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Engineering Electrical Engineer

Detroit, MI
October 30, 2018

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Nikhil Richard Fernandes

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Candidate with an enthusiasm and Industrial work Experience with Automotive quality and Warranty.

Skilled in vehicle Engineering concepts like manufacturing process and operation of vehicle Systems and subsystems, assisting quality control and product Development of Gasoline vehicles.

Skilled in comparison & listing of vehicle attributes like Normalized vehicle descriptors, standard and installed optional equipment’s, resolving powertrain issues, NVH, technical specification of the Vehicle, fuel economy, Engine performance, safety ratings and green score.

Recording Voice of the customer to get firsthand information of the issues faced during normal usage of the vehicle on roads, addressing the problems as a part of issue resolution team, consumer report analysis, vehicle Engineering modifications for optimum quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Trained in undertaking safety, personal protection in a Vehicle Manufacturing & testing Environment.

Experienced in project management, achieving targets on time & working with cross functional teams, test driving of pre-production builds & test driving to resolve warranty issues.

Resolution of system Engineering Issues such as operation of vehicle systems, reliability, logistics with different teams, testing and evaluation, maintainability and many other disciplines necessary for successful system development, design, implementation of vehicle Engineering attributes.


Electric-Drive Vehicle Engineering (M.S) (09/2016 –12/2017) GPA:3.75/4.00

College of Engineering, Wayne State University,Michigan,USA.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Automobile Engineering (09/2007 – 08/2011)

Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, Visveswaraya Technological University, Karnataka, India.

Work Experience:

Position: Vehicle Electrical Engineer

Company: Prefix Corporation, Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA.

Duration: 02/15/2018 – Present

Position Held: National Technical Coordinator (Engineering & Technical Department)

Company: Toyota Bahrain - E.K.K BSC, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Duration: 10/08/2011 – 06/29/2015

Technical & Professional skills:

Thorough knowledge of gasoline,HEV/EV Automotive Components and system including testing, data collection and instrumentation, testing vehicle Builds, bench marking, program direction & management, customer surveys.

PFMEA, FMEA, Control Plans, Lean manufacturing, 5S, Laboratory support and compliance with OEM specifications, DC-DC, Fuel Cells, battery cooling systems, HVAC.

Understanding of complex engineering drawings (2D,3D drawings), OEM part numbers, Tooling & manufacturing process, APQP, PPAP.

Experienced in Project budgeting, After sales, Customer interaction and overseas dealings, risk analysis.

Root cause analysis and initiating & tracking corrective action plans of hybrid & electric Vehicle powertrain components, Hybrid Inverter/converter and motor-generator.

Knowledge on Auditing, User experience with Oracle Database software for complex data analysis & presentation, part failure tracking, powertrain architecture design.

Analytical skills in identifying Component & system Failures, automotive component warranty analysis, including teardown part failure forensic analysis (root cause). Automotive Electricals, thorough understanding of sensors and actuators, Quality control, Technical report preparations and presentation skills, excellent client-vendor relationship skills and customer interaction, networking skills.

well versed in MS Office (MS Word, Excel, power point,, Canalyzer, Minitab, CAD, . knowledge on battery charging, EVSE and Powertrains (with Electric vehicles, hybrid, ATM and MTM & drivelines with high voltage electro mechanical components) along with Engine operations and emission systems, powertrain system integration.

Vehicle Data Acquisition & Analysis Skills, fundamentals of micro controllers and CAN bus communication, OBD II diagnosis.

Cross-functional interactions with various engineering departments and application teams.

Knowledge on Battery Chemistry, Li-ion, NiMH Electrochemistry and battery structures, control modules and battery packs, battery life, battery warranty and battery disposal norms.

Work Experience:

Technical Experience: (At Toyota Bahrain)

Involved in projects that aimed at diagnosis and rectification of system specific issues related to gasoline and diesel Hybrids, air intake/exhaust, cooling system, gear box and entire HEV powertrain, Vehicle Air conditioning/heating(HVAC), safety systems, corrosion, steering system, brake systems, battery systems, park assist, and driver assist systems, ultrasonic sensors & systems, emission control, On board diagnosis etc.

Worked on Toyota’s Early Detection and Early Resolution Activities that involved identifying defects in Hybrid vehicles, it’s causes and raising Field Technical Reports to effectively communicate the problems to TMC, Japan in compliance with their reporting methods.

Coordinating with Toyota & Lexus continuous improvement Teams, Toyota Motor Corporation – Japan to suggest improvements for new generation vehicles suitable for the region by periodically raising Technical Kaizen Reports, listing priorities for immediate attention according to standard quality procedures assisting product development.

Assisting Various Research & Development Teams with regional data, examining failed parts, performing statistical data analysis, making field observations etc.

Monitoring the performance of test parts fixed on the vehicles for powertrain, driveline testing purposes.

Administrative and project Related Experience: (At Toyota Bahrain)

Worked as an Operations Controller supervising minor assemblies and accessory fitments for Toyota Vehicles.

Co-ordinating vital Technical projects between Toyota Motor Corporation and regional Distributor and tracking progress.

Taking high value warranty decisions based on specified warranty requirements, product life tracking and working towards warranty improvement process, identifying repetitive warranty claims & taking action.

Coordinating Toyota’s Call-Back campaigns and implementing the same at National Level for Kingdom of Bahrain. (included providing technical trainings & assistance).

Conducting National Technical meetings with the Service Engineers in the dealerships to gather technical issues that needed immediate attention regarding warranty & quality control aspects.

Conducting training sessions that included personally training staff for the relevant roles they would be assigned.

Directed projects to reprogram ECU’s with software updates and installation of new Softwares and assisting software development teams.

Coordinating with various legal and other Government agencies related to emission control and updating the features of new cars to be released in the market.

Electrical Engineering Experience (Prefix Corporation)

Designing of Electrical Schematics for programmable Vehicle model build.

Testing of the vehicle model with the software team to determine load tolerance of Electric motors.

Sizing of wire gauge, selection of electrical components, performing calculations for load sizing and selecting/ building protection circuits to safeguard the functioning of electrical equipments.

Power calculations for sizing AC-DC converters, configuration of Automotive relay circuits and high voltage contactors for 220V 3 phase and 110V AC supply.

Project budgeting, lean thinking for production and maintainability of the vehicle model.

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