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Software Developer C

Forest Hills, NY
October 29, 2018

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Rego Park NY 11374

718-***-**** 917-***-****


Over 35 years of experience in Systems Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of N-tier Client/Server Applications in Finance for multiple platforms, with C,C++( with STL),etc., machine-oriented languages, relational databases (Oracle,Sybase,MS SQL Server,DB2), middleware ( Tuxedo, CORBA ).

Project/Team leadership(10+ years leading of teams of 3-12 developers).

Parallel and Distributed Applications, multi-threading, multiprocessing with MPI.

Excellent code improvement(optimization) skills.

Knowledge of TCP/IP Protocol and Sockets Programming ( UNIX/Linux, Windows ).

Knowledge of SQL and Database Programming(stored procedures, functions, etc.) for Oracle,MS SQL Server/Sybase, etc.

Expertise in developing applications using FIX protocol(v. 4.0 and 4.2), etc.

Experience in software testing.

Capable of customer support and user training, quick at grasping new technologies, good team player, hardworking, honest with good interpersonal skills.

Technical Skill Years used Last used

Fix v.4.0/4.2 4 2011

C++(including C++11) 15+ 2016

SQL 15+ 2013

Pthreads 5+ 2016

Oracle,Sybase,SQL Server 20+ 2013


Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD.NET)

Microsoft Certified Professional

Micropower Computer Institute - MCSD.NET, SQL Server 2000

Oracle 8i Developer Course.

NYU - CGI Programming (Java 1.1 with JSDK, HTML)

Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Dept. of Appl. Math and Comp.Science, Moscow, Russia

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering (Systems Programming)

Thesis: “Design of the adaptive method of construction and organization of the cross-compilers for the procedure-oriented languages”

Member of the NY Academy of Sciences



C, C++ with STL


IBM PC, IBM MF, Sun, PDP-11, Transputers


OOP, Generic Programming,N-tier Client/Server,Multi-threading,MPI,Design Patterns

Operating Systems

Unix(Digital UNIX, Solaris, HP-UX, etc.), Linux, Windows, etc.


Oracle,Sybase, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server


MS Office, Rational Rose, Developer 2000, Autosys, Make, Korn Shell, Qt4 C++


BEA Tuxedo, MPI, OCI, Design Patterns, STL




Unit Testing, Regression Testing, Acceptance Testing, Capacity Testing, etc.

Version Control



Sr. Software Developer/Architect Collingwood Partners

Assigned to AC Nielsen 10/17-present

Syosset NY


Design and implementation of the AC Nielsen's software(CASE) upgrade C++98 to C++11 ;

Eliminate Rogue Wave (base, DB, Network ) from AC Nielsen's software(CASE) ;

Design and implementation of the commonly used classes for substitution Rogue Wave base classes;

Design and implementation of the commonly used classes for substitution Rogue Wave Database classes;


Sr. Software Developer/Consultant

Tata Consulting Services

Assigned to JPM Chase 05/17-08/17

Tampa FL


Documenting JPM Chase Payment Processor Stratus, based on the

* payment processor overview ;

* code view ( there are used VOS C, C++, Multiprocessing, Message Queues, etc. );

Coordination of the job with the outsource team in India.

Freelance tutor/developer 01/17- 05/17


Teaching ANSI C 2.0 ;

Teaching C++0x and C++11 ;

Teaching Fortran 77 ;

Providing consulting with C++11 to couple teams upgrading their codes to C++11.

Sr. Software Developer

The Judge Group

Assigned to Verizon Wireless(Telecommunication) 09/16-01/17

Orangeburg NY


Upgrade C++98 applications to C++11 (applications use Rogue Wave STL, IBM MQ Series,

Pro*C for Oracle 10g+, etc.), substituting some deprecated features by the new ones,

using new Rogue Wave API, substituting old Rogue Wave API calls by the new ones,

substituting some functors by lambda-expressions, etc.

Modify makefile for compiling and building the upgraded code;

Migrate C++ applications from UNIX Solaris to Linux, changing system depending components;

Fix some bugs and manually improve code performance with C++.

Freelance C++ Tutor/Developer 03/16-09/16

Sr. Software Developer

Assigned to MorphoTrustUSA(Face/Iris Recognition) 02/15-08/15


Design universal building scripts with Gradle 2.1 for complex projects(for both Windows and Linux),

substituting makefiles;

Separate the common parts of biometric data processing applications as shared objects (.so-files) for Linux and .dll-files for Windows;

Move some libraries from C++03 to C++11;

Fixing some bugs and manually improve C++ code performance;

Build and test the codes with Jenkins.

Sr. Software Developer

Assigned to JPM Chase

as an IBM subcontractor(Finance) 10/13-1/15


Design and development of the Mortgage Losses Forecasting Model, using first Markov’s chains, and later Monte Carlo method(Linux C++0x) for High Performance Computing group; built OOP C++ code from scratch, reusable for Business Loans, Car Loans, Student Loans, etc.

Parallelize the code with MPI C/C++(multiprocessing software framework);

Optimize the above mentioned parallel code;

Writing MPI C/C++ codes for benchmarking purpose,


Freelance C++ Tutor 03/13-09/13

Assigned to Bloomberg LLP(Financial Services)

GTEC Support Group, New York, NY 09/12-01/13


Development/maintenance of the client side code with JavaScript 1.6, UNIX/Linux –based Server side code with GNU C++ with STL and Pthreads(POSIX), Stored procedures with T-SQL, etc. Application is used for providing customers with 24/7 access to the Financial Services.

