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Manager Software Engineer

Newark, CA
October 31, 2018

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512-***-**** • •


Accomplished senior leader with over 15 years of combined experience in product management and engineering, shaping the innovation of product design and development. Committed to creating groundbreaking software, apps, and tools designed to change how the market thinks about technology as an integral part of life. Proven history of leading product lifecycles for robust, unique products, transforming ideas into viable, tested concepts, prototypes, and market-ready solutions. Adept at integrating consumer insights and behavior into development, driving features, usability, and enhancements.

Product Life Cycle Management • Market Segmentation • Pricing Analytics & Strategy Strategic Planning • Requirements Gathering & Analysis • Software Engineering • P&L Technical Product Development • Agile & Lean Development Methodologies • Business Modeling Team Building • Leadership • Staff Management & Development • Project Management PRODUCT EXPERIENCE

SHOWCASED LLC, International • 2016-Present • • Product Manager A social app for exploring personal growth in users' hobbies, skills, and passions.

• Conceptualized, developed, and launched application integrating technology and life to support growth of user's passions. Applied user feedback and market research to refine simple idea into complete product.

• Defined product vision and roadmap using impact maps, product backlog, feature prioritization, user journeys, epics, user stories, and FAQ videos.

• Deployed innovative product in Google Play and iTunes stores, reaching over 500 users within weeks.

• Refined user interface and wireframe, clarifying and improving user journeys.

• Coached and mentored co-founders and engineers based in multiple geographic locations.

• Led offshore engineering team to deliver broad feature set on modest $30,000 budget.

• Secured funding through competitions, startup challenges, and development of investor pitch deck.

• Optimized customer experience by conducting and analyzing surveys, focus groups, and user videos. SLINGSHOT SYSTEMS LLC, North Carolina • 2015-2017

Startup leading to multiple consulting engagements. SMART BREAKER BOX • Product Manager / Engineering / Co-Founder

• Managed design and development of new Smart Breaker Box product which implements demand response signals from utility company to reallocate energy needs in the home market.

• Integrated secondary home automation functions after evaluating competitive offerings.

• Supervised hardware and software teams while bringing product to effective prototyping stage.

• Designed differentiated product and revenue model, applicable to multiple states and utility companies.

• Sourced funding through competitions, startup challenges, and grant applications.

• Researched design options and refined product model, framework, and features.

• Conducted gap analyses to determine market. Defined user requirements with companies and stakeholders.

• Led prototyping and testing.

FLEXQA.COM for SPEARHEAD, LLC • Consulting Product Manager

• Evaluated firm's competitive advantage and created service offering to align to underserved industry segment: manual, automated, and functional testing processes for startups on fractional basis.

• Improved resource utilization by leveraging untapped and unused resources.

• Conducted SWOT to help realign goal of company from other projects and play into their strengths Resume

MANISH AHUJA • Page 2 • 512-***-**** • • FLEXQA.COM for SPEARHEAD, LLC, cont.:

• Identified resources, created processes, trained staff, and used customer feedback to fine-tune onboarding.

• Marketed firm successfully, landing first client.

• Created simple pricing structures to allow small startups to afford services.

• Improved profits by 17% for new division vis-à-vis other operations.

• Created processes for integrating into customers CI/CD pipeline, automation, api, security testing and reporting to provide coverage and confidence level for builds.

• Verified proof of concept and created processes to facilitate company growth, hiring 5 additional employees and landing 2 additional customers. Managed both offshore employees and onshore customers. ROVIDA / UFLOW THERAPEUTICS, LLC • Consulting Product Manager

• Managed design and research activities to create active surveillance mobile application, to better serve needs of pre-surgery prostate cancer patients. Coordinated with leading hospital on east coast.

• Identified stakeholders, personas, and constituencies and their needs, and gathered requirements.

• Defined verifiable metrics as required by each user role to measure product value and success.

• Navigated legal issues to integrate app with hospital's Electronic Health Record system (EPIC).

• Researched wearable devices, services, and health apps which will collect external data and integrate with mobile app, identifying variables which may improve patient outcome, and tracking patient compliance.

• Created high level architecture, design documents, and storyboards for cross-functional review.

