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Mechanical Engineer Manager

Oklahoma City, OK
October 29, 2018

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Mechanical Engineer with over twenty two years engineering experience spanning Product Development, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Design Release, Testing, Resident Engineering, Program Management and Product Management.

Proficient in CAE and CAD tools used widely in Engineering Industry. Experienced in NASTRAN, ANSYS, LSDYNA, ABAQUS, PATRAN, Hypermesh, Sofy, Solidworks, SolidEdge, ProE, CATIA, IDEAS, AutoCAD, and Inventor.

Project Management Professional (PMP) with extensive project management experience.

Sound knowledge of engineering fundamentals with ability to solve complex problems using theoretical “hand” calculations and engineering softwares.

Proven leader with strong work ethics, communication skills and ability to handle multiple critical projects.

A self-starter and a quick learner with excellent cross discipline adaptability and a keen business acumen.

Excellent communication skills with written and oral presentation skills necessary to manage and lead teams.


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Circor Energy, Oklahoma City, OK Jun. 2018 – Present

Provide support in Sustainment Engineering for several product lines of valves.

Evaluate engineering changes per request from Production and Manufacturing and provided approval.

Perform design optimizations for weight reductions and fixing design problems.

Create Bill of Material (BOM) and provide support for Supply Chain and Production teams.

Mechanical Engineer (Contract position)

Nortek Air Solutions, Oklahoma City, OK Feb. 2018 – Apr. 2018

Evaluated several designs of the suction “hat” in a cooling tank using ANSYS CFX to help finalize the design of the cooling tank. Worked with manufacturing to come up with a best design for the application.

Performed Finite element analysis to evaluate structural integrity of floor panel to provide design direction.

The CFD and FEA work needed for the project was successfully completed.

Project Manager (Contract position)

HydroHoist Marine Group, Claremore, OK Jan. 2017 – Apr. 2017

Spearheaded the redesign and launch of a boat lift for salt and sea water applications using Solidworks.

Performed engineering analysis to improve design of several components and redesign new components critical for the product.

Project was successfully completed and product launched on schedule meeting the expectations of the upper management.

Design Engineering Manager

Luxfer GTM Technologies, Tulsa, OK Nov. 2015 – May 2016

Designed, developed and optimized structures for transportation and storage of composite cylinders that hold large volumes of high pressure gases using Solidworks.

Managed and supervised a small team of engineers and technicians for the new product development.

Provided support for manufacturing teams for determination of design improvements for existing products.

Mechanical Engineer

Jensen Mixers, Tulsa, OK May 2015 – Oct. 2015

Developed CFD models of mixers in oil tanks for evaluating steady state and transient solutions for the effectiveness of several models of mixers.

Developed CAD models and drawings of parts of mixers and subassemblies using AutoCAD 3D and Solid Edge.

Performed optimization studies on several existing designs and made design recommendations.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Ameristar Perimeter Systems, Tulsa, OK Jun. 2014 – Jan. 2015

Developed a swing gate and slide gate operator for opening and shutting gates used in commercial and residential applications using Solidworks. Developed design specifications, designed the gear systems and transmissions mechanisms for the operators. Performed design optimizations for weight reduction for several components

Developed a concept design for a bulletproof fence to be used in electrical substations. Performed FEA and made recommendations for installation and service.

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Sercel GRC, Tulsa, OK Sept. 2013 – May 2014

Managed and supervised a small team of engineers and technicians to develop successful downhole tool designs from concept, documentation, prototype, test, and manufacturing/sales integration working with SolidEdge.

Provided overall direction and planning of all projects, meeting major milestone dates reliably and consistently.

Directed and performed FEA structural modeling analysis to ensure safety and robustness of design.

Created product roadmaps and project plans to identify and define future milestones.

Provided technical support and troubleshooting for customers, Customer Service, Production and Supply Chain if problems arose that are beyond their expertise.

Worked with Sales as requested to provide product feature upgrades as needed for customers.

Ramsey Industries, Tulsa, OK Jul. 2011 – Aug. 2013

Product Engineering Manager, Gear Components, Ramsey Winch (Mar. 2012 – Aug. 2013)

Managed development a new series of winches & accessories for Towing and Recovery and defense industry applications for marketing in both US and Europe. As the project leader, responsibilities included performing market analysis, defining design specifications (CE compliant), performing viability studies, evaluating technical alternatives, managing the design, development, testing and launch of the new product line.

Managed all commercial marketing matters ensuring compliance, prepare for trade events, trademark submissions & renewals, Retail coop programs, manage advertisement concept submittals & insertions

Managed all tradeshows and communications with customers at tradeshows.

Senior Design Engineer, Ramsey Winch (Jul. 2011 – May 2012)

Developed concept designs for new series of winches accessories for Oil and defense industry applications in Solidworks for use in both US and Europe (CE compliant). As the lead engineer, responsibilities included evaluating the design options of the winches per specifications, developing and optimizing component designs, managing component cost and attainability of final price points, evaluating testing procedures, detailing the product development process from concept to product launch.

