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Engineer Manager

Santa Cruz, CA
October 31, 2018

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Professional Summary

Professional experience in the computer industry as a QA Engineer, delivering quality results and products in a high pressure, deadline-oriented environments; 15+ years in Apple Engineering, Marketing, and Physical Security systems; focusing on UX and usability, validation; Systems Administration of heterogeneous networks in critical environments.

Career Overview

Tesla, Palo Alto, CA SW Developer Engineer (contract complete) 5/2018 - 10/2018

Daily testing of firmware release trains, hardware updates, modifications, on prototype to production vehicles, dynamometer, chamber or public roads. Working to deliver the best user experience when new features are added to the UI. Focus on testing new UI features on the current released vehicle Infotainment displays (Model S, Model X, Model 3).

CrossFit, Scotts Valley CA, Senior QA Tester (contract complete) 1/2018 - 5/2018

Execute QA testing of website, iOS/Android device applications, creation of test cases in an Agile Management system.

Apple, Sunnyvale CA, Mobility Engineer (contract complete) 10/2017 - 1/2018

Mobile Device Management/Admin of iOS devices, to secure, invite, and manage meeting rooms integrated into the corporate CalDAV Calendar system, in 1000+ Apple locations throughout Apple Americas and the international locations.

Global Security & Special Events Administrator (contract complete) 1/2017 - 4/2017

Administration of kiosk, reception, and security officer machines+devices (macOS/Win/iOS) using Casper Suite,

Profile Manager, Apple Configurator 2; Administration of macOS Server 5.2, plan and deliver Evolis Badging Systems using FileMaker/Cocoa app for restricted meetings, Business Unit events); Installation of Windows / VMware Virtualization for Remote for video and access monitoring in Security Officer Centers (SOC) monitoring Apple buildings worldwide.

SW QA Engineer (Frameworks) (contract complete) 2/2016 - 8/2016

Automated and manual UI python script testing for Siri / Dictation voice recognition, and Accessibility Testing on macOS and Mac platform, updated and installed beta macOS 10.12 for test using diskless booting technologies; Modified and wrote bug reports against test scripts and harnesses to improve the test performance and product experience.

Systems Administrator Marketing & Communications (contract complete) 4/2013 - 10/2015

As lead Systems Admin of a three-man team, built QA environment for from 13 unmanaged Mac minis and 35 mobile devices into a managed QA/Dev network, testing at API and web service level, of over:

230 iOS (3-9.1)/Android mobile devices under AirWatch (On-Prem / SaaS), Apple Configurator for MDM supervision;

200+ OS X and Windows test units and QA tester workstations running OS X 10.6.8 to 10.11, XP to Windows 10, and XCode, Bash, Open Source apps & tools under Profile Manager, Net Install/Casper Suite config and deployment.

Managed clients of workgroups over 1,500 users using LDAP and Active Directory Services.

Setup, validation, certification testing of web service methodologies HTTP, CSS, JSON, Javascript, XML; white box testing and building testing frameworks; experience with distributed source control systems Git and CVS.

Software QA Engineer 7/2012 - 10/2012

Black Box & ad hoc integration TTS of iWork Productivity Suite on Mac OS X, iOS,, Regression testing on GM/Shipping Software specific to syncing across Operating Systems and devices.

Systems Administrator / Server QA Engineer / Scientist II contract complete 1/2001 to 4/2009

Tested and debugged alpha/beta/ release firmware which coordinated low timing, cooling, booting and hardware management for Intel and PowerPC based Xserve (servers), desktop, laptop systems; Apple TV, Xserve RAID; Embedded iOS systems (iPod Touch/iPhone platforms), third-party apps and hardware in order to improve the managed network experience for the end-user.

•Experienced in end to end, functional and manual, testing working directly with Mac Engineer HW Devs team.

•Created test cases, use of test management tools, and reports generation /Agile (Apple Radar app).

•Alpha development on Apple’s RAFT (automated UI scripting) test environment to test the Mac OS bundle.

•Extensive testing/design refinement on diskless booting and imaging systems with Mac OS X Server.

•Created and maintained Apple’s test plans for BMC (low level management software for server monitoring).

•Developed Server Bundle System testing for over six (6) years.

•Extensive TV/Monitor compliance testing for HDMI/HDPC on the first Generation Apple TV.

Systems Network Administrator/Systems Test Engineer (contract complete) 6/2000 to 1/2001

Testing Apple and third-party hardware and software during the development of Mac OS/X with specialization in connectivity testing; and, maintenance and administration of STE lab networks, campus Retrospect backups, and STE Tokyo/ Cork Mirror servers. Served as Network Administrator and maintained existing network systems for STE for two months before being hired by Apple Computer.

