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Carmel, IN, 46032
October 27, 2018

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Kathleen West - Resume

P a g e * * π

Kathleen West

Indianapolis, IN 46032 Lafayette, IN 47905 Portfolio My Site

Professional Summary

• Engineer of IT Solutions - Design, Implement, and Delivery

• Modeler, Tester, Integrator, Developer, Architect, Implementer, Hands-On "Doer" of IT systems

• Degreed, Trained, and Certified in Engineering, Business, and IT technologies

• Software Developer, Programmer, Databases, Business Analysis

• Frequent Business Traveler (Weekly, Bi-Weekly), Onsite, and Remote Worker Kathleen has 15 yrs. experience analyzing business IT needs and engineering solutions in electric utilities, pharmaceutical, and internet industries with a variety of technologies. Kathleen's project experience has been diverse ranging from executing the business analysis “design phase” to hands-on implementation and testing of the IT solutions. She has also delivered technical training, user documentation, and developed new business processes for the solutions. Personal Bio: Kathleen and her loving husband Jared happily reside in central Indiana with no children, instead living along with their fur-babies.

Work Experience Role Summary [] 03/2016 - 11/2018 Professional IT Development & Student (Current) 03/2012 - 02/2016 Consultant Project Engineer IT Developer Tester (Various) 02/2008 - 08/2011 IT Engineer Data Analyst Tester Intrepreneur (MISO) 05/2002 - 02/2008 Applications Engineer IT Analyst GIS Tester Field Engineer (Exelon) 08/1998 - 05/2002 Internet Engineer Technical Support Website Developer (Various)

Expertise Summary []

• Programming Languages (C#, VB, .NET, Scripting, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6, OOP)

• Software Development and Testing (Visual Studio)

• Database Modeling, Analysis, Queries, Reports, Design, and Implementation

• Technical Writing, Requirements, Design Specification, Architecture

• Business Analysis and Process Improvements

• Windows, Linux, Windows Server

• Trainer and Presentation Techniques

University Education [] Graduate Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering Undergraduate Valparaiso University BSEE, Electrical Engineering Specialized Certificate in C# Programming UC San Diego Extension (Tentative 2019) Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree Udacity, Grow with Google Scholarship Recipient Kathleen West - Resume

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Additional Details

IT and Business Training

UC San Diego Extension

[.NET Framework Visual Studio C# .Net Programming Series (In-Progress)] Indiana State University & University of Indianapolis & Udacity

[XML Microsoft SQL Oracle ASP.NET CSS3 HTML5 Mobile Apps Responsive Web Design Cloud C# Programming Six Sigma Business Writing Business Analysis JavaScript ES6] Alstom Grid (GE) Product Training (e-terra)

[Network Applications and Databases Introduction to e-terrasource (version 3.0) e-terracontrol

(version 3.7) Databases e-terrahabitat System Management] Additional Formal Training

[MS ACCESS MapInfo (GIS spatial data mapping and visualization) NERC Reliability Standards Transmission Operations NERC Compliance Standards) Linux Azure]

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2003 Engineer Intern Indiana Professional Licensing Agency License ET30302255

Desired Role

• Direct Hire Contractor* Temporary Employee* Consultant*

• Engineer IT Software Engineer Developer Tester Analytics Applications

• No Relocation but will travel up to 100% for business

• Indiana (Indianapolis and Lafayette metro areas)

Permanent Employee Compensation Target – Indiana Only

• $75k+ USD or hourly equivalent as W2 employee AND

• Standard benefits 401k matching health care options paid time off

Temporary & Project Employee Contractor Rate Sheet* - Indiana Only

• Labor Rate $45+/hour W-2 employee of staffing firm

• Indiana – Indianapolis and Lafayette metro areas only or 100% REMOTE

Outside Indiana – United States and International (Travel or Contract) Download Different Resume from: Kathleen West - Resume

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Professional References and Recommendations

• 7 Public Recommendations on LinkedIn

• 5 Supervisor, Colleague, and Client References (see Reference document)

• Letter of Recommendation from Former Employer

My Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Please review my FAQs @

Code Samples and Portfolio

Portfolio - GitHub -

Current Role - What I Am Doing Now

03/2016 - CURRENT Professional IT Development and Student Over 30+ classes in IT and Business topics completed since spring 2016. Student @ UC San Diego Extension, Indiana State, University of Indianapolis, Udacity, etc.

Work Experience Details

[Explore More Online:] 02/2014 - 02/2016 EMS Project Engineer Traveling and Remote Employee Utility Integration Solutions, LLC, a GE GRID Solutions Company (previously owned by Alstom)

• Laid off after Alstom sold energy business to GE

• Letter of recommendation from former employer

• Supervisor Reference

While representing the energy management software vendor Alstom Grid’s consulting unit UISOL, Kathleen worked for many clients both remotely and onsite consultation for two years. She enjoyed hand-on self-mastering of Alstom e-terra products (GMS, EMS, TMS, SCADA) on her laptop development environment. Some of her project accomplishments are listed below by client: Dominion Virginia Power

• Performed on-site factory acceptance testing (FAT) on customer servers for e-terra generation product (GMS) upgrade to version 2.6

(using existing test procedures and my SME product knowledge) Duke Energy

Kathleen West - Resume

P a g e 4 8 π

• Duke Indiana Control Room Wallboard Display: Converted the control room wallboard display to a digital and real-time SCADA display with over 700+ stations

(using vendor graphical modeling software + utility scripts) PPL Service Corporation (PPL)

• DMS Operator Request Tool: Developed a C# .NET operator and analyst client application that interfaces with Oracle databases to view equipment facilities databases, submit, and view change requests.

(programmed using C# .NET, Oracle databases, MS Access databases)

• External Modeling Template: Developed a user-friendly Excel template for modeling entire new substations with data entry validation, macros, and smart automation features that exported station model details to script files.

(programmed using VB.NET)

• External SCADA Modeling: Developed a user-friendly Excel template for modeling entire new substations in SCADA with data validation and automation features that exported station model details to a script file. Completed 20 external station model designs delivered to PPL staff for integration.

(programmed using VB.NET)

• External Network Modeling: Developed network modeling automated Excel design template that exported station model details to a script file. Completed 47 external station model designs delivered to PPL staff for integration.

(programmed using VB.NET)

Florida Power & Light Company

• AFS Reconfiguration Blocking: Created automated PERL scripts that extract model data from cases, link different data models, and generate over 1000 customized XML model files for the CSS SCADA application.

(programmed using advanced PERL and XML scripting) 10/2012 - 10/2013 Senior Consultant Traveling Worker “Onsite Contractor” The Structure Group (now Accenture) Entergy Project (The Woodlands, TX and Pine Bluff, AR)

• Project “Contract” Position

• References and Recommendations Available

Entergy (Houston, TX and Pine Bluff, AR)

GMS (Generation Management Systems) Upgrade and MISO Implementation Kathleen provided value to the project with her RTO (Regional Transmission Organization) background and Alstom Grid (GE) product experience with GMS, EMS, and SCADA. Her role as staff augmentation team member has been to create and implement a new generation management system with MISO integration. Kathleen authored technical application diagrams outlining the current energy management systems and future implementation strategies. She provided modeling solutions and technical support for SCADA, generation, and e-terracomm applications. Kathleen was also the lead architect on a custom software solution for handling backup dispatch instructions. Kathleen West - Resume

P a g e 5 8 π

• Provided technical support for software upgrade to Alstom EMS v2.6

(SME for the product upgrade and team)

• Analyzed SCADA, ICCP, and generation models for implementation

(data analytics on databases)

• Created technical detailed design specification for a custom software implementation

(database, data model, design, product SME)

• Designed and implemented custom SCADA model solutions for integration into MISO Market

(data modeling, SQL-like script implementation, database implementation)

• Created technical and business process diagrams for EMS current and future state

(VISIO diagrams, Documentation, Business Analysis, product SME) 03/2012 - 09/2012 Consulting Validation Engineer Traveling Worker “Onsite Contractor” Commissioning Agents, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN)

• Project “Contract” Position

• References Available

Kathleen authored technical reports evaluating the pharmaceutical laboratory and manufacturing systems for performance, trends in failure, and adherence to regulatory compliance standards. She also completed required training modules (FDA and client mandated) and internal staffing firm courses on topics such as GMP, commissioning, validation, writing, execution, automation, safety, and project management.

Some of her project accomplishments are listed below by client: Novartis Diagnostics (Emeryville, CA)

• Validated equipment and computer system evaluations for laboratory equipment and manufacturing systems

(technical writing, validation, database queries, reporting) Amylin West (West Chester, OH)

• Referenced automation test protocols and wrote test reports

(technical writing, validation)

02/2008 - 08/2011 Engineer II Carmel, IN

Midwest ISO (now MISO)

Kathleen worked as a multi-disciplinary technical role supporting the RTO real-time operations organization. As part of RTO’s transition to a balancing authority, she tested and supported the Alstom GMS (generation management systems) and network applications. She then worked as a shift operations engineering role supporting the real-time applications and reliability of the power grid. Kathleen then went to the role of an EMS Applications Engineer to support the many needs of testing, model integration, investigations of events, applications development, systems integration, and other diverse needs. She was the SME of network applications including state estimator, contingency analysis, power flow, dynamic ratings, etc. She developed network and SCADA models and technical solutions to Kathleen West - Resume

P a g e 6 8 π

test and integrate new EMS applications and software enhancements to existing applications. Interacting with Alstom she thoroughly tested all new software integration with a high level of quality, finding undiscovered vendor defects, and extensively tested to ensure the utmost reliability of EMS applications. She taught company courses and created an interactive training lab for students being introduced to a new EMS application. As part of Alstom User’s Group 2011 she presented twice on behalf of the company as a SME on network applications and dynamic ratings. She also developed new business processes such as a “Model Issue Resolution Process” to better improve the accuracy of the SCADA and network models and improve the existing business practices. Highlights of Kathleen’s Experience and Accomplishments at the RTO

• Network and SCADA experience, model development, testing, and tuning

(databases, data modeling, software configurations, software testing)

• FAT, SAT, performance, and regression testing experience

(software testing, manual, regression, data, and with scripts)

• Detected, analyzed, reported, and tested software defects in EMS

(software testing, reporting, bug reporting to developer)

• Designed, implemented, and conducted technical training classes with labs

(presentation skills, engagement, created training materials)

• Presented technical seminars at conferences with large audiences

(speaking and presenting, engaged with audience)

• Custom designed EMS displays and performance tools

(HMI displays, VB.NET, Excel, MS ACCESS, PI process book)

• Lead quality assurance on data models and software applications

(business analysis, process improvements, reporting) 09/2005 - 02/2008 Sr. Analyst IT Lombard, IL

Exelon BSC IT ED Real Time

Kathleen began her power engineering career as an intern in the distribution engineering department and continued to work as reliability engineer after her graduation on the distribution side of the industry. She evaluated the power distribution equipment in the field, patrolled circuits, analyzed circuit maps for reliability, and performed asset management studies to reduce the outage frequency and duration to customers at the utility. She used GIS intelligence to map reliability issues to specific circuits and geographic regions. She analyzed the reliability data with GIS technology to present graphically to management reliability indices, metrics, and other statistics. Kathleen then transitioned to a role supporting the control center for transmission and substation operations where she worked with EMS ABB network applications. She was responsible for maintaining the CIM computer models for real-time operations. She found opportunity for improvement in business practices and developed an equipment ratings application that compared multiple databases between the utility and RTO to report on discrepancies in the SCADA and network equipment ratings. Kathleen also was responsible for off-hours 24/7 support for the state estimator and other applications.

• Maintained EMS computer model data for real-time operations

(databases, data modeling, CIM, XML, CAD)

• Developed equipment ratings application between ComEd and PJM

(Visual Basic, JAVA, XML, XSLT, databases, MS Access) Kathleen West - Resume

P a g e 7 8 π

• Analyzed failures in power systems security in real-time

(HP UNIX, high-reliability systems, debugged error files)

• Determined and fixed data discrepancies in network model

(quality assurance, data analytics, performance monitoring)

• Provided off-hours 24/7 support to customers

(pager, phone, remote, and on-site support)

01/2004 - 08/2005 Engineer Oakbrook Terrace, IL Exelon Business Performance

• Completed GIS maps and analysis for presentation to customers

(MapInfo, Photoshop, GE Smallworld, data visualization, public display)

• Worked on PowerPoint presentations for upper management

(presentation, graphs, data visualization, administrative reporting)

• Created and managed reports on business performance metrics

(Crystal Reports, MS Access, Excel, PI Historian, CMS, SQL)

• Worked on business plans and developed business scorecards

(MS Office, documentation, Excel, Word, management)

• Transformed GIS data using programming skills for data analysis

(GE Smallworld, FME, data analytics, SQL, data reports) 06/2003 - 12/2003 Engineer Oakbrook Terrace, IL Exelon Reliability and Power Quality

• Studied bus voltages and voltmeter violations for reliability improvements

(pi-historian, pi process book, SQL, databases, data analytics)

• Inspected distribution circuits for reliability issues and engineered solutions

(field work, CAD drawings, project work tasks)

• Performed reliability analysis and fusing coordination on distribution circuits

(GE Smallworld, CAD drawings, project work tasks)

• Determined and helped implement additional cost savings in asset management of equipment

(business reporting, pi-historian, mathematical modeling, data analytics) 05/2002 - 08/2002 Professional Engineering Intern Rockford, IL Exelon Regional Distribution Engineering

• Performed engineering field research and design on distribution circuits

(CAD, databases, field work, project work tasks)

• Investigated technical and field problems (technical investigations)

(field work, metering)

• Performed reliability analysis and fusing coordination

(GE Smallworld, CAD, work tasks)

• Worked on independent and team projects

(junior engineer, internship program)

• Investigated line clearance citations and engineered solutions with CAD

(field work, CAD, project work orders)

09/1999 - 05/2003 Freelance Website Consultant Hammond, IN Kathleen West - Resume

P a g e 8 8 π

Designed, programmed, and managed web content and media for clients:

(HTML, CGI, PERL, JavaScript, graphic design)


USA Corvette

The Heartland System (Model Railroad Site)

Pension Consulting Services, Inc. (Valparaiso, IN) Others...

09/1999 - 05/2002 Webpage Manager Valparaiso, IN Valparaiso University Graduate Studies and Continuing Education

• Designed and managed web pages for Valparaiso University

(HTML, graphic design, CGI, PERL, JavaScript)

• Developed online application and online forms

(HTML, CGI, PERL, JavaScript)

• Worked independently from home and in office

• Developed pages for multiple departments across VU

(ex: department of mathematics and computer science) 08/1998 - 05/2000 Internet Technician and Web Author Highland, IN Surfnet Inc. (Defunct) Local Internet Service Provider

• Helped customers with Internet related problems

(dial-up internet, help desk phone support)

• Designed and authored websites for customer contracts

(HTML, CGI, PERL, JavaScript, graphic design)

• Local newspapers featured my accomplished work done designing the first Schererville, IN police department website as a teenager

Additional Keywords, Knowledge Areas, Skills, Completed Course Topics

(for the search engines and ATS systems)

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(Language Independent Query), WCF Data Services (Windows Communication Foundation)), Server-side Technologies of the .NET Framework (Window Communication Foundation (WCF), Cloud Computing, Windows Workflow Foundation, ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft Sync Framework), Front-end Technologies of the .NET Framework (Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Windows RT, mobile apps, App (application), App design, Client-side scripting language, Cloud computing, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets),jQuery library, jQuery Mobile (JQM), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), Media query, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Bootstrap, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Font families, Forms, GitHub, Google Fonts, Hamburger navigation, HTML5 semantic tags, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile framework, jQuery widgets, Media queries, Mobile app, Native app, Responsive Web design, ThemeRoller, Widgets, WordPress, Visual Studio Enterprise 2017, Visual Studio Projects and Solutions, Visual Studio Source Code Editor, Visual Studio Key Supporting Windows, Visual Studio Building Applications, Visual Studio Debugging, Visual Studio Analyzing Code Quality, Visual Studio Unit Test Framework, Visual Studio TFS and Source Control, Visual Studio Application Profiling, Visual Studio Code Analysis, Visual Studio Performance Reporting, Automated Unit Testing, Code Coverage Analysis, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online, Azure, Cloud, Virtual Machines,

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