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Data Java

Fremont, CA
October 29, 2018

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Roland Personius

Primary Resident ***** Reynolds Dr Fremont, CA 94536 510-***-**** OBJECTIVE

New graduate student seeking to use knowledge and ability to expand and improve software.

Accumulated solid skill from academics and self-learning. Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese.

Adept at applying data structures, algorithms, OOD to solve challenging problems. EDUCATION

University of California, San Diego San Diego, CA

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Class of 2017

Languages: Java(proficient), C++, C, SQL, JavaScript

Operating System: Linux, Microsoft Windows

Strong Concept: OOP, Algorithms, Database (MySQL and PostgreSQL) PROJECTS

Class Registration Web Application

Objective: Help the student to choose class and plan meeting to sort out conflict and calculate gpa according to professor, course, and years. Also help the student to determine which class they need to complete their studies.

Accomplishments: Learned how to transfer data between front and back end, use indexing to improve performance and use trigger to update database.

Teamwork: Collaborated with teammate to brainstorm and share ideas, debug and optimize code.

Challenges: How to improve the data accessing time and overall data scheme

Technologies: Java, Javascript, SQL, Postgres

Github link: Shopping Website Simulation

Objective: a simulation of a shopping website, where the user can purchase or sell products and output overall sale data between users.

Accomplishment: Improved teamworking and self-learning ability, design flexible structure to implement more feature in the future.

Teamwork: use git to upload and share work and present new ideas with teammate and help teammate with difficult concept and problems.

Challenges: Implement new feature without changing the overall data structure

Technologies: Java, JavaScript, SQL, Postgres

Github link: Language Compiler

Objective: Build a compiler that do lexical, syntax and semantic analysis and IR generation, parse the source code and translate into machine language.

Accomplishment: Learned how a compiler works, and how software interacts with hardware, better understanding of computer architectures.

Teamwork: Pair programming, switching between driver and observer to help each other out.

Challenges: Rigid syntax and scope between level, translate code to native machine code.

Technologies: C++, LLVM

“Mirror-Mirror” Android Application

Objective: Android project. Helped users to make decisions. Input options or get Google Map information and spin the wheel to get results back.

Accomplishments: Learned Android UI design, OOP in Mobile App, created Wheel Spin Animation,

Technologies: Java, Google Map API

Google Play Store Link:

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