• Presented multiple pricing models and development schedules for different featured product versions. Additional Consulting: Performed descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Enabled 20% inventory reduction by providing analytics and forecasting for hardware manufacturer with operations worldwide. ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE

SAMSUNG MSL R&D, San Jose, California • 2017-2018 • Consulting R&D Engineer

• Ideated and created proof of concept for next generation of Key-Value/Object stores on embedded platforms.

• Advancing research into network-assisted storage protocols by prototyping using p4 lang and an end-user programmable protocol independent switch. Protocol design was over IP/TCP/UDP. AXCIENT / E-FOLDER, San Jose, California • 2017 • Engineering & Product

• Shaped product development strategies and success pathways aimed at improving performance and decreasing cost for SaaS-based market backup product, "Fusion."

• Evaluated Fusion VMWare ESX cloud backup product line for use-case and architecture, ensuring alignment with company objectives, including cost and scaling into micro services for future growth.

• Ensured user objectives: exhaustive Recovery Point Objective (RPO), low Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

• Reduced AWS expenses by 26% by redesigning and optimizing resource usage by Cassandra cluster. UNITRENDS, Columbia, South Carolina • 2014-2015 • Senior Software Engineer / Product Owner

• Recovered NDMP backup project by adding new protocol within 9 months and doubling backup performance.

• Performed and presented "build vs buy" analyses by creating/projecting total life cycle cost for this feature.

• Gathered project requirements and performed competitive analysis for pricing, features, and segmentation.

• Managed projects using Agile methodologies, coordinating with senior management by presenting detailed plans, requirements, designs, schedules, and test plans for new products & features. Led a 5-member team

• Established new frameworks, change from monolith to micro-services, integration into CI/CD pipeline, training videos, triage workshops, and sales / technical support documentation.

• Composed user stories in JIRA, conducted sprint planning, triaged priorities, and analyzed retrospective. DATADOMAIN / EMC, Durham, North Carolina • 2009-2013 • Senior Software Engineer, Data Domain

• Created and managed client backup/recovery libraries for DataDomain, and integrated into multiple platforms and multiple product lines, by using Symantec, Avamar, Bustech, and Networker EMC APIs. Resume

MANISH AHUJA • Page 3 • 512-***-**** • • DATADOMAIN, cont.:

• Managed and drove over $400 million in revenue and secured more than 10,000 software licenses by leading full-lifecycle product launch of the DDBOOST API on AIX, Solaris and HPUX and forging lucrative partnership with IBM sales and development teams.

• Focused on Multi-tenancy, security, client authentication, stream performance, integration with EMC frameworks after acquisition amongst other projects. IBM, Austin, Texas • 1998-2009 • Senior Software Engineer, IBM Linux & AIX Technology Center

• Partnered with Open Source Linux community and contributed code to drive focus on new PowerPC features in Linux 2.4/2.6 kernel. Added new features in the AIX kernel in the jfs filesystem.

• Celebrated for resolving critical issue for client EDS just before quarterly investor meeting, recovering over

$7M in daily losses for a total of $1 billion recovered.

• Led team of 5 engineers handling challenging customer escalations daily, and oversaw ad-hoc teams resolving critical issues over multiple divisions in core AIX space of JFS/J2 file-systems, LVM and VM.

• Gathered customer use cases and requirements, and advocated to company as voice of customer.

• Filed multiple groundbreaking patented inventions and publications. FORMAL EDUCATION

Master of Business Administration in Strategy, Pricing & Entrepreneurship (2016) Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Postgraduate Degree in Computer Science (Master's Equivalent) (1996) National Center for Software Technology

Bachelor of Science (1993)

Mumbai University


• 8,140,817: Partition layouts on large NUMA machines

• 8,291,397: Compiler optimized function variants for use when return codes are ignored

• 8,307,367: Smart scheduling of automatic partition migration by use of timer TECHNICAL SKILLS

Tableau, JIRA, Jenkins, Aha, Linux Kernel, Git, GCC Tools, C, C++, Python, SQL, Agile/Scrum, MS Excel, Cassandra, Mindmup, UXPRESSIA, Balsamiq, Open Source, File Systems VOLUNTEERING

Board of Directors, Carolina Tiger Rescue (2011-2017); Volunteer, Assoc for India’s development (2001-2011) AWARDS

Exceptional work with clients, design & development, and patent filing (@IBM 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008) Coursework certifications (ongoing)

Applied Data Science with Python (Machine Learning) UMICH • AWS Machine Learning Workshops Marketing Strategy Specialization – IE Business School @Coursera

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