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Data Analyst

Toronto, ON, Canada
October 30, 2018

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OBJECTIVE: Data Analyst


●Cumulative *+ years working experience in business, academic and research environment and major strength in handling marketing and sales data.

●Strong knowledge of customer insight analysis (including customer acquisition, retention, churn analysis, cost analysis and survival analysis) and marketing strategy analysis in terms of customer segmentation, churn rate, channel and lifecycle analysis.

●Proven expertise with python programming skills for predictive modelling, visualization, integration and deployment, and with reporting tools for enterprise environments including Access, Tableau and SSRS.

●Advanced SQL proficiency skills in data conditioning, backend validation and authentication to implement data integrity and business logic by database schema using relational database and multidimensional database.

●Hands-on experience with SQL integration services and SQL reporting and analysis services

●Hands-on experience SAS statistical programming languages with large data sets including extracting and manipulating data, statistical significance test and conducting SAS model package.

●Proficiency in Excel analytical tools (Pivot table, V-lookup, Dynamic range, Goal seek, trendline analysis and solver) and VBA programming for automated reporting.

●Outstanding problem-solving skills, communication and presentation skills.

●Excellent time management skills in prioritizing important tasks and scheduling multiple assignments.


Data Analyst Riverland Research Centre, 2018.01-2018.07

●Engaged with stakeholders to translate business requirements into technical specifications in terms of problems, opportunities, assumptions and constraints, and nail down details.

●Collected data from heterogeneous sources like SQL Server (using joins, sub queries, stored procedures and functions, triggers), FTP server, local files (txt, csv, json, xml) and web services, and migrated data to the business staging environment.

●Extracting and manipulating data from relational databases/warehouses, through direct coding in SQL stored procedure.

●Preprocessed data, including data cleansing (missing values, outliers and imbalanced data), data transformation (labeling, scaling, normalization and binarization) with Excel & VBA.

●Completed data wrangling (index, PCA, ratio) into a suited structure to the client problem and analytics approach.

●Performed EDA/feature engineering to explore important features between most-related input and output variables, and visualized results by python graphic tools, such as boxplot, violin-plot, KDE and heatmap.

●Prepared data by train/test split with cross validation, trained and validated with candidate machine learning models.

●Evaluated model accuracy for classification models by confusion matrix and regression models by F-score and variance.

●Plugin production data to enterprise environment and completed model deployment and integration to the enterprise Decision support system with python packages.

●Prepared Ad-hoc report and periodic report (such as a summary of marketing activities and a dashboard for operation) using different templates in Excel VBA, Tableau and SSRS, and then deployed reports to reporting server for business users to access.

●Completed closure activities, including passing the documentation to the business team, and informing stakeholders of the closure of the project.

Data Analyst Huaxin Company, China 2017.05-2017.11

●Collaborated with the business team to specify clients’ requirements, removed ambiguous and set up evaluation criteria in digital marketing.

●Used python pandas package to execute SQL queries to retrieve data and achieve connection, data cleansing and data manipulating.

●Performed EDA/feature engineering to explore important features by Pandas and Seaborn visualization packages to pick up important features between most-related input and output variables.

●Selected the best classifier form a list of baseline machine learning models: Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting and Balanced Bagging, and used AUC-ROC curve to evaluate model accuracy.

●Completed Data visualization using Tableau and Jupyter with python packages and create reports (dashboards and summaries) by MS Excel & VBA periodically.

Manager assistant CHINA GUANGFA BANK, China 2014.07-2014.08

●Completed monthly statistical report and statistical project analysis report by Excel & VBA collaboratively with other team members.

●Provided administrative and marketing support to senior management, including compiling information, drafting and proofreading summary and reports, reviewing financial statements, preparing expenses report by MS Excel & VBA, preparing presentations and outgoing correspondences.

●Collected the actual cost data, and conducted comparison between the actual data and the budgeted cost; checked budget manual regularly, and modified the manual to improve the administration of budgetary control.


●Master of Probability and Statistics, Carleton University, Ontario 2015.09-2017.11

●Program of Real Projects for Data Analysis, Victoria Education, Ontario 2018.01-2018.06

●Introduction to Advanced Excel & VBA, Victoria Education, Ontario 2018.03-2018.04

●Certificate of SAS Advanced programming for SAS 9 2018.10

●Certificate of SAS Base programming for SAS 9 2017.07

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