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Building an end to end solution for AI, BI, Business Decision Making.

New York, NY
October 29, 2018

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Al Mercado


*** *** ***.

*nd floor, Suite No. 2975

New York, NY 10001

Cell: 310-***-****


Retention Inc, New York, NY

Cloud Engineer 6/2018-9/2018

-Tested migration tools for code builds, testing and deployments using Dynatrace DevOps as a Service Platform on AWS

-Worked on configuring AWS Redshift (Postgres) and data modeling for marketing data as well as for logs in Dynamo DB (NoSQL)

-Worked on the development of Python Plotly apps for adding visualization layers to the web data through the Plotly/Dash platform

- Developed a use case with cloud based and on premise auto ML AI libraries for pharmaceutical datasets

- Tested the Kubernetes orchestrator on GCP and IBM’s Watson cloud stack for managing the deployment of Spark in a Docker container (with MongoDB) for an ETL pipeline on marketing data


EDI, Stamford, CT

Contract Big Data Business App Developer –Henkel NA, (onsite-CT)


Worked with the on premise enterprise data warehouse on MS SQL Server for developing queries against historical sales data for pipelines on the JVM to BI platforms that included Tableau & PowerBi

Wrangled big datasets for HDFS storage on a Hadoop cluster running Java APIs for job scheduling and data pipelining onto a server with the Business Intelligence Visualization Platform Application

Extracted and transformed datasets for loading onto Hive using Python libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, Sci-Kit Learn, PySpark, & SparkSQL

Prepared pipelines using jython orchestration combined with a Python execution engine for data transformations on the JVM for dashboard tools and apps

Created data models and schemas for testing with sample retail data sets on a MySQL instance on GCP before any migration

Implemented forecasting and supervised learning models (using libraries such as PyStan) for retail stores to predict inventory and sales for supply chain planning

Developed models for pricing optimization using tools such as H2O AI that could be deployed on a Hadoop cluster with the JVM

Started to develop Spark based apps (AWS) to provide any data transformation and loading of new sales data from various groups on their own data lake

Ran ETL tests with AWS Glue on financial statement datasets to compare with Databricks ETL performance

Techvanguard, New York, NY

Big Data Analytics Support –E-Commerce/Financial Intelligence


Ran preliminary model testing (e.g. XGB, LSTM) for an Investment Advisory group on financial analysis (forecasting cryptocurrency price changes for coins such as Ethereum) for new investment strategies

Worked with the e-commerce client team on setting up the architecture for a new consumer site using AWS Kinesis, DynamoDB, and RedShift to handle the data warehouse and data feeds

Optimized a feed forward DNN model (Keras Tensorflow) for IOT Energy applications with a regressor predictor to compare with other models ( boosted regression trees, wide feed forward NN) under implementation in Azure ML

Reviewed Chiller Power Plant Data from the Power Engineering group (Smith Engineering) for data anomalies from the sensors for feature values

Lead a team of junior analysts on dynamic pricing analysis of e-commerce data in Python and Spark for the client

Migrated web extracted data and supplier data to AWS in S3 and extracted views of sales data from the client’s ERP platform with SQL Server on the backend

Ran SparkSQL for any data analytics on the different datasets and exported filtered views back to the client’s platform on SQL Server or for storage on AWS Athena

Advised the e-commerce company on setting up the architecture for a new consumer site using AWS Kinesis, DynamoDB, and RedShift to handle the data warehouse and data feeds

Updated and prepared e-commerce pricing reports from raw data (Excel,csv) source documents using filtering and joins (Dply library in R) of the E-Commerce client’s (Caprice Electronics) products ranging from industrial to computer peripheral products

Worked on Web Data extraction of e-commerce site listings of client and competitor products (Python & Selenium) through a web scraping application for price monitoring

Reshaped price and web data and checked for statistical outliers in R prior to regression analysis

Implemented Spark SQL scripts on a Databricks cluster for querying big data sets of retail financial intelligence data from the web site

Worked on Pandas scripts to emulate Excel functions (e.g. Vlookup ) to check for historical product data against existing supplier database files and competitor reports

Converted raw data from Excel to SQL (R & SQLdf) for updating product vendor SKU files and price testing new e-commerce sale files

Developed sales reports from the data to support the sales manager in supplier acquisition and managed the relationships with new suppliers

DecisionTrend, Mountainview, CA

East Coast Technology Market Research & Data Analyst


Conducted primary market research surveys for data acquisition by interviewing respondents over the telephone that were using analytical instrumentation

Conducted market research analysis in software such as MRI medical software used for imaging and analysis applications

Conducted market research analysis in hardware such as magnetic levitation pumps used for semiconductor fabrication chambers

Communicated with customers with questions about product pain points and preferred solutions in any model upgrades

Identified research objectives based on client's secondary market research reports

Analyzed the client’s secondary market research reports for developing a competitive matrix of the products offered by competing companies

Trained the market research team through conferences and webinars on the technical aspects of the hardware and software

Conducted the quantitative Data analysis, along with the project manager, of questionnaire results (Survey Monkey-SM) using Excel, Access, and sentiment text analysis of transcriptions

Analyzed the data for extracting statistical trends in specific user requirements and presenting the findings to the technology instrumentation client company

Princeton Review, New York, NY

Part Time Instructor

Taught and tutored the physical sciences (Chemistry and Physics) for review for the MCAT exam and SAT II exam

Reviewed the latest version of the AP Physics Exam Workbook for content accuracy


Chemsil Inc, Chatsworth, CA

Quality Assurance Analyst

Maintained the ERP data warehouse for raw material product data distributed by chemical manufacturers (e.g. BASF, Rhone Poulenc, Ciba) for cosmetic, medical device and topical over the counter (OTC) applications

Generated reports on changes, trends, and statistical analysis in Excel using MS SQL Server from data acquired on cosmetic products generated by manufacturing operations

Worked on software implementation issues such as legacy data migration in accordance with management guidelines when converting over to a new enterprise resources planning software platform

Developed a SQL driven database application in Sybase for monitoring production and quality control data for distributed products

Generated and finalized documentation such as change control standard operating procedures for regulatory checks on primary suppliers and contractors



Relational Database Management Systems –Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, Databricks -SPARKSQL

Cloud Services, BI & Office Applications –Tableau, Cloudera (Hadoop, Hive, Hue), IBM Bluemix (DSX Studio, DashDB), AWS (S3, DynamoDB, Athena), Trifacta Wrangler (ETL), MS (Azure ML, Power BI-Excel, Office) GoogleCloud (GCE, GKE, BigQuery)

Scripting and Programming Stack – Python (Pandas, Sci-Kit Learn), Python AI (Keras/Tensorfow), SQL, H2O ai, R(Tidyverse, MxNet), SQL, Spark MLLib, Deeplearning4J ( Java AI for Hadoop), Unix/ Linux


Completed Developer Certificate & Prior Degrees

Skymind, Mountain View, CA 2017

-Enterprise Deep Learning with Deeplearning4J

District Datalabs, Washington DC 2016

-Spark (SparkSQL, MLlib)

University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 1990

M.S. in Optics

Areas of Concentration: Optical and Digital Image Processing


Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

B.S. in Engineering

Areas of Concentration: Engineering Physics



Justin Meloni, Pacbasin Technology,,Tel: 212-***-****

Ahmad Juma, FloatingPointe Inc.,, Tel: 212-***-****

Thomas Herlihy, Namely., Tel: 855-***-****

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