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Data Software Developer

Edison, NJ
October 27, 2018

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Phone: 216-***-**** Email: krishna.sai**09 Linkedin ID: Krishna P Location: New Jersey


Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering May2018

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Bachelors in Electrical & Electronics Engineering May2016

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Telangana, India.


Web Technologies: Django, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Programming Languages: C/C++, Java, Python, JavaScript.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux.

Interfaces: Bluetooth, Ethernet, ZigBee.

Databases: SQL, MySQL, Oracle DB, NoSQL

Tools: GitHub, Eclipse, MS VisualStudio, PHP-Storm, Jupyter, Bitbucket.

Networking Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP,ARP,HTTP.


•Worked on developed Web applications using Flask and SQLite3 module

•Familiar with deployment in Production region using Bamboo build and deployment plans.

•Have a knowledge of data migration from oracle database to the AWS S3 and creation of EMR clusters

•Can write SQL queries for the operations on ORACLE database and HIVE tables

•Proficient with basics of python and have a knowledge of modules like Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Datetime, SQLite3, BOTO3, Troposphere etc.,


Assistant Network Administrator, IT Support (student employee)–Southern Illinois University, IL Jan 2017 –May 2018

•Implementation and maintenance of network architecture for LAN/WAN at SIU

• Configuration and maintenance of networks and computer systems

• Deploying, troubleshooting and upgrading networks and computer systems.

•Worked in a team environment to develop and update applications required to assist students in taking their test, and diagnosed issues related to testing software.

Software Developer Intern – BDL global services, Hyderabad, India July 2014– Dec2015

•Designed and developed server back-end including Rest interface for web application

•Generated search queries for front-end to develop various visualizations for the client.

•Participate in software development using Agile/Scrum development process.

•Assist the Network management systems team with documentation, specifications, designs, test plans, proposals, software design, development and testing.

•Worked in the data migration project involving AWS EMR cluster formation, cloud formation template and s3 buckets to which the data was migrated to.


Worked in a data migration project to AWS from an On-Premises ORACLE database .

Worked on a project that involved transferring data in the On-premises oracle database to a AWS S3 bucket through a EMR cluster.

Worked on the cloud-formation templates, on the Json scripts and Troposphere python code.

Applied DICE (an internal framework) to sqoop the hive tables from the Oracle database to the ingestion cluster .

Used SCP to the cluster to input the RAW data to the s3 bucket from a Linux box. Made use of the Lambda functionality existing.

Transformed the data according to the requirement of the consumers and put them into the hive tables.

Provided the consumers with a cluster with querying ability and access to the transformed data in s3 buckets and also to a empty s3 bucket to store their data.

Performance evaluation of transfer protocols

Configured a network interface for IP networking to observe the result of configuration errors.

Set up a Linux PC and Cisco router as an IP router and reveal the similarities of IP forwarding and routing tables on PC and router. Interpreted and manually edited routing-table entries in a network with multiple IP networks and IP routers.

Observed the dynamics of routing protocols and studied convergence properties after changes in network topology.

Compared the performance of data transmissions with TCP and UDP. Main focus was on aspects of TCP, such as connection management, flow control, re-transmissions and congestion control.

Improvised techniques of a flood warning system using mobile and computer networks

Used Raspberry Pie with mobile connectivity to collect and transmit data from a flood prone area .

Linux based server with MySQL, Apache and Python was used to store the data.

Web application was developed to give real time updates on water and rain levels

Designed small scale games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Blackjack & snake using PYTHON and implemented analytics to decide the ranks of players.

Java based design between user and computer, with three levels of difficulty. Designed to work efficiently for any board size. Designed in a way that the user can select level of difficulty and the computer modifies its moves accordingly.

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