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Granada, Granada Department, Nicaragua
November 02, 2018

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Denis Sálomon


Master in Business Administration (MBA) UAM. 2013-2015.

Project Management. (PM) UNI – Managua. 2005.

Electronic Engineer UNI – Managua. 1993-2000.

Bachelor, INDOPAP – Granada. 1991-1992.

Basic Technical at Civil Construction, INTECNA – Granada. 1988-1990. Courses and seminars:

Project Management PM4R – BID (IDB). 2016.

WiFi wireless industrial networks. ELVATRON 2016

Earthing Systems. ERICO - IMPELSA. 2016

Reverse Osmosis Training / GES - Israel. Panama. 2015

Technological seminar, technologies, integration and trends. Costa Rica 2014

Maritime Operations, International Trade, Port Rules and Security, Operations Management, INCOTERMS Standards. PRESERSA DISAGRO - Guatemala. 2013

Interview techniques and recruitment of personnel. DISAGRO 2012.

Equipment and Calibration of Industrial Processes, ELTEC MGA. 2008

Integrated architectures, technological trends. ELVATRON Costa Rica. 2007

Programming - Automation. PLC, VFD, Allen Bradley. Costa Rica. 2005 Languages:

Spanish (native language)

English (Spoken and Written), Medium-High level. Complementary Studies:

MSDOS, MS Office, MS Project, AutoCAD Electric & 3D, SketchUp, C ++, html, JS, VB, others.


Programming and commissioning of Variators (VFD's), Controllers, Sensors and Actuators, industrial communication protocols (RS232-422 / 485, MODBUS, Ethernet, TCP / IP - UDP, etc).

Programming of microcontrollers, Design and Simulation, Professional PROTEUS, PCWHD-CCS

(PIC micros PIC16, PIC18), Platform, Arduino, USB, TCP / IP, WIFI, Bluetooth, B-LE, I2C, SPI.

Electromechanics, AC and DC Motors, Power Factor, Generators, HF Oscillators, etc. Work experience (summary):

IDB – OI, Yucca Starch Processing Plant. 2015-2016. Consultant for limited time for the Maintenance and Enginery Department. "Promotion of a Business Agricultural Model with small farmers producers in Nicaragua", financed with resources from the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF / FOMIN) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), executed by Opportunity International Inc (OI).


Preparation of terms of reference, Bidding, Evaluation, Supervising and Control of Sub-projects.

Assembly of machines and equipment, electrical systems, electro-mechanics, lighting, ventilation, and automation of the plant.

Maintenance program for the plant, cost and budget, resources, list of critical spare parts, documents for the maintenance department.

Cel: +505-****-****

Electronic Engineer, MBA / Finance, related to the industry and its processes, electrical, electromechanical, automation, projects, maintenance, technical experience. Analytical, innovative, fast, efficient, dynamic, proactive, honest, responsible, committed to results.

Earth network and lightning arrester system, power system and connection, distribution, transfers switches, power factor bank.

Automation system design. P & ID.

Plant processes, CIP systems. P & ID for 6M BTU burner. Consulting and Advisory. 2014-2018.

GES LATINAMERICA Water Treatment Project Plant. ENACAL- KFW / Granada Nic.

INCAH Honduras, Project EBAS-VILLA Sandino Granada, ENACAL – KFW Granada Nic.

GES LATINAMERICA / PTY PANAMA, Automation and start-up of the reverse osmosis plant Taboga Island – Panama / GES group – Israel – PANAMA.

FICHTNER W&T Gmbh. ENACAL-KFW – Granada Nic.


Stowage, Traffic and Transportation Supervisor. SAGSA DISAGRO - PRESERSA 2012-2014. Companies of the DISAGRO group, sale of fertilizers and logistics, respectively. Functions:

Responsible for ship unloading / SAGSA DISAGRO, preparation, administration, logistics and supervision of processes.

Responsible for business unit, sale of transport services (Bulk) and Clamshells in EPN.

Appointed Interim Manager of Corinto Plant. 2013

Prior management of authorities and institutions, participation in meetings of PC authorities.

Budget preparation and participation in the SAGSA DISAGRO plant investment plan.

2014 Maintenance Manager.


Increase of the capacity and efficiency in the reception of vessels, fulfilling the goals of the BSC of 5 years in 1 year of the Strategic Plan of SAGSA DISAGRO.

Reduction of penalties for delays (90% reduction), reaching prizes for prompt clearance.

Improvement of the indicators of costs of entry of raw materials and operations.

Participation in import movements of bulk cargo in Empresa Portuaria Nacional (EPN) APC Corinto.

Excellent relations with Port authorities, Customs, Police, etc.

Transport cost matrix that was implemented in the DISAGRO group.

Study of the capacities installed in PC and the logistics for the ADM. Modeling.

Contracts for discharges PETCOKE in Puerto Sandino / CEMEX. Experience:

Management, administration, personnel, strategic implementation.

Preparation of investment plans, continuous improvement and cost reduction, etc. Professional Services, Guatemala Companies. 2011.

INMAQSA, TERPAC, MAYAFERT, LA COLOMBINA, REPIMEX, DISAGRO. Electrical and Electronics Services, Engineering and Fixing Services. Limited time Contract Service ADOLFO GROBER & CIA – BCN 2010-2011. ADOLFO GROBER & CIA, attention of the Central Bank of Nicaragua BCN, banknote processing equipment

(BPS204 - BPS208 Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh), check readers (WALTHER DATA). Professional Services, Maintenance and Engineering. 2007-2009.

Foreign Investment Group (Project Staff Study).


TIP-TOP industrial (CARGILL).





Chief of Electric Generation / RESA RAAN (Rosita Electricity). 2003-2006 and Head of Maintenance of PRADA SA, manufacturing company of Plywood and wood derivatives. RESA:

Power generation planning, sale of energy to sister company PRADA S.A. and ENEL-Pueblo de Rosita.

Generation and sales reports to the INE (Nicaraguan Energy Institute), Board of Directors.

Personnel management, control of supplies, maintenance Achievements:

Profitability of RESA, performance improvement from 65% to 94%, high reliability factor.

Management of an occupational safety program, and safekeeping of assets. Experiences developed:

Management of generation systems (internal combustion engines, generators, transformers, transmission lines, synchronisms, etc).

Impact of staff management and training on operational efficiency.

Economic and commercial growth of the town of Rosita in response to spending from 8h to 24h per day of energy, which was a challenge to maintain the reliability factor for both RESA and ENEL. PRADA SA:

Head of the maintenance and industrial safety department.

Preparation and execution of improvement projects, equipment and machines to increase productivity, efficiency and achieve production goals.

Appointed Interim Manager / by Board of Directors. Achievements:

Maximum availability of machinery and equipment, improvement of maintenance indicators.

Contribution to improvement of productive indicators. Experiences:

Playwood processes and wood in general.

Electricity and industrial electronics, boilers, DC motors, etc... Maintenance Manager / Sabina de Ingeniería. 2000-2003. Company of manufacture and assembly of agricultural-industrial machinery.

Maintenance of the Industrial Plant, PLC programming, Controllers.

Design and assembly of flow, platforms and trucks scales.

Projects, Coffee, Rice, Beans processing plants etc.

Development of new products.


Industrial electricity, electric motors, automation PLCs, and controllers programming, pneumatics and hydraulics, assembly and execution of projects.

Personal Referencies:

Ing. Moshe Nadhler CEO / GES Latin- América / Israel. +972-**-*******

Ing. Juan José Cobos GG SAGSA DISAGRO +505-****-****

Ing. Alfredo Hernandez GG / GES PTY Panamá. + 507 – 61128271

Ing. Felix Rosales. FICHNER +505-****-****

Ing. Vladan Civic. PFEIFFER +505-****-****

Mark Kindall / Contractor USA +505-****-****

ADOLFO GROBER & CIA, Adolfo Grober. 2266-5136


Denis Sálomon Gaat.

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