Apple, Palo Alto CA, Business Specialist 9/2011 - 7/2012

Procured business introductions of customers directly and directing the general specialist in acquisitions of business introductions, solution briefing, closing sales for business customers (proprietor to medium size business) and analytics.

Focused on iWork/iCloud deployment, and iOS (iPhone, iPad, MDM) and Mac OS X Server solutions. Customer facing team that generated (on average) 30 - 40% of total store sales per week.

Samsung, Sunnyvale, CA, Data Collection QA Engineer (contract complete) 5/2017 - 10/2017

Mobile testing; designing and execution of test cases for voice application “Bixby” voice recognition,

STT (Speech to Text), TTS (Text to speech)) and Localization in different environments) on Samsung devices.

•Meeting existing requirements and execution on each Samsung flagship device in GM release SME line

•Creating test cases covering all aspects of mobile testing for new features, log/tracking defect bugs unSl closure.

•Co-ordinate with program management, Developers and QA leads.

Plantronics, Santa Cruz, CA, QA Engineer (contract complete) 11/2012 – 4/2013

Quality Assurance Testing of Plantronics headsets, Spokes call control software and Unified Communications (soft phone clients) including Microsoft Lync / Lync:mac 2011, Cisco CUPC, CIPC, Webex, Jabber for Mac, Avaya, IBM Sametime, NEC SP350 in tandem with Windows XP to Win 8 and Mac OS X; desk phones, iOS and Android devices.

•Created guideline docs for sos/desk phones, accounts, and server administration for QA testing and easy access to all UC Lab Project directories.

•Streamlined the Mac OS X administration, imaging and sos phone testing with hyperlinked documentation.

•Enabled simultaneous network use (production/engineering) without bridging or tripping spanning tree on Macs.

•Spearheaded implementation of mirroring sos client installers from Production to Engineering.

Times-7 Sport, Inc., Scotts Valley, CA, Sales/Marketing Manager (contract complete) 6/2010 - 4/2011

Sales and market support of passive RFID timing systems for cycling events, software support, event timing, and providing solutions for North American customers. Field QA Engineering of products before deployment to customers. Coordinated with developers to provide hardware/software solutions. Understanding of the following cycling disciplines: road, track, mountain, cyclocross, gran fondos, and adapting our products to fit the promoter and end user’s needs.

•Deployed digital timing systems in Northern California and Oregon along with breaking down the door to adoption of the products from USA Cycling and some of its local Associations.

DataNetworks, Inc., Charlotte, NC, Network Engineer (contract complete) 8/1999 to 12/1999

Installation, repair & support of turnkey solutions for K-12 environments, deploying Windows NT, Novell, Citrix, and Mac OS/Mac OS X Server/NetBoot.

LifeSpan / St. Mark’s Inc., Charlotte, NC Systems Administrator/MIS Director 10/1996 to 8/1999

Design and administration of 100Bit switched Ethernet LANs, maintenance of accounting and administrative data- bases on WinNT and Mac OS/X servers and servicing and maintaining Citrix (MetaFrame) servers and WinNT/Mac OS thin-clients workstations.

Implemented, maintained and daily administered the LANs/WAN through IP/gateways, dial up (PPP, RAS, ARA), ISDN, T-1, and VPNs throughout 40 locations in 17 countries.

United States Navy, San Diego, CA, Naval Intelligence Specialist 8/1986 to 2/1989

Data collection and dissemination of classified map/charts, sea and air target information database management of identification-Friend-or-Foe (IFF) codes using WinTel and proprietary computing systems; mission planning of air strikes; management of all maps/charts of the Pacific used for mission planning; pilot mission briefing/debriefing.

•Created first computerized database deployed for Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) codes onboard Naval Carriers.

Chronological Overview

Direct Hire

Apple, CA 06/2000 - 4/2009; 9/2011 - 7/2012

DataNetworks, Inc., Charlotte, NC 08/1999 - 12/1999

LifeSpan / St. Mark’s Inc., Charlotte, NC 10/1996 - 08/1999

United States Navy, San Diego, CA 08/1986 - 02/1989


Tesla, Palo Alto, CA 05/2018 - present

CrossFit, Scotts Valley CA 01/2018 - 5/2018

Apple, CA 6/2000 – 1/2001;4/2013 - 10/2015, 10/2017 - 1/2018, 1/2017 - 4/2017, 2/2016 - 8/2016

Samsung, Sunnyvale, CA 05/2017 - 10/2017

Plantronics, Santa Cruz, CA 11/2012 - 04/2013

Times-7 Sport, Inc., Scotts Valley, CA 06/2010 - 04/2011

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