Testing and deployment.

Assigned to

Verizon Communications(Telecommunication)

Spring Valley, NY 05/12-07/12

Responsibilities :

Development of the C++ applications using GNU C++ for UNIX, CORBA, etc. ;

Testing and deployment.

Assigned to

Citigroup Broadridge Product Support Group(Financial Services)

Jersey City, NJ 02/12-05/12

Responsibilities :

Development and improvement of the complex SQL queries for Oracle 11g.

Intercommunication with the Application Development group, worked from India.

Customer Support.

Assigned to

M & R Billing & Consulting(Medical Billing)

New York, NY 09/11-02/12

Responsibilities :

Develop a simple application (VB.NET) and a stored procedure, customizing client front-end, making faster and better selectable data from the database.

Team Leader(VP level position), 08/08 – 09/11

Senior Software Architect/Developer

Orbis Systems, Inc.(Technology Company belonging to the brokerage/holding ViewTrade Securities)

Jersey City, NJ


Design and development of a multi-threaded version of the portable Quote Server Proxy(for equities and derivatives) with the cross-platform Qt4 C++,TCP/IP,etc.

Design and leadership in the development of the latest versions of the Order Server and Chart Server for equities and derivatives(C++ with STL, multi-threading,FIX Protocol, TCP/IP, etc. ).

Design and leadership “New Option Symbology”; implement the Server side code with C

Design and implement “New OATS Upload”(with C “Generate FINRA reports” with Java 6, etc.

Design and leadership in maintenance of the existing code with C++.

Order Server code improvement – fix bugs, improve performance.

Manage Source codes with SVN.

Lead a team of 5 developers.

Senior Software Developer 07/07 – 08/08

OpenLink Financial, Inc. (Financial Services)

Uniondale, NY

Responsibilities :

Development of the real-time engines for Endur/Findur application with VC++ and Neiron package.

Development of the Stored Procedures (Oracle/Sybase/QL Server) for the new versions of the Endur/Findur application.


KFORCE Software Developer 09/06 – 07/07

Assigned to Prudential Global Derivatives(Financial Industry)

New York, NY

Responsibilities :

Development of the hierarchy of C++ classes for C-codes generation for queries, DML, etc, applications with UNIX C++, using the above mentioned classes for the C-code generation, library libutil.a for supporting DDL statements, shell scripts for submitting the code generator, etc.

Development of the C-code generator, producing C-codes – an extra level API,making possible for Application developers to work with the RDBMS Oracle 10g via this API (C++ UNIX/Linux, OCI, STL, Oracle 10g PL/SQL ).


Software Developer 09/05-09/06

Applied Visions, Inc. (Marketing)

Northport, NY

Responsibilities :

Development and maintenance of the ACNielsen’s subsystems “Syndicated Data Analysis”, “Multi-dimensional(7+) data analysis”, etc. with C/C++, T-SQL Sybase, Korn Shell, Autosys, UNIX, Linux, Java, Rogue Wave STL, Rogue Wave DB API,Multi-threading(Pthreads and Win32 multi-threading), etc. For the front-end used Visual C++ with Win32 API.

Create C++ classes, scalable C++ codes with the classes, Sybase Stored Procedures, Korn Shell scripts, etc. The subsystems can be submitted remotely using SSH and/or Autosys; data interchange can be done via sftp.

Instructor(Part time) 03/04-11/05

American Training Center, Inc., New York, NY

Web Developer 03/04-01/05

Credit Factor, Inc., Brooklyn, NY

Responsibilities :

Implement the XML parser (C#, MS SQL Server, ADO.NET) for the XML files, received from the Credit bureaus and insertion of the parsed data into the DB.

Development of the “Credit Score” and “Credit Report” subsystems with C#, SQL Server, ADO.NET.

Project Leader/Software Architect/Developer,

Programmer/Analyst 03/03-02/04

Eye-d-Signature, Inc.(Face Recognition)

New York, NY

Responsibilities :

Leading a team of 5 developers in designing and implementation of the application and database servers for Credit Card Fraud Detection system, based on the processing of the biometric data (facial analysis and image verification) with C++ for UNIX/Linux and Windows platforms(GNU C++, VC++,Oracle 9i,Face-SDK with Pthreads and Win32 multi-threading).Communication with the client-side software provide via socket. For facial analysis use Face-SDK.

Leading a team of 4 developers in designing and implementation of the multi-threaded application and database servers for Building Access Security System, based on the processing of the biometric data with C++ for UNIX/Linux and Windows platforms.

Leading project “Signature Verification” (VB, C


Freelance Programmer/Tutor 03/02-03/03

Senior Software Developer (Project Leader role) 11/00-03/02

Fixed Income Instinet, Inc.(Financial Services for Institutional Customers)

New York, NY

Responsibilities :

Leading a team of 3 developers.

Design and implementation of the OCI Wrapper classes for Oracle 8i with C++(by the time OCI was implemented mainly with C);.

Design, planning and implementation of the Code improvement (Performance and Reliability ) of the US Government and Euro Bond E-Trading (“Order”, “Trade”, etc. ) subsystems with UNIX C++, Oracle 8i, OCI, STL, multi-threading with Pthreads, Power Tier, etc. ( modify existing C++ code, using the above mentioned OCI Wrapper C++ classes, design and code new stored procedures supporting Advanced Queues, etc.

Design and implementation of the parser for the multi-.log-files with Perl 5.1.

Manage Source codes with SVN.

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