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AS/400 System Administrator

Sacramento, California, United States
October 31, 2018

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Work Experience

Bank of Stockton Stockton, CA 1/14 – 9/18

IBM i (AS/400) System Administrator

Upgraded systems at co-location Raging Wire, Sacramento and Stockton HQ

from Power7 to Power8 and O/S from 7.1 to 7.2.

Monitor IBM i Power7/Power8 Production, Release, Training and HA LPARs using HelpSystem/Robot Console, Alert and Attention Software/Attention Alarm Manager.

Monitor job submission from HelpSystems/Robot scheduler.

Monitor, identify and correct errors in data replication from Production to HA environment utilizing BCS Group/QuickEdd.

Migrate from Vision Solutions/itera to BCS Group/QuickEdd.

Perform virtual role swaps in preparation for live role swap from production to ha environments.

Perform multiple live role swaps to reconfigure computer room to allow installation of new UPS system, cut over to new UPS, allow for testing of various network parts of banking environment, i.e. ATM’s, mobile banking, etc., load/apply 7.1 cum PTF’s and full system saves.

Monitor nightly and quarterly backups on IBM i LPARs utilizing 3573 tape library and LTO4/LTO6 tapes and drives with EKM/SKLM tape encryption.

Upgrade EKM tape encryption to SKLM tape encryption.

Upgrade HMC from V7R7.2.0.2 to V8R8.1.0.3 and from V8R8.1.0.3 to V8R8.3.0.3.

Upgrade IBM i O/S from 6.1 to 7.1.

Load and apply cumulative, hiper and data base group PTFs to all IBM i LPARs.

Upgrade Jack Henry/Synergy from V2010 to V2014.

Print, burst and strip reports from Fiserv/Signature. Load Signature reports to Jack Henry/Synergy. Distribute printed reports to bank officers.

Process assigned tickets issued through SharePoint by adding, changing or deleting users in Signature, Synergy and IBM i.

Full participation in on call rotation.

Send/receive tapes to/from offsite storage and perform yearly physical inventory of offsite storage.

Perform year end processing and send files to credit bureaus, IRS and State of California.

The Chace Group Sacramento, CA 8/13 – 11/13

AS/400 System Administrator – Contractor

(Under contract to Recology)

Monitor AS/400 Production, Development and HA LPARs using Messenger Plus paging.

Monitor data replication from Production and Development to HA environments utilizing Vision Solutions OMS400/ODS400 product.

Monitor nightly and weekly backups on AS/400 LPARs utilizing BRMS, 3573 and 3576 tape libraries and LTO4 tapes and drives.

Update 3rd party software Vision Solutions OMS/ODS400 to V9.1, Inform Decisions iDocs/Flashmail to V6.60, Pathfinder Hawkeye to V9.5, Enforcive BSafe to V7.2 and Messenger Plus to V8R0.

Load and install license keys for TAATOOL. Install COZTOOLS DE to replace RPG xTools.

Move files and programs between partitions for programmers.

Refresh libraries from production to development for programmers.

Assist in migrating from Power6 570 V5R4 to Power7 740 V7R1.

Clean up and resync links in OMS400 on AS/400 LPARs.

Mitigate and repair directory entry issues resulting from migrating to new system.

Create queries and cl programs.

Send/receive tapes to/from offsite storage.

Staff-Tech, Inc. Roseville, CA 9/11 – 7/12

AS/400 System Administrator – Contractor

(Under contract to Adventist Health)

Monitor AS/400 Production, Development and HA LPARs using MessengerPlus Console and MessengerPlus paging.

Create ticket in Heat for any errors or anomalies and page out to on call personnel.

Monitor data replication from Production to HA environments utilizing Vision Solutions/itera product. Monitor data center environment utilizing the Liebert/SiteScan product and Synapsense.

Monitor multiple backups on AS/400 LPARs utilizing BRMS, 3584 tape library and LTO2, LTO4 tapes. Move I/O card resources between partitions to facilitate backups.

Monitor jobs submitted to AS/400 LPARs from IBM Advanced Job Scheduler.

Perform pre and post role swap checks on AS/400 systems.

Role swap 6 production AS/400 LPARs on a weekly schedule using the itera product.

