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Engineer Maintenance

United States
October 29, 2018

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Panaca, NV 89042

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SUMMARY: Accomplished oil refinery engineer with strong background in technical and administrative disciplines. Accomplished in effectively determining repair requirements, providing operations support and establishing consensus on maintenance plans. Documented track record of completing repairs on time and within budget. Verifiable record of completing large volumes of work. Effective in fast paced atmosphere demanding high energy.

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking a stimulating position in the development and management of asset integrity activities or in an operations support role in a domestic or international oil refinery. The ideal position will take advantage of demonstrated technical skills and ability to coordinate the efforts of maintenance teams in a heavy industrial setting.


Valero, Benicia CA November 2017 to present

Completed several complicated turnaround packages for upcoming hydrocracking, cat feed and hydrogen plant turnarounds. Also, capital projects packages completed for the retube of a JHT furnace with external piping replacement, retube of a gas fired package boiler and major modifications of a crude waterdraw storage tank.

Valero, Benicia CA February 2016 to April 2016

Discovery Engineer for FCCU turnaround. Handled field execution of numerous capital projects and took care of reconditioning of all unit slide valves in a shop in Houston.

Chevron, Richmond, CA June 2015 to December 2015

Liaison between the refinery engineering group and Eichleay Engineers to complete numerous complex Crude Unit and JHT turnaround project packages

Paramount Refinery, Paramount, CA April 2014 to February 2015

Project Engineer on the design and construction of a complete new operating unit within the refinery to process beef tallow into jet fuel and diesel. Coordinated many aspects of this project, from P & ID development to purchasing pressure vessels, rebuilding hydrogen compressors and much more.

Chevron, Richmond, CA April 2011 to February 2014

Turnaround/maintenance engineer assigned to petroleum tank field ā€“ served as focal point for inspection-driven repairs; root cause analysis; writing plans related to taking API 650 tanks OOS; cleaning; modifications and repairs compliant with API 650 and API 653. Assured compliance with quality and regulatory standards. Scheduled and un-scheduled tank outages, 12 to 14 tanks per year. General consulting to operations related to tank issues.

Valero, Benicia CA November 2008 to February 2011

Asset integrity engineer assigned to Alky, MRU and NRU units, later assigned to Fluid Coker and FCCU units. Broad range of maintenance, T/A and operations support functions.

Participated very actively in recovery from of an emergency outage of the Fluid Coker, a 75 day un-scheduled event; provided review and audits of all maintenance/repair activities.

Generated job packages for the refinery-wide T/A, covering FCCU and Pipestills. Approx. 25 packages written which were executed during T/A.

Designated discovery engineer for the FCCU during the 2010 refinery-wide T/A. Very challenging assignment due to emergency shutdown of the FCCU prior to scheduled outage. Total duration was 85 days. Very close coordination with inspection personnel.

Managed the re-tube of a hydrogen reformer on a planned basis during the 2010 refinery-wide T/A at the same time as handling extensive FCCU discovery work.

Nine month break traveling in South America. Expanded Spanish language skills.

Valero, Benicia CA - August 2006 to March 2008

Asset integrity engineer assigned to Alky, MRU and NRU units. Completed numerous operations support and non-routine maintenance projects and small capital projects. General operations and maintenance support. T/A engineer for an NRU/MRU outage which entailed extensive heat exchanger repairs.

Chevron, Richmond, CA - 2005 and 2006

Operations support engineer ( Designs ) assigned to Alky, Poly Plant, SRU. Numerous non-routine maintenance and small capital projects. Projects included increased cooling water flow to fractionator O/H condensers; sulfuric acid pumps optimization introducing a variable speed device; broad-based corrosion mitigation program in the phosphoric acid circuits.

Valero, Benicia CA August 2003 to March 2005

Maintenance engineer assigned to Fluid Coker and FCCU units. Completed numerous operations support and non-routine maintenance projects and small capital projects. General operations and maintenance support.

Assigned to Coker for a refinery-wide T/A. Extensive repairs to coke silos and associated equipment. Most notable T/A accomplishment was replacement or repair of all refinery slide valves, all severe duty valves in FCCU and the Coker were reconditioned or replaced.

