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Executive Engineer

Glenview, IL, 60025
October 31, 2018

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847-***-**** Glenview, IL *****

Summary of Major Achievements & Characteristics

Attained an Executive Leadership MBA from SEU – April 2018

Highly effective leader, an innovator & a motivator with an innate persuasive nature, based on spiritual and ethical human qualities of truth, honesty, integrity, kindness, gratitude, appreciation and generosity.

Led several family enterprises spanning retail, wholesale and even manufacturing. Built a new factory from scratch, in Dubai, UAE and successfully ran all daily operations as the effective COO and managing director, and later sold it at a profit.

Created a DOT COM startup An imaging and professional photography ecommerce bazaar, connecting consumers, photographers and labs. Retained a few valuable accounts, but due to dot com bust in 2008, and lack of funding, the enterprise was sunset.

Recently, $2.5 Million Dollars savings achieved, as a result of taking charge and leading an Identity Access Management project implementation at Rockwell, that was highly visible, delayed by others, and sponsored by the CIO.

Business to IT Liaison, Sr. Architect and design lead in the effort to extend the physical data center into the virtual Azure private cloud.

Leading a Flagship project-BI COE (Business Intelligence Center Of Excellence) Design of Cloudera Hadoop, Hana, IoT data loads into Hadoop via Apache Kafka, and integration with Microsoft’s Sales Force Automation CRM Dynamics and SAP.

Led the implementation of new IBM infrastructure at Aim Specialty Health that resulted in 4x server performance improvements.

As a Lead IBM Architect consultant at State Street Bank, enhanced documentation and delivered training sessions to operational resources.

While at Discover Card, ensured ROC (Report On Compliance) report is fully addressed on time, on budget and remediate over 400 violations. $5Million dollars saved, of potential SOX/PCI compliance fines.

More than 15 years consulting at fortune 100 companies with exposure to the latest cutting-edge technologies of Cloud infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Security, Compliance, Servers and Storage.

Expert in Azure cloud solutions implementation, E-Commerce, Enterprise Systems, Corporate Internet/Intranet Development, and all Corporate Server and Enterprise Development.

Mid-Career Technical Executive with Top Industry Contacts and Successes.

Reputation for immediately creating a disruptive positive change within an enterprise based on harmony, respect, integrity, work ethics and a very positive attitude that is infectious and genuine.

Highly respected individual with top financial and technology companies.

Expertise and special skill in understanding, empathizing, mentoring, motivating and creating solid relationships that bridges and brings teams together.

Ability to go the extra mile for coworkers and colleagues, which empowers his team to go the extra mile for the company and its end clients.

Relates well to C-Level executives as well as technical engineers and architects.


847-***-**** Glenview, IL 60025

“Fred is one of those unique individuals who knows what it takes to get something done…”

– Kalle Kittleson, Sr. Dir – Discover Card –

My LinkedIn profile

Prior to my IT career, I started a small family retail business that grew into multiple stores, then expanded into wholesale and later even started a small Manufacturing factory in Dubai, UAE. Later, I started & launched a Dot Com Ecommerce business, even got close to $25M funding, however 2008 bust forced me to close operations. All of these experiences were invaluable and immeasurable. As the operational Director/COO, I handled all of the day-to-day management, finance, budget, variance, strategy, employee engagement, compliance and sales of the enterprise. At our factory, I managed a global staff of over 30 people from India, Dubai and other Arab countries.

Additionally, I conducted the marketing strategies and sales calls as well as cemented several deals with various distributors. These enterprises were a great real-world experience in observing employees’ behaviors, in learning how to manage people, leading negotiations, and in understanding that treating my employees with genuine care, sincerity, empathy, kindness, truth and integrity in all of my dealings with them, will ultimately lead to a successful enterprise with a happy, cooperative, positive, enthusiastic, efficient and highly productive workforce. I learned to listen, attain emotional intelligence, and expand my ability in leading diverse global people across disparate functional teams and to always think strategically.

I am often an agent of change in every company that I have consulted at. The constant goal that I aim to achieve is to leave each engagement much better off than when I came into it. I create a paradigm shift in the work space, a spark so to speak, by transcending and transforming teams into a cohesive cooperative high energy and hard-working friendly teams. I create a family atmosphere, by listening, caring and engaging people. I have a global experience, as I have lived in three continents, speak several languages and have a worldly view and wisdom to share & mentor. If this role requires an executive that has a strategic vision, can inspire, motivate, share, lead, mentor, influence, and create a hard-working cooperative and collaborative team to achieve a common goal, then look no further.

As an Executive liaison to IT, and a Sr. IT Architect lead/Executive, for the past several years, my IT roles traversed a whole spectrum of silo-ed segments within large enterprises, and I had to be the SME (subject Matter Expert), as well as, the creative leader, to negotiate, finesse, charm, cooperate, persuade, motivate, lead, initiate, navigate IT/BU execs, and to do what seemed impossible at times, to just get things done on time and on budge. I believe that an executive role is a perfect match with my skill sets, and I know that I will work tirelessly to make it a 100% successful endeavor. I look forward to your kind reply & the opportunity to further discuss my credentials in a personal interview.

My Best Regards,

Fredrik Gabriel


847-***-**** Glenview, IL 60025

I am a highly experienced Executive & Sr. IT Architect, with tremendous people & financial management, leadership, communication, interpersonal skills and business acumen, seeking a Senior Executive management role. My technical skills are only surpassed by my soft skills. I have an executive presence with excellent communication & customer relations skills, coupled with leadership abilities & the power to persuade, mentor, inspire, negotiate, build consensus and lead teams to strive for excellence. I have a global view, lived in three continents, coupled with ability to speak several languages, easily understand & am well accustomed to different cultures and employee diversity.

“Fred is one of those unique individuals who knows what it takes to get something done…”

– Kalle Kittleson, Sr. Dir – Discover Card –

My LinkedIn profile


Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, WI Dec 2014 - Current

Sr. Architect consultant

Leading and Collaborating with a group of Sr. design engineers & architects in designing enterprise solutions.

Delivering design documentation, Visio diagrams, infrastructure builds docs, and cost estimates (opex/capex).

Devising architectural sound solutions based on approved standards covering a wide spectrum of technologies like BICOE, Microsoft Azure, Panzura, Exadata, cloud computing, IoT, DW, Hadoop, Hana, SAP, BO, PowerBI, Citrix, VmWare, Linux, EMC Isilon/VNX/VMAX SAN technologies, VCE VBlock, F5 connectivity, & Cisco UCS blades.

Leading design sessions, refining requirements, identifying & documenting risks, driving consensus, finalizing builds, creating cost estimates and obtaining approvals, ensuring smooth transition to operations, and delivering a finished end to end solution.

Relying heavily on leadership, management and extensive technical skills coupled with unparalleled customer service and communication skills. Projecting a professional and a friendly positive attitude with emphasis on building relationships enterprise wide as well as ensuring customer satisfaction and service is second to none.

Providing executive management board with progress on flagship high visibility Cloud/IoT projects.

AIM Specialty Health - Wellpoint, Deerfield, IL Mar 2014 – Dec 2014

Sr. Architect consultant

Improving performance and ROI on newly purchased IBM hardware.

Presenting Executive management efficiency and productivity improvements reports and project updates.

Led the engineering team, architected, designed & built four new P7 770 AIX LPARs for various business units. Provided the SAN team with best practices in zoning & building resilient multipath environment. Supported HP UX, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 6) servers/blades/VMware ESX clients. Upgraded, Redesigned, reconfigured and installed EMC Networker Enterprise Backup V8.1 with Direct attach to a Data Domain 4200 with replication to a D.R. DD670. Automated tasks via Ksh scripts.

Configured VIO servers and utilized NPIV (SAN Fiber virtualization) to provision storage on EMC Vmax/Vplex as well as Isilon NAS. Designed & configured high availability (HACMP) Operating System & infrastructure.

Learning, delving into, setting up and exploring Openstack and Big Data, the natural progression of Cloud Computing. Provided the technical liaison function for the Unix team.

IBM, Chicago, IL Oct 2013 – Jan 2014

& Jul 2011 – Apr 2012

Lead Storage Architect

Led IBM team at various customer sites in discussions with executives on infrastructure & support requirements.

Provided guidance & presentations to C-level and attained approval on budgets and project planning.

As an IT Subject Matter Expert (SME) Consultant for the IBM Storage platform [SVC, V7000, DS8000, XIV]. Delivering solutions for the transition & transformation IBM team for their 850Million contract with State Street Bank.

Led projects, gathered requirements, designed & implemented solutions, and delivered end-to-end PM/technical liaison function. Provisioned storage for cloud computing, VMware ESX hosts, Windows, and Unix platforms. Provided best practices guidance and shared expert advice on how to improve delivery time lines. Created and managed knowledge transfer sessions that would enable and expedite the transition process.

Delivered updates & communicated to executives, vendors, staff and PMO on the progress of the transition.

HSBC / Capital One Mettawa, IL Apr 2012 – Oct 2013

Lead AIX & Storage Architect

Technical lead for all projects. Met with teams, gathered requirements, designed technical documents and created Visio diagrams, implemented solutions based on RTO/RPO. Presented to for C-level management.

Designed, built, supported and delivered high availability 24x7 support & systems for AIX, Solaris, and RHEL (Linux) systems on VMware. Configured & installed various applications/DBs like WebSphere WAS and MQ, DB2…etc, and supported the Enterprise Servers. Utilized Korn Shell scripts to automate tasks.

Migrated servers physically & logically. Engineered solutions for an IBM P7 frame LPAR implementation. Delivered SAN architectures designs for virtualization of storage via IBM SVC/V7000.

Bucyrus, S. Milwaukee, WI Feb 2011 – Jun 2011

Sr. AIX Engineer / Architect consultant

Delivered & presented AIX/Oracle performance measurements/tuning recommendations to CIO.

Built AIX V5 & V6 LPARS on IBM 9117 P7 P770, utilizing redundant VI/Os. Configured and carved a new XIV, migrated off of an older DS5000 system, and setup metro mirror replication. Redesigned & improved performance for the TSM environment (new Policies, schedules, retentions) to suit management’s requirements. Wrote Korn shell scripts to maximize automation.

DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES, Riverwoods, IL Jun 2010 Feb 2011

Sr. Unix Architect / Consultant

Created and maintained project documentation and training sessions for developers and upper management. Utilized keen interpersonal skills to cultivate relationships, negotiate deliverables & timelines, and gained the trust of personal & upper management of various cross functional teams in a highly silo-ed enterprise.

In a hybrid PM/Consultant role, and as an expert unix engineer relied on technical skills to design and implement various Unix Solutions to automate users and developers access & future provisioning.

Cleaned up existing outdated user access to production environments utilizing Change Management. Ensured developer user environment adheres to SOX and PCI compliance. Managed & led the communication effort to the users, developers and management community.

FANUC AMERICA, Hoffman, Hoffman Estates, IL May 2009 Jun 2010

Sr. AIX Architect & SAN Engineer

Managed both the technical and the project management aspects of the implementation of a new IBM DS5100 SAN infrastructure. Built and Supported RHEL servers on VMware.

Implemented a Disaster Recovery solution based on business impact analysis and

presented AIX/Oracle performance measurements/tuning recommendations to CIO & management.

DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES, Riverwoods, IL Mar 2008 Mar 2009

Sarbanes-Oxley / PCI Sr. UNIX Security & compliance Consultant

Devised support and maintenance plan for after GO-LIVE and Disaster Recovery plans, as well as held post implementation review & executive presentations.

Utilized extensive UNIX skills to gather requirements and devise solutions to 78 applications on EMC SAN infrastructure in order to comply with SOX and PCI rules. As part of an over all larger program, managed all of the technical & project requirements aspects. Held meetings and provided regular status updates as well as various reports on the compliance progress.

Created training sessions and documentation for developers and management. Utilized extensive personal business skills to aid in fulfilling the role of a liaison between business and I.T., Mount prospect, IL Jun 2001 Mar 2008

COO / Co-Creator / Entrepreneur

Led the strategic vision for a DOT COM startup. Set the standards of a highly ethical company.

Managed all relationships with vendors, consumers, clients and employees.

Annual budget preparation and continual focus on financial planning and monitoring performance.

Concentrated on People, Product and Process. Led by example.

Adhered to & enforced PMI Project Management principles.

Created the Business Plan, met and discussed with various Venture Capital firms, and came close to $25M deal, but due to the DOT COM financial markets crash, all funding dried up, and forced my hand to close the business.

Attained several highly visible accounts, including one of the first print labs in the U.S.A. that was famous for photographing U.S. Presidents from the 1800’s.

Gabriel Industries, Inc. Chicago, IL Feb 1987 - Jan 2001

Operations Director / COO

Managed a family enterprise that began with retail, then wholesale and later moved into the manufacturing sector. Essentially as the Operational Director/COO, I was responsible for all aspects of the daily operations of the entire enterprise. This factory was built from the ground up in Dubai, UAE. It produced socks and returned over 2Million in revenues annually. I had a staff of over 30 people that I managed. I also conducted the marketing and sales aspects of the business and cemented several deals with various distributors.

Created annual budgets and financial planning with adherence to staying within strict financial limit

Defined a strategic vision and followed through the implementation effort to ensure alignment.

Set annual target goals to achieve, in revenue, customers, sales, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Developed expertise in feasibility analysis, P&L, budgeting, financial reporting, asset acquisition/disposition, and communication skills in discussions with staff as well as C-Level executives.

EDUCATION Southeastern University, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Executive Leadership Track – 2018

Bachelor of Science EET - DeVry University - Chicago, Illinois

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