Developed accessories for measuring load on the winch for winches used in oil fields.

Analyzed and optimized several components for the existing winch products and accessories for cost reductions.

Production and Product Development Manager

IA Flow Elements, Chennai, INDIA May 2009 – Jun. 2011

Marketed the company’s technical and manufacturing capabilities to large Middle-Eastern Oil refineries and suppliers enabling tremendous business growth for IA Flow Elements.

Established some key relationships with oil refineries enabling IA Flow elements to receive several large orders essentially doubling the company’s annual sales between June 2009 and May 2011.

Managed several large design and manufacturing projects of venturi-meter, orifice places and flow nozzles for oil, power, paper & other process industry applications. Prepared reports and presented progress to customers.

Coordinated customer communications to ensure projects were completed within time and budget constraints.

Directed and solved problems in manufacturing and supply chain to ensure smooth completion of projects.

Trained engineers in product development, customer communications, documentation and presentation.

Product Engineer

Fabco Automotive, Livermore, CA Dec. 2007 – Mar. 2009

Developed an Auxiliary Transfer case for large commercial vehicles. The work involved design of gears, shafts, keys, casing for the transfer case and bearing selection.

Performed extensive Finite Element Analysis and conducted design reviews to arrive at the best design within the parameters specified. Researched existing transfer cases to incorporate improvements into Fabco products.

Managed communication with suppliers and subcontractors for procurement process.

Senior Analysis Engineer

CAE Tech, Farmington Hills, MI Nov. 2000 - May 2007

Assigned to Delphi Electronics and Safety, Dearborn, MI

Resident Engineer for Multimedia Products in four Ford Vehicles. (Nov. 2004 – Mar. 2007)

As the primary liaison of Delphi at Ford, led a team of technical professionals for Product Launches and Build events at Ford plants and product development process.

Worked with engineering and manufacturing teams in performing DFMEA and PFMEA to provide permanent fixes for design and manufacturing difficulties.

Managed vehicle and component build schedules and change requests for both Ford and Delphi.

Managed work on Product Development and Improvements stemming from quality problems, developed 8Ds

Directed CAE and CAD teams for design development and modifications.

Program Coordinator at Delphi Automotive (Jun. 2004 – Nov. 2004)

Managed work on Product Development and Improvement stemming from Quality Returns during assembly, testing and vehicle evaluation studies including DFMEAs. .Led the work on product quality investigation reports (8Ds).

Facilitated and expedited process of change requests for Delphi Program Management.

Performed warranty studies and presented solutions to Ford Management.

Project Engineer In-House at CAE Tech (Dec. 2002 - Jul. 2003)

Developed proposals for Engineering and IT projects and services based on market research.

Initiated several customer contacts with presentations of CAE Tech’s technical capabilities and established several key customer relationships for new clients.

Evaluated several new business strategies and proposals for the future growth of the company..

CAE Engineer Assigned to Ford Motor Company (Nov. 2000 - Nov. 2002)

Led teams in evaluating designs to make significant cost savings for chassis designs.

Performed design changes and optimizations for several body chassis assemblies and components.

Interfaced with CAD, CAE and manufacturing teams to resolve component and sub-system level issues.

Senior Analysis Engineer,

Lohitsa Inc, Southfield, MI Aug. 1996 - Nov. 2000

Design Release Engineer assigned to American Sunroof Inc. (Aug. 2000 - Nov.2000)

Managed product development and improvement of top-stack and seatbelts in Toyota Camry Convertible.

Investigated quality problems, design defects and manufacturing issues to develop and implemented solutions.

Senior Analysis Engineer assigned to Borg Warner Automotive (Jan. 1997 - Aug. 2000)

Performed a key liaison role between Lohitsa and Borg Warner for design and analysis of transfer cases.

Developed a database of the analyses of transfer case components to assess the factor of safety of parts and optimized designs for several components of transfer cases.

In-house Assignments at Lohitsa Inc. (Aug. 1996 - Jan. 1997)

Performed design and analysis of several Borg Warner and Hyundai powertrain components and systems.

Graduate Research Assistant Aug. 1994 - Jul. 1996

University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla, MO

Development a mathematical prediction model for ruptures in pipelines for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. Using Numerical Analysis, developed a moment curvature relationship to predict the catastrophic failure on oil pipelines.

Developed a CAE model to predict effects of bird impact on aircraft canopy for McDonnell Douglas Corp.


Marketing Strategy For Business Leaders, Cornell University Mar. 2012 – Jun. 2012

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla Aug. 1994 - Jun. 1996

Specialization in CAE, CAD, Product Development and Engineering Management.

B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Madras, India Jun. 1990 - Jun. 1994

Senior year thesis in CAD and Development of a Gearbox.

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