P.G. & E. 2002

Gas transmission metering - project engineer for the installation of new Controlotron clamp-on ultrasonic meters at four locations on P G & Eā€™s main backbone (36ā€ high pressure) gas lines.

Chevron, Richmond, CA 2000 to 2002

Operations support engineer ( Designs ) assigned to #4 Crude, JHT, DHT, Utilities. Numerous non-routine maintenance and small capital projects. Produced detailed repair packages for crude unit T/A; various piping projects in a power plant; lead on a JHT T/A.

TOSCO, Martinez, CA 1999 to 2000

Construction Coordinator for the erection of six new above ground petroleum storage tanks. API 650 compliant construction from the ground up, including extensive grading contracts. Oversight of four API 653 tank turnarounds.

EXXON, Benicia CA 1995 to 1999 ( this is now the Valero refinery noted above )

Maintenance engineer assigned to SRU, Utilities, Tankage and Wastewater units. Completed numerous operations support and non-routine maintenance projects and small capital projects. General operations and maintenance support.

Assigned to SRU for a refinery-wide T/A, completing numerous piping projects and corrosion-related repairs in the sulfur recovery trains.

UNOCAL, Rodeo, CA 1994

Relocation of a complete hydrogen unit from Rifle, CO to Rodeo, CA. Responsible for the reformer installation and re-tube with orbital welding sub-contract. General project coordination and support of crafts in the field, primarily piping.

Chemical Manufacturing -- Criterion Catalysts -- 1993 to 1994

Completion of numerous small capital and extraordinary maintenance projects in a catalyst manufacturing plant. Design, installation and start-up of unique process systems. Equipment trouble-shooting, equipment design, and process modifications for enhanced efficiency and production. General repairs and maintenance coordination.

Co-Generation Power Plants -- Atlantic Gulf Co. -- 1991 to 1993

Site Engineer on the construction of two wood waste fired power plants. The first was an 18 MW plant at Fairhaven, CA; the second was a 48 MW plant with three boilers and three turbine-generators at Anderson, CA. Responsible for field support of crafts, primarily pipefitters and boilermakers.

Pulp and Paper -- Louisiana Pacific Corp. -- 1984 to 1991

Maintenance Engineer -- numerous capital and extraordinary maintenance projects in a large bleached Kraft pulp mill in Northern California. New chemical recovery boiler, numerous repairs and improvements to wood waste fired co-generation facilities.

Mineral Processing -- Cyton Industries -- 1982 to 1984

Plant Manager for successful construction and start-up of a gold and silver recovery system utilizing a cyanide extraction system. Responsible for all aspects of project budgeting; permitting; plant design contracts; project schedules; plant construction; interfacing with ownership partners, various consultants, regulatory agencies, and various specialty contractors.

Mineral Processing -- Dresser Minerals -- 1979 to 1982

Plant Engineer in a large open pit barite mine in north-central Nevada and Project Engineer on the construction and start-up of a large barite processing plant at the mine site. Responsible for concrete subcontract, piping, and mechanical equipment installation sub-contracts.


Bachelor of Science -- Mining Engineering -- Colorado School of Mines

Masters in Business Administration -- California State University


The most important factors in the success of any endeavor are all human. The clarity of their communications, quality of their working relationships, personal accountability, and willingness to contribute positively are critical. My many years of effort at consensus building, team decision making, and internal salesmanship coupled with formal training and study have made human relations my strongest suit.

There are always unique challenges and situations encountered in the modern workplace that have never arisen before for an individual. Yet there are important principals and common threads that run through all types of business developments. Given my decades of experience, a solid technical background, and sound judgment, I can generally walk into a unique situation and still contribute significantly. After being involved in enough challenging situations it is clear to me that maturity, enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and common sense can carry the day. I know how to ask the pertinent and very direct questions.

The ability to be fundamentally creative and come up with action-oriented ideas (which directly solve problems) seems to be a lost art in the increasingly bureaucratic corporate environment. I pride myself in having the natural inclination toward decisive action and prodding an organization to move forward rather than allow itself to get bogged down. Attention to solutions has been the hallmark of my career.

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