, Troubleshooting of the Network issues Alarm configuration and monitoring.

To coordinate with field teams for troubleshooting.

NSS,NOC/BSS and International Roaming Expert Comium The Gambia GSM Company

Network subsystems(NSS), NOC (network operation Center) and International Roaming Expert(NSS/NOC/BSS Manager) Comium mobile communication company Banjul The Gambia.

Duties & Responsibilities

I carry out the Hardware and software maintenance of the network. This includes: MSC (MSOFTX3000), MGW (UMG8900), HLR9820 and the GPRS-SGSN, GGSN, CG. Preparing and analyzing performance daily statistics of the network this includes KPI, NSS Updates, call success rate and failure rate analysis. And also carrying out routine maintenance of the network including Roaming, data configuration and troubleshooting implementation, IREG Testing(postpaid, Camel, GPRS) & TADIG; signaling link configuration, Core network and SCP routing table configuration for international roaming and Trouble shooting of complex problems relating to NSS and international roaming. Also Manager for NOC operations, handling fault reports, issuing trouble tickets and monitoring fault management of Comium Network.

NSS and GPRS Engineer (GTSE) Huawei Technology LTD

Permanent senior level position at Huawei Technologies Ltd in the Telecommunication sector, as a Global Technical support Engineer (GTSE) under Guinea and later Ghana office.

Duties & Responsibilities

As a Huawei equipment expert, I carry out the Hardware and Software installation, debugging of all the network equipment and expanding and upgrading of NSS, GPRS and inter offices equipment. This includes: MSC, HLR, MGW, SGSN; GGSN, NAU CG and Local WS used for Operation and maintenance centers. Also Installation and Configuration M2000V1 & V2- integrated management alarm reporting systems.

Training Undertaking

1. Mobile Switching Center (MSC61ovs) Core Network Training

HUAWEI Technology Ltd.

Abuja Training Center Nigeria

2. Mobile Switching Center MSOFTX3000- (WCDMA) and MGW 2G, 2.5G & 3G Core Network


HUAWEI Technology Ltd.

Abuja Training Center Nigeria

3. Home Location Register (HLRV36/GU HLR9820) Training

HUAWEI Technology Ltd.

Abuja Training Center Nigeria


10/2006 4. Packet Switched (PS) Network (GPRS) Training

HUAWEI Technology Ltd.

Guinea SOLTELGUI Telecoms.

5. Quality and Control Management Training

HUAWEI Technology Ltd

Guinea SOLTELGUI Telecoms.

3/2007 to 4/2007

6. Project Survey, Management and Implementation Training.

HUAWEI Tech. Co. Ltd.

Datatel NIC Building, Sierra Leone.

7. CS Network Design and Optimization Training.

HUAWEI Tech. Co. Ltd.

Datatel NIC Building, Sierra Leone

5/2013 to 8/2013

8. BSC6900 (BSC/RNC) and Huawei M2000 Training- Huawei University Shenzen China.

As outlined above I had my formal NSS training in 2006, since then have attended other trainings on Project Surveying and Implementation, Engineering installation flow and operation and Maintenance of these network elements.

I have completed the following projects;

DATATEL (Sierra Leone) (3G) Project

SOLTELGUI (Guinea) G9(2.5G) and GPRS Project

Comium Sierra Leone MSC/HLR Expansion and GPRS Project.

Comium Liberia MSC/HLR Expansion Project.

Libercell Liberia G9 project.

Comium Sierra Leone MSC Expansion, HLR Cutover and GPRS project.

Comium The Gambia G9 and GPRS (EDGE) Project

Novafone INC Liberia GSM/UMTS (4G) implementation Project

During the course of implementing the Projects stated above, the following responsibilities were looked at;

• Design, implementation, integration and commissioning of GSM, WCDMA Core network products.

• Analysis and Preparation of Network performance and Statistics of all Core network products.

• Installation, configuration and administration of Integrated Network Management System M2000 V1/V2/V3

• GCRMS ticketing and resolutions.

• Provision of Tele-remote support for clients.

• Manages the TAC CRM section for NSS.

• Software Upgrade and patch management of the NMS applications, OMC and the switching

• Hardware/software deployment and quality checks of Huawei GSM/WCDMA MSC Switch,

• Deployment and administration on UNIX/SUN SOLARIS/WINDOW OS Platforms

• Deployment and administration of SQL and Sybase Database Management platforms.

• Huawei HLR equipment installation and set-up.

• Quality acceptance testing and assurance checks.

• Technical Patrol inspections for all WCDMA and GSM products.

• Software Upgrade and patch management for WCDMA products.

The project Design and implementation flow/sequence

GSM/WCDMA-CS core network equipment operating system (concept of signaling call- location update, ordinary calls, handover etc..)

Huawei Mobile SOFT Switch (MSOFTX3000) hardware architecture, system principle, operation and all related protocol CAMEL,MAP,CAP,BSSAP+,RANAP,ISUP, SCTP, BICC,SIP.SIGTRAN .etc.

Huawei media gateway (UMG8900) hardware architecture, system principle and operation.

Hardware installation of MSC/UMG/HLR/GPRS

Software Installation of MSC/UMG/HLR/GPRS

Data Configuration of MSC/UMG/HLR/GPRS

Hardware quality check of MSC/UMG/ HLR/GPRS

Software Quality Check of MSC/UMG/ HLR/GPRS

Projects Commissioning and debugging

Integration Procedure of Various Network Elements which includes; MSC, BSC,SCP, SMC.GRBT GPRS.etc

Patch implementation on MSC

Adding BTS and Node Bs sites in various LAI‘s & SAIs etc.

Querying and clearing of alarm information

Carry out routine maintenance operations based on the hardware and software inspection so as to optimize the system and improve the running efficiency etc.

Collecting and analyzing daily statistics for KPI Records and make recommendations on network performances.

Huawei gateway bill (IGWB) system principle, charging mechanism and operation

Solaris (SUN) operating system and TCP/IP protocol.

Configuration of Routers firewalls and Lan switches




Driving (15 years’ experience)

Core network Operation and maintenance(CS & PS& BSS) NOC and INT Roaming(above 12 years’ experience)


Hardware/Software Installation of all Huawei NSS/BSS Equipment (11 to 12 years’ experience). The NSS equipment includes the MSC61, HLRV36 Msoftx3000, UMG8900, HLR 9820, HSS9860,BSC6900,SGSN, GGSN,CG and iManager 2000V1& V2

Mastered the following GSM/UMTS network protocols:SS7, TUP/ISUP,MAP,CAP, Camel,H.248;BSSMAP+/DTAP,LAPD,RANAP,TCP/IP,SCTP;HSL, AoIP, GboIP, SIGTRAN,BICC,GCP,IPBCP,SIP, Diameter, IM to mentioned but few. IMS,LTE, HSUPA+/HSDPA+ and dc HSDPA+&HSUPA+ technologies.


Installation and Configuring of Imanager M2000 V1/V2 for use as OMC WS. (11 to 12 years’ experience)

Microsoft Office (above 11years experience)

Project Survey, Management and Implementation (10 to 11 years’ experience)

Trouble shooting Huawei NSS/BSS and GPRS Equipment. (11 to 12 years experience)

Data Communication and Networking, FTP and Unix OS ( 11 to 12 year experience)

CME Tool for configuration of GSM/UMTS network (BTSs, DBS 3900, DBS3900A Node Bs eNodeB s etc. Scripts)(11 to 12 years)

Dual carrier configuration on RNC and Node B.(10 to 11Years)

NOC EXPERT- Over seeing BSS, MSC, VAS, GPRS and IN/OCS centralized monitoring systems-Collecting and escalating trouble tickets associated with Alarms generated, Detect faults, prioritize them and take immediate actions to correct them, Keep records of daily trouble Shooting causing cases (Trouble Ticket), Co-operate with Customer Care to ensure the best feedback for end-users and also Co-operate with specialists to ensure quick trouble recovery.

Other Skills

Due to my time spent in the NSS/BSS field, I have also acquired vas knowledge on the Intelligent Network (IN) /SCP/OCS/SMAP/SMSC and RNC/NODE b/VOIP/eNode b & V9R15/LTE softwares & protocols and Micro wave Radio Transmission management Arviat and Huawei technology.

Career Objective & Availability

Career Objective

NSS/BSS (Core network) Global Consultant.


I am available within six weeks’ notice


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