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Professional teacher

November 02, 2018

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Waqas Naqvi



To implement all my knowledge and experience in Practical for an business entity.i want to be a good stakeholder of company and society so i can work in best interest of company and society. Set goals then develop strategies how to achieve those goals then implement these strategies on ground to achieve goals.

Job Experience

Teacher @Muslim High School Registered

2015 - 2017

Worked as a teacher in Muslim high school

Supplier And Marketing Manager @Khushal Builders Pvt. 2017 - 2018

Share my interest in khushal builders pvt. Where i was supplier of raw material and marketing manager

Manager @Muslim High School

2015 - 2017

Work in school as a manager where i experienced how to handle and work in different situations and work in best interest of both the school and childrens


Masters In Commerce

@University Of Lahore



Bachelors In Commerce

@University Of Punjab



Fundamental Science Concepts (FSC)

@Punjab Group Of Colleges



Metric In Science

@Dare Arqam Schools



Project Details

Sports Week

I organized sport's week at my university where students participated in different sports.more than 1000 students participated in it and more than 3000 student were involved in it. Duration:7 Days

Role:Head Of Team

Team Members:50

Entrepreneurship Event

I organized Entrepreneurship event where fresh graduates of different universities where invited.They share their business ideas with each other and earn good profit from it. Duration:3 Days


Team Members:30

Annual Dinner And Musical Concert

I arranged annual dinner and musical concert at my university.where I was head of event management society

Duration:3 Months

Role:Head Of Management Society

Team Members:30


Social media activist

Expert in accounting

Organized different events previously

Expert in English

Can use modern communication devices

Experience in marketing

Professional in finance and accounting

Field of Interest

Teaching my experience to new students

Managing and Marketing

Work in a team where we can achieve goal's of Organizing by making strategies and implementing these strategies on Field

Work in organization where i can share my experience and knowledge with innovative ideas. Marketing of business with innovative ideas is best of my interest


My team is my biggest strength

To tackle different hard situation with confidence My experience with different entities and strong educational background is my strength


Working in hardest situation and giving my best

To study different organizations and their business plan how companies are making cash flows and surviving in this competitive market

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