Load and apply PTF’s. IPL AS/400 LPARs as required.

Rack, cable and install new servers. Decommission old servers.

Attend bi-weekly operations meeting.

Robert Half Technology Modesto, CA 5/11 – 7/11

AS/400 System Administrator – Contractor

(Under Contract to Save Mart Supermarkets)

Reduce ASP usage percentage.

Find solution to lights out data center coverage, recommended Robot product suite.

Process tickets for onboarding/offboarding employees and contractors.

Correct BRMS errors in daily and weekly backups.

Contact vendors/employees for missing files to process.

Attend bi-weekly admin meetings/weekly operations meetings.

Train SAN admin to administer AS/400 backups.

Insight Global, Inc. Vallejo, CA 12/10 – 5/11

AS/400 System Administrator – Contractor

(Under contract to the City of Vallejo)

Update 3rd party software SunGard Public Sector NaviLine and DMS on Windows servers and i5 810 in preparation for Year End processing.

Monitor nightly backups on i5 using native IBM save commands, IBM 3580 tape drive and utilizing LTO2 tapes.

Provide assistance to city employees.

Document processes and provide management with requested reports.

Maintain user access to menu system.

Schedule and participate in training sessions.

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Rocklin, CA 10/09 – 4/10

NOC Analyst

Monitor enterprise wide servers for errors or anomalies using HelpSystems/CCSS on AS/400, Nagios and Groundwork on all other servers.

Escalate errors to appropriate on call personnel. Create Remedy tickets for errors.

Create, hold, release and run jobs from IBM AJS for AS/400 LPARs and Control-M for all other servers.

Unlock/enable user id’s/profiles on AS/400, Active Directory, network and client servers.

Monitor nightly, weekly, monthly and yearly backups on AS/400 LPARs using BRMS and 3500 Tape Library utilizing LTO4 tapes.

Quiesce AS/400 LPARs to restricted state for monthly and yearly backups.

Monitor data replication between AS/400 LPARs utilizing MIMIX.

InformedRX Inc. Sacramento, CA 3/05 – 11/08

(Formerly National Medical Health Card (NMHC) and Pharmaceutical Care Network (PCN))

Senior AS/400 System Administrator

Setup and utilize BRMS (Backup, Recovery and Media Services).

Expert in Robot Products Suite.

Experienced with MIMIX replication software. Setup MIMIX QA and DEV environments.

PTF load and apply utilizing iseries Navigator, IFS, image catalogs and virtual optical devices.

IBM licensed program installation.

IBM and vendor tech support.

Upgrade HMC and firmware.

O/S upgrade from V5R2 to V5R3. Hardware upgrades 820 to i5 550 LPAR and 825 to i5 570 LPAR.

3rd party software upgrades (RxClaim, RxTrack, RxServer, Robot, MIMIX, DBU, Showcase, JWalk and Hawkeye products).

ASE project implementation (PHI to RxClaim migration). Post-Mod Support.

Creation of client libraries, client logical files, client user id’s and corporate user id’s on AS/400. Manage user access to RxClaim via security panels, group profiles and soft menus.

Creation of quarterly reports for management.

Refresh of QA and DEV environments and newly created LPARs with Production Data.

MIMIX switch of production from the i5 550 and i5 570 in Sacramento to the i5 570 in New York. Migrate AS/400 270 to LPAR3 on i5 550 in Sacramento.

Daily monitoring of Robot products Client, Schedule, Reports, Save, Console, Monitor, Autotune, Alert and Network and MIMIX high availability data replication.

Install new IBM 3583 LTO2/LTO3 tape library.

Rollout of desktops with Win XP.

Prepare and ship IBM 3995 Optical Libraries, IBM 3490 Tape Library and i5 570 to New York.

Document processes pre/post acquisition/transition to NMHC and SXC with SOX and HIPAA compliance. Turnover data center operations/system administration to SXC.

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Rocklin, CA 9/01 - 11/04

AS/400 System Administrator, Senior AS/400 System Operator

Install, maintain and upgrade automation products for job scheduling, message handling, system performance monitoring, saves, restores, object archival and journal receiver archival.

Monitor systems, network and online availability.

Assist users, mount tapes, reset user profiles/user lockouts on UNIX, NT, Novell and AS/400.

Reset RF devices, workstations and printers as requested.

Create output queues, remote writers, device/printer/tape descriptions, user profiles as needed/requested. Move resources between partitions.

Monitor data replication between AS/400 LPARs utilizing MIMIX and between AS/400 LPARs and other servers utilizing DataMirror.

Refresh of QA and DEV environments and newly created LPARs with Production Data.

Program in CL and create/run queries on the AS/400.

Print and distribute reports as needed. Save and restore objects as requested.

Perform daily, weekly and monthly backups. IPL systems as needed/requested by management.

Create and maintain daily turnover, save, sla, invoicing and duty logs.

Perform user requests for Robot/Schedule on AS/400 and on Enterprise Manager in Control-M.

Create tickets in Remedy or HelpDesk/Touchpaper for errors encountered and process tickets from users.

Send/receive tapes offsite/onsite to/from disaster recovery storage facility and fill out/file tape transmittals.

Submit daily, nightly, weekly, monthly and yearly production jobs. Train new operators.

Escalate errors to appropriate on call person using the online application resource list.

Turnover data center operations/system administration to IBM.

PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. Rancho Cordova, CA 8/00 - 3/01

AS/400 System Administrator

Monitor system, network and online availability. Maintain daily turnover logs.

Assist users, mount tapes, print and distribute reports, save and restore objects as requested.

Refresh of QA and DEV environments and newly created LPARs with Production Data.

Perform daily, weekly, monthly backups and updates to online databases.

Packard Bell Sacramento, CA 5/95 – 6/00

AS/400 System Administrator, AS/400 System Operator

IBM Certified Specialist - AS/400 Professional System Operator

Install, maintain and upgrade HelpSystems/Robot Product Suite, BMC/Best1, BDS/Spool Organizer, Vision Solutions OMS/400 and ODS/400, BPCS, ADSM, BRMS and EMC2.

Create tickets in Peregrine/Service Center for errors encountered and process tickets from users.

Create and maintain CL programs, queries, DDS files, communication, line, controller and device configurations. Create and maintain daily, weekly and monthly run sheets.

Monitor data replication between AS/400 systems utilizing Visions Solutions/OMS/400 and ODS/400. Refresh of QA and DEV environments with Production Data.

Maintain products on AS/400, NT servers and EMC2 disk array.

Install PTFs as required. Upgrade O/S as required.

System setup, upgrade and removal as needed. Reconfigure data center as required.

Fill in for system operators as needed. Assist users, vendors, and programmers as needed.

Perform physical inventory of tapes in offsite disaster recovery area as needed.

Sutter Health Sacramento, CA 2/90 - 12/95

IBM mainframe 3090, 9121, Amdahl mainframe 5870 and AS/400 System Operator

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Rancho Cordova, CA 9/86 - 1/90

Tape pool/Tape librarian

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Portland, OR 7/83 - 9/86

(Under contract to Bonneville Power Administration)

IBM 4341, CDC Cyber 170 and 6500 System Operator

(Additional work history documented on request)


Sylvan Learning Center

Sacramento, CA

IBM Certified Specialist - AS/400 Professional System Operator 12/99

Cosumnes River College

Sacramento, CA

OS/400 (Introduction) 8/99 - 10/99

OS/400 (Intermediate) 10/00 - 12/00

Packard Bell NEC

Sacramento, CA

AS/400 System Administration and Control - IBM course in San Francisco, CA 11/99

CBT course on TCP/IP from The400Group 10/99

Seminar in Boston, MA for BEST1 9/98

User conference in New Orleans, LA for HelpSystems/Robot Suite 2/98

Sutter Health

Sacramento, CA

AS/400 online tutorial 8/94 - 2/95


Rancho Cordova, CA

Corporate training - Operations Program Development (OPD) 9/86 - 1/90

Portland, OR

In-house training - Basic networking, communications, and ROSCOE 7/83 - 9/86

MTI Business College Sacramento, CA 7/80 - 7/81

Phase I - computer operations

Phase II - computer programming - COBOL, Basic, and